Thursday June 9th. I am still perturbed about the whole Tristan thing over at Rent-boy. I was close to considering calling Twinergy quits as a sort of protest. But in the end I cannot punish my readers for others doings!

Ola Readers,

Due to some free time, making some adjustments to my school routine, and spring and summer coming on, I’ve been able to post several more Chapters of Twinergy in the last five or so days. Even have a few being edited as I write this, so several more beyond what has already been posted should appear in the coming week.  I haven’t had much feedback lately, so I don’t have a very accurate feel of the readers views on the storyline as to where it is heading, along with any other concerns or suggestions. That may be my fault due to the unorthodox way in which I post Chapters in bunches, then quiet periods where there’s no activity. But if you have any suggestions, concerns, or notice any errors, then please post a comment, or shoot me an e-mail! And again, thank you all for your patience. With Summer just around the corner, things will pick up at that point also. Thanks again, and be well.

peAce~0ut, cody!

The Nika-nator!


The CPS 3000!

Nika walking the plank!

Nika bushwhacked yet again after “walking the plank!”

Blake congratulates a victorious Nika after the ambush!


33 Responses to “Thursday June 9th. I am still perturbed about the whole Tristan thing over at Rent-boy. I was close to considering calling Twinergy quits as a sort of protest. But in the end I cannot punish my readers for others doings!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey Cody, thanks for the update, good luck with with your last semester of high school. It’s a tough one but goes by in a flash.

  2. loki Says:

    thank you cody for all your hard work. i love the story. but take as much time as you need for your studies.

  3. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    Much as I and many others love ‘Twinergy’, real life has to take precedence, education especially. I hope all your hard work pays off for you. As ever, I’ll be here, waiting patiently for chapter 115.

    Best wishes

  4. stickypants Says:

    Hey Cody.

    School, life in general, as much as I hate to admit it, is more important than Twinergy. You need to focus on the things that matter. We’ll all be here waiting. I know the second a new chapter drops, even if it’s 5 years from now, I’m dropping whatever I’m doing and reading it. So take your time, get done what needs doing, and enjoy life. You only live once.

    Hope you’re well!



  5. D Says:

    Nice to hear that, I swallowed the whole 114 chapters like Blake devours bacon. And DO WANT more, like everyone around here, but school is school (you’ve got amazing style for a young man of that age, kudos follow).

    Although I have quite serious remark: Google Translator is TOTALLY NO GOOD when it comes to spoken Russian and Russian idioms. Being native Russian and even philologist to a certain extent, I have the right to speak so 😉

    I suggest my help correcting Mom’s words in chapter 114 from GooTran-ish to proper Russian, and I sincerely offer my assistance for your further writing, if there is ever something about Russian language or Russian… and about Japan and China it will work too if someone Japanese or Chinese appears in the story, as I’m quite knowledgeable in that matters too.
    Drop me a line or two by email, if you see my email address.

    And, by the way… “weather” (weather) and “whether” (if) are different words 😉

    • codyboarder Says:

      much appreciated ignate,

      it was yahoo-babblefish i used to translate nadia saying, “Oh my God! What have you boys done to my kitchen? This room is a wreck, and there is glass and food everywhere. I’m not able to leave any of you little crazy people for just a few days without you destroying my house. I’m tempted to line all of you boys up for a whipping!” it wasn’t google translator. but i have made the corrections you included in your e-mail, and sent you a reply as well. i’ll consult you in Moscow whenever Russian pops-up in the story in any and all future chapters. again, thank you!

      peAce, ~cody!

  6. A Says:

    I am happy to hear that you are well 🙂

    Just take the time you need to get the school thing going for you 😉 We can probably wait for the chapters, long as we know you are safe and well!

    (and comment on the last comment – I have told you about whether and weather!! 😛 oh, and if you should ever need a scandinavian language in your story, I can probably help 😉 )

  7. jeff Says:

    Hey Cody-
    I’m glad you’re ok, bro. Did kinda worry a bit. Hope life is great for you and Chandler is letting you get some studying done. Good luck in school. And no hurry. We care about you and want you to do well. We will all be here when you post again.

    BTW, if you need any help with any language at all, I will be thoroughly useless and a complete and utter waste of time as I can barely speak english. But hukt on fonix wurkt for me…

    peace and love – jeff

  8. Stef Says:

    Like the others I feel this story is well worth the wait while you sort out important real life issues – just glad you are ok and it is nice to hear from you.
    Take care

  9. Nick Says:

    Hey there Cody,

    Like you I am a senior in high school and just starting out my passion for writing. Though I love to write, My story is written as it comes to me, there for not the best especially when high school life is hell.

    I was wondering if you and I could keep in touch and bounce ideas off each other? It would help me a lot in the creation of my story.


  10. Kevin Says:

    Awesome! I’ll have to start reading once I get back in town. Hopefully I’ll have a plethora of chapters to read!

    Hope you’re well!



  11. Гарик Says:

    я начал читать это на участке “Nifty”, и сегодня решил исследовать этот блог.

    как удивленный я должен был найти, что главы пронумеровали по-другому – но что я был пока позади в истории!

    однако, теперь я прочитал все, я должен ждать, чтобы прочитать следующее.

