9009 Chapter 9 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

After carrying on with Sash like brothers again and wrestling while trying to get dressed for the BBQ, I had finally succeeded as I mentioned at the end of the last chapter, and was ready to go downstairs. I had my right hand on the back of his neck on the way down the stairs, caressing his soft skin and hair and couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was and how much we loved each other.

Yah, we fought, just like every other set of brothers on the planet, but not near as much as my other friends. And when we were in sync, it was almost like we were best friends. If I ever was in a position to have to chose between him and Cody, I’d have to say I’d sacrifice myself for both of them, cause I just couldn’t do it. The funny thing is, we had no fear about hurt, pain, or failure, cause we were like a miracle cure or a get out of jail free card to one another.

Whenever we went to bed full of hurt, pain, or fear, we just walked through our bathroom into the others bedroom, lifted the covers and crawled under to snuggle and cry ourselves to sleep without having to utter a word. We just accepted one another and knew it was our turn to comfort the other and to kiss and whisper the pain away. I wondered how others got by who didn’t have the luxury of a secret weapon like Sash and I had in each other.

As we made our way down the stairs, we surveyed the room just as anyone else would, to take inventory on who was present and what they were doing. Kinda a posse survey if you will. Blake and the twins were arguing over the last couple of Jalapeno Cream Cheese Poppers on the table, while Jace was reaching across the table behind them to scoop them up and walk away unnoticed…..OK, Blake has his feed-bag on and Jace has already started being a pest, that makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile Professor Reiley was in the corner talking to our dad and one of his business partners Dr. Hart, while reading one of our dad’s architecture magazines….also perfectly predictable.

KC was by the pool table hanging out with my sister and her friends trying his best to say the right thing at the right time to impress her, all the while not taking his eyes from her chest…..OK, everything appears just as it should. But where was Cody and his sisters? I separated from Sash at one of the hors d’oeuvre tables and walked past the pool table and Tasha.

Nika: “Hey Sis, you seen Cody, Abby, or any of the Sommers around?”

Tasha: “No, not yet, I saw Cody here earlier today, but I think he was heading for the back yard.”

Nika: “Yah, that was a couple hours ago, he was heading home to get showered and changed. He wanted to talk with his mom and dad a while before heading back.”

Tasha: “OK, then he’s not here yet. But he’ll be along shortly. And if you see them before I do, let Abby know where we are.”

Nika: “OK, no worries.”

KC said: “Cody texted me about ten minutes ago that he’s on his way, and asked if there were a lot of people in the back yard cause he was gonna hop the fence. I told him there were and the people had already started showing up, so he was gonna just wait till his Mom and Sisters were done getting ready and walk around the block with them. He should be here any time.”

Nika: “Kool, thanks KC.”

I made my way to the backyard to check things out and see what was up with the BBQ, cause the smoke smelt hella-awesome. There were two huge rectangular shaped BBQs with big slabs of prime rig, corn on the cob, and salmon grilling away. And a couple Chefs hard at work flipping and basting. They looked the part, and knew exactly what they were doing as if they’ve been doing it for many, many years.

 I walked by and as I passed, I had a sense, and looked out of the corner of my eye very stealthily and could see one of them watch me as I passed by. He never took his eyes off of me. Huh? The dude was checking me out, I knew it. Guess I got that gaydar thing starting to develop, how weird, I thought. “Maybe when we swim later I’ll pass by in my board shorts a couple times all wet and do my best to tease the poor guy…aren’t I wicked?”

I looked up, and the needles on the pine trees were clean and shiny from the rain. It wasn’t the least bit cold, but maybe a little crisp, and the air smelt very pungent as if you had your nose right up to a tree. The sky was clear again except for a couple of straggling clouds. Perfect weather for a summer BBQ.

I walked past the pool and a few of the neighbor kids who didn’t want to wait and eat had already plunged in and were swimming around and splashing. I looked up at my tree house and couldn’t help but think what might be on the menu up there later tonight. I wished I had a crystal ball that could see into the future. I made a mental checklist of what I needed to do and had already taken a box up to my room to pack some things for tonight.

The sleeping bags and pillows I already had up there. But there were candles, snacks, toilet paper (you never know), some games, bottled water, a change of cloths, and of course my sister’s donation to consider as well. No worries I thought, we have time to pony all that stuff up there later tonight. But for now, I was kinda hungry, but figured I’ll just snack on some hor d’oeurves until Cody showed up and eat with him, just like always.

