1001: Discussion page



This page has been set up so friends and readers can comment on the story and bounce ideas around and off one another. Also so that you can make suggestions and ask questions pertaining to the story!

99 Responses to “1001: Discussion page”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I would like to say that this is one of the best stories I have either read, in print or online. Shall we utilize this discussion page and keep it alive?

  2. Mike Says:


    I am with you! I am loving the story, and I think that Cody is doing a great job. I can connect with his characters so well, and I really like the last couple of chapters. It shows a deep thought and a love that I wish more people shared!

  3. bigct Says:

    It took me a while to nail down just one thing to talk about. Earlier in the story, with the whole “Coming out” on the boat thing I think it was. The twins alluded to the fact that they already had strong suspicions. Now I was curious as to why they would have more insight than the others, except Blake of course, that have known the Nika and Cody longer and closer. I wonder if this be developed more, or if it is just a “Red Herring”?


  4. Anthony Says:

    Well, we have seen such intuition before in another character: Sequoia. Perhaps the real “twins” have what Nika and Cody call “Twinergy”, but in a slightly different way. Then again, they may just be observant and see the sort of things that Nika does when Cody is around. Either way, they have some sort of gift, whether it be the gift of “Twinergy” or just the gift of observation.


  5. Mike Says:

    CT, that boat scene was one of my favorite from the story. And just before, where the group is talking about Cody before he walks up, good writing! I wanted Nika to just run out and kiss him! As far as the twins go, it seems like it was getting obvious for everyone regarding Cody, but in respect to Nika, it seems like they might take their cues from Blake! Blake strikes me as the protector of the group, almost like the dad! He seems like the one that just seems to “get it!”

    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks anthony, ct, and mike,

      for getting the ball rolling. and yes, blake is the “big brother”, protector, and enforcer of the posse. whereas jace (and soon to be tanner) are the little rebels. but jace is more “underhanded” and devilish sometimes, while tanner is more “mouthy”and up in your face, in an acting-out sort of way.
      as for the twins, they are just hellions, and tough, younger proto-types of blake. but they are also smart and calculating and do have an insight into nika for a reason, and it will come to light eventually.

      thx guys,


  6. Steve Says:

    I have to go away for a while, family emergency kind of thing… can I get this on my iPhone to read while I’m away? I seem to be able to pull up the main page, but can’t seem to access the right side of the page to get to the chapters. Any advice for me? I’m about to be stuck in a hospital emergency room for several days, and could use the distraction of a great story. Thanks Steve

  7. PTB Says:

    You made reference earlier that Nika had seen or heard about The Twins fooling around with each other so I just kind of assumed their knowledge of nika was kinda like gaydar.

  8. Steve Says:

    Thanks to both Cody and Anthony!!

    I have successfully been able to access the stories now on my iPhone. I can’t thank you enough for the advice and concern. I appreciate the thoughts too Cody! Mom is doing better, and though will not be able to return home for several weeks, she will pull though. I suddenly feel like I have a new family out there that extends the love so beautifully described in your story. I hope this story is the new “never ending” story. It’s one of the very best I have ever read. Again, thanks for sharing it with us all.



  9. Anthony Says:

    Topic of Discussion:

    How will Tanner change now that he has a group of people that actually care for him? Will he still be an instigator and require constant assistance or will he settle down? Will he be a calm, cool, and collected individual like Sequoia and Nika or will he be one of the fighters like Blake and KC? Or will he become none of them, and form his own unique personality?

    • Mike Says:

      Good topic Anthony! I would hope that he could calm down a bit and come to terms with who he is. It seems like he really just needs to realize that there are people who care about him, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I would venture to say that he will form his own personality, but like you, I am curious to see what happens.

      Regardless, I think he will develop nicely and it will be interesting to see how he interacts with the Posse!

      • Rick Says:

        Reading chapters 74 & 75, I thinks he’s starting to calm down a bit (hopefully!). I don’t think that it will really sink in though until he has that walk (and talk) with Sequoia. That’s one read I can hardly wait for!

        Keep up the wonderful work, Cody. Hope the Holidays have brought you joy and happiness, and the new year full of new hopes and dreams fulfilled!

