9008 Chapter 8 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

I finished tying my last shoe, and said, “Come on Sash, let’s go down stairs and see if Blake left us any food, ha ha.”

Sasha: “Ha ha, yah, no shit! But I saw what mom ordered man, and we aren’t gonna run out of any food. She Blake-proofed this BBQ. She ordered extra on purpose to freeze for weekend BBQ’s over the summer. She figured the more she bought, the better price per pound she got…or something like that.”

Nika: “Yah, it usually works that way. And let’s just be glad we don’t havta be around when Blake takes a shit…huh?”

Sasha: “No kidding, I’m over there more than you, hanging with Travis and Wesley, and the toilet flushes like 3 times. It’s so gross. Travis and Wesley said he hasta break it in half sometimes…ha ha!”

Nika: Oh man, sick! Try going camping with the guy Sash. When we went last summer he had to go along the trail. KC (one of the 6 posse members) laid 4 coke cans next to it, and it was still a few inches longer!”

Sasha: “For real Nika, 4 cans? Wow, what a pig!”

Nika: “Yup, and when it curls up when he does it on the toilet, it reminds me of that movie Anaconda. He shoulda got money for providing a stunt-double for the snake….haha!”

Sasha: “Ha ha ha, no shit! Hey, I love you Nika!”

Nika: “Love you too Sash!”

Now we headed down the stairs and to the BBQ to mingle with the guests. So I better take this time to introduce the posse and some of the guests, an orientation if you will, so you know what kinda people I hang out with, and my family as well. I’ll do my best to describe the good and the bad.


~The Six-Pak~ (Our Posse)!


Hey, no need to drag this out. I’m sure you’re all anticipating what’s gonna happen at (or especially after) the BBQ. And are Me and Cody gonna finally have some alone time, and get over these awkward teenage insecurities and fumblings? Well, I hope we are anyway.


The main characters are of course me and my family. You’ve already met me, my brother Sasha, my Sister Natasha (Tasha), and my mom Mrs. V. And if you’re wondering, that makes my dad, Mr. V.


Cody has an older and younger sister. The younger one is Trisha (or Princess as her family likes to call her). She is Sasha’s and the twins age. The other is Abigail (or Abby) as they call her. She is my sister’s age, around 16 1/2.


The posse is 6 members and some strays (non-founding part timers that I’ll introduce as the need arises). You have met me, Cody, and Blake. That leaves KC, who is about Cody’s height at 5’4 or 5’5, and has a deep brown tan and light brown hair bleached blond and spiked on top. He has a bigger build than Cody with about 15 or more extra pounds, especially upper body, and mostly all muscle. Also a very cute babyish face, that people find easy to look at.


Then there is Reiley, who is 2 or 3 inches taller than me, not quite up to Cody’s height. He has dark brown, almost black hair, wore kinda long, but not past the shoulders. He isn’t fat, but still has the boyish look with a lot of freckles on his face and shoulders, a decent tan, and probably as book smart as Cody, maybe even more so. He’s the silent one of the group, that likes to study people. Also very loyal and not afraid to get his hands dirty or say what’s on his mind. He just keeps it short and to the point.


Then lastly there’s Jace. Jace is the second shortest of the group behind me, and has me by maybe an inch. He has white skin that burns and turns red easily, and blond hair that’s long and straight. Also has blond eye lashes and eye brows. Its usually the end of summer by the time he settles into a tan, and by then its time to put away the board shorts and wakeboards and pull the snowboards down from the attic.

Jace is the spazz of the group, and where as I’m very spontaneous and outgoing in my personality, Jace usually takes it a step or two farther and comments on everything. 90% of the time he’s very funny, and 10% of the time very annoying. A.D.D for sure. Also very cute and a girl magnet.


Now as good as we all get along, and love and care for one another, there’s always some friction in every group. And in our group it’s Blake and Jace. Blake being so serious, and the enforcer, is used to doing what he wants and telling others what to do, and to his credit, he’s usually right. On the other hand, Jace doesn’t listen to anyone, including his teachers and his own parents. He’s a modern day Jesse James living his life the way he wants and answering to no one.

Now with that said, and the fact being he’s the one that likes to poke the stick in the shit to disturb the flies, you can see just how he and Blake are gonna get along. If I had to do my best to describe Jace, he was the little kid that liked to pull the wings off of flies and burn ants with a magnifying glass.

So Blake being given more than his share when they handed out patience, and having the wild twins at home, was as prepared as he could be for Jace (who we sometimes called the triplet or 3rd twin, cause of his ability to fit in so well with Travis and Wesley).

But, there were numerous blow-ups, since Jace was the only one who could get under Blake’s skin and seemed to go out of his way to pour it on when Blake got annoyed. He loved stirring up trouble. And not that he and Blake weren’t close. There were a lot of good times had by the two of them together over the years, but it was just Jace’s nature to send Blake to the “quiet room” whenever the opportunity presented itself. And when Blake stormed away slamming the door and screaming, looking for something to hit (in place of Jace, keeping him safe), Jace always had a one liner and devious cackle or outright laughter at Blake’s expense.

We tried for years to tame him and ween him off Blake’s case, but it was like a drug to him that he just had to get a fix of every so often. And what made it worse and sent Blake into the danger zone, was that the twins loved Jace, and ate it up when Blake was having a meltdown. If they were present when Jace was on Blake’s case and the gasket blew, they did everything in their power to assist Jace and push their brother over the edge.

Of course on those occasions, it was usually up to the rest of us to whisk Jace up and away before Blake got his hands around Jace’s neck and applied pressure. It wasn’t uncommon for Jace to wind up with a black eye every now and then, or the twins to jump on Blake’s back and have a 3 on 1 going down in front of us.

On those occasions, the rest of us had to just step back and watch the “fur fly!” It was like a grizzly bear and a pack of wolves fighting over an elk carcass. We would stand back and wait till they tired and punched themselves out, then we could start pulling them away and towards the penalty box, so to speak. Come to think of it, that’s the reason we asked my mom and dad to get us a First Aid Kit for my Tree House! And we did go through quite a few bandages and Neosporin over the years.


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