9010 Chapter 10 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

I made my way back from the supply room with Cody carrying the bucket as our dads turned the corner and disappeared, and there was Travis straining with his face red and a good bead of sweat on his forehead.

Travis: “Hurry up with that bucket Nika, I gotta piss like an elephant.”

Nika: “Yah, whats it worth to ya Trav?”

Travis: “Ahh, FUCK YOU Nika, gimme the bucket, now!”

Nika: “Well, lets just wait a minute and lets think about this. It looks like an expensive bucket to me, doesn’t it Cody?”

Cody: “Yah, industrial strength, heavy duty plastic and metal, I’d say it is.”

Nika: “What do you think it’s worth on the open market Cody?”

Cody: “Oh, I’d havta say somewhere between $50.00 to $100.00 dollars Nik.”

Nika: “Yah, I’d say you’re right Cody, maybe even a wee bit more as McFlanders might say.”

Travis: “FUCK YOU GUYS, gimme the bucket now!”

Nika: “Well, lets see the money first Travis.”

Travis: “I don’t have any money Nika, quit being a dick.”

Nika: “You don’t have ANY money?”

Travis: “Like $5.00 or $6.00 dollars guys.”

Cody: “Ummm Nika, that’s not gonna be enough is it?”

Nika: “NO, I don’t think so. Sorry Travis, but you’ll need more than that.”

Travis: “I don’t have more, I swear it, I’ll get you more later.”

Cody: “Do you believe him Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, maybe. But looking back, he isn’t all that trustworthy.”

Wesley: “Just give him the fucking bucket, I wanna get outta here and back to the party.”

Cody: “We’ll were working on that Wesley, but have some details to work out first.”

Jace: “Yah Cody, you an Nika just give him the bucket, you guys are being dicks.”

Cody: “Really Jace, now let’s think of what Travis and Wesley would do if things were reversed.”

Blake: “Yah Jace, he’s right, you guys would be having an auction for the fucking bucket.”

Travis: “Common Nika, I can’t hold it and I can’t get more money right now.”

Nika: “All right then, I believe you.”

Cody: “You gonna just give him the bucket then Nika?”

Travis: “Yah, he said he would.”

Nika: “No, I said I believe you. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll take your $5.00 or $6.00 now, and hold it, and place your bucket on lay-away. Then you can add a little more each week, and when you pay off the whole amount, you can have your bucket. How does that sound?”

Travis: “Like I’m gonna kick your fuckin-ass when I get my arm outta here Nika! You little Muther Fucker!”

Cody was laughing hysterically and Blake was enjoying himself too, you could tell by his laughter. On the other hand, Wesley and Jace, who for the first minute kinda got a laugh from it, were now kind of annoyed and felt bad for Travis. I’m usually not like this and a lot nicer than one would think, as is Cody. But we’ve taken a lot of shit from Travis and Wesley over the years, and like they say, “Paybacks a bitch!”

Wesley: “He doesn’t want to buy the bucket you guys, he only wants to use it once, just let him borrow it.”

Nika: “Yah Cody, Wesley’s right, he’s only gonna use it once, so what if we just let him borrow it?”

Cody: “Nika, but who’s gonna want a bucket that’s been peed in, its gonna depreciate and lose most of its market value.”

Nika: “Yah, right Cody, good point.”

Travis: “Fuck you guys, I don’t need to buy the bucket, and I’ll wash it when I’m done, please.” As a small wet spot the size of a silver dollar appeared at the front of his pants.

Cody: “Whoops, he’s losin it Nika…ha ha!”

Nika: “OK, OK. You don’t havta buy the bucket Travis.”

Travis: “Aghhh, thank God, bring it over here!”

Nika: “Wait a minute, You will have to pay a rental fee though!”

Wesley and Jace: “What the fuck guys. Enough already, just give him the bucket, he’s already started peeing.”

Travis: “OK, OK, I’ll pay the fee, just give me the bucket.”

Nika: “Don’t you want to know how much the fee is Travis?”

Travis: “Yah sure, how much is it, now give me the bucket!”

Nika: “Well, we’re not sure Travis, we haven’t researched it. Why don’t you wait here while Cody and I go upstairs and Google what the going rate is to rent a bucket to pee in. With any luck we’ll be back in 10 to 15 minutes!”