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey guys,

      and thanks rick, had a great holidays, but have been really busy studying the last two weeks or so. im back on track though, and twinergy is back at the top of my priorities. ttys.


  10. bigct Says:

    Hmmm…, it’s been a few days since the last update. I know it is a holiday weekend over there at the moment, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am starting to feel the effects of withdrawal over here.


    • codyboarder Says:


      never underestimate my ability to whip-out a chapter or two even under the onslought of aunts, uncles, and cousins, ct! some may nap after turkey, whereas i type!


      • bigct Says:

        Well I am glad, and they have been pretty good efforts. I do so hope that you spent some time with the family though. Family is important, as you so deftly show in your writing.

        Are you keeping up with mine perchance? I hope so, I would enjoy your input.


      • codyboarder Says:

        hey ct,

        i believe i’ve gotten to chpt seven of yours, so i probably have some catching-up to do. i may have a free sat or sun this weekend, and if i do, i’ll be able to get current. and of course once i do i’ll hit you back with my input. ttys, and be well.


      • bigct Says:

        Hey Cody,

        That’s cool man, just whenever. No pressure at all.


      • bigct Says:

        Hey mate…, did you ever manage to catch up?

        Shoot me an email sometime…


      • codyboarder Says:

        hey ct,

        did get through two more chapters, to 9, but time still seems to be a luxery i dont have enough of. im off this week for Christmas (winter) break, so im sure ill be able to get some more chapters under my belt, and maybe all the way caught-up by new years. hay, maybe theres a resolution in there somewhere. ttys & be well.

        peAce, ~cody!

      • bigct Says:

        Hey chap, no worries.

        Was just curious is all.

        Hope you have a good christmas break.


  11. Steve Says:

    So how much time has elapsed from the very beginning of the story till now?

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi steve,

      june 2008……so bout a year and a half! but didn’t start the blog till the end of october 2009 (2 1/2 months ago). only posted on nifty prior to that.


    • Anthony Says:

      I may have read this differently. The entire storyline thus far has elapsed in about two weeks, more or less.

      -An Avid Reader Anthony

    • codyboarder Says:

      haha, you may be right anthony….my bad. i thought he meant when i began writing it. yes, all the events of the story thus far have been within about a week or two.


  12. Alec Says:

    I didn’t realize how quick everything had been. wow
    My question is that if Travis and wes knew that nika was watching, Why did they make a point of having their curtains open? Are they gay too? Or do they just like to show off?

  13. bigct Says:

    Been a while chap…, hope everything is good in your world.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hey ct,

      good sorta, more like busy. i had some catching-up to do with studying, and some papers to write. the post holiday vacation onslaught. but i’ve conquered that beast, so im back to “twinergy” business. ttys, and glad to see your off the fence-post and churning out chapters again as well. keep it up.


  14. Steve Says:

    Hey, we arent gonna have to wait too long for the next chapter are we? Lookin forward to it.

  15. Brian Nielsen Says:

    I was raised in a small town in wyoming close to yellowstone national park
    but unfortunetly my comunity was very traditional and didnt take kindely to gays so I was forced to stay in the closet your story has brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart knowing now that there are people inthe world that dont judg you for who you are and there is love on more levels than just sex
    you story has been an insperation to me I cant thank you enough

  16. Brent Says:

    I absolutuely love your story and can’t wait for more chapters to be written 🙂 keep up the awesome work

  17. George Says:

    Cody: are you still writing Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake???

  18. George Says:

    I have finished all 87 chaps. I HOPE there is moer to come. I’m kinda left hanging in the middle of the parking lot. Please keepem commin.

  19. Steve Says:

    Cody, its been an awesome journey so far with your story. Possible song suggestion to go with one of the chapters, dont remember which chapter it is though. Its Nika and Tanner in bed at Buck’s ranch and Nika is telling anner of the push for gay rights. Two songs come to mind ith that chapter, one of which is obvious why; The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan. The second I dont know why this chapter comes to mind but it does; We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel. Just an idea to ponder. And again, thanks for the wonderful journey.

  20. JC Says:


    I read the story through complete from start to current, and have never read such an amazing story. I’m going to be honest by saying that the sentence/dialog structure made me twitch uncontrollably, but the story made up for it a million times over. Such an amazing story!!! Can’t stress that enough. I really, truly hope that you continue writing for all of our enjoyment, as well as yours, as this story just sucks people in, it seems.

