Hurray “A Rent-Boy Named…” Readers, some good news finaly!!!

Ola Tristan fans,

Just an fyi that you can now once again read A Rent-Boy named…” up to Chpt 159 (I believe) at:

I don’t know what that means as far as Tristan writing more chapters, or continuing the story there, or at another site (I haven’t heard back from him in a while), but at least it’s something! as all of you, I only hope for the best, and hope he begins writing again… well all!

peAce~0ut, cody!

10 Responses to “Hurray “A Rent-Boy Named…” Readers, some good news finaly!!!”

  1. tim Says:

    Hi Cody,
    I’m just glad to hear u and Tristan r doing good. As far as u go, just keep ur studies up and take care of ur family before u worry about us. I would think u would forget about us or ur story that I know is ur true love and calling.

    AFA Tim

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi tim,

      I will never forget about Twinergy (my life), or any of you readers who have supported me and followed this story these last few years. I’ve come to think of all you readers out there as friends rather than readers. All the e-mails and words of encouragement have helped get me thru some rocky times over the last few years. And it’s always nice to hear from you. be well and ttys!

      peAce, ~cody!

  2. Doug Says:

    Good News, I hope he is planning on continuing his addictive and compelling story, Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Rob Toner Says:

    Codie, Nice to see more Twinergy keep ’em coming!!     RT


  4. navyoneusa Says:

    We need more of “A Rent-Boy Named…”

  5. Mark Says:

    Sir ive been reading this story fr years now, i would like to know why cant i read chapter 167-169, im so sad when im about to open the page it says the page got deleted i font know why, Tristan im praying that you are ok, we are really hoping that you would continue writing the story, you really touch us a lot, with this story, i really miss the boys in sunset specially squeggy, this story is part of my life and im hoping that, you can continue the story for us,

  6. Ricky the Writer Says:

    I have all 169 chapter and have converted them from text to speech. The entire collection is 1.17 GB so a transfer through Skype or other recommended method would be in order if you are interested. I uploaded CH 30 where they met Ms Moon for anyone who would like to have a listen to see if it’s worthwhile. It’s a little under 11 meg in an mp3. Here’s the link. If you would like them all just email me at mytrickybits2 (at) gmail dot com and we can arrange to make it happen. Peace to Cody and Tristen. He’s so missed. Here’s the link to the sample mp3. It’s my sendspace account and is safe. I promise.

  7. G Says:

    Great news guys! T is back and so is Rentboy. Only it’s now called Boys of Sunset. T is bringing the new edited and improved chapters up a few at a time. So far it is the “improved” versions of the original chapters, but T has NEW chapters written and will post them as soon as he catches up re-posting the older ones.

    The only thing I would ask is that if you know of a friend who might enjoy this coming of age story, but who isn’t familiar with it, please try to turn them on to it & bring ’em over. The comments sections are just getting started and we need new readers to ooh and aah over the story, lol. And discover it for the first time all over again.

    For those of you who aren’t fans yet, this is the story of young teenage rentboys on the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in 1969. It is not a sex story per se, it is mostly a real story actually, written by one of the boys himself. It is “fictionalised” in a sense, but is not fiction. It is true to the era, and to the emotions and thoughts and experiences of the boys who were forced, through no fault of their own, to live this life. Thrown away by parents and abandoned by circumstances beyond their control, they live day to day on or near a notoriously wild street, with only each other for any sense of normalcy or protection.

    This is the story of James and Squeegy, of Donnie, Steve, Crazy Mike and others, many, many others…colorful characters written by a masterful storyteller who lived this life, and treats it with respect.

    So come over to the new RB site, “Boys of Sunset”…and if you can, bring a friend. And if you feel like it, join us in the comments afterwards.

    • codyboarder Says:

      Thanks G,

      T.S sent me an e-mail a while back with the good news. I have added a post
      with the link to the story to help generate some traffic. I hope life is
      treating you well, and good to hear from you as always!

      be well, ~cody!

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