Twinergy’s Milestone as Chapter 100 Debuts!

***This One Hundredth Chapter is dedicated to all you readers who have stuck by me and “Twinergy” through thick and thin. Through all the distractions I’ve had, whether it be assignments/projects, or even family issues, and the rare opportunities I have taken just to be lazy and go to the pool or lake every now and again. There will be much more to come. And while some of the lingering questions, like about Sasha, or Mr. Weiners gift to Nika, may be answered? I assure each and every one of you that many others will take their place.

What’s more, there will be more story arcs to come, some happy and some not so much. But that’s what this story is meant to do, bring a feeling of emotions from one spectrum, all the way across the landscape to another.

And as far as all the “Cliffhangers” that some of you constantly remind me of? Well, it’s not planned, just a result of shorter chapters. I spoke to my friend Tristan when I began this blog, and we discussed the correct format for readers enjoyment. He had started his blog about a year and a half earlier, and decided on short chapters to keep the readers attention.

Whereas “Twinergy” was started on another “story” website, and my chapters were posted there by an “archivist” along with many others. And my chapters were four or five times longer than the chapters on this blog are. So there were in fact, almost, mini-stories that played out and were “resolved” by the end of the (very long) chapters. Thus eliminating the “Cliffhangers!”

But, after discussing it with Tristan, after I decided to create my own blog (Twinergy). I had to “break-up” the original 12 chapters into 44 smaller (and current) chapters (now 100 chapters)…..which leads to the cliffhangers. Because the ending for that story arc is not concluded like it is in the older, longer chapter format.

When this was done at the beginning of this blog (only about six months ago), I asked the readers if they wanted me to go back to the longggg chapter format, and post less often? Or stick with the shorter chapter format and post much more often? It was overwhelmingly decided by the readers to go with shorter chapters more often. And that they were happy to deal with the dreaded “Cliffhangers” that come along with the shorter chapters, because the story arc isn’t being completed in one giant chapter.

So I hope that explains what’s happening with the cliffhangers, and that I’m not a sadist, or tease. And that all you readers are Ok with it, and I haven’t lost any of you.

Thank you again for your friendship and support. And here’s looking forward to the next six months, and many, many more beyond that!

peAce, ~cody!

Sasha & Nika!

Tanner, Reiley, Nika, & Sasha (end, leaning over the post)!

45 Responses to “Twinergy’s Milestone as Chapter 100 Debuts!”

  1. St Kilda Says:

    I know it’s selfish, but I’m delighted to hear there will be some new ‘Twinergy’ soon now that ‘real life’ (whatever that is, LOL!) is back on track. I’ve found a few stories to follow online, but yours is always the one I check for updates first.

    Best wishes

  2. Raron Says:

    Cody its ok school work always comes first and you need to have time away as well 🙂 we will wait as we have been theres no point doing it when your swamped coz that would just burn you out and we wouldnt want that :S cant wait for the next chapters i know they will be great 🙂

  3. Anthony Says:

    Hey Cody, hope you are well. I know school has been getting increasingly hard for me as well. Although it is great to read and love your story, you definitely deserve some time off. Too bad it couldn’t have been spent doing more exciting activities.

    If I weren’t as busy on a constant basis as I am now, I would offer to be an editor, although I have no prior experience other than the occasional proofreading in English classes. But, if you can’t find one, you can keep me in mind. You already have a means of contact, so you can hit me up if you need to.

    Can’t wait for future chapters.

    -An Avid Reader Anthony

    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks anthony,

      i really apporeciate the gesture, and i know it’s heartfelt, just like all ur messages. we’ll see what i come up with, and how it goes.

      ttys, ~cody!

  4. Stef Says:

    Cody – I’d be lying if I didn’t say you were greatly missed – but you have a life that you need to live. I’m just very greatful that you take the time you do to share this wonderful story with us.
    To say that I am excited about up comming chapters would be a bit of an understatement.
    Kindest Regards Stef

  5. Rhyn Says:

    Cody, welcome back! I know exactly what it’s like, being so busy you don’t know what end is up. I’m glad to hear you got through it, and as Stef said, you’ve been greatly missed. I’ve been an avid reader of Twinergy for quite a while (as I’m sure you can tell by the comments I’ve left), and I must say I’m really looking forward to it continuing!

    I’m also not far from the SF Bay area, and am there regularly. It’s a beautiful place (though not nearly as beautiful as your lake is), but you have to take it in strides. Anyway, I’m really delighted to hear you’re writing again, and I wish you well, always. Take care!

    Love, always!

  6. stickypants Says:

    Glad to hear more Twinergy is on the way! I just started my spring break and am taking a wonderful break from anything even remotely resembling school. Maybe I’ll hammer out a chapter or two…

    As far as editors, I could do it. I don’t have any “formal” experience, but everyone has always said I am a great writer. Do I agree with them? No, but that’s besides the point. I hate everything I do anyways, not just writing. Let me know if you’re interested, you may still have my email, or just swing by my site and drop a line. Either way I can’t wait for more!


