Happy Trails with the Posse in Chapter 149!

simply nika!

simply tanner!

Southlake/ClearLake fire near the river/bridge by the Orphanage!

Boo Boo (currently) & Shadow (now)!

Boo Boo (when younger) & Shadow (as a kit)!

Nika and Blake

Nika and Blake catching crawdads!

Looks like they got one!

Scary Tree


Max and his Pine Cone!

Sequoia’s bear friend dining out!

16 Responses to “Happy Trails with the Posse in Chapter 149!”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Just a question: Is there any reason why new pictures are only up for a day or two before it reverts back to the original 5 (or so)? Just wanted to know because some of the pictures should be displayed along with the ones that are already up.

    -An Avid Reader Anthony

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey anthony,

      the reason is, that the blog is only so long. i have four semi-permanent pics on three posts for a total of twelve. the posts w/ pics are the chapter update post, nika’s home, and nika wakeboarding. if i add another, or a few more, than it pushes the last post off the main page so that you have to press the “older posts” arrow to go to another page to see that post (in this case, it’s nika wakeboarding) and the pics attached to it. the only other option is to remove an entire post to make space, which at this point im not considering because the information in the other posts is necessary to the blog itself. so i’ll just keep adding a few additional piics at a time and cycle some of those for now.


  2. bigct Says:

    Umm, maybe I’m missing something…, but I can’t see the 64th page on the listings.

    Or is it just me…


    • codyboarder Says:


      it wasn’t just you ct. wordpress was acting up again and placing a lot of the text off to the right of the page. i messed with it for a couple hours, and then had a paper to write as i was running out of time. today i gave up and re-wrote it w/ diff settings in word, and it came out ok.


  3. Steve Says:

    wow, tanner really is cute. how bout a group shot of the posse next time?

  4. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody

    I found your novel on Nifty about 10 days ago & ‘migrated’ to here as I worked my way through. I’ve really enjoyed the story & its cast of characters so far and I’m looking forward to following any future developments. I saw some of the extra photos for the first time yesterday & particularly like the ones of ‘Tanner’ and ‘Sasha’ & ‘Nika’ together. I hope you have a good Christmas (or ‘Nadelik Lowen’ as some say in this part of the world).


  5. Jay Says:

    Hi cody,
    great story!
    I feel privileged to read your story.

  6. Matthew Welmers Says:

    Is there away to put the pictures in a page on the side, like the character reference page? They’d be in one spot and no one would have to search for them. Plus, when you updated, you could post a couple pictures and say the rest are there without losing any old posts. Just a suggestion

  7. Horn Says:

    Where’s the pic of Tanner? He is now so important character, so his pic should have stay on the page, not disappear like this.

    And I also agree with Matthew to put pics either on separate page (like CT has on his site) or on character page. It would make things easier.

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi horn,

      eventually i’ll try for aa character picture page, but for now i cycle them often so that everyones represented. i can only add so many to the front page or it dumps the older posts onto a archive page that you have to click on to get to the older posts. thx for the comment and suggestion though.


  8. land Says:

    what ã great story! can’t findvthe pic of Tanner though

  9. yellowjac Says:

    Cody Great Job looking forward to more. Thank You.

  10. Mike Says:

    As a loyal reader, I am glad that you are able to find time to keep us all entertained!!

    On a side note, I check back everyday for new chapters…and although it sucks when there aren’t any, I can at least be grateful that the picture of Tanner is still there!! He is really cute!! It’s hard to imagine him causing trouble!

  11. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    The new chapters have been great, and the new picture of Nika is just stunning! Thank you.

    Best wishes

    • codyboarder Says:

      you are very welcome Ian,
      and it is always nice to hear from you, and Nika indeed, has always been stunning….be well!
      peAce, ~cody

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