9007 Chapter 7 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


I looked out on the lake, and felt the red glow that was reflecting off my face, and onto my home and the street below as the summer sun was setting on the horizon. I’d timed it perfectly. I try to be out on my balcony every day at this time to catch the sunset, This was why my room was my favorite one in the house, and my mom and dad let me move in here. Sasha has a nice view too as his room is one down from mine, but his balcony is around the corner of the house from mine. He still has a lake view and can see the sunset, but he has to look out from the side of his balcony, while I look straight out.

I had my arms on the balcony railing leaning forward watching the sunset, wrapped in only my towel. And just as the sun was halfway down over the mountains on the far side of the lake, I felt a tug on my towel from behind and off it went, ending up on the deck at my feet. I turned around to look behind me only to see what was up, and there was Sasha standing there smiling. I said, “Why’d you do that, dork?”

He said, “I don’t know, just because!”

Nika: “How did you get in? I locked my door.”

Sasha: “I came in through the bathroom, you didn’t lock the door leading from the bathroom to your bedroom once you were inside your room. We do share a bathroom remember?”

Nika: “How can I forget, you never remember to use the air freshener when you’re done dropping wolf-bait in there you stinky lil shit!”

Sasha: “Ha ha, who says I forget?”

Nika: “Ahhhh, you weasel, come here Sash!”

He walked around in front of me tripping over the towel he’d pulled off, and I spooned up behind him, still naked (we’ve never been too shy around each other). I wrapped my arms around him, which he always enjoys. With my nose pushed into the back of his straight blonde hair, breathing in my little brother’s scent. I love him very much, maybe more than anything, and recognize his innocence and unrivaled beauty. We stood there together staring off the balcony gazing over the horizon, a moment for brothers to enjoy and to bring them closer. I somehow felt he was there for a reason and now might be as good a time as any to have a talk with him.

Sasha: “You love sunsets, huh Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Sash, they’re soo awesome!”

Sasha: “What is it you like so much about them?”

Nika: “Lots of things Sash. Besides the sheer beauty, they signal a beginning and a end.”

Sasha: “A beginning and end of what Nika?”

Nika: “Well lil bro, you ever had a really bad day?”

Sasha: “Yah, everyone does.”

Nika: “Well, watch a sunset when that day comes to an end, and you realize that you get to start all over the next day. Kinda like a do-over. Kinda like when you get grounded, you know all about that. So once its over you start with a clean slate. And it’s like that with really good days too. I always tell myself on those days, what a great day, and just think, tomorrow might even be better!”

Sasha: “Ha ha, I like how you always help make sense of things for me Nika, and how you always have time for me too, even when I’ve been a jerk. Can we watch tomorrow’s sunset together too Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Sash, anytime you want buddy.”

Just then, the last of the sun was setting on the horizon, and I said, “Here it comes Sash, look close!”

Sasha: “You mean the Green Flash big brother?”

Nika: “Yah, look close, there we go, did you see it?”

Sasha: “I think so, it was so fast, I’m not sure.”

Nika: “Neither am I Sash, but it’s fun trying…huh?”

Sasha: “Yah, lets go inside so you can get dressed so we can go down and see everyone. And maybe get some food, remember Blake’s down there…ha ha!”

Nika: “Yah, but before we go Sash, I wanna talk to you about something. It’ll just take a minute. ”

Sasha: “That’s OK Nika, take as long as we need. Is it important, and is it about what we talked about? You know, the sunset and new days and stuff?”

Nika: “Yah, it kinda is. And I think it’s important.”

Sasha: “OK, whats up Nika?”

Nika: “Well, I’m just gonna say it flat out since we need to hurry along. But it’s kinda about when I watched the sunset last night.”

Sasha: “OK, I wasn’t with you, but what about it?”

Nika: “Well Sasha, it was my last day of being who I used to be, and today is my first day of being who I am!”

Sasha: “I don’t understand.”

Nika: “I know you don’t. And that’s OK. Let’s try this Sash, you know how mom and dad love each other?”

Sasha: “Yah, that’s why they got married and had us.”

Nika: “Right little brother, exactly, that’s why they got married and had us, cause they love each other!”

Sasha: “OK, but I already know that, everyone does. So what are you talking about, cause your confusing me Nika?”

Nika: “I guess I’m trying to say that it’s great they did that, but not everyone does it that way, not everyone is the same. You know what I mean?”

Sasha: “Yah, that some people don’t get married and have kids. And that some people just live together, and have kids anyway….right?”

Nika: “Kinda Sash. I’m saying that some people don’t love the same way as mom and dad, and they don’t marry someone different from them.”

Sasha: “Are you talking about homo’s and gay people Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Sash, yah, exactly.”

Sasha: “Your talking about Cody…huh? He told you he’s gay….didn’t he?”