Travis: “Fuck you assholes, Fuck you Nika, I’m gonna kick your ass too Cody!”

Wesley: “Just give him the bucket, his spot’s getting bigger!”

Jace: “Yah, hurry up you guys, this isn’t funny anymore!”

Nika: “All right, unzip Travis.”

Travis: “Yah, yah, OK hurry!”

Travis used his left hand to unzip his pants and pull his inch penis out, and both Cody and I took a long drawn out look at it, as it was huge, not to mention not typical of a 11 soon to be 12 year old. I moved the bucket closer and when I got to within a couple feet of Travis, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He let a long stream fly and I jerked the bucket up and to the left catching it in mid stream. You could see Travis’ face was pouring with sweat, and his legs were trembling. Blake said “Enough of this, I’m gonna get another plate,” and Jace said, “Yah, wait-up Blake, I’m coming too, you guys are fucked up Nika!”

Wesley said: “Hang in there Travis, McFlanders will be back soon and we’ll get you out.”

Meanwhile Cody and I watched every second Travis peed, and he must have already let a quart fly and was still going. He was moaning and sighing and breathing hard, and was getting near the end as he was straining as it got to the point that it was stopping and starting again, and you could see he was wincing in pain. I could see Cody had a boner, as he was attempting to hide it.

Wesley: “This was the most fucked up thing you guys have done, and you’ll be sorry you did this. Hang in there Travis, you’re almost done.”

Cody: “Fuck you Wesley, you two have done way worse that this, a lot of times. You had it coming, and a lot more where this came from.”

Wesley: “We’ll see Cody, fuck you both, and Nika has some major payback coming.”

About then the last two or three squirts dribbled into the bucket, and Travis started to zip his pants up. Wesley had gone to the kitchen to grab some paper towel to wipe his brothers face and for Travis to stick down the front of his pants to help soak up the bit of pee he couldn’t hold that made the small spot in the front.

Nika: “Hey, you want us to mail you the rental agreement or can you remember the amount?”

Wesley: as Travis was still looking kinda queasy and sick: “Fuck you guys and your rental agreement, stuff it in your ass!”

Nika: “Why Cody, sounds like the boys are cross at us, and here we went to all the trouble to rent them a bucket so Travis didn’t wet himself more.”

Cody: “Yah Nika, can you imagine how ungrateful they are? I just hope they make their payment on time so they don’t get a late fee..ha ha!”

Wesley: “Yah laugh, fuck you two, it’s gonna be a long night, watch your back!”

With that, we set the bucket in the corner of the room and made our way outside laughing, bumping fists and enjoying the limelight and much desired payback on a long series of events taking place at our expense. When we got outside, it was completely dark by now, and all the yard lights and pool lights were on. It looked like Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyland with all different color lights circulated through the yard. Even my tree house looked psychedelic. We both looked at each other and said “POOL,” as we ran back into the house and up to my room to get our shorts on. As we were on our way up, Sasha was on his way down in his shorts.

Sasha: “Nika, wat’s up?”

Nika: “Just going to get changed Sash, see you in the pool, huh?”

Sasha: “Yah, have you seen Travis and Wesley? Their shorts are in my room.”

Nika: “Ha ha ha, yah, they’re in the game room buddy!”

Sasha: “What’s so funny guys?”

Cody: “Ha ha, you missed it Sash, just go through the game room on the way out to the pool and you’ll see.”

Sasha: “Ok, see you guys in a few.”

Nika: “Do you think they’re really gonna get us tonight Cody?”

Cody: “Fuck no, we’re at your house, and once they cool off, they’ll be fine. They know what dicks they’ve been the past few years and the shit they’ve done. They have to know they had some shit coming.”

As we made our way into my room, Blake was already in there and just pulling his underwear off, and he looked soo hot. Like 14 yr old in a 16 year olds body, and he was bigger down there than the twins. We both stopped and stared for a few seconds. I was trying not to get boned up, and I knew Cody was already there. Blake turned to look at us and smiled and shook his head.

Blake: “Jezz, why don’t you guys take a picture?”

I realized Cody’s face was bright red. I said, sorry Blake, didn’t know you were up here, sorry.”

