Chapter 141 is up & Chapter 142 will premier this weekend!

Hi everyone,

The much anticipated Chapter 131 is up (as is Chpt’s 136 & 137 at this post time). I am feeling revived as is Twinergy, after a refreshing Summer.  I have come home for the summer beginning in June, with the intention of continuing with Twinergy, and kyking it with the Posse and having an epic summer of fun. Unfortunately, the latter took the reins, and except for some notes and partial Chapters, Twinergy got sidetracked. Although I do feel renewed and full of life again, soo new Chapters are on the way within the week! I regret if I let anyone down, and took to long a break, but I did foreshadow this in the previous posts that this past acclimation year would be lean, and that Twinergy would pick up again later. Thank you for all of you out there that still have an interest, and decide to pick up where we left off. And for any who may be disillusioned, I can only say that when I do actually have the time, and start to pen new chapters, I only, and always give it my best. As I never cut corners when it comes to Twinergy and the good times and lives that it represents (including my own)! So please sit back, be patient, and a big dose of Twinergy is on the horizon! 

With much Luv,


simply sasha!

11 Responses to “Chapter 141 is up & Chapter 142 will premier this weekend!”

  1. Ricky Says:

    Something this good is worth the wait. Welcome back

  2. Seth Says:

    Well I must say I was a little nervous about not seeing twinergy ever again so when I saw this update I was like ^_^ haha

    Oh and welcome back Cody, hope all has been well with u!

  3. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    Wonderful news – your revivifying summer, and the resumption of ‘Twinergy’. Something to really look forward to!

    Best wishes

  4. vic Says:

    good to hear/ i missed seeing the story.

  5. Will Says:

    Hi Cody
    Hope you enjoyed you time off, we miss you and the boys, looking forward to your next chapter. Will

  6. Davey Says:

    Good to see you’re back! Glad to hear all is good with you. Looking forward to new chapters.

  7. Robert Johnson Says:

    Great to see you back  


  8. Kevin Says:

    Yay! I’m so happy right now! Thanks Cody!



  9. codyboarder Says:

    @ Kevin, Robert, Davey, Will, Vic, Seth,

    thx a lot you guys. it’s good to be back and have time to do what i luv again…..write!

    peAce~0ut, cody!

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