Nika: “You knew about Cody…huh?”

Sasha: “Yah, the only one that didn’t seem to know was him…ha ha! And you maybe, but you hadta have known. When did he tell you?”

Nika: “He didn’t tell me Sash, Blake did!”

Sasha: “And you didn’t already know? Where have you been. Wesley and Travis thought you were too, probably cause you guys are best friends. Don’t worry, I told them what was up, and that you watch girl porn, and showed me before. They were probably just saying that to fuck with me!”

Nika: “Sasha, Cody’s my best friend, and he loves you very much. Don’t tell me you were talking bad about him.”

Sasha: “No, I wasn’t. Just that he’s gay, everyone thinks so. I love him too, I don’t care if he is or not. It wasn’t talking bad about him….was it?”

Nika: “No, I guess not Sash, as long as it wasn’t derogatory and mean stuff, and just that you thought he was gay.”

Sasha: “Are you still gonna be his best friend now, are you still friends with him, and is he still part of the posse? Is that what you were talking about yesterday being your old life and today being different?”

Nika: “No Sasha…it isn’t!”

Sasha: “I don’t understand then, what are you talking about? Is he not our friend anymore?”

Nika: “Yes Sasha, he is our friend, will always be our friend, and is still part of the posse.”

Sasha: “OK, why are you mad, what did I say?”

Nika: “I’m not mad at you Sash, this just isn’t going as easy as I thought it would be!”

Sasha: “What isn’t, you’re making no sense Nika. He’s our friend still, I get it!”

I was frustrated at this point, and wrapped my towel back around me as it was getting chilly with the sun down. I was trying to think, and Sasha was standing there looking like he had done something wrong. I figured WTF, I might as well go out with a bang. So I grabbed Sasha, and said, “come here”, and wrapped my arms around him again. I whispered in his ear, “It’s me I’ve been talking about Sash, not Cody!”

Sasha: “You mean Cody’s not gay?”

Nika: “Yes, he is, but that’s up to him to tell us Sasha. Listen to me again Sasha, closley this time. It’s me I’m talking about Sash, not Cody!”

I felt Sasha tighten up and become rigid as if his muscles had all tightened up at the same time.

Sasha: “What, you’re gay? You like guys Nika?”

Nika: “Sash, It’s OK!”

I could feel him push at me once, but I held onto him, and he started to hug me again. And then he fidgeted and pushed away again. I held him again and said, “I know it’s not what you expected.” Then he said “You”, and pushed at me 3 or 4 times again, and I couldn’t hold onto him. I had my hand gripping his shirt, but he pulled that away and walked to the other side of the balcony. I started to follow and said “Sasha”, when he just held up his hand real fast like telling me to stop, and said “Don’t”. He was shaking his head and his face was red.

I said, “Listen, its OK.”

Sasha: “Don’t, Don’t! Just Stop, Just Stay There! Don’t say anything. Just Shut Up. Leave me the fuck alone. Just get away from me! What The Fuck dude! I need to think a minute. Just give me a minute!”

He walked into the bedroom and out of my sight. I leaned over the balcony and thought, “Wow, this went well. If this is what I have to look forward to, and from the one I figured least likely to wig-out, then maybe its back to the closet for me.”

I walked into my room to get dressed, and Sasha was sitting on my bed in his dress clothes, crying hard, trying his best to conceal it and not make any noise. But the tears were flowing down his face like the stream through our back yard. I stood 5 or 6 feet away from him, giving him his space, and said “I love you Sasha.” Then louder, I said again, “I love you Sasha!”

He looked up at me and said awkwardly, mumbling through his crying (which at any other time I thought would have sounded cute), “So WHEN were you gonna tell me? How many other people know? Why didn’t you tell me first?”

I said, “No Sasha, you got it all wrong little brother, it’s not like that! Practically no one knows!”

Sasha: “Practically, Nika?”

Nika: “Yah Sash, no one except Blake and you. And Blake has only known for less than an hour. And when Blake wants to know something, you tell him. You know that much!”

Sasha: “Is that what you guys were talking about in your room earlier, after I left to get dressed?”

Nika: “Yes Sasha, it was!”

Sasha: “Is that why you had the bad dream?”

Nika: “Yes again, well kinda anyway!”

Sasha: “So, are you and Cody gonna be boyfriends now?”

Nika: “I don’t know, we’ll see. But you better get used to the idea, because I think there’s a good probability of that!”

Sasha: “You’re not gonna dress up like a girl, or hold hands and kiss at school and stuff like that, are you?”

Nika: “No Sash, Ha ha, I don’t think so. You don’t have anything to worry about. I’m not gonna embarrass you….I promise. And outside the posse, your sister, and the twins, its our secret and no one’s business.”