    Oh, and I also wanted to ask… I’m assuming that this is Lake %$*&# -I’m from Canada, and had to use google maps… shame on me!- as it was the only multi-state lake with Mt. Rose highway coming into it. Is there really a town called Clear Lake in Nevada, or is it Incline Village or another one of the surrounding towns? Forgive me if I’m asking too much information, but I’m just extremely curious! 🙂

    Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful tale with everyone here. Again, I really hope you keep writing, as I’ve read it all and am now hooked, and looking for more! 😀

    Cheers, JC

    PS: I think what really pulls me into this story, is that it enables me, for just the short time during reading, to put myself into a fictional life that I’d always wished for. I was raised an only child in a small, country town, where if I were to ever hug or dry hair for my friends, I would be labeled a queer, and shunned. The affection and acceptance that I had so wanted, can be lived through your imaginative and touching story, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  21. JC Says:

    Wait… nevermind, I forgot that you had actually stated that it was in California…. (feeling a bit sheepish)

  22. Steve Says:

    Cody, Its been a while. Hope everythings ok. looking forqard to the next chapter

  23. tyler Says:

    wow i just read all 87 chapters and it was hard but i waited till i got done to comment and i am amazed nika and cody are such an amazing couple and all these ppl r amazing u just dont normally meet so many ppl with such a high capacity for love and they have so much love for each other and the “twinergy” power that they have is fascinating as well as the friendship that the posse has i havent ever heard of or seen anything like it and wish i had a group like that as a part of my life the story is so interestin and keeps me coming back for more i stayed up till about 530 in the morning reading about 3 times btw lol trying to fight to stay up later lol or earlier but it was worth it i cant wait 4 more chapters and hope this story can become a book and a movie and cody im sure u already no but ur really talented and this story when or if it becomes a book will be big (at least for the gay “community”) i wonder how much of this story is real i wanna believe all of it is though lol anyways thanks for the story love it


  24. JJ Says:

    Oh cool, another discussion page. I wonder how bad I can do in here? J/K Cody. I seen what you said about me at RB and then I was thinking I wonder if Cody has a discussion page, and you do. Hummmm I could have so much fun here. But your right my blog really keeps me busy now. Now I know why all you guys told me to make one. I got to try and go back to sleep, I sleep till 2pm and mom sent me to bed at 10pm and I am still not really tired. I am going to be in the morning at school. 4 more hours and it be time to get up for school yea! Cody number 36 in here can you delete it please says something I forgot to have you delete. Love you Cody Hugs JJ

  25. vic Says:

    i have just finished your story through the 87 chapters. why are the first chapters listed in read? this is a very good story and i am looking forward to chapter 8. keep up the good work. i am sorry that i have not commented before now but i don’t write often.


  26. carlitos Says:

    Well, I guess I somehow got the wrong idea about who the author is. I have just finiahed chapter 21. I got the idea that Nika, the narrator, was also the author. Not that it
    really matters that much, but now it does appear that you, Cody Boarder, are the author.
    Whether you are also the Cody of the story seems unclear. Also, I wonder if indeed this
    story is written by a young teenager. It seems way too complex and sophisticated for a teenager to compose. Regardless of any of that, I am very impressed at the talent of the author, whoever it is and whatever the age of the author. This is a very fine piece of literature. I think you should take it to a publisher and ask for it to be made into a book.
    I am thoroughly taken in by the appeal of your writing.

  27. tyler Says:

    hey cody wow i read the journey of love and it was good at least the last 3/4ths of it i was starting to lose interest in the beginning but the beginning and ending comments kept me reading cuz i wanted to know wat was wrong with justin to make him so afraid to be loved at least that is the way it seemed to me and he kept saying his lover and didnt say danny i was crying toward the end especially when he called kyle happy tears all i can say is that was true love i was soo happy to read that him and danny reunited and that his mom was getting help and everything is turning out good i hope its even better now and i was really touched by the story i still cant wait till u (cody) publish another chapter i love ur story its the best and i gotta thank the journeyman cuz if it werent for his story urs wouldnt exist both stories are really encouraging im single and still lookin and i hope when i do find someone its as good as u and the journeyman have i really appreciate u and the journeyman for shearin yalls stories with me its been good plz tell me when u will be publishing ur next chapter o and ive been wondering i just like carlitos thought in the beginning that ur character in the twinergy was nika but with ur real name as being cody i have to assume ur not Austrian so im guessing that u would have to be one of the main main characters so r u actually cody in the story too just wondering thanks again


  28. George Says:

    Cody: Do you have any idea how soon chapter 88, and more, will be posted here on WordPress? Hope it’s soon.

