Please Visit: A Rent-Boy Named…” By Tristan Strangebrew! Website closed!

Tristan sent me a reply with a statement, and asked that I pass it along to all of his readers, so here it is:

Yes, I took RB down. Long story short… Some people who found the story decided that it is the cause of all evil in the world and have embarked on a crusade to vilify me. It’s gone to extremes I never imagined possible with accusations and slander to the point of absurdity. I decided to remove the story to see if that would calm things down. I don’t know at this point where things will end up, but I don’t want RB readers to become additional targets for these peoples insanity either. I appreciate all of the readers and the RB community and it’s with great sadness and anger that I had to disappoint so many good people. I hope that although I can’t go into detail about what’s going on, people will trust that I’m doing what I think is best for all.
Cheers Tristan
He also said it’s OK to contact him at if you’d like to pass on you’re thoughts and feelings?

This story by Tristan is very touching, and endearing as well. It’s set circa 1969 and 1970 and examines the lives of boys living on the strip in Hollywood. You won’t find a better read anywhere!

sunshine jim

32 Responses to “Please Visit: A Rent-Boy Named…” By Tristan Strangebrew! Website closed!”

  1. chris Says:

    its gone!

    i dont know why – but the story’s have been deleted!
    I came to “A rent boy named…” from this post.
    After i read the first chapter, i was all on fire. His style was so unique and the story very sad, tender and realistic.

    Does anybody, anything knows, why that happend?

    i know its kinda stupid – but i really feel sad now…
    Promise Twinergy wont leave like “A rent boy named..” pleaaaase! Q.Q


  2. Mike UK Says:

    I was just about to carry on reading it. I’ve got to chapter 60 and the story is no longer there. I’m gutted. I wonder if he’s moved the story somewhere else. I hope so.

    • codyboarder Says:

      mike & chris,

      i dont know what happened to Tristan or his story. i’ve had the flu for a couple days and i went to the pool to lay out and get some sun this afternoon. and when i came back i had a bunch of e-mails about it. i sent him one myself but haven’t heard anything back yet. when i do, i’ll post it of course. he probably may just need to change blog-sites….i hope at least. i dont feel he’s gone away, and will be back soon, so pleaseee everyone, just stay positive, and think the same way?

      peAce~0ut, cody!

  3. chris Says:

    Thanx cody, i really feel better now!


  4. Gary Snow Says:

    Please let me know if any word on what happened to A Rent Boy Named.

  5. Jean Says:

    I’m another lurker who has been reading RB for the past few weeks and made it to chapter 118 by Monday night. The site is blocked at work (good thing, I’d never get any work done otherwise!) so Tuesday night I went into shock when I got home and found it gone. Wednesday morning I checked it as soon as I got up and it was still gone, so I searched in Google, but only found some cached pages. It was only at its own WordPress location since October 15, 2010, according to the information on another cached page that I found referring to it. I also found Tristan’s Yahoo email account and sent him a short message. It did not bounce so the account is still valid, but I did not get a reply yet.

  6. codyboarder Says:

    OK, hello everyone,

    i still have not heard back from Tristan or anything regarding his site and story. although i have been recieving e-mails from others regarding any news? unfortunatly to date, i have not heard anything encouraging or substantial. i’ve been home with the flu this week, so i have tried to look into it more, along with writing more of my own story as well. i did find this link so others at other sites are concerned and aware of this as well! which should surprise none of us, seeing as we all know how caring, and helpful Tristan has been to each and every one of us! so i’ll keep my own eyes and ears open, if all of you would do the same? and let’s continue to share information untill this very troubling puzzle is solved! thank you all again for your concern, and continue to stay positive, and use your energy for a happy outcome! also, I should be posting more Twinergy as early as today, but over Memorial Day weekend regardless.

    peAce~0ut, cody!

  7. ootbeer urper Says:

    In the mean time, I’ll always have that mental image of Squeegy in the mud puddle at the park, singing like an angel…”Oh girl, I’d be in trouble if you left me now…”

    There I go, all teary-eyed again. I hope The Boys are all safe in a row, wherever they are.

    -ootbeer urper

  8. albert Says:

    that was just a story, it doesn’t harm anyboy. i’m not part of the so called “boylover community”, but i was a reader. so? it’s incredibile.

  9. Lee Says:

    Tristan is a uniquely gifted story-teller. I hope that he will be able to overcome the misguided bigotry that he’s been subjected to, and reinstate ARBN, TGC, etc. in the near future. At least the earlier chapters are still available (minus illustrations). In the meanwhile, I hope he continues writing.

  10. xmike Says:

    It is sad to see that there is still so much prejudice in the world. The haters got to Tristan. My most fervent hope is that Tristan will publish a book of “Rent Boy” and we’ll be able to find out what happens to Sunny Jim and the boys. Tristan, we all respect your decision to shut down the blog, and hope all is well with you and yours. God bless…

  11. John Says:

    Luckily I have downloaded most all of it. I have a few chapters that I needed to redownload. But it saddens me greatly that Tristan could be abused this way. I hope that he offers a group list that he can privately send the newest chapters to. And perhaps the older ones too. I would gladly act as his repository. To keep the story alive.

  12. Kevin Young Says:

    Yes I was very disappointed to see the story deleted. Would love to be able to read it again.

