9011 Chapter 11 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


We came into the backyard and there to my surprise was Mr. Weiner. I had extended him an invitation before, but he never came. He was in very good spirits and was talking to Blake’s mom and my mom and dad. I ran up and said “Hi Mr. Weiner, what are you doing here?”

Mr. Weiner: “Well I thought I was invited Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, of course you are sir, I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant.”

Mr, Weiner:”I know what you meant Nika, I was just playing with you. I was in such a good mood after our talk this afternoon that when I got home, I felt like celebrating. So I got one of my suits out of mothballs, dusted it off, and came over.”

Nika: “Well I’m certainly glad to see you, I never dreamed you would have shown up.”

Blake (and the twins) mom, “Yes, and he’s had some interesting things to tell us about you and your discussion this afternoon” (just as Travis and Wesley approached the group from the house).

Mom: “Yes young man, was there something you forgot to tell me?”

Nika: “Well, no, umm, you see, I had the nap, and I was gonna, but-“

Dad: “It’s OK Nika, I know you weren’t feeling well when you got home and took a nap, so you haven’t had time to talk to us about the job and the tutoring.”

Nika: “Yah, what he said mom.”

Blakes mom (Sara): “Well, I think it’s a wonderful Idea.”

The twins: “What is, what’s going on?”

Sara: “Oh hey you two, Just who I was looking for. You’re familiar with Mr. Weiner from your brothers school. Well today was his last day teaching come to find out. I was just saying what a wonderful idea Nika had for Mr. Weiner to begin tutoring lessons for the towns kids to help all of you out with your grades. And seeing as neither of you are old enough to work yet, and Blake can’t keep an eye on you all summer since he needs some time for himself.

I’ve signed you each up for two hours a day every weekday separately from one another to give you two some time apart and to catch you up in all you’re subjects. So you’ll be all caught up by September when the new school year begins. That’ll be 10 hours a week each, one on one. And Mr. Weiner will let us know about weekends. Isn’t that wonderful news, and hasn’t Nika come up with a absolutely brilliant idea?”

The Twins: “Oh yah, Nika’s just great, isn’t he wonderful. We plan on sharing some one-on-one time with him later and thank him for all he’s done for us today, personally. Imagine that, tutoring all summer long, all summer, aren’t we lucky. Boy I’m sure we’ll come up with a way to thank Nika, wont we Nika?”

Nika: “Oh, shit!”(under my breath).

My Mom: “What was that honey?”

Nika: “Oh nothing mom, nevermind. Blake, Cody, lets go, let’s go quick. Talk to you in a little while Mr. Weiner.”

Mr, Weiner: “Yes Nika, you are a wonderful boy.”

Sara: “Why yes he is Nadia(my mom).” “What an adorable boy he is. Not is he only cute as a button, but so conscientious as well. Why can’t you two be more like Nika, Travis?”

Blake: “Uhh, maybe now you might begin to worry a little Nika, they’re pissed before, now they’re like lava-hot. I know those looks, better just stay clear of them the rest of the night!”

Nika: “No shit, why do moms always jump in and say the worse possible things at the worse possible times?”

Cody: “I don’t know Nika, but I wouldn’t want to be in your skin right now.”

Nika: “Fuck you Cody, you’re as much to blame as I am. And you had as much to do with the Coke machine and bucket shit as I did.”

Cody: “Yah, but I didn’t just Nuke their whole summer dude….did I dumb-ass?”

Blake: “You two just stay close to me the rest of the night, and I’ll talk to them tomorrow. The tutoring shit wasn’t your fault Nika, just bad timing. And it’s best to let them fume and not approach them tonight. Just stay within line of sight and/or earshot of me if anything goes down.”

Cody: “Yah, good idea, but lets hit the pool now.”

Nika: “I’ve kinda lost my appetite Cody, lets just swim awhile.”

As we made our way over and dove in, we could still see Travis and Wesley getting lectured by their mom. With my mom and dad and Mr. Weiner all speaking, laughing, and sipping wine, oblivious to any of the other predicaments. The whole time the twins were getting spoken to, you could see across the yard that they had their eyes on me (and Cody too I hope…once again, misery loves company).

We stayed in the pool for the traditional volleyball, blind tag, and chicken-fights, and had quite a few teams going at it with some pretty close competition. Cody had Sasha on his back, as they’d always had a close bond and teamed up in competition events we all played when we got together, sports and even games. Both video and traditional, like Monopoly and such.

