3001: FAQ about the story!



Under Construction!

9 Responses to “3001: FAQ about the story!”

  1. Alec Says:

    How much of this story is real and are you the Cody in the story.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Still being constructed, eh Cody?

  3. kg6jay Says:

    Are you gonna get this page updated with an FAQ or is it just gonna sit here? I’d love to be able to get answers to some common questions here in one place 🙂

    • codyboarder Says:

      yes, eventually i will Wyatt,

      but having to update this story, twinergy on nifty, along with two new stories ive started that are spin-offs of Twinergy, Snow Bunny Benji, and Last Days at Fallen Leaf, along with school, and driving back and forth between campus and home on the weekends, it doesn’t leave much time. thanks, and i’ll try to get it done.


      • kg6jay Says:

        Awesome. I’m looking forward to reading your two new stories as well, hopefully tomorrow. Also, my apologies if my tone seemed harsh or demanding, that was not my intent.
        Good luck with school.

      • codyboarder Says:

        SuP Wyatt,

        i’m glad ur into reading my two new stories, but u don’t have to. i’m not sure what you mean about ur tone, but it’s OK if you were mad when you wrote me. just blow it off, i do. i know everyone sends stuff sometimes when there mad, so no worries.

        p.s. i have to go to bed now, its cold and wet, and i have class tomorrow, ttyl!

        peAce, ~cody!

      • kg6jay Says:

        Cody, who said anything about having to read them? I have sincerely enjoyed reading this series from you and I want more. You have a unique and wonderful style that I like, and I read your other two stories(what is posted so far) and am excited for them both to continue.
        I hope you got a warm and dry night of sleep in preparation for class today.

      • codyboarder Says:

        hey Wyatt,

        thanks about the two new stories. and yes, i did get enough sleep, but its been a tough week. but at least its the weekend again…..and massive snow!!! be well till we speak again!


  4. Greg Messina Says:

    Fallen Leaf? Sand Harbor? A Lake on the Ca/Nv border? This has got to be Lake $@#o*!

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