    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks a bunch kev,

      i appreciate ur offer, and don’t sell urself short on ur writting, as i’ve been checking/swinging by regularly for chapter six. and YES, i too am looking forward to a break from anything that resembles school. ttys.


  7. A Says:

    Sounds good! Been missing it! 🙂

    I study English and communication at university, so I could help you with the editing if you want 🙂

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey A,

      i may take u up on that at some point, but it may be more than u want to bite off. all 87 chapters will need to be picked apart for any mistakes, and corrected so that there’s no mistakes. but i’ve put that on the back-burner for now so i can focus on some new chapters, so the kids can get home. i’ll keep in touch.

      thanks again, ~cody!

      • A Says:

        If you have it as an “original” word document or such – everything compiled? Then you can just send it and I’ll look at as I get the time for it 😉 It might take a few weeks, but I don’t mind having a “pet project” to go through 🙂

    • Zack Says:

      I’m also studying english at university, maybe we could spit up the chapters between us. That way it’s not such a big task.

      • codyboarder Says:

        hi zack,
        and thanks. somehow i missed ur comment, and just now found it. when the tinme comes, i may send u an e-mail and take u up on that. all my best.


  8. andrew Says:

    Awesome Cody! Grat to hear there’s more on the way. I’ve searched all over the web, and none of the stories I’ve found even compare to yours. Thanks for the story, can’t wait for more!

  9. brandon Says:

    Thanks for the update cody! can’t wait to read more.

  10. женя Says:

    i am very waiting

  11. Doug Says:

    Patiently waiting and wishing you the best with your school work.

  12. xLFMFx Says:

    sweet! I can’t wait for more Twinergy! I know how much school sucks, we just finished research papers. But Spring Break is onit’s way!

  13. stickypants Says:

    Don’t worry Cody, family comes first and we all understand. If we get a new chapter or two soon, great. But if not, we won’t die. Take care of yourself and your family. I hope everything is ok.


  14. Stef Says:

    Cody thanks for the update – just hope you and the family are ok.
    Good things are always worth waiting for.
    Regards Stef

  15. Rhyn Says:

    Keep plugging away, Cody, you’re an inspiration for getting through it. You’ve got all our support I’m sure, especially mine…


    Love, always!

  16. St Kilda Says:

    I’ll be here patiently waiting when circumstances allow you to resume, and I’m sure all your other readers would say the same. I hope everything works out for you and your family as you would wish.

    Best wishes

  17. bigct Says:

    Hey chap it’s all good, just when you can is fine with me. Still hope I catch up though… hahahaha!! In all seriousness…, family comes first.

    Hope to see you soon…


  18. Raron Says:

    I hope that the issues get sorted out and everything is ok. like the others have said family comes first. also waiting that extra bit longer will make it seem even more special when we do get to read it. no rush we arent going anywhere this story it too good to leave.

  19. stickypants Says:

    YAY! I knew it would happen someday soon. I hope this means everything with your family worked out ok? I’m looking forward to reading new Twinergy! If you don’t mind, I’d like to advertize for my new, non-story, blog. It’s at:
    Hopefully you’ll get a free minute to check it out.

    Hope you’re well,


  20. Stef Says:

    Now I’m excited Cody – it’s gunna be so nice to have you back.
    Hope your family and you are all well.
    Regards Stef

  21. bigct Says:

    That’s great news chap! Guess I didn’t get that chance to catch up after all…, but really, it’s all good… hahahaha.

    Hope everything worked in your favour mate.


  22. Keen Says:

    Hey cody.

    I just want to say that since I started reading your story yesterday I haven’t been able to stop. It’s impossible to break away from it and seeing as I’m only on chapter 8, (just had the coming out boat trip) I’m so glad that ive still got 82 more chapters to go! It’s the story I’ve always wanted to read and to write and I just wanna say thank you cause it’s helping me right now to understand, in greater deapth, what’s happening in my own life. Still deeply jealous of Nika though! Much love,
    Keen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.S, The first nightmare of Cody and Nika in the treehouse made me cry. 😀 Awesome writing! x

  23. George Says:

    Cody: Chap. 91 was awesome. Anxously awaiting more chapters.

    Your Friend Always: George

  24. Rhys Says:

    Hey Cody,

    Firstly i just wanted to say that i think this is a great story. The details, storyline and everything in between is perfect. I only just stumbled upon this site and am glad i did. I read all 101 chapters in two days. I honestly can not wait until you update. BTW any idea how long that will be?

    Now I have some questions that have been bugging me since i finished…please don’t feel obliged to answer them if you don’t want to:

    1. Is this story real?
    2. Are you the Cody in the story?
    3. Are the pictures you posted of Nika, Sasha etc actually them?

    thanks again for writing such an enthralling novel. Keep it coming i can@t wait for the next update. Contact me by Email if need be. Thanks once again Cody.


  25. byron Says:

    hey ugh cody can u email me i got a question @

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