Blake: “Don’t sweat it, hurry up and get changed. I’ll wait for you while you change, we can walk down together,” as he pulled his board shorts up over Blake-zilla (at least that’s what I’d name it. Probably breathes fire as well).”

Blake: “That was hella funny with my brothers earlier, Travis was pissed.”

Cody: “What about Jace, you went to grab some food with him, was he laughing?”

Blake: “No, not really, he thought it was kinda fucked-up.”

Cody: “After all they’ve done, he thought it was fucked-up?”

Blake: “He understood why you did it, and that maybe they had it coming, but he didn’t like it. Remember they’re pretty tight. But I don’t think he’ll hold it against you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

As we were talking, Blake was sitting on the bed, and Cody and I were pulling our pants off to slip our shorts on. Cody assumed we were lost in conversation and pulled his underwear down to finish getting changed and as he did, it revealed a tight red, 4 inch erection. Blake noticed it first and made eye contact with me to look over at. I did so without Cody being aware and looked back to Blake who raised his eyebrow up and down at me as if to say “See, I told you so!” We both smiled and silently laughed with each other, and Cody sensing the silence, moved to his left to shield our view from his front, still not suspecting we had seen his boner.

Nika: “So Blake, are we cool with Travis and Wesley, or should we worry?”

Nlake: “Nah, just chill Nika. Normally I’d say to watch out, but they had it coming for some time, so don’t sweat it. As soon as he’s free, they’ll have something to eat, smoke a bowl behind the fence or down at your boathouse, go for a swim, and everything will be fine. Just assume you guys are even now, and don’t push them on anything else for awhile.”

Nika: “Shit, that wasn’t even a drop in the bucket (no pun intended) compared to what they’ve done, but OK.”

We were done getting changed and I grabbed 3 beach towels out of my linen closet. Threw one each to Blake and Cody, and we started for the door just as Blake let go a HUGE 7 second monotone fart!

Nika: “Ahhhhh yuk Blake. That was nasty.”

Cody: “Shit man, that sounded wet, did you get any on yourself?”

Blake: “Nah, I think I’m OK, red meat always does that to me, and I’ve eaten like 2 lbs of prime rib so far.”

Nika: “Uhhh, are you sure you don’t wanna go in my bathroom and do a spot-check for some skid-marks?”

Blake: “Yah, I better just to be safe.”

We waited by the door while Blake went in my bathroom to inspect his crack, and we heard the toilet paper roll twirling and Blake yell out, “Yah, it was kinda greasy, a three wiper.” Then the toilet flush.

He came out and we made our way down the stairs and through the living room towards the back yard, and paused at the entryway to the game room. There was McFlanders and one of the other male teachers from our school lifting the front of the coke machine of its hinges and face up slowly lowering it to the floor. McFlanders said “Thar ya be lad, give er a pull.”

As they did that, Travis was able to lean forward and stretch his arm out straight and pull his arm up from the dispenser hole on the machine and freeing it.

He fell backward into Wesleys arms and sat there grimacing in pain with his brother holding onto him. His arm was cold and pale white as it had fallen asleep from little or no circulation and he was starting to get the “pins and needles” feeling when the blood starts to recirculate. We began laughing and they both heard us and looked in our direction.

“Oh, that’s it. You two are fucking dead, do you hear that Nika? Cody, you’re fucking dead!”

Just then Ben, their dad gave Travis a forehand slap across the backside of his head and said “Mind your manners. You a guest in their home, and you have no one to blame for this but yourself.”

You could tell Travis was Pissed with a capital P, and Blake said let’s go, so we bypassed the game room and went to the backyard directly through the living room.

5 Responses to “9010 Chapter 10 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. extremeadven Says:

    loved that chapter. It was well done. good flow to it and very entertaining.

    Thanks, marc

  2. Danny in Oz Says:

    The story line has got me hooked, I am in for the long haul!

  3. ATLCollgeGuy Says:

    After reading up to this point, I’m totally hooked! Awesome writing Cody!

  4. markie Says:

    wow been a yr since anyone’s reacted enough to comment. Well I’m hooked too, omg stirrin up memories. Cody you got a awesome story goin here!

  5. Gary Pete Says:

    that scene with the coke machine and the bucket is just hilarious !

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