9015 Chapter 15 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


As we sat on the sleeping bag between a couple bean bags, both trying to avoid eye contact with one another, I finally let out a little laugh and said, “This is stupid Codes!”

Cody, “What is?”

Nika, “We’ve known each other almost all our lives, and gone through just about everything best friends can go through. So why should this be any different? It seems like if I was doing this with someone new, then I’d be nervous, thinking, man I wish this was Cody so it’d be easier.”

Cody, “Yah Nika, you’re right. Why are we sooo nervous? Why does this feel soo awkward?”

Nika, “I think cause its just new to both of us, and we’re virgins Cody. Maybe it’s supposed to feel this way `cause it’s special. I guess I’m kinda glad you feel this way and have never done anything with anyone before. I think this is probably how everyone feels when its their first time, `cause it’s so special. And maybe it’s a reminder of how special we are to each other. `Cause if I didn’t care about you so much, I probably wouldn’t be so nervous, `cause I wouldn’t care what you thought.”

Cody, “Yah, I think you’re right, so what if were not good at this and what do we do now. How do we learn to love?”

Nika, “I think I know Cody.”

Cody, “OK, can you let me in on it.”

Nika, “Yah, come over here. Lean your back against my front here Cody. That’s it.” I wrapped my arms around him and placed my hands on his as I laid my back against a beanbag with both of our legs spread and our socked feet both moving from side to side to help release a little bit of the tension.

Nika, “This feels good. Now this is how we always watch TV and lay around and talk. Maybe the secret, or answer, is not to try too hard. I mean, this feels natural for both of us because it’s how we always lay together. Maybe we just need to keep it simple and the other stuff will come naturally as we ease into who we are as our love blossoms.”

Cody, “It is love Nika, at least for me it is. You know that, don’t you?”

Nika, “Yes Cody, I can feel that, and those are my feelings for you as well. You do believe me, don’t you?”

Cody, “I always believe what you tell me Nika, nothing has happened to change that.”

Nika, “OK then, now that we seem calm, and we’re focused again, we can just talk about how we feel about each other. What we need from one another, and our feelings. Especially what we feel physically. I know it’s probably gonna be embarrassing and hard at first, but we can just go slow and take our time. And don’t be scared, so it stops you from telling me how you feel. And we have to promise each other we won’t laugh at what we say to each other. OK?”

Cody, “Yah, OK. I promise if you do. So who starts? And does sex scare you Nika?”

Nika, “Everything new is kinda scary Cody. Change is scary. But it’s also very rewarding, and your fucking beautiful to me, so it’s gonna be worth it. Don’t you think so?”

Cody, “Hell yah, but I’m just worried cause I’ve never done it before. So what if I’m not as good at it as you are? Are you gonna be mad, and maybe not like me anymore?”

Nika, “That’s not gonna happen Cody. I’ve never done it before either, so its gonna be a learning experience for both of us. I’m sure were both gonna make mistakes, and it’s not gonna be A material until we figure out what were doing. But it’s gonna be together Cody. So were both gonna learn together, just like everything else we do. And were both pretty good at everything we do, so why should we think sex is gonna be any different?”

Cody, “So let’s just think of this as like a science project at school or something Nika, And we were both put together as a team, so we’re both graded on what we come up with together.”

Nika, “Haha, OK, Codes, but if that’s the case then we better make it a biology experiment.”

Cody, “You dork, no doubt. That feels good Nika, keep doing it.”

Nika, “What Cody?”

Cody, “The way you’re petting the little hairs on my arms with your hands. Nika, it feels good. Will you keep doing it while we talk? Why are you doing that, and what made you do it anyway?”

Nika, “You asked earlier who goes first, didn’t you Cody?”

Cody, “Well yah.”

Nika, “Then I just went first. I’m learning. I’ve always been attracted to the soft hairs on your arms and legs Cody. And I’ve always wanted to feel them, and now that we’ve come out to each other, I thought it would be a good place to start. See, sex can be that easy.”

Cody, “Yah, I see what you mean. Maybe we just need to experiment like that and not try to think too hard.”

Nika, “Exactly.”

Cody, “OK, then I have something to tell you too Nika.”

Nika, “OK, go ahead.”

Cody, “You asked earlier why I always stick my face and nose in your hair and smell?”

Nika, “Yah, so?”

Cody, “It’s because I’m attracted to the way you smell, and it makes me get a boner alot of times. Stupid huh?”