    You are still one of the Best arthors I’ve read. Awesome story man, Awesome story.


  29. tyler Says:

    i really miss the story i look on here almost every day to see if u posted another chapter i hope ur still writing

  30. Harvey Says:

    What has happened here? Comments (which I read) that were posted in May and June are now missing. There seems to be no sign of activity since chapter 100. It’s too good a story to just let die!

  31. georget67 Says:

    Cody I’m asking the same as Harvey, where’s the May and June posting that were here. I put the comments (pictures) of Nika’s and Sasha’s birthplaces in a file to save. I thought there were other comments here also, and now they are gone. ????????
    I understand you are probably taking a bit of a break for rest after CH 100, but the missing comments are a little worrysome. Hope everything is OK.

    Your Friend georget67

  32. codyboarder Says:

    hi harvey and georget,

    i have not removed any comments from twinergy. perhaps the comments you are looking for are not under discussion page, but under the other posts where the pictures of their respective birthplaces are posted? as for twinergy, it is not dying, or finished by any means. i have taken a short recess to enjoy the beginning of my summer vacation with my friends and go camping and have a little fun. i waz held up in our cabin all winter writing and doing schoolwork, so im having a little fun and sun for a month or so. as for the missing comments, i cant say what has happened to them, or if they were ever there, cause no one else has access to this blog but me? and i have not dis-approved any comments. thanks for bringing this to my attention you guys, and i will go through my commments pages to see if there are any that got unapproved, or if there is a glitch in the system? be well, and more twinergy will be posted before the months end!

    peAce, ~cody!

  33. jordan Says:

    just wondering what happened? post more man.

  34. Nick Says:

    Hey there Cody!

    Man was that a long wait for this chapter, but a 10min splurge of it hopefully will get me through till the next one 😛

    I was just wondering the validity of this story, is it true? will you ever let us know that? 😛

    Oh and id love to chat to you about writing my own blog/stories and maybe get some tips? Maybe even Co-Write if you wish? 😀

  35. georget67 Says:

    Great pics of your trip. Who is the cute red haired boy in the third pic?

  36. Hermes Says:

    Cody: EXCELLENT story! I wanted to thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll, I hadn’t realized I neglected to do likewise, but as of this moment that has been corrected. Keep up the GREAT writing.


  37. Keen Says:

    I think I’m actually in love with you… This story is incredible. Sure, it’s not gonna win the award for the puntuation technicalities etc., but the story line is the most gripping thing I’ve ever read.

    Pleeeeaaase don’t stop writing! xx

  38. Doug Says:

    Just dropped in and found 3 new chapters. I guess the RSS feed is not working for new posts of chapters.
    I have been following another story that you might want to post on your blogroll..

    Very good story from a young author.

  39. Jordan Says:

    I’m so sad I’ve finished this story! I can’t find anything else as good as this story has been. I’m 16 and I would finish my homework early just so I could stay up and read this story haha. Thanks for writing this awesome story, cody

  40. Joe Writer Man Says:

    Hey Cody–

    Hope all is well with you, and that HS studies are giving you time for breaks every now and again!

    As I’m sure many of your readers are doing, I’m waiting patiently (tap, tap, tap, tap go my feet) for the next chapter(s) of the saga being told in your story.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hi joe,

      have a small break, so pumped a few chapters out, posted the first one today. spring break is coming up, so that should give me some more time, and then summer right around the corner. hope you’re well, and look forward to tty again. be well.


  41. FreeFox Says:

    Hey, Cody. Thanks for linking to my story. I’ll link back and start reading yours. Cheers, mate. ^_^

  42. Nicthalon Says:

    Any chance of a “collected chapters” file posted somewhere? I like to convert stories to PRC file so I can read them on my Kindle, and copy/pasting almost 120 chapters takes forever, lol!

