Twinergy luvs everyone!

Hi everyone,

And thanks for everything,  and I really really mean that! But I have to say that as much as we are a writing community, I cannot keep writing Twinergy at the pace I have been, and that all the readers/fans have come to expect. And it’s not because I don’t want to? I never thought of Twinergy as a sex story, but only a “luv” or “friendship” story, and that’s how I’ll always see it. I have school now to deal with which I have to put first, so I’ll just try and do what I need to do at school and move forward. I regret when I cannot do what brings me happiness at my leisure (which I’ve become accustomed to doing), but I have to focus on my education first. I hope someday that I can continue what I luv at a quicker pace, and put into detail the next one hundred or so chapters that I already have in my brain.  I’ll be at my campus in Berkeley on weekdays, and mostly at home at the lake on the weekends, so keep saying hi if you’d like. Thanks for everything up till now, and I will finish the story as I can! Miss you all!


Sasha-nator (not resting) stalking Reiley b4 town-trip 4 dinner!

29 Responses to “Twinergy luvs everyone!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Good luck to you, Cody. Concentrate on your education now, you have all the rest of your life to pursue your writing ambitions. Your fans will still be around when you can resume the story later on.

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi brian,

      and thank you. but several things have occured over the last couple weeks. first is that i’ve had increadible support from you readers that is mind-boggling. then there is the fact that i quit caring about what mean people say. followed that writing is just in my blood and makes me happy. and lastly, is that i’ve started to get a handle on the transition between H.S. and University, and things are getting more and more managable, and i’m finding more free time to do what I luv, as things get easier. anyway, thank you soo much for your support, and I began posting the first (chpt 127) of many new chapters last nite. be well and ttyl!

      peAce~0ut, cody!

  2. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    Very, very sad news, but fully understandable. ‘Twinergy’ has been not only one of my favourite online stories, but a big part of the reason I got into blogging, and back into writing fiction again, after a gap stretching into decades.
    I hope you can find a way to overcome the bigotry and hatred, and resume the story someday, but, if not, thank you for all your efforts in writing and publishing such a wonderful story, and wish you all you would wish for yourself in your ‘real world’ life.

    Love & best wishes

    • codyboarder Says:

      love and best wishes to you too ian,

      and thanks to you and many other readers, and your heart-felt sentiments, i have begun penning new chapters of twinergy…the first being postedd last nite, with many more to come! be well and ttys!


  3. Bill Says:

    Cody — Please know that I would like to give you a strong word of encouragement and support. In terms of the apparent site attack, nothing lasts forever. Hoping you’ll have the opportunity you’re looking for to continue the story. Best wishes!

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi bill,

      and thank you. but due to my readers response, me getting fed-up of ill-tempered people, and finding more time as i begin to transistion at school better, i have begun writing and posting new chapters, begining yesterday. thanks for your support!

      peAce, `cody!

  4. Nicthalon Says:

    You can always move to another site. For instance, hosts authors with characters the same age or younger than yours, like Comicality, a VERY prolific author with over a dozen stories in progress and over 2000 pages written.
    Prove to the haters that you’re bigger than them and move to a site with the resources to prevent this shit from happening. Do not give them the victory by giving up and walking away.

  5. Andy W Says:

    Don’t let the haters get you down. Twinergy is a great story and I for one will wait forever if I have to for the next chapter.
    Good luck with your studies, God speed.
    love from a big Twinergy fan.

  6. Just A Friend Says:

    I am going to miss your story a lot Cody. I really liked what you wrote a lot. I will write to you in e-mail sometimes if you want me too. Hugs Just A Friend

  7. vic Says:

    i am sorry and i will miss the story. you need to go and do what you need to do.


  8. Arnold Says:

    Sorry someone is messing with you…It was a great story and it was not a sex story…keep up with your schooling and just enjoy yourself….but hopfully you can continure the story someday

  9. Seth Says:

    I understand Cody 🙂

    As I stated before,whatever decision u feel is best I will support it bacause I know there is a method in whatever u decide. I just wish the “Powers That Be” would ease up and look at the bigger picture instead of being so judgemental.

    I love you Cody,and I wish u nothing but the best as u continue to pursue life. Keep your chin up,u have done nothing wrong and never let anybody make u feel like u have.

    • codyboarder Says:

      lol, and thanks seth,

      but my chins back up, as are new chapters. i guess im back in the saddle again, and feeling motivated, with more free time now that im adjusting and tranistioning to school. be well and ttys seth-ster!


  10. Steve Says:

    Hey Cody,

    It is very sad that the world can not get over petty, outdated beliefs and hate. I look forward to a day when you are able to continue to write your story freely, as is your consitutional right without being harassed. Best of luck in College, study hard, succeed. It’s the best way you can fight hate right now. When the day comes that you continue writing, I’ll be more than happy to help safeguard your site in whatever capacity I can. If you’re ever looking for someone just to talk to, or vent to, you have my email.

    Best Wishes,

    • Steve Says:

      P.S. I encourage you to continue writing the story when you have the chance, even if you don’t post it anywhere. You won’t have such a gap to try to fill when you do get back to really writing in ernest. Just a thought.

    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks for the encouragement steve,

      and i have begun to write and post again. drop me a line any time you’d like, as im making twinergy a priority again!

      peAce, ~cody!

  11. Ryan Says:

    This is horrible the second story I have invested my time and emotion in that has just quit. guess I’m done giving this unfinished story stuff a chance.

    • Seth Says:

      Be nice to Cody! Cody has “invested” his “time and emotion” In this story more than any of us! He is the one who wrote it! All 26 chapters! Don’t u think this backlash and impact is having the most effect on him? This story means alot to him so please be a little more considerate and alot less ungrateful!

    • St Kilda Says:

      This is one of the most selfish comments I’ve ever seen on any blog. Try investing your time and emotion in writing instead of moaning, and you might begin to understand.

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey ryan, seth, ian,

      no worries, and peAce above all. im writing again, so i hope you enjoy it and contine to follow twinergy. ttys.


  12. Chrizzledawg Says:

    Dudeeeee noooooo I personally love this story and think it is prob one of the best stories ive ever read it has inspired me in so many different ways. It has inspired me to write my own story (tales of the circle) please dont let the haters bother u haters gona hate

    • codyboarder Says:

      thx c-dawg,

      and i began posting again yesterday, so just enjoy, and keep writing yourself. the best thing a writer can ever hear, is when someone else takes up writing because of you, just like i did with journey-man and journey of love! be well and ttyl!


  13. Jeff Says:

    I stumbled on Twinergy about a month ago, I was entranced by a truly touching story of coming of age and exploring the angst I felt at that age. I will miss the story if you choose not to finish it. I hope you keep posting.

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