“Journey of Love!”

Hi readers, and a good day or night to you all. I recently spoke to my “inspiration” as a writer. He wrote the “first coming of age” story that made an impact on me at an early age (I believe I was 12), and therefore gave me the desire to pick up writing myself. I asked about adding a link to his site and story on my blog, and he was willing.  His name is simply, “The Journeyman”, and his story is titled “Journey of love!” The link to his story is http://www.deweywriter.com/ and if you look to the left under authors, look 9 or 10 down and click on “The Journeyman!” If your looking for a quality “coming of age” story to read while waiting for me or tristian to add a new chapter, then this is what I suggest. It may give you an idea how I came to be. If you like the story you are more than welcome to contact him at thejourneyman200@yahoo.com. Thanks and be well. Cody!boy-cat-traveling


13 Responses to ““Journey of Love!””

  1. bigct Says:

    I read that whole story. I even cried at the end, though I knew in my heart how it would. Who else could his lover be.

    That was beautiful man, next time you are chatting to the author, tell him I said so.


    • bigct Says:

      Just thought that I would also mentioned as I got about halfway through that last chapter, “In my life” by the Beatles came out of my playlist. If you don’t know it, then I suggest you listen to it, There really was no more appropriate track for that ending.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hey big,

      you’re welcome to write him a note @ thejourneyman200@yahoo.com and let him know how the story made you feel. he’d probably love the fact ppl are interested in it again. i think he wrote it quite a while ago. be well.


  2. codyboarder Says:

    he said he’s “dabbled” w/ a few stories, but never posted anything after Journey of Love. I can kinda see that. how do you follow up the Mona Lisa? ttys.


  3. bigct Says:

    It was still good, though it ended a little abruptly.

    By the way I have started my own story and I would be interested to hear your opinion, if you wouldn’t mind.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hey big,

      send me a link, and i’ll check it out when im not writing or studying. thx.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hey ct,

      it took a while but i found it. you got the makings of a good story, and i like the characters. with that said, the only drawback, at least for me, was that, i didn’t feel any sorrow or sympathy for dale. not because i didn’t like the character, but because i didn’t know much about him. although he was mentioned in previous chapters, the first scene his father/uncle is talking to him in his room (i think the last chapter) he’s already crying and telling he’s gay. idk, i just think its better to warm-up to the characters and get a feel for them before they get real serious and out themselves. but i hope you continue it, cause i’ll keep following it along. thx.


      • bigct Says:

        I looked over it again, and you are kinda right. The story is not focused solely on the boys, it is really the uncle’s story. But I have made a commitment to to the boys as well, they will get a little more fleshed out later on, but I have gone back and made a few revisions.

        Good advice mate cheers.


    • codyboarder Says:

      thats kool ct,

      make the kids as interesting as possible so that the readers understand who they are and why they do what they do. i’ll keep following it, and i put a link on my site. ttys.


  4. Mike Says:

    I just finished last night…or this morning I should say. I have to agree with CT, the song is perfect for the ending. I connected so well with the author and his characters.

    I was scared when Justin got hit with the ball. I was happy when they ended their fight. I cried when Danny moved (I just felt terrible). I worried when Justin took off (I wasn’t sure he was going to make it)! But I was thrilled with the ending!!!

    I think I felt in my heart that they would end up together as well, but you never know for sure. But as CT said, who else could it be??

    I will be sending an email to the author as well.


  5. codyboarder Says:

    thx mike,

    im sure he’d love to hear from you. his name is TJ (for the jorurneyman i presume). take care and be well.


  6. lonelyheart Says:

    wonderful story. My song for the last chapter was ”i would walk 500 miles”. Greatread anyhow.

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