Blake had Porter and that cutie Tanner on him (one at a time of course), as they were two of the smallest kids to usually show up. And it was always accepted that since Blake was the biggest, and had a good “base”, that he should be topped with one of the smaller kids to help even things out in the chicken fight competition. I had one of the “neighbor” kids (actually a little closer than neighbors), Sequoia. We always felt close to one another, and I have to say with my recent revelations, it now made perfect sense.

For the first time, I realized I did not only take to him for his soft demeanor and kindness, but also for his physical beauty. He was the twins and Sasha’s age, but much more mature and “earthy” than Sash or the twins. He usually preferred the company of older kids and when he had time, usually liked hanging around me and the posse. Don’t get me wrong, the kid was soft spoken and not big for his age. But was as tough as nails and more than a match for even Travis or Wesley one on one, with a couple small scars on his forehead and chin to prove it.

He spent most of his time staying at home looking after his 5-year-old sister. His dad was Mexican and Native North American and his mom native American, thus the name Sequoia. His father was deported when picked up trying to get some work as a day laborer some years back while trying to provide for their family. And his whereabouts to this day remain unknown. It was left to his mom to support him and his little sister.

That was kinda the end of Sequoia’s childhood, and he had to take every odd job that a kid could do to help his mom get by. And as far as his free time, there wasn’t much of that anymore. When they were evicted from the little apartment in South Clear Lake they had been renting, my parents took them in and offered them the use of one of our guest houses. They had no choice, and have been here ever since. We’d often find work for him and his mom to do around here to help them make ends meet, and are very appreciative and careful not to make it look like charity, as we all feel as they are family.

I have heard my parents talk many times about just giving them the house to live in rent free, but they said it’s a pride thing and Sequoia’s mom would have none of it. So for the time being, they seem to be keeping their heads above water. And with the extra work we give them, and all the spare food and clothes we have around here, a lot that I’d never even worn (my moms a shopper), they are more than making out.

Now back to Sequoia. He is a phenomenon to look at, and everybody who comes across him the first time they see him, have to do a double take. His height is average for his age (yah, so about my height…damn it), he has dark reddish-brown skin, and is quite lean and thin. But he has physical attributes that people just aren’t accustomed to. He has a very soft face, almost like a girl, with beautiful thin eyebrows, and long straight black hair, down past his waist, but with no other body hair to speak of, including arms and legs (completely smooth from head to toe).

And the most striking of all, emerald green eyes that are almost identical to Cody’s (yah, very odd for his heritage). He is often mistaken for a girl, and I’ll have to say, between his uncommon good looks, and natural, quiet, “green” disposition, he’s coveted by everyone, including older girls. My sister and her friends often are overheard making comments like, “wait till he turns 15 or 16”, and “Wow, I can’t wait to tap into that”!

We had always been very close, and if I had to do my best to describe him, I’d say that he had the disposition of a actual Native American boy that roamed the plains 140 or 150 years ago. And if I had to lay out a course for which his future would have been at that time, I’d say he would have been a medicine man, or something like that as he had a weird ability to see the future, and a strange bond with the native animals.

I look down from my balcony sometimes and he’ll be sitting on a dead toppled pine tree inches from a bald eagle or red tailed hawk that he coaxed down from the trees or nearby peaks. Or he’ll be playing with one of the black bears that raid our garbage depot 3 or 4 times a week. Whatever it is, it is very mystical, and also very breathtaking.

Now that the pool thing is done and all of our hands and fingers were pruned up and we ingested enough pool water for the next week, it was time to get out and dry off. I was finally feeling hungry again, and Cody kept bringing up food every 10 minutes or so. But I was a little uneasy as I had not seen the twins in a good hour and a half, and was becoming a bit worried (or maybe just paranoid).

Were they out there somewhere plotting? I grabbed one of the towels on the lounge chairs and threw a few to some of the others. Then I ran it through my hair and across my back, chest, and down my legs getting most of the water off, but still enough left in my shorts to continue dripping down my legs and off my feet for awhile.

