9004 Chapter 4 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”

We made our way another 75 yards down the street to the end of our cul-de-sac, and the last house on the street, mine. There it stood, a large 3 story wooden house/cabin right along the shoreline of the lake, that resembled a rocky mountain ski lodge more than the average cabin/home.

My dad is an architect, and he and my mom planned on having more than the three of us kids when they had moved here some 9 or 10 years ago. So they bought the biggest house on the biggest piece of lakeside property they could find. Then after a year or two of going over renovations, add-on designs, blueprints, and landscape designs, they finally agreed on what they wanted, so construction got under way. They sank a fortune into the project, and after all was said and done, it was featured in many magazines and even a cable television show.

Of course since they over spent on the project, by more than a million dollars, they’ve spent the ensuing years with noses to the grindstone to recoup their nest egg. Which by the way, kinda delayed their plans for more siblings. But not to worry, Sasha was more than enough most of the time, and Tasha was a handful as well. Besides, we had more cousins and friends hanging around on holidays and weekends than one would imagine, just the way mom an dad liked it.

So, it was a three story Mountain style ski lodge kinda a cross between what my dad grew up with in Austria, and what my mom remembers from her trips to Colorado, Montana, and Alaska. The best of both Europe and the United States. There were two guest houses, a pool house with showers, a sauna room, pool table, kitchen, and bar. That’s where our parents, and my friends parents usually congregated during the BBQ’s. Untill everyone ate, then they would leave for the main living room/bar area in the main lodge and leave the pool room to us kids to pee, snack, and hang out in the sauna.

For me, the steam was always too hot, so I preferred one of the two tile hot tubs connected to each end of the Olympic size pool in the back yard. It had a water-slide, diving board, and high dive. It also had a rocky cave type cavern with different color lights under the water so we could search for hidden treasure and other stupid things when we were younger. Now its just a chill place to make out, and I’m sure some other things my sister and her friends find it useful for. Its not uncommon for me, Cody, Blake, the twins and the rest of our posse to be utilizing the high dive and see and smell some weird smoke and laughter coming out of the caverns…..idiot dopers!

In addition to the pool, we have a caretakers and chauffeurs quarters/house that we use mostly for storage, since we have neither. And a nice stream running through the yard I trout fish from when I’m feeling down or need some alone time. There are 11 bedrooms in the main house, each with a bathroom, or shared (12 bathrooms in all), 2 living rooms, a family room, a main kitchen in the house. And a catering kitchen attached to the side of the house by the main grounds and lawn area. And of course the small kitchen in the pool room.

Then there’s the two dining rooms, one main one that’s large for crowds usually used on holidays, and the smaller family one for everyday use.

My room is on the top…the third floor. I have a view of the lake and our little street below, that I frequently survey with my telescope (yah, I know everything that goes on in our neighborhood, and what windows to look in at what times). Especially a spectacular view of the twins (Blakes brothers) bedroom and bathroom….haha! And I know exactly what time shower time is. And those two take their hygiene very serious, as I’ve blown out the front of more than a few pairs of underoo’s over the years watching them scrub each other clean (and there’s not a square inch they miss……SO HOT).

I’ve spent a lot of days and nights watching them shower or get involved in other activities behind the safety and privacy (or so they think) of their locked bathroom or bedroom doors. While I took care of business myself by jacking it and squirting over my balcony railing onto the plants below (my way of helping to fertilize the yard)!

Oh yah, I also have a balcony and a fireplace that I use almost every night. And my bathroom, that we share that separates my room from Sasha’s.

Well we made it back to the house and the caterers trucks were already there unloading the meat and serving trays for the BBQ. Mom catered the meat (prime rib and salmon this year) and hordevours for the party, plus all the drinks. The side dishes are all brought by the guests, giving it a more family/neighborhood feel as she says.

In any case, Cody walked with me past the caterers and front door, and I was kinda winded. That part about not sleeping last night was the truth. So I bypassed the stairs and pushed the button for the small wooden elevator that we had in the hall off the living room and entryway.

Cody said, “You must be tired Nika, you never use this thing.”

I replied, “I just need a nap for an hour or two and I’ll be fine. Its only 3:30 and people wont start showing up till 6:30 or 7:00pm.”

With that the doors opened to the elevator, and we walked in. Just then I heard some loud footsteps on the hardwood floor and my Mom blurt out, “Just a minute you two, we need to talk Nikita!”

Me and Cody looked at each other and I hit the button to close the door and start the ascent quickly. As the elevator made its way up, the caterer and the pool man approached my mom at the same time (perfect timing), as she looked at us rising in the elevator. She said “Not so fast, I spoke with Mrs Manchek (the nurse at school). And I’ll be up to talk with you as soon as I’m done down here,” and turned her attention to the two individuals in front of her. I know its not a big deal, but she is a good mom and will press me a little just to make sure I’m really ok. But being a kid, It’s instinct to put that stuff off as long a possible.

We made our way down the hall past a couple of guestrooms and up another half floor of stairs (me and Sasha have the last two rooms on the 3rd and a half floor), and into my room. I went immediately to my bathroom and splashed some water on my face and Cody threw my backpack next to my bed and opened my balcony doors for some fresh air. The room had been shut all day and smelt stuffy, like knotty pine. The mountain breeze blew through and felt great on my wet face.

I came out and sat on the bed, and Cody lifted one of my feet up and took off one of my Nike high tops, and then the other. He was smart enough to leave it at that and stay away from my wet damp socks that I had on all day…phewww! Then he helped me with my shirt and pants. He went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a LeBron James basketball jersey (not my fave, but was a Christmas gift), and helped me into them. He spent so many nights over at our house he knew were everything was. Then he mushed both hands into my hair and took a big sniff…..I don’t know why, but he always likes doing that. I was just about to lay down as he fluffed my pillow. Then he threw a small blanket over my legs and said, ” “I’ll see you in a couple hours fro-boy!”