    спасибо за Вашу тяжелую работу и усилие

  12. Mike Says:

    Hey Cody…it’s been a while since I have posted any feedback, but I assure you I have been keeping up with the story. I think you are on the right track with the current story line…I know that I have been waiting for you to explore Sasha further as a character. And of course, we are all still wanting to find out about the “twins” to see what happens. I, like many others, worry about what may happen to Sasha…but it sure keeps us involved in the story.

    Also, in the entire shower scene…it was nice to see you push into the relationship between Nika and Sasha….I feel like we (the readers) haven’t seen the way Sasha has reacted all the way back to when Nika “came out.” I mean, we know he is accepting, but we having really seen the intimate relationship between the two grow.

    Anyway, you are doing a great job, especially since you are heading towards graduation. I remember the time flying by quicker than I could possibly imagine. Life just has a way of speeding up when you wish it could slow down.


  13. Alec Says:

    Its nice to see that the boys have gotten their long deserved summer fun after going through what they have. I’m excited and on the edge of my seat waiting for you to explore the open ends in the conflict with sasha’s doctor visit as well as the twins situation. I’m also wondering where you will take Tanner, will he be coming out to the group or what? I’m interested, consider my curiosity piqued. As much fun as they are having I can sense that there’s going to be som drama coming up because no story sets up conflicts just to resolve them by saying “you’re fine, run along.” there has to be a problem, that’s what keeps the readers coming.

    I’ve read many a story, Nifty or not, and this is by far the BEST story I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the amazing work Cody.

    Great wishes,

  14. joel Says:

    hey cody
    Love your story… H0pe you still have m0re to share…
    Thanks again
    Joel, fr0m philippines

  15. Doug Says:

    I could not find “Please see below on the link to his story and the picture of Sunny Jim for an explanation!”

    • codyboarder Says:

      just scroll down on my site doug till you see “Please Visit: A Rent-Boy Named…” By Tristan Strangebrew! Website closed!” and read what’s under that! and there’s a cartoon picture of a freckle faced boy!


  16. Benjamin Says:

    This is totaly one of my favorite stories. I havent read the new chapters yet but i am in about ten seconds, and seriously cant wait. so I have to go now and read. Keep it up !

  17. Seth Says:

    Cody,just saw you’re post in regards to Twinergy.Unfortunately i don’t know the whole situation regarding Tristien,and i never read his story before.But i knew a large majority of people who have,and they liked it.Whatever decision you make in regards to this story,i respect and will stand by it with you.I commend you for having Tristien’s back like that.

  18. Kevin Says:

    Hey Cody.

    Like Seth, I admire you for wanting to stand up for Tristan so much. What is happening to him is unfair, and I would border it on unconstitutional, what with the whole freedom of speech thing. But then you have to look at the fact that the people saying those bad things, have freedom of speech too. All in all, it just sucks. I am glad you decided to keep Twinergy going. It’s always the highlight of my day to see a new chapter, especially lately. It provides a much needed escape from normal life for me, and I thank you from the very depths of my heart for it.

    Hopefully things with T will cool down soon, and maybe Rent Boy will come back. I’ve always tried to be an optimist 😛

    Hope you are doing well!



  19. Eric Says:

    Cody, I understand your frustration with the whole Rent Boy situation. It’s a crime that Tristien was forced to take it down, it was an incredible piece of writing. And I would always accept whatever decision you you decide to make regarding Twinergy. But losing two stories to those close minded bastards who harassed Tristien would be a bigger tragedy. Perhaps seeking Tristien’s opinion on this would be of some help to you in deciding what to do. I’ll be behind you no atter what. All my best, Eric

  20. Mike Says:

    I would certainly hope that you will keep the story going…to me, taking it down is what they would want. I am all for being a stick in the ass…but at the same time, you as a writer, do not deserve to be harassed over your story. You have a right to express yourself, and you are not hurting anyone. Perhaps a members only type situation may be necessary? Then you can invite who you want to the story and allow people to contact you if they want to follow your blog? I know you still post on Nifty, so anyone can access the story, but readers who are dedicated to reading your story and knowing you as a writer can join….we are here to provide you with companionship…and I would hate for that to disappear.

    I sincerly hope that Tristan finds a way to solve this issue…his story is amazing. He has a true gift for writing and that shouldn’t be denied. I sent him an email even though I don’t comment a lot on his story, and when he replied, he seemed truly grateful to all those that have shown their support. Personally, I can’t imagine having my creative outlet taken away from me.

    All the best to you and the fellow readers,


  21. Dean Says:

    Please don’t pull this story! Although I rarely comment, I absolutely love this story and would be very sad to lose it! Thank you so much for the hard work you have put into this. You are loved for it x 🙂

  22. Mike Says:


    Hope you had an awesome 4th of July!! Still waiting on new chapters, but the real hope is that you didn’t decide to pull the story…keeping me in suspense here since we haven’t heard from you in a while.

  23. Steve Says:


    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald just came on my ipod and I immediately though of you and Twinergy. Can’t wait for new chapters.


  24. Nicthalon Says:

    Just thought I’d mention that I have compiled all 169 Chapters of A Rent Boy Named into Word .docx, HTML, .rtf and Kindle .mobi formats. If anyone would like to read it and don’t want to mess with 169 text files, drop me an email at

  25. Andy W Says:

    Hey all (esp Cody),

    Just wanted to say I know someone who has had an e-mail from T. regarding A Rent Boy Named. He is apparently planning to bring it back, he is just looking for somewhere to post to.

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