2001: Character Reference Page!

Ola readers, at the suggestion of one of you (thank you Anthony), I am putting together this “Character Reference Page” to help readers identify with the characters. It will be a work in progress as characters develop  beyond the original cast. If any of you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me at codyboarder@hotmail.com or leave a comment here. I try to answer each and every comment that is a question, and not just a hello. Thanks again.


The Main Characters!

Nika and his family!

The main characters are of course Nika (Nikita) and his family.

Nikita (Nika) Nicoli Von Heflin is 13 and about 5’0 to 5’1 and 90 to 95 or so pounds. Long curly blonde hair and light blue eyes. The story is told (mostly) through his eyes. Very loving, trusting, and the peacemaker.

Sasha Alexis (Sash) Von Heflin is Nika’s 11 1/2 year old younger brother at about 4’11 to 5’0, and 80 to 85 pounds. He has straight blonde (almost white) hair and is best friends with Tanner, and Sequoia. Although he is very close to Travis and Wesley as well. His favorite things are mud and bugs. Still a little kid at heart.

Their sister Natasha (Tasha) Von Heflin is 16/12 and drives. She is also in her junior year of high school.

The parents are Mr. V (Niklas) and Mrs. V (Nadia). Later in the story we find out the V stands for Von Heflin as the father is an Austrian native and the mother is of Russian descent. Nika’s father is an architect and renovated their three story ski lodge style cabin when they purchased it after arriving from Austria when Nika was just 4 or 5.

Cody and his Family

Cody Joshua Sommers is Nika’s best friend and “twinner.” He’s 13 as well and also Nika’s neighbor. Cody is about 5’4 and 115 pounds. He has short medium brown hair and an olive complexion. Very friendly and even “naive” at times. But also a straight A student.

His older sister is Abigail Sommers (or Abby) as they call her. She’s Tasha’s age at around 16 1/2 and best friends with Nika’s older sister.

The younger sister is Trisha Sommers (or Princess as her family likes to call her). She is Sasha’s age at 11.

His parents are Jordan and Marsha Sommers.

Blake and his Family

Blake Jackson Chase is the biggest and the “Enforcer” or leader of the group. He is 14 and about 5’9 and 175 pounds of lean muscle. He has light to medium brown hair of average length. He is the alpha male of the group and keeps the peace through leadership and strength.

Travis Lee and Wesley Lee Chase are Blakes twin brothers. And joined the original six members at the same time as Sequoia and Sash, as the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th members of the posse (Tanner is the soon to be 11th….bio is below). Both are 12 and about 5’5 and 140 pounds. Long brown hair and very lean. These two are tough as nails and born to scrap. They both have a very close connection to one another and love physical contact such as wrestling, football, and even boxing. The only one who can keep them in line is Blake. Very dangerous to cross them.

Blakes mother and father are Ben and Sara Chase.

The posse

The 6 original members (the 6-pac), before Sasha, Sequoia, and the twins (Travis & Wesley) were included, are: Nika, Cody, Blake, KC, Reiley, and Jace!

KC (Kenneth Christopher) Collins, who is 14 and about 5’6 or 5’7, 150 pounds. He has a deep brown tan and light brown hair bleached blond and spiked on top. He has a bigger build than Cody, especially upper body, and mostly all muscle. Also a very cute babyish face, that people find easy to look at. And the strongest of the group behind Blake, and whereas he cannot take Blake in a scrap, he can take all the others one on one…..including Travis or Wesley. KC also has a rather smart (nerdy) 10 year old brother named Wendell who has not be mentioned much…..yet,

Reiley Sean McClain, is roughly 5’3 or 5’4, and 125 pounds, He 13 and has dark brown, almost black hair, wore kinda long, but not past the shoulders. He isn’t fat, but still has the boyish look with a lot of freckles on his face and shoulders, a decent tan, and as book smart as Cody, even more so. He’s the silent one of the group, that likes to study people. Also very loyal and not afraid to get his hands dirty or say what’s on his mind. He just keeps it short and to the point, but is also the avenger of the group who routes for the underdog and will not let a wrong go unpunished. He will bring up uncomfortable incidents to the group, especially Blake in general if he feels one of them is being mistreated. And is not afraid of a confrontation if it will keep the peace so that everyone is happy and treated fairly. He is also a straight A student, and his academic accolades even surpass that of Cody. He has a father that is overbearing on pushing school and business on him.

Jacey (Jace) Brody Harper is 13 and the second shortest/smallest of the original (6) group (fifth now, behind Nika, Sequoia, Tanner, and Sash) at about 5’2, 110 pounds. He has white skin that burns and turns red easily, and blond hair that’s long and straight. Also has blond eye lashes and eye brows. Its usually the end of summer by the time he settles into a tan. Jace is the spazz of the group, and as opposed to being just spontaneous and outgoing in his personality, Jace usually takes it a step or two farther and comments on everything. 90% of the time he’s very funny, and 10% of the time very annoying. A.D.D for sure. He is a major shit disturber though, and it isn’t unlike him to “kick you if your down.” His father, unbeknownst to the others is a terrible alcoholic and somewhat prejudice. And although not often, can be abusive. Jace is also very cute and a girl magnet.