  13. Rob Says:

    This is just terrible. Hes such a good guy. I hope he continues writing. My only suggestion would be to take it from public to private and put it up somewhere and only share the link with folks on his email list who really enjoy it.

    Its people like that, that are holding our world back from being the place it could trully be. It really does break my heart…

  14. rickythewriter Says:

    Anyone lacking any chapters up to the last chapter posted ch 169 can email me and I’ll email what I have. mytrickybits2 (at) gmail com

  15. Brian Says:

    I wonder if Tristan could put it on Nifty. I just found this site after some googling. I was worried Tristan had got sick or worst. It was more than just a story as it was loosely based on real events. Thats what made it so endearing to read.

  16. George Thoele Says:

    I think it is atrocious for someone to cause Tristan to remove his story. I say: if you do not like what your reading then go the hell away. Those that done this to Tristan should be hung. I thoroughly enjoyed RB. I do Pray he can bring it back soon.

    God Be With You Tristan.
    Your Friend Always with Love and Hugs: George

  17. rickythewriter Says:

    It seems that Tristan’s email is now defunct as well. I fear we may have lost this author and may never discover what happened to James and Squeegy.


  18. Adrian Jo Says:

    Tristan’s email address is still active. I received an email from him 3oth Oct 2011.

    Thanks for writing and thinking of me. I miss writing the story and the community we built around it.

  19. Jason Says:

    So sorry to see the website is down, I hope you will bring it back soon. I read “A Rentboy Named…” over a year ago, up to chapter 170, and I loved it! I wanted to read it again, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Please bring it back, or e-mail it to me. Thanks!

  20. Branden Says:

    Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, very great post.

  21. lauklin Says:

    Lost to the insanity. I’ll never forget the freedom of being an RB.

  22. codyboarder Says:

    ola T-fans,

    just an fyi that you can now once again read A Rent-Boy named up to Chpt 159 (I believe) at
    I don’t know what that means as far as Tristan writing more chapters, or continuing the story there, or at another site (I haven’t heard back from him in a while), but at least it’s something! as all of you, I only hope for the best, and hope he begins writing again!
    be well all!

    peAce~0ut, cody!

    • Ricky Says:

      are you putting him in danger by posting them?

      • codyboarder Says:

        hi Ricky,
        I wouldn’t think so, as it is already advertised on other sites (gay authors page and others as well). and besides, it does not appear to be his site, but a “web archive” site. However, if you or others are sure this will negatively affect him, (or Tristan himself asks me to), I’ll gladly remove it. Please keep in touch if you hear anything Ricky….lol!

  23. lauklin Says:


    Thanks for that link, I went back and read the discussion pages, I really miss the gang. I’ll read the story again, you never know what little parts I may have missed.

    Take care

  24. Rip Says:

    Latest Communication from Tristan

    I had been helping Tristan edit the RB story over a two-year period. I had hoped by helping him by taking one thing off his plate, he’d be free to write a little more undeterred. And then the whole fiasco happened that forced him to close down his blog. Religious zealots I believe.

    He emailed all of the RB files to me in their updated format for safe keeping. I don’t think anyone has seen the full improved version yet.
    I’d re-post them myself, but I’m not interested in opening and maintaining a blog site since I’m not that technically inclined.

    Tristan sent an email to me in Sept. 2013 and I have not heard from him since. Here’s an excerpt from of it. I trust he won’t mind my sharing this with his readers — the people who care. I hope everyone prays for him because I really don’t know what else to do. He remains in my thoughts as I too have been going through a rough patch of my own.


    You’ve been a great help through times tougher than I’ve let on. I’m sick and have been for nearly a year. I have chronic depression and fibromyalgia. I’m in pain 24/7 and I’m living on 3 hours sleep on a good night. I’m weary and tired of fighting. I’m out of money and instead of waiting to be evicted I’m going to shed belongings, put my life in my pocket and head out for who knows where.

    As far as RB is concerned I’m going to attach a file. This file should contain RB through chapter 170 with editing/rewriting done through 142. I like the edited version so much better. I think it has better rhythm and empathy. Since I may have to go underground for a while I want you to have it for safe keeping in case I lose stuff into the great void. So I’ll feel good knowing you have a copy of the real deal.

    I do hope things get better for you.


    • rickythewriter Says:

      Thanks for that Rip. I would have been happier to receive it in September as I would offer to assist him in any way I could. I would dearly love to see the edited version. And it sounds as if there is one additional chapter as I have only 169.
      I don’t believe in prayer as that would require a belief in God. But I’ll hold good thoughts for him and hope that he finds peace and life.

    • rickythewriter Says:

      Rip if you could email me I would appreciate it.
      mytrickybits2 (at) gmail dot com

  25. Rip Says:

    I have started loading the edited chapters of Rent Boy. It is being renamed “The Boys of Sunset” (as Tristan and I had discussed) to prevent any repeat nastiness from people who have nothing better to do than attack others. Enough said. Before he disappeared Tristan was in poor health making writing difficult. But he felt a responsibility to please all of the people asking about the next chapter each time and he was trying very hard to keep it up. In any event, people can go to

    to get reaquainted with the story. I will continue to load new chapters as time permits. This will culminate in the first ever posting of Chapter 170 (the missing chapter).

    Thanks to everyone for their continued support. I’m sure it means a lot to Tristan, wherever he may be.


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