I made my way towards the BBQ as it was now after 10:00, I’d say more like 10:30, and they were beginning to clean things up and starting to put some stuff away. I had Blake, Cody, and Sequoia all joining me. And as I approached, there was the one Chef from earlier looking past us. Then he zoned in on us once recognizing who was approaching. As I pretended I was looking off to one side, I could see he looked Cody and Blake over, ignoring Sequoia, and then settled his eyes on me as his prize. I couldn’t help but laugh inside.

Then something strange happened. He looked at Sequoia and did a double take as Sequoia took his towel off from around his back and chest and wrapped it around his waist to soak up the water in his shorts. The chef looked surprised to see his bare chest and his jaw dropped to the floor. Wow, he had no initial interest in Sequoia what-so-ever as we approached?

Holy shit, he thought Sequoia was a girl. And once Sequioa removed the towel, and he saw the bare chest and board shorts, the guy literally freaked, and was visibly shaken. He had no interest in a pretty girl, but a pretty girl who is actually a beautiful boy, is something else completely. The others hadn’t noticed any of this, and I was now staring at him and began laughing a little out loud as I pieced it all together, and saw what had just happened. The chef saw me and grabbed a pot and moved back behind the other chef as he adjusted the front of his shorts that were tented up and looking quite uncomfortable.

Blake: “What are you laughing about Nika?”

Nika: “Ahh, nothing Blake, it’s no big deal.”

Blake: “Well quit acting like a fool, fool.”

I looked over at Sequoia and smiled, and he looked back at me and returned the smile. Then looked down at the ground, letting out a small laugh, before saying, “I know, I know.”

Blake again said, “What dorks, what’s going on?”

Cody: “Yah, what is it?”

Sequoia, very softly: “Just an inside joke between me and Nika, it has nothing to do with you guys, so don’t stress it.”

I said, “Yah, she’s, or ummm, I mean he’s right” And with that Sequoia and I both began laughing again. Hard this time leaning against one another with our heads together, kinda as if we were holding one another up. Blake and Cody just looked at one another and said, “fucking idiots…huh!”

Meanwhile one chef moved forward to tell us what was left and to inquire what we’d like. While his partner, red-faced and caught looking, stood in the background trying to look busy.

We each grabbed a plate and Cody and Blake each took a couple large slabs of the more rare prime rib left, and I grabbed a nice piece of salmon. The chef was about to slap a slab of prime rib on Sequoia’s plate, when Sequoia pulled back his plate and said, “just the salmon please sir, I will not eat an animal, are we not animal’s ourselves?”

The chef paused for a second not knowing what to say or how to react, and scratched his head trying to figure out if he was being fucked with or what. But Sequoia’s expression did not change and he remained there with his plate held out, steely eyed. The chef nodded his head as if to say yes and placed a large fillet of salmon on Sequoia’s plate along with a cob of corn. As we left the BBQ, I glanced back, and the chef who served us was standing there with his mouth still open. And the other had moved to the side to get a better look at us as we walked away with his eye’s firmly set on Sequoia’s ass (which is so hard and tight, you could bounce a quarter off it).

We made our way over to the buffet table to see what kind of side dishes were left, and in scanning the yard I could tell about half or three fifths of the crowd had gone home or elsewhere, and still no twins. I said, “Hey Cody, have you seen Lucifer and Satan around in the last hour or so?”

He said, “No, and I’ve kinda been on the look-out too.”

Blake: “Come on you guys, don’t call them that, especially in front of me, they’re my little brothers.”

Cody: “Yah Blake, But you don’t know what they’re capable of, and you’re big enough to deal with them.”

Blake: “What are you talking about Cody, I LIVE with them.”

Cody: “OK, OK, you’re right.”

Just then from behind us, Reiley piped in outta nowhere, “They left around 40 minutes ago with Jace. They said they had enough of you and your family for one day Nika. And that there will surely be another time.”

Nika: “Oh hey Reiley, where have you been and what happened to KC?”

Reiley: “Hey Nika, KC’s been making out in the sauna room with one of your sisters friends, and I’ve been networking with your Dad and some of his business partners.”

Blake: “Get a life freak.”

Reiley: “I got one, and just say that in ten years when you’re poor like your mom and dad, and I own this town.”

Blake: “Fuck you Reiley, my mom and dad aren’t poor Mother Fucker!”