Sasha: “So I guess I don’t get to be an uncle now…huh?”

Nika: “Not so fast dummy, we still got Tasha. And you know your horny Sister is gonna be dropping kids out by the liter….right?”

He started to laugh and smile after that while still kinda crying, but you could tell he was starting to turn the corner. He looked up and saw me smiling at him, almost wanting to laugh, and tried to look serious again. But then started to laugh a little again while wiping the wetness away from his eyes.

Sasha: “Stop staring at me dickhead…..and come over here!”

Nika: “You sure you’re OK?”

Sasha: “Yah, I will be in a couple more minutes, come over here and sit with me Nika, OK?”

Nika: “Are you sure Sash, what if it’s contagious?”

Sasha: “Ha ha ha, Ha ha, You’re suck a dork Nika!”

I went over to my bed and sat beside him and put my arm over his shoulder. I turned my head to get something for him to wipe his eyes, and as I was turning back he kissed me on the cheek.

Sasha: “I love you too Nika, I’m sorry!”

Nika: “It’s OK, I’m sure it changed your world just like it changed mine. I wish I had a better way to tell you, but I’m kinda new to this. Here, wipe your face and hands.”

Sasha: “Thanks” as he wiped the tears off his hands and face. “Ughhhh, dude! This is your underwear Nika, what the Fuck?”

Nika: “Sorry Sash, its all I had right here, but they’re clean I think.”

Sasha: “No they’re not, but no skid marks, so it’s OK I guess…..but they kinda smell.”

Nika: “Hey, just be happy there not the one’s I peed in earlier.”

Sasha: “No Shit…huh? Well get dressed then, I’m gonna go in the bathroom and splash my face Nika.”

Nika: “OK.”

I dropped my towel again as he was walking by and he pointed at my dick and asked, “Whats that?”

Nika: “Uhh, you have one too dork?”

Sasha: “NO, not your dick…..fool, but in the hairs.”

Nika:”Oh, that!”

It turned out I didn’t get all the spooge out of my pubes after all. “I was taking care of something in the shower that older boys need to do sometimes Sash! You know, we’ve talked about it before, and you’ve spied on me a few times when my door wasn’t locked.”

Sasha: “You jacked off?”

Nika: “Yah, In the shower.”

Sasha: “So what’s that stuff. It looks like paste!”

Nika: “It’s the stuff that comes out. You know, and makes babies!”

Sasha: “It’s your sperms?”

Nika: “Yah, they’re just dried, and I didn’t get them all out when I was washing. Here, see, it comes right off.”

Sasha: “Weird.”

Nika: “Yah, you don’t make any yet…huh?”

Sasha: “No, Not yet. I’m still 11 and won’t be 12 for a few more months. You said I’d need to be 12 or 13 before I make any…right?”

Nika: “Well, usually. Thats how old Cody and I were. But everybody’s different. Blake was 10 when he started, and the twins were already making some at 11, before they just turned 12.”

Sasha: “Are you sure, they haven’t told me. How do you know.”

Nika: “I just do Sash, but our secret OK?”

Sasha: “Yah sure, now get dressed. Oh, and Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, what?”

Sasha: “Just one thing.”

Nika: “Yah, anything little brother.”

Sasha: “If you’re gay or bi, how come you never tried doing anything with me? We take showers and sleep together all the time. Am I ugly or something?”

Nika: “Well Sasha.. no, definitely not. No, you’re not ugly. You’re beautiful. Your almost two years younger and only half an inch shorter than me. Your face and smile are gorgeous along with your straight blond hair. And you have more hair on your arms and legs then me. And it looks hot. Sometimes people think I’m your little brother. But, it just…….it doesn’t work that way. And who knows, if you weren’t my brother, and we were swimming and taking showers together all the time, I’m sure I probably would have. But it’s my job to protect you, and besides, you’re not like me, you’re not that way!”

I started to get dressed, and he came up from behind me and started brushing my hair out, like we always do. He asked me as I was buttoning my Tommy Hilfiger pants and shirt and, tucking it in, “How long have you known Nika?”

Nika: “What, that I’m gay or bi Sash?”

Sasha: “Yah, have you known a long time?”

Nika: “Um, no, only started getting different feelings this school year, some months back. And didn’t realize for sure till the last couple days.”

Sasha: “So then, it could happen to me too….right?”

Nika: “Well yah, it could happen Sash, and a satellite could fall out of the sky and land on your head tonight at the BBQ. I wouldn’t worry about it little brother. You probably would have had some kinda feelings by now, and the odds of both boys in the same family being like that are way against it. Besides, you’re not the sensitive type like Cody, or me, even if I hide it real good!”

Sasha: “Cool, not that I’m against you guys, but I’d rather have girlfriends, and get married and have kids.”

Nika: “You will buddy!”

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