9017 Chapter 17 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


“Wake up sleepyhead….wakeee up my Nika.”

“Huh, what, what. Where am I? And who are you? What, wait a minute, what are you doing up here Sasha? How did you get up here, we pulled the ladder up. What time is it? And why are you undressed? It’s freezing Sash, get under here with me, hurry!”

“Sure Nika, I was just waiting for you to ask that.”

“Well, duhhh, why wouldn’t I, you think I’m gonna let my lil brother freeze to death up here? And how did you get up here and where is Sequoia? And what time is it?”

“Don’t worry about him Nik, and just hug me close and smell me Nika. Yahhh, that’s it, take in my smell big brother. Yes, you’re doing just fine.”

“Sash, what are you doing? And why are you naked and soo stiff lil brother?”

“Don’t worry about that big brother, just enjoy my company and take me in Nika. I know what I’m doing and what’s best for both of us.”

“No Sash, no. This isn’t right. Something isn’t right. I don’t feel like this. I know my feelings for you, and it’s love, not lust. Stop, and quit rubbing on me. It’s my job to teach you and protect you. Why are you doing this, and why are you here?”

“Quit thinking about it Nika, quit being the Boy Scout and trying to do what’s right. You know how you feel right now, and your harder than I am Nika. Live for the moment big brother and enjoy what I am offering you. Yess, that’s it, keep pressing Nika, keep pumping. It’s what you need Nika. It’s what I need Nika. Faster Nika, that’s it, faster big brother. Yes Nika, I can feel you leaking on my leg big brother. That’s it, it wont be long now. You will feel relief, and release your seed in me Nika. Take me and be my teacher, big brother.”

“Ahh, yes Sash, yes. It’s so good. You smell sooo good lil bro, you feel soo good. AHHH Sash, ahh Sasha, I’m sooo close Sasha….but….

“But what my Nika, my teacher, you’re my love today?”

“But, but, what about Cody, we’re gonna wake him up, it’s not right.”

“Don’t worry about him Nika, I’ll see that he stays asleep, as long as we need him to, just go with your feelings Nika. You know you want me like this. You know you want my thin, soft downey covered arms and legs big brother. Go with what you feel right now and satisfy both our needs Nika.”

“But what about you Sash, but what about after? Your straight. How can this be? How can you be up here? How can you be like this? And how can you keep Cody asleep?”

“Too many questions Nika. I know you’re close, I can feel your urgency, your desires, your needs, your thrusts. That’s it Nika, pump harder my lover, pump harder, just another few seconds and it will all be over Nika, you will feel satisfaction.”

“Ohh Sasha, you smell and feel so good, I love you lil brother. But, but something’s not right. Why are you so horny? And your eyes, there so black Sash, somethings wrong Sash. Somethings not right.”

“Shhhh, stop Nika, shut up and just do it big brother, stop thinking. Live for now big brother. You can’t pass this up.”

“NO, I can Sasha, or whatever you are. Your not supposed to be like this, little brother. I can pass this up, and I will pass on this. Get off of me, NOW! Get off. It’s my job to protect you, not do this with you. This is not how or who you are. And that’s what I will do, protect you. Go away whoever you are! I know what we have and it’s honest and beautiful and real, Sasha. Go back to where you came from and leave me be. I won’t be fooled by my feelings. And I see through who you are and what you are trying to do right now. Get off my beanbag, I’m your big brother, not your lover. The real Sash is my life, and I love him. This will not pass. Stop this now, and let me be. Cody is this part of my life, and not you, whoever you are.”

“Ahhh Nika, you fool. You made a big mistake, I will be back. I will not go away for long. But have it your way for now. You will give in to me eventually.”

“NO, I won’t. And don’t count on that happening any time soon…..poser. I know Sasha is my family and I know better than what you are doing. You will not return, and I will wake up soon knowing I did the right thing. Be gone, NOW.”

“As you wish you foolish boy!”

With that came a welcome end to a unwanted dream, nightmare, visitor, whatever it was. I was breathing hard and sweating with a feeling of relief that I had just dodged a dangerous situation. I guess the kind of relief I felt when I was able to push Cody from the falling tree limb, both scared and relieved at the same time. And all this still unaware that I was still asleep. I did sorta wake up for a minute or so in kinda a half-asleep, half-awake stupor only to walk outside to pee, and to see a breeze blowing the strings from the blinds on the windows.