Cody and I jumped in the middle of Blake and Reiley before things got escalated and Sequoia walked up to both of them, “Remember this; a man will be measured for but a short time here on his journey by material gains. But for eternity by the friends he makes and the good he does. Remember that a man, with all the wealth in the world, that lifted his fingers to help no one, is seen in the eyes of those who have passed before us, and that we will someday take the journey to meet again, less worthy to join our elders, or be held in such high regard as one poor child that suffers!”

Now some would say a soft- voiced 11 or 12 year old saying those words would be looked over if not outright ignored or laughed at, but there was something powerful in what he said and how it was said. Sequoia rarely spoke, and when he did, it was always wise to listen. And as the five of us stood there silent for a good minute looking at each other and the ground, I began to rub my arms as I had goosebumps on them, and it was not from being cold. And as I looked around, I could see that all of us with the exception of Sequoia also had goosebumps as well. Blake and Reiley who were both looking down at the ground and began to look up and speak at the same time, “I’m really sorry Reiley/Blake.”

“No, it’s my-“

“Opps, no you go.”

Reilly: “OK, I had no right to talk to you, or bring up your family like that Blake. You know I love you and we’ve been friends for a long, long time now. I’m really, really sorry. I won’t let it happen again.”

Blake: “I’m really sorry too Reiley. I had no right to comment on what you do at a party or who you talk to. Everybody comes to do what they want and what they have a good time doing. I think I was just a little mad that you and KC weren’t spending time with the rest of us. And that we shoulda been together tonight. But it’s not my place to tell either of you what to do. But you seem so serious sometimes, and were still kids. I mean I can understand KC wanting to get on Tasha or one of her friends, cause that’s what we think about at our age.”

Nika: “Hey, watch it Blake, that’s my sister!”

Blake: “Sorry Nika, but relax, I didn’t mean anything by it. And you know he would, if she gave him half a chance.”

Nika: “Yah, I guess so.”

Blake: “All I’m saying is, it just seems you’re trying to grow up too fast Reiley. And speaking for myself, I’ve missed you lately, you didn’t even swim with us tonight.”

Reiley: “Thanks Blake, I know I overdo it sometimes, but it’s all me and my dad talk about at home and the only thing we have in common. And the way we communicate, so it gets confusing and hard to turn off once I leave the house. That’s his tag line for me and I hear it all the time, network, network, network. I miss hanging with you guys too, and I’ll pay better attention to it from now on. Peace?”

Blake: “Yah, Peace.”

With that they gave each other a big hug and held for a minute or so, showing it was for real and meaningful, before they broke apart and Reiley walked away. Then Reiley said, “Hey Blake?”

Blake: “Yah Reiles, sup?”

With that Reiley turned to smile at Blake and then ran head first at the pool before taking a long dive out over and into the water with his clothes, shoes and socks all still on.

Blake and the rest of us began to laugh, and when all of our eyes met, we all shed the towels and ran straight at and into the pool. We hit the water in a huge splash as Reiley was almost down to his Tommy boxer briefs as he was stripping his cloths off as fast as he could. We all began to splash and dunk each other heads under the water and make like it was 12:00 noon, and not past 11:00pm. As Cody grabbed Reiley from behind, Blake and I disposed of his undies leaving him pantsed and bare-ass naked.

He wasn’t alone for too long before Blake and I double-crossed Cody and stripped him as well. Sensing he was next 10 or 12 yards away, but quite aware of what the rest of us were up to, Sequoia dropped his as well, and Blake and I looked at each other without having to say a word (when in Rome) and off came ours too.

There were very few people left, and those who were still here were mostly inside. And most of the lights by the pool were out, except for the ones over by the BBQ and buffet table, where yes, our horny chef was watching eagerly as 4 sets of boards shorts and a pair of underwear came flying out of the pool and onto the wet tile.

It was the best time of the night and we swam and dove down into the caverns area with all the different colored lights were on illuminating the water. If Disneyworld had a pool, this would have been it. It was magical. We started up the chicken fights again, but were a player short of three teams when we heard a splash in the deep end of the pool and looked over to see KC swim naked to the surface after having just jumped off of the upstairs balcony into the water. Blake said “where did you come from dip-shit?”

One Response to “9011 Chapter 11 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. ATLCollgeGuy Says:

    It’s great how you describe the interaction between the friends so well. Reminds me of me and my friends growing up. All those hidden funny things we knew/know about each other!

    On to the next chapter!

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