  43. Joe Writer Man Says:

    I am so damned depressed to see that Tristan found it necessary to take his RB masterpiece down!

    I also just received a bounceback from the email address you gave us for him.


  44. Beach Says:

    Happy Summer Graduate! Great Story

  45. Dick Casey Says:

    I just came across your story and absolutely love it! My work situation is such that I really can’t access the site very often on a computer so I try to download something as good as this to my nook. Unfortunately, I can only download chap. 1, all the rest won’t download because of the format. I’m really puzzled about this. Any ideas anyone. Keep up the good work, it gives us such enjoyment.

  46. Bob Says:

    Just wondering if this story has run dry, I realy have enjoyed it up to this point.

  47. George Thoele Says:

    Hey Cody, how are things going? I hope I, or any of your other faithful readers, haven’t done anything to hurt your feelings or piss you off. It has been 4 months sense you last posted any new chapters to Twinergy. PLEASE Cody, come back to us. We Love you and Twinergy. Hope to hear from you reeeeeal soon.


  48. Bob Says:

    Great to see you back, I understand it does take a lot of effort on your part and little on the readers but I for one have enjoyed the storie theam, Thank you

  49. Ben Says:

    Hi Cody,

    I only started reading the story a few days ago and I love it! Great work!

    However I’m up to Chapter 113 and when I try to load the next, I get an error telling me that the page is not found. This same error subsequently happens with any other chapter I try to load now.

    Any ideas/thoughts?

  50. Skip Says:

    Hi Cody,
    I was captivated by your story on nifty and tried to follow it past chapter 17 on wordpress gut I get a 404 error. Is there a mirror site?

  51. Greg Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but i can only open chapter 1, and 130 on my computer. I use google chrome and i believe everything is up to date. if anyone has any suggestions on what to try please let me know. I’m really excited to read new chapters. (last one i read was 126)

  52. john smith Says:

    Hey just a heads up I have been trying to pull up the new chapters and i keep geting an error page not found did you pull them off for some reason or is something else going

  53. Jordan Says:

    i discovered your story a several days ago and have stayed up late evevrynight reading it.
    im 15 and im confused and Bi. i hurt so bad inside everyday aching to be able to experience an intimate relationship with another boy.
    your story has moved me in so many ways i have cried several times in the process of reading your story. for a couple of hours everyday i can be sucked into the world of twinergy and leave all my pain behind.

    sadly all good things must end, i just read chapter 130 and i can already feel that empty place in my heart starting to tear back open again. so im begging you please post more chapters of twinergy. for my sake…

    • Ryan Says:

      This is exactly my feelings, I’m 16 and love the story, it almost feels like a whole other life and I get attached to it while reading it.

      We all hope you are okay Cody and I for one am excited to know that more chapters are on their way

  54. Jeff Says:

    I love the story, waiting for chapter 131 and beyond. Please don’t let us faithful readers down. Thanks for a touching coming of age story. Keep it up

  55. George Thoele Says:

    Hey Cody, just wondering if things are ok. You haven’t posted anything for 6 months. Are you ill or just busy with school. I do hope you are not ill. Please drop us a note and let us know whats up, ok.

    Your Friend Always: George

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi george,

      and thx for the concern. i am not ill, but was just busy w/ school, and did not have the time to deal with wordpress to get my blog/twinergy repaired and up and running after the account went down. but it is back up, and more chapters are on the way. be well.


  56. markie Says:

    Hi Cody, from a hooked reader. 🙂 I can imagine a complex screenplay being written for this story; it would be as riveting onscreen as in words. Have you kicked the idea around – anxious to hear back, pEaCe


  57. Astrostar Says:

    Hello everyone =)

  58. Brady Says:

    Cody I think it is so wonderful that your story has had such a positive effect on so many people’s lives. I know it is always there for me to find positive feelings and overall faith in humanity. Thanks for all your work.

  59. Will Says:

    In a rotten world that we have is always good to know that love and care exist. Thanks to this story faith is renwed in many of us. Let the young ones the freedom to choose their way and their hart to find the real love. Because something so beautiful just can’t be bad.