I turned to start my way back to the patio deck and sliding glass door to the living room where I came out and saw Abby, so I knew the Sommers were here. And sure enough right behind her coming through the entryway was Cody dressed to kill in slim black jeans, a white button down shirt, and black jacket with the sleeves to the shirt and jacket rolled up. Even his arms are beautiful, nicely tanned, slender and dusted with the perfect amount of soft downy hair.

If one thing is true about me and my family, it’s that we don’t often make the same mistakes twice. So instead of falling into the same predicament I suffered at school with a fade to black followed by a THUD, I choose to scan around instead of staring myself into a trance. I also thought this to be a good idea because I felt a little queasy and had some butterflies in my stomach, which were no doubt attributed by my talk with Blake this afternoon and the revelations about Cody.

It was a strange and new feeling being nervous at seeing and approaching my best friend. For all our lives as soul mates and “the twinners,” we felt completely at ease around each other as if we actually plopped out of the womb together. Now I found myself nervous and second guessing myself as what to say and how to greet him once I approached and made contact.

One thing for sure, this puberty and awakening thing is a whole new ballgame and I don’t have the play book. In other words, I felt like my first day at a new school, with not knowing what to say or do. If there was one saving grace, it was the old saying “Misery loves company,” and at least the playing field was even, if not tilted in my favor. Because he was in the same boat as me and has probably been feeling this way for a couple years, if Blake was correct.

Maybe after thinking about it, it’s to his advantage, cause he’s had a chance to adjust and overcome the awkwardness and I’m just now beginning. Holy shit, if that’s the case, then what do I do, and how do I chill out so I don’t act like a spazz and say or do something stupid?

OK, Jesus, just calm down Nika, you’re overreacting and starting to spazz-out and he hasn’t even seen you yet. I know, just don’t make eye contact and try to divert the conversation towards one of his sisters or parents till were alone, and then it should be easier cause people won’t be looking at me. Yah, thats it, this will be simple….yah, sure it will.

I watched as Cody and his family made their way to the bar/beverage counter and ordered what they wanted to drink. I saw the bartender pop open a can of Dr. Pepper and attempt to pour it in a glass as Cody said something. Then he took the can from him (just as I knew he would…too unpolished for a glass), then right on queue I heard a disgusting lip-smacking slurping sound from across the pool as he took his first sip.

I was laughing out load when I saw his mom and dad reach to grab the can away from him and start lecturing him about manners. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but I didn’t need too, because I’d heard the same lecture from them for about 8 years. I see it all the time, but I can’t help but laugh every time as if it was the first. I kept thinking what a dork, classic Cody. Not being stubborn in this instance, just being the dumb, naive, typical Cody. One of his pet peeves is that all the lectures of the past 8 years and all the new ones for the next 8 have no chance of ever changing.

They gave him back the can and he separated from them and started walking about the back yard looking around and mingling (and looking for me). I thought this would be a good time to blend in and follow him for awhile and see what he gets up to. This is something we do to each other for fun and have been practicing for about 5 years now. We usually figure what the other is up to after about 15 minutes or so, before we do a 360 to spot where the other is lurking.

But seeing as he just got here and I spotted him first, he’s still under the impression he just hasn’t spotted me yet. Maybe if I get lucky he’ll have to go to the bathroom and I can barge in and act like I didn’t know he was in there, that’s always fun, and another device we sometimes use to embarrass one another. Especially if someone asks where the bathrooms are, we of course escort them and open the door while the other is in there. Shock central. And as a special bonus, if he’s sitting on the pot…..jackpot! Yah, we’re rude little shits sometimes, but nothing like a good laugh at the others expense.

I continued to follow Cody as I hid behind various people and objects I encountered scattered about the yard. As I followed, I grabbed a few snacks off the trays the waiters were carrying as they passed by, and even a glass of wine as well. One sip was enough. I still don’t know how that stuff can be made out of sweet grapes, cause it tasted like sour-ass vinegar…yuk.

I kept the small talk to a minimum so as not to get delayed and lose sight of him. And about 10 minutes into my stake-out, Cody stopped and looked around the yard, and began to smile. But I could still tell he wasn’t sure whether I was inside and unaware of his presence, or hiding out and messing with him. He made for one of the doors off the patio deck, and went inside and I began to follow. But then like a general playing war games, I had a sudden feeling, and made a battlefield decision to drop down behind a statue with a water fountain I was passing.