A little flicker of the red glow of a rising sun came through it in bits and pieces before I laid my head back down and felt Cody’s arm over my chest pulling me into him. And of course his breath on my back. With that, I closed my eyes again, let out a deep breath, and drifted back into a tranquil sleep.

It didn’t seem at all long afterwards that I started to come to, shaking my head in a twitching motion every few seconds. I went from sound asleep to half asleep to opening my eyes at a tickling sensation on my eyelashes. I tried to focus, and there was Cody laying on top of me looking down into my face with his eyes looking into mine, smiling as he was touching his finger tip to my eye lashes, making me blink and my head twitch.

Nika: “What the fuck are you doing Cody?”

Cody:”I don’t know. Just waking you up and seeing if I can have some fun while doing it”.

Nika: “Making me twitch and blink is your idea of fun?”

Cody: “Haha, nooo, I have other ideas of fun in mind that having nothing to do with you blinking, but some twitching could be involved.”

Nika: “Haha, yah, I bet you do. What time is it anyway?”

Cody: “It’s almost 11:00, sleepy head. You slept most of the morning. I’ve already been down to the house and brought up some orange juice.”

I noticed that Cody had his shorts on over his boxers and his Ugg boats as well, with no shirt. I said, “You went down to the house bring us up orange juice?”

Cody: “Nah, went down ta take a shit, but since I was down there, I grabbed the orange juice too.”

Nika: “Hope you washed your hands first doofus.”

Cody: “Yah, in your hair Nika, and dried `em that way too.”

Nika: “I’ve been asleep all this time?”

Cody: “Umm, yah, `cept for a minute or two this morning, you were up for a couple moments. Scarred the hell outta me for a minute.”

Nika: “Why’s that?”

Cody: “Cause you got up, walked over to the balcony, and took a piss, and never opened your eyes. I ran over and stood right behind you while you did. I thought you were gonna walk right off the edge.”

Nika: “That’s weird, I sleep walk?'”

Cody: “I guess so. You know your dick sure is little in the morning when you get up to pee. It was kinda cute.”

Nika: “Shut-up Cody. It was probably cold.”

Cody: “Yah, it was cold, and so is mine, so no worries. It rained a couple times, but only for a few minutes, but its sunny and warming up now.”

Nika: “Cool, any sign of anyone up yet??”

Cody: “Your Mom was having coffee and reading the newspaper and your dad was packing the SUV to go golfing I think, but no sign of anyone else being up. Some of Tasha’s friends were on the couch and floor in sleeping bags in the living room. But they were asleep and all the blinds were shut. It was hella dark.”

Nika: “Wow, give me some of that juice, my mouth tastes like shit.”

Cody: “Oh yah, that’s where I did it…haha.”

Nika: “Fuck you, juice me…..now bitch.”

Cody: “Here ya go, Curly.”

Nika: “Ahhh, that’s good. I feel pretty good this morning, otherwise.”

Cody: “What’s left of it anyway.”

Nika: “Did you have a headache when you got up?”

Cody: “Nope, felt fine other than having to pee. Then when I went over and peed over the railing, I felt the other thing coming and went down and went inside.”

Nika: “Yah, I gotta pee again.”

Cody: “You need to take a dump too?”

Nika: “No, but I didn’t eat as much as you and Blake did….remember?”

Cody: “Yah, you and little “I will not eat an animal” Indian-boy ate hardly anything. `Cept a piece of salmon I think.”

Nika: “Yup, but I’m hungry this morning. Hey hand me a bottle of Gatorade, I gotta pee.”

Cody: “Yah, good idea. Refill at the same time your peeing, that’s efficiency Nika.”

Nika: “Haha, yup.”

Cody: “Did you sleep ok Nika? You were kinda fidgeting and talking in your sleep early this morning. I was half asleep, so I didn’t catch what you were saying.”

Nika: “Yah, `cept for a little while I had a weird dream.”

Cody: “Was it a good one?”

Nika: “No.”

Cody: “What was it about?”

I thought to early this morning and retraced some of my ordeal and thought it best not to say anything. As I hadn’t responded for a few seconds, Cody snapped his fingers in front of my face and asked again what my dream was about. “Uhhh, I can’t remember Cody.”

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