Nika, “No, it isn’t Cody, and I have a boner right now from caressing your little arm hairs.”

Cody, “Fer real, do you really?”

Nika, “Yah, here, can you feel it?” As I pushed my hips against his back.

Cody, “Yah, you do Nika, I can feel it. That’s soo kool.”

Nika, “And remember when I passed out at school yesterday?”

Cody, “Yah, what about it?”

Nika, “I smelled you. At least your deodorant and green apple shampoo. And the rest of you when the breeze hit me Cody. I was hard as hell, and that’s just before the lights went out. So the smell thing isn’t stupid, and I know exactly what your talking about.”

Cody, “That’s so kool Nika, I feel so much better now about that. I always felt kinda guilty after I smell your hair and got boned up, like I was a pervert or something.”

Nika, “Well you’re not, and wanna know another secret?”

Cody, “Yah, what?”

Nika, “Sometimes when I’m horny when I go to bed, and get on my pillow and hump into it to get off, I, I…”

Cody, “Yah, you what?”

Nika, “….Don’t laugh?”

Cody, “Won’t, promise….go ahead, you what?”

Nika, “I put a piece of your clothing you left here on the pillow and I bury my face in it. Especially a pair of your underwear if I have some, so I get your smell. It makes me get-off so much harder and faster Cody.”

Cody, “Thats soo fucking HOT Nika. This is so much easier than it was ten or fifteen minutes ago. I feel so much better now. This feels great. And I got a boner from you feeling my arm hairs, they feel all tingly.”

Nika, “Kool. Wanna take just our sweatpants off for now, to get more comfortable I mean…haha.”

Cody, “Yah, let’s take our shirts off too. Underwear and socks is how we always sleep anyway, at least since we ditched our pajamas a few years ago.”

Nika, “Nice, that way I can feel…Um..”

Cody, “Feel what Nika?”

Nika, “Your hair Cody, I mean, on your legs….against mine. Kinda awkward again, but you have more hair in all the right places then I do, and I kinda have a thing for your body hair Cody. I like looking at it and feeling it. It’s one of the things that makes me very attracted to you.”

Cody, “You mean like the way you’ve been feeling my arm hairs?”

Nika, “Yah, it looks and feels good. I wanna touch you other places too, but have never had the chance `cause I was scared of what you would think.”

Cody, “Like what other places, I don’t have much hair Nika.”

Nika, “I know, its just since you started puberty, you’ve been a little ahead of me in that department, and I just like the way it looks and feels.”

Cody, “Like where do you wanna touch besides my arms and legs? My head?”

Nika, “Well, I get to do that anyway, but maybe the soft patch starting in your armpits.”

Cody, “Haha, sex is hella weird….huh Nika?”

Nika: “Yah it is, but you don’t mind do you?”

Cody: “No, it’s all good. I guess when I think about it, I like all the little blond hairs on you too. They’re so bright and reflective, like in the sunshine and stuff Nika.”

Nika, “Kool, you can feel anywhere you want Cody, OK? Sooo, can I?”

Cody, “Yah, anything you want as long as we’re alone Nika, I don’t want our friends watching you stroke my arms, legs, and haha….armpits. OK?”

Nika, “Yah, I know, and keep sniffing my head whenever you want to Cody.”

Cody, “There is one thing I want to know, err do, since we’re on the subject of hair Nika, and I’ve been waiting a long time.”

Nika, “Sure, anything, what is it?”

Cody, “Your pubes, can I see your pubes?”

Nika, “Haha, yah, but you’ve seen me shower and change in front of you lots of times, why are you curious about that now?”

Cody, “Umm, because you didn’t have any when I did. I was like four months ahead of you, and when you did get them this year finally, they’re so blond and lite, I never got a real good look close up. Sometimes when I have looked, I couldn’t even tell they were there.”

Nika, “I know, Sash is the hairy one in our family. He’s a hairy little fucker, but it looks good on him.”

Cody, “He has pubes already Nika?”

Nika, “Yup, started getting them the same time I did, and already has more, and some on his balls too. They’re real soft, fine, and silky, but they are there.”

Cody, “That’s so weird, he’s what, two years younger than you Nika?”

Nika, “A little over a year and a half anyway.”

Cody, “He is a cutie, and he’s gonna be hella hot Nika.”

Nika, “And straight too Cody…..OK?”

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