9005 Chapter 5 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”

The wind was blowing and the branches on trees were swaying back and forth. It wasn’t an outright cold wind, but it was chilly as it had to be at least 2:00 or 3:00 O’clock in the morning. You could still feel the moisture in the air from the rain earlier. Large clouds passed back and forth over the full moon, alternating our light from dark to a recognizable glow allowing us to make out our surroundings. The wind was picking up even more.

It was a strange and moody night, evoking thoughts of Halloween. I kept looking up at the moon expecting to see a witch on a broom move across the large glowing orb. I moved to my left so I could see out the door of my tree house, and there was Cody’s back in the entryway. I could make out that he was peeing over the edge of the flooring onto the deck and into the pool below. One thing my tree house didn’t come equipped with was a bathroom, and when boys drink beer, boys havta peeee!

I was just getting up off my ass to join, or replace him since he was almost done, when a big gust came up and I heard a loud snap. I froze momentarily suspecting what the noise was, and if I was correct, there would be a loud thud on the roof in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. It had startled Cody too, as he turned his head to look back at me with a half-ass smile, and a raised eyebrow.

Just then the broken limb that I suspected would hit the roof, flew in from a right angle and hit Cody right on the front corner of his head. I screamed out his name, and ran forward as his body broke the 4 foot high wooden railing on the edge of the floor. He dropped the can in his hand and grabbed what was left of the broken rail.

I could see a thick stream of blood running down the side of his face and his shorts had slid down around his ankles. He hadn’t finished peeing and he couldn’t pull them up. I could see the broken railing in his hand was about to snap, and I dove onto the floor and grabbed his right wrist with my left hand just as he was about to drop to the concrete deck below. I was in panic mode and adrenaline was coursing through me full-on, as I looked down to see panic and sheer terror in his eyes and across his face.

I screamed for him to hold on, and it began to sprinkle again, as water began to stream down my arm to my hand. I turned my head up to look at the sky and could see the moon in the background illuminate the falling drops of rain that were getting bigger and bigger. I turned back to Cody and in slow motion I could see him screaming, “DONT LET GO NIKA, PLEASE DONT LET GO!”

I was holding onto him as tight as I could with my left hand, and my right hand was holding onto the edge of the doorstop at the entryway that I dared not let go of, or we would both go over the edge. As my left hand and his right wrist became wetter and wetter from the rain, I began to lose my grip. I was helpless and in a position that one hopes they never find themselves in. I was the determining factor as to whether my best friend and soul mate lives or dies. 

I began to cry and could feel my lower lip quivering involuntarily, and I was screaming for Cody to hold on tighter. In a panic I began trying to swing him back and forth so that maybe when he let go and slipped through my hand, it would be enough to clear him a couple of feet to the left of the concrete and he would land safely in the pool below. It was a desperate plan that was seriously flawed. And I was aware it had very little chance of success, but it was the only course of action left to me that withstood a glimmer of hope.

I was losing my grip, and we both knew it. We stared into each others eyes, both wide in utter terror, knowing what the outcome was going to be, and I felt helpless. I could see in his face that he knew he was close to death, as did I, and that neither of us could do a thing to cheat it. I screamed and clinched my teeth and made one last attempt to squeeze his wrist, but he began to slide through my grasp as the water felt like oil. In unison we both screamed, “I LOVE YOU NIKA/CODY” as his wrist cleared my hand and he went plummeting to the ground below with his feet dangling and his arms flailing in the air. I looked up in the sky and screamed, “WHY GOD….WHY?” as I felt the rain hitting my face.

Then, I began feeling woozy and began to see light in the background, and could make out Blake’s face mouthing, “Nika, wake up Nika!” And there was my brother Sasha crying in the background holding a cup. I came to and sat up in a flash and yelled ,“WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? and where is Cody, IS HE OK?”

Blake said, “Relax Nika, just lay back, you’ll be fine. I’m sure Cody is fine and at home, or on his way over here right now.” I could feel my face, which was wet along with my hair, and….wait a minute, along with my pillows and headboard? I said, “What The Fuck is happening”? I could hear thunder and see lightning flashes in the background, reflecting off the shinny wood of my bedroom walls. It was another brief thunderstorm passing through again.

Blake sat beside me and put his arm around me and began to rub my shoulder and said, “Just relax for a minute and catch your breath. Its gonna be OK, this shit happens to the twins all the time.” I could see Sasha with his back to the wall almost hyperventilating, scared to death, still holding a cup. So I asked, “What happened Blake?”

Blake: “Your Mom sent Sasha up to wake you up, and get cleaned up and ready for the BBQ. You overslept. When he got up here you were sweating and screaming something about, “Hold On and I love you!” You were terrified, so Sasha began to shake you back and forth, and it only made it worse. So he panicked and went into your guy’s bathroom and filled up a cup with water and threw it on your face.”

Nika: “Yah, my face. I’m all wet.”

“When that didn’t stop you, he ran downstairs to get help. And when he made it down to the top of the second floor I was just walking in the house. He screamed for me to follow him, it was an emergency and he looked really frightened. He started back up the stairs yelling that there was something wrong with you. When I got up here, I started slapping your face and shaking you. You just had a really, really bad dream Nika. One hell of a nightmare.”

I said, “Holy shit, it was terrible Blake, I never felt so helpless in my life. I’m still shaking. Shit, and it feels like I wet my shorts!”

I looked under my blanket, “Shit, I did and it leaked through to my sheets…..FUCK!

Blake still had his arm around me rubbing my shoulder as I rested my head against his. “Thanks for being here and waking me up Blake!”

“No worries Nika, I’ve had a lot of practice, just be still and relax. Take some deep breaths and you’ll be fine.”

I could tell he had a lot of practice at this, overseeing the twins so much. His parents weren’t as well off as mine and some of my other friends, and they both worked real hard. Blake was the daytime parent to Wesley and Travis since he was 12 or so. He felt strong and reassuring.

As tough and sarcastic as he could be at times, living up to his enforcer image, he also had a gentle, brotherly, grown-up side that came out when it needed to. And we’ve all seen it. He has kept the peace very well over the years amongst our posse, and everyone respected and recognized his status as the responsible one without question. (With a small exception for Jace of course, but you’ll learn about that later).

Just then I noticed Sasha still up against the wall breathing hard and quite upset. I said, “Oh shit Sasha”, and jumped off the bed and ran over to him. I pulled him up to me and wrapped him in a hug, and whispered in his ear, “Are you all right little buddy? I’m sorry, but I almost forgot about you!”

“I thought you were gonna die Nika. I’m sorry I threw water all over you and your bed.”

“Its OK Sash, you were brave and did what you had to do. If you failed me, you would have done nothing at all. But you tried your best, and when you couldn’t do more, you went and got my big brother.” (Blake kinda was at times). “Besides, you were braver than me, here, look at my shorts, they’re wet and yours are dry…..right?”

He giggled and let out a little laugh signaling me that he was gonna be OK, and that was exactly the reaction I was looking for.

I said, “Sash, go ahead and change for the BBQ and go downstairs. Blake and I will be down in a little while.”

He said OK and I gave him another hug and he was on his way. I went back to my bed and sat down, and rested for a minute.

One Response to “9005 Chapter 5 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Hermes Says:

    Well, it seems from the last couple chapters that Nika is the only one who doesn’t realize… Well, maybe he realizes, but isn’t aware that everyone probably already knows… or assumes… his feelings for Cody.

    It’ll be interesting to see how you resolve it. I’m certain you will do it perfectly… you’ve done everything else in this story so well, so realistic, I’m sure this will be the same… Excuse me, I gotta hop onto Chapter 6!

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