I said,  “You can stay if you want, you’re coming right back in an hour or two anyway….right?”

He said “Yah, but your moms gonna be coming up to talk to you, and I wanna shower and get some clothes together since I’m spending the night. And my mom and dad will wanna ask about my last day of school today, and about what I think my grades will be.”

I said, “You get straight A’s, so why do they even ask?”

“That’s not true Nika, I have been known to get a B every couple years.”

We both laughed at that. Then I started to close my eyes but they opened up wide when I felt something wet on my cheek…..Cody’s lips? As best friends, we have been known to give each other a peck from time to time, but its always a surprise when it happens. And there’s been many wet dreams staining more than a few pair of my underwear and sheets where his wet kisses didn’t stop at my lips.

But just before he pulled away to head home, he gave me a little hug and said “Nika, whatever it is stressing you out, put it out of your mind tonight and lets just have a good time. When we go to your tree house after everyone leaves tonight we’ll empty a few cans or bottles of whatever your sister scores for us and talk. And I think you know as well as me that everything will be fine!”

I nodded and just as he pulled away to turn and leave for home, I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him onto my bed and held him tight in a bear hug for a couple minutes without saying anything. There was his awesome, incredible smell again as I had my nose in the part of his neck where his skin and hairline came together. I instantly became stiff as a nail. He knew not to let go and that I needed him for a couple more minutes as I sniffed more of his neck and breathed hard.

Then when he asked “You ok Fro”? I pulled away enough so I could make eye contact and said, “Yah Codes, and I know you’ll be cool with what I tell you tonight, cause like you say, nothing comes between the twinners. But promise me after we talk tonight, if you find that you and I are on different paths and maybe it becomes clear that we don’t see everything eye to eye. That you’ll just take some time and chose you response carefully before you reply to what I say, so it doesn’t sound to harsh.”

He looked at me kinda puzzled and said, “Nika, I’ll always do that anyway. And Just for the record, don’t be to sure we’re on different paths, and that I don’t know you better than you know yourself sometimes.”

Then he put his forehead to my forehead and his nose to mine and looking eye to eye said, “We may not be all that different than you think.” And as he made his way to the door, I coulda swore his shorts were pushed out in the front, and he was walking  bent forward a little.

I asked, “You need a ride home dork?” He said, “Why, I’m just gonna climb over the fence in the backyard…….dumbass!”

I started to laugh when my mom walked in and her and Cody almost hit head on.

“Whoaa Cody, slow down, don’t knock me out before the party starts.”

“Haha, sorry, I just wanted to get outta here before Nika gets the smack down about his poor eating habits. As a matter a fact, I’ve been meaning to bring that to your attention for some time Mrs. V!”

Nika: “Traitor, feel free to take a short cut and jump off my balcony……Asshole!”

Cody: “HAHA, see you tonight Nika.”

Mom: “Good bye Cody, thanks for walking Nika home, and I’m sure you have my son’s interest at heart as usual.”

“Why, Yes Mrs. V!”

Mom: “See you and your family here tonight then, and remember to bring your swimming shorts and a change of cloths as your spending the night. So your mom doesn’t have to keep throwing her arm out tossing your cloths over the fence. You know, I should just get you your own dresser in here young man!”

“Haha, thanks Mrs. V, I’ve actually thought about that.”

Mom: “Well ok then, and make sure your sister comes along, Tasha’s looking forward to seeing her.”

“Yah Mrs. V, I’m sure they’ve already talked today.”

With that Cody was FINALLY on his way, and I closed my eyes as if to drift off to sleep.

“Not so fast young man. The “I’m too tired to talk” thing isn’t going to work this time. You’re going to get your nap in before the party, I guarantee that. But for the next 5 minutes were going to talk about what took place today and discuss your meal options for school next year so this doesn’t happen again!”

Well, so as not to get bogged down with my diet, upon the end of the discussion, it was agreed that I have a school lunch pass for the entire year. And our house keeper Maria pack me a lunch as well! Wow, maybe a little overboard, but no one can say my mom doesn’t take my health seriously when it comes to my diet.

At last my nap, and hopefully some sweet dreams about a 13 year old boy named Cody. Who from day to day is not only cementing his place atop my list of all time fantasies. But also has my hormones so whacked out, I cant even think about him without getting boned-up. I may need to start dressing like a rapper at school, so the baggy clothes covers up my little secret. If not, the word on me is gonna be out fast, cause I cant keep coming up with ways to hide the “tent-pole” effect he has on me. Maybe if I go to the boys room and jerk it between every class it may help. But then again Mrs. Manchek may have a real dehydration problem to deal with on my behalf if I keep that up for too long.

Oh well, its June. So I have 3 months to think about it. And who knows, maybe I’ll develop some self control and will-power over the summer? But being that most of the summer is gonna be with Cody. In shorts and sometimes in nothing at all. In the swimming pool or at the lake, sleeping over at his house or mine……. I better not count on it!

One Response to “9004 Chapter 4 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. carlitos Says:

    Man, you are one of the most aroused 13 year olds i have ever read about.
    But, seriously, you can really write, dude! You have one hellavu
    vocabulary for someone your age, and you definitely know how to put words together in a fascinating way. Of course, it is talking about a topic
    you know a lot about…your life. But even so, you have quite a talent young man. It comes from having good genes, probably.
    I do envy Cody, having such a sensitive and fun-loving friend as you.
    You really rock, my man.

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