  60. WILL.I.AM Says:

    Just finish reading the whole 148 chptrs AGAIN! Until more chptrs come. And lemme tell you. I had suffered the same amount of laughs and tears as the first time I read it if not more. Bless You Big C.

  61. Fudo Says:

    Hello Cody, is quite a bit ‘of time that you do not post here on your site and I start to ask if everything is ok? … I sincerely hope that what holds you back are only various commitments and nothing else. Meanwhile, waiting for good news from you, I offer you my greetings. Fudo

  62. nathan Says:

    hey will you please start back writing twinergy and the boys of clear lake

  63. john. Says:

    it would be nice to find out about sasha’s illness,does he die,and if he does will he end up with chandler,or will tanner end up giving him bone marrow and save him,both would be good.

  64. DJ Says:


    Hey! I’m just trying to get word around that Tristan (now known as T or TS is back in action. Rent Boy has returned with a shiny new title and new chapters in the works. You can find it here:


    I hope you’re well 🙂


  65. Timby Says:

    Greetings Cody,
    I must say, your Clear Lake story is one of the best I’ve read in a LONG time. I DO have a request for you, would you mind if I converted it to .mp3 format, so a Straight blind friend of mine could enjoy it? I’m sure he’ll enjoy it, sex scenes notwithstanding… 🙂
    The only fault’s I’ve seen in your story’s are for example: when you use common when you meant Come on, or there, when you meant their or they’re. Easy enough mistakes to make, and before you scream, I was going to be an English teacher before I became disabled…so I notice things like that. 🙂
    Over all? Fantastic Story, can’t wait for more chapters!

  66. Ray Brown Says:

    I liked your story until what you did with Tanner and Nika In chapter 18b, I hate with a passion authors that do that stuff, taking a boyfriend from another. that is just like a boy spreading lies about another boy to steal a boy from his boyfriend. and then that boy got so depressed and hung himself. all of your other stories are lacking any action that you posted to nifty.

  67. Ray Brown Says:

    question why are the chapters on this site different from the ones on Nifty??

  68. docpalfrey Says:

    Hi Cody,

    There are few stories I read on the web which I then feel able to recommend to those younger than me as good narratives in terms of storyline, pace, lifestyle message, and with sufficient flow to keep young (10-16 year old) minds interested.

    Your story, the newly re-titled Boys of Sunset, and The Travis Theory are three which I did recommend to many searching minds of this age group, but all three seemed simply to flow away somewhere into the ether. I am glad that at least one in back. However, no sign of your reappearance. Shall I give up the ghost on your boys?

    There are a couple of others I have also passed on to those I counsel, notably Riding Lessons, The Puget Posse, the trilogy ending in The Perfect Game, and the ongoing Last Shaman and The Life of Matt Summers. We need more, like these and Twinergy, which are more truly narratives and novellas. Others can pander to the men in fawn raincoats and the jerk-off brigade. What are needed are positive messages – with excitement thrown in of course – for questioning minds.

    I thank you and those of your ilk who take time to use your talents in the way you have. I have never written fiction, but have gained much satisfaction from factual writing and counselling. It is my sincere hope you gain that same sense of thrill from your work and pass time too.



  69. Joe Writer Man Says:

    Cody did not write the story “Boys of Sunset” – this story was written by T.S. and is posted on his site.

    Years ago, I believe I edited “The Travis Theory” for a guy named something, something Trismeg. It was online for a while then was taken down by the writer.

    I like Cody and feel that the story “Twinergy…” is a fine one, but lost interest due to months and months between chapters. Sorry Cody. I know life is busy and that there are higher priorities in Real Life 101. I’m not complaining or whining, and am not dissing the way you do things.

    Have a great day.

  70. bethanyannjones Says:

    Cody, I just love this story. I have never laughed and cried so hard in my life. it is hilarious, gut wrenching and full of raw emotion. I hope you will continue to write because you have a special talent that brings out the deep emotions I have not felt for a long time and I am sure all of your readers and fans would agree with me. I would love to know what inspires you. Are any of these people events and places real? I would love to hear from you. thank you so much for this beautiful love story. anyone else who might be reading this comment, I would like to hear from you also. my email is jbethanytwo@gmail.com

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