Sash & Tanner come to an understanding!!!




10 Responses to “Sash & Tanner come to an understanding!!!”

  1. A Says:

    If you get any kind of answer, please share. I’m worried too.

    And feel free to share those pics with me? 😛 you got the e-mail 😉

  2. Anthoyn Says:

    His blog went down a few days ago and nobody, nobody, nobody knows where he went. Several others who have previously been able to reach him regardless of his blog being up have been unable to get to him at all. We’re all just hoping he’s ok and nothing too bad happened to him.

    As a side note, would you be able to share some more of those pictures? It’d be nice to know how the trip went. I think you still have my email, but if not I can get it to you.

    -An Avid Reader Anthony

  3. Anthony Says:

    Well… There’s some information….. And I don’t like it…

    Another blogger named Gabe made a post earlier today which has some… interesting information about “JJ”.

    Have a look if it helps:

    Just remember: Don’t shoot the messenger.

    -An Avid Reader Anthony

  4. G-STAR Says:

    comment was deleted some hours later but i did catch it

  5. G-STAR Says:

    it`s all there at paul`s place blog I believe the fact JJ made it all up including
    the name his real names Richard the whole thing is his own little fantasy .

  6. A Says:

    Oh well – I get why he did it and I forgive him. I hope he will be ok.

    – if you read here JJ: You are still a good guy, I hope you will have a good life. If you want I will still be happy to hear from you and talk with you 🙂 and I would believe you.

  7. Rob Says:

    damn lol that looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I like to see pics like this. It helps me to get to know you better.

  8. PTB Says:

    If I ever remake The Partridge Family the kid in the last pic is being cast in the Danny role.

  9. Rob Says:

    The new pics are beautiful. I honostly have never seen such a sight.

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