Sequoia Del Gado (middle name soon to be Shawnee) is Nika’s neighbor, as he and his family live in one of the guest houses on Nika’s property. He is 11 ½, as is Sasha, and is about 5’0 and about 90 pounds. He is Native American as his mother Golden Fawn is 100%, and his father was Mexican and Native North American (being from Mexico). He has long straight black hair down past his waist, and very odd emerald green eyes. He is very mystical and mature for his age as well. His father Angel was picked up by immigration while trying to obtain work as a day laborer when Sequoia was just about 5, and deported unfairly. His whereabouts remain unknown. He, his mother Golden Fawn, and his little Sister Cheyenne (age 5) have lived in the guest house at Nika’s since soon after losing their small apartment in South Clear Lake. This was due to not being able to make ends meet after his father disappeared. They do not have a lot, and both Sequoia and his mother have to work together to scrape to get by.

Tanner Nathanial Tucker is a close friend of the Posse,  and to Sasha, and Sequoia in particular, being in the same grade as them and the twins. Tanner is 11, but one month shy of 12. He has long straight blonde hair down his back, and is 5’0 and about 90 pounds. His nickname, which he hates is Barbie, and he’ll likely start a fight if you call him that. He got the name because he is very “girlish” looking and is routinely mistaken for one by strangers. He is a walking f-word waiting to happen. He was recently “re-coined” as badnews by his friends so as to drop the barbie tag. He isn’t liked much by his friends parents, or teachers because of his foul language and overactive mouth. He isn’t vindictive like Jace can be, but more so just frustrated and has little or no tact in how he communicates. His is virtually ignored at home and what little interaction he does get from his older brother is mentally and physically abusive. That explains how he came to be how he is. His older brother Dakota is 16 and his younger brother Duncan just turned 10. He lives in South Clear Lake, but goes to School over on the West side with Sasha and Sequoia, after getting expelled from his previous school in South Lake. He also prefers Sasha and the posse to the kids in South Clear Lake, and enjoys the family feeling with them that he doesn’t get at home.

Garrett Palmer is Tasha’s ex-boyfriend (and current bf as well, having patched some things up) and Quarterback of the South Clear Lake Varsity football team that Dakota (Tanners big brother) also attends. Garrett’s father is Buck, and is some what of a wanna-be cowboy, purchasing a small cattle ranch upon retiring from the Areospace Industry quite wealthy helping design some of the most complex aircraft for NASA and the USAF over a span of three decades (70’s, 80’s, and 90’s). Nika is very close to Garrett and vice-versa. They have a bond as Garrett helped fill the missing big-brother role that Nika was craving. Since his absence, Blake has stepped up and tried to fill some of that vacuum.

Mr Abe Weiner is Nika’s teacher and soon to be tutor. He was let go by Nika’s middle school at the end of the school year because of his age….mandatory retirement. He is in his 70’s and lost his only son in the Gulf War in the early 1990’s. His wife Marge passed on as well a few years after, dying of a broken heart. He was depressed and had nothing left to do with his life until Nika convinced him to began tutoring him and his friends all year round. And he in turn hired Nika to help him restore his home and yard over the summer.

Mr Patrick McFlanders is a friend of the family and the school janitor. He is pure Scottish and has a taste for draft beer and lose women. His accent is quite heavy, and he is very good hearted and loved by the schools kids. After a bender he can be seen late at night walking home from the tavern playing his bagpipes and singing off-key!

Dr. Ronald Hart is Chief of Staff at Childrens Hospital in Reno and a business associate of Niklas (Nika’s father) as he is his architect.

Nurse Eloise Lincoln is a mysterious do-gooder that frequents Childrens Hospital in Reno and assisted Cody and Sasha.

Nurse Beulah Mancheck is the school nurse at Clear Lake Middle School where the whole posse attends now that schools out and Sasha, Sequoia, Tanner, and the Twins have graduated 6th grade.

Barney Buckins is the limo driver that drove Nika and Sequoia home from Reno, and gave them his card in case they ever need him. They just may in the near future?

Rocco Bataglia is a student at the groups Middle School. He is sort of a bully and the schools “dealer” for recreational drugs. If he dosen’t have it, he knows where to get it. He and his thugs often terrorize some of the other students, and have had a few run-ins with the Posse over the years.

11 Responses to “2001: Character Reference Page!”

  1. Mike Says:

    I thought the nurse was Nurse Lincoln??

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey mike,

      it is….my bad. lincoln, franklin, knew it was some sort of politician they put on money…haha! thanks for the save, i didn’t have time to proof the page yesterday after i wrote and posted it. so there may be another blunder or two in there somewhere. thx again.


  2. Steve Says:

    I dont know about anyone else, but for me the house is as much a character as anyone else simply due to how much happens there. Just a thought.

  3. Rowan D Says:

    lol, Mr Patrick McFlanders
    How very stereotypically Scottish, and a double reference to the Simpsons as well yeh? 😀

  4. George Says:

    I think the entire story is GREAT. How soon is the chap??

  5. lakelander Says:

    This story is amazing!! I have read almost all of it after finding it yesterday. I was instantly emotionally attached. I live close to “clear lake” although anyone with a map knows what lake it is. and have a group of friends very similar to this story. I can’t believe you aren’t selling this

    • Keen Says:

      It’s a good idea, but I don’t think that the story’s sexual content is exactly… Mainstream?

  6. Seth Says:

    My favorites are definately,The Twins,Sasha,Sequoia,Nika.

  7. Ryan-John Says:

    Yes the intricate mix of personalities is interesting my favorites would be Tanner, Sasha, Nikita, and Sequoia. This kind of group mentality is common in groups that had the chance to live close to each other fostered with the young age of meeting to create complex emotional bonds that can last a lifetime

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