And sure enough he popped his head out the door real fast attempting to catch me following him. Haha, damn I’m good. He came across his sister Trisha and asked if she’d seen me and she shook he head no, and he continued inside. I then sped my walk up to a near run and made my way to the door as Trisha spotted me and began to laugh, being well aware of our little games. I poked my head inside and saw Cody across the room past the couches and table walking towards the hall, and YES, the bathroom.

As he turned the corner I rushed across the room and asked a lady guest if she was looking for the restroom, “Why no, but thank you young man.”


Oh well, looks like I’ll just barge in by myself. I went around the corner in close pursuit and saw him opening the door to a bathroom, to no doubt drain a couple cans of Dr. Pepper from his pencil-dick, when out of nowhere.

KC: “Nika, where have you been, Travis is in the game room with your dad and some of the other parents. He got his arm stuck in that old antique coke machine with the glass bottles.”

Of course as loud as KC said it, Cody’s head snapped around and saw me standing there. He smiled from ear to ear, “No way Nika!”

Nika: “Yah, thanks KC, figured something that dumb would hav’ta be Travis or Wesley. I’ll wait for Cody to take a piss and we’ll be right in.”

Cody: “Haha, almost dork, but DENIED…ha ha!”

Nika: “You just got lucky KC saw me dip-shit. I had you nailed dead bang. Hurry up, I wanna see what happens.”

Cody: “I’ll be right out Barney.”

Sure enough, I listened from about ten feet away as Cody did his thing, and heard the splashing the whole time, man that’s some loud pissing. He came out the door and we did the fist butt thing and trotted into the game room.

There was my dad, Jace, Blake and the twins, their dad (Ben), and McFlanders, our school janitor who’s invited along with the rest of the faculty every year.

Ben (Travis’ father): “Goddamnit Travis, what were you thinking? Do you two have to create a shit-blizzard everywhere you go and with everything you do? Can’t we go somewhere as a family for once without you two causing a scene? Can’t you two just for once try to act like normal kids and let someone else make an ass of themselves for a change?”

Wesley: “Hey, what did I do dad? I didn’t have anything to do with this.”

Ben: “Well, if it wasn’t Travis, it would be you. Didn’t you pull a plug out of the wall at the grocery store last week and spill over 100 gallons of spring water into the entryway?”

Wesley: “That wasn’t my fault, It didn’t say what that plug was for.”

Blake: “Haha, what a dumb-ass.”

Their father and the twins simultaneously: “Shut-up Blake.”

Cody: “Haha, this is awesome Nika, you think they’ll have to cut his arm off?” Loud enough for Travis to hear.

Nika: “I don’t know Cody, he does have it lodged in there pretty good.”

My dad: “OK boys, that’s enough, let him alone.”

McFlanders, “Alright lads, clear away and give him some space, let the lad breathe. I should start by unplugging the cold-hearted bitch. She gets down to 34 degrees and we don’t want your wee lil arm developing frost-bite, now do we lad? I left a wife in Scotlan as cold an hard as this here infernal machine, sure hope she never finds me. She wuz a callous, cold-hearted pit-woffy…..nasty woman she waz!”

Travis: “Shit, I gotta piss.”

McFlanders: “Well, I’ll go get me tools outta me truck, an we’ll see if we can get the wee lad freed up fore he wets himself.”

Dad: “Nika, go get Travis a bucket from the janitorial closet, he doesn’t look like he’s gonna last very long.”

Nika: “Yah, sure dad.”

Ben: “I’m very sorry about this Niklas (that’s my dad),of course Sara (his wife and Blake and the twins mom) and I will pay for any damages.”

Niklas (my dad): “Not to worry Ben” – (their dad) – “I gave Patrick” – (McFlanders) – “the key to the machine, and he went to get his tools, so I’m sure Travis will be free quite soon. Besides, Mr. McFlanders can make a atom bomb out of an alarm clock, so I hardly think an old soda machine is going to cause him much trouble.”

Ben, as they walk away: “Well, thanks for being so understanding of the situation, I still for the life of me don’t understand why he stuck his arm in there and didn’t just get a drink at one of the beverage bars like all the other kids.”

Niklas: “That wouldn’t have been as much fun Ben, for a kid anyway.”

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  1. Gary Pete Says:

    3-rd paragraph – ” I wondered how others got by who didn’t have the luxury of a secret weapon like Sash and I had in each other.” – I really envy these guys with their close relationship – i never had that – my older brother was mean to me most of the time.

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