9020 Chapter 20 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Nika: “Why can I feel some of that Sequoia, but not understand it completely? I mean I think I understand some things more than others. Can anyone else understand these things?”

Sequoia: “Yes, some. It’s a gift. You were born with a gift of your own Nika.” You’ve just chosen to ignore it and not develop it.”

Nika: “I have a gift, what is it?”

Sequoia: “You know what I am talking of Nika. Don’t be ashamed of it or deny it.”

Nika: “You’re talking about the way Cody and I can communicate sometimes, and read each others thoughts, aren’t you? You’re talking about twinergy…huh?”

Sequoia: “You know I am Nika. But its much more than that.”

Nika: “What Sequoia, what is? And does that mean Cody can understand it some too?”

Sequoia: “Yes, it does, but I do not feel it as intensely in him. And there is another as well, very close to you, who hasn’t yet matured enough to realize it, but soon will.”

Nika: “Who Sequoia, and will it get stronger?”

Sequoia: “It’s more than you want to be aware of right now Nika. As for the others, it’s best to leave sleeping dogs lay. You haven’t developed it as much or chosen to recognize it because of fear. You trivialize your connection with Cody and your ability to randomly read peoples thoughts when they are emotional, as intuition or coincidence. It is much more than that, and it is very rare Nika.”

Nika: “Does the incident up it the tree house with Cody have something to do with it too Sequoia? I mean feeling something was going to happen?”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, it does….very good.”

Nika: “So Cody would be dead if I didn’t get these weird premonitions?”

Sequoia: “Yes, most likely dead. Or gravely injured.”

Nika: “Wow, maybe it isn’t a bad thing then after all Sequoia. Maybe I don’t have to be scared of it then.”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, it can be a bad thing, a very bad thing indeed. It’s what you make of it and how you use it.”

Nika: “I don’t understand, it saved Cody’s life?”

Sequoia: “Yes it did, but it wasn’t that easy Nika.”

Nika: “Why not Sequoia, I had the feeling, and I acted on it.”

Sequoia: “Did you Nika?”

Nika: “Yes, of course I did, you just told me so. So that means it’s a good thing.”

Sequoia: “You did act on it Nika, and in this case, it was a good thing. But it took much interference from me for you to do so.”

Nika: “What do mean Sequoia, how so? You need to stop talking in riddles and tell me what’s going on. You’re confusing me, and after last night, I feel like I’m cursed.”

Sequoia: “In a sense you have been Nika. But to help enlighten you, and to help release you from your burden, we will take these questions one at a time.”

Nika: “Please Sequoia, I’m hurting.”

Sequoia: “I know my brother, I will make sense of things for you. I feel it is time.”

Nika: “You mean you have known all along about this stuff and me?”

Sequoia: “Yes, I, as a little boy was able to keen in on you and Cody and what went on privately between you two from your thoughts. I was able to pick up on it the same way I am able to recognize other people like myself. Those people who understand that there is more to the world then what you see. And that sometimes the things you cannot see are more real and powerful than 99% of the people who walk the earth give credit to.”

Nika: “Like me and Cody?”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, but that is just a small part. There are others who are very powerful, who walk among us. I will begin from the beginning. Once I recognized you and Cody, when I was a child, I felt less alone in the world. There were others with a gift, even if on a much smaller scale. As I picked up on your thoughts, I felt a part of your intense friendship Nika. And to this day, I have seen very few people with a heart as pure as you and Cody’s, especially yours Nika.”

Nika: “Thanks Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “As I watched the two of you over the years, three things stood out to me.”

Nika: “What Sequoia, what things?”

Sequoia: “One, that you were both unaware it is a gift, and unaware that you even had it. You passed it off as a feeling, and labeled it “Twinergy”. Secondly, Cody possesses it, but not as intensely as you do.

Nika: “And whats third Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “The third is that neither of you has tried to develop it. Or realized it is a gift given for a purpose and not something random.”

Nika: “If that’s the case Sequoia, then there is someone or something like on a higher level or on the other side that chooses and gives it to you then?”

Sequoia: “Very good Nika, now you are thinking.”

Nika: “Then who or what is it Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “That, is for you to discover my friend.”

Nika: “Ok, self-discovery I guess. I get it.”

Sequoia: “About the incident with Cody, I intervened in that. I took a chance.”

Nika: “No you didn’t Sequoia, I listened to my inner voice, just like you said.”

Sequoia: “You had the chance to listen to your inner voice Nika. But you hesitated. It was me who you listened to that night, and I am unsure whether I will pay a price for my interference.”

Nika: “How did you interfere Sequoia, and what do you mean by pay a price?”

Sequoia: “I was aware of your dream in your room when Blake had to wake you up, and thought that would be enough for you to react last night in the treehouse. But as insurance, I reminded you as Sasha and I where walking up the stairs to his room. You and Cody were heading down the stairs on your way out to the treehouse, do you remember that?”

Nika: “Yes, you told me something about listening to my inner voice when the time came….right?”

Sequoia: “Yes, and when the time came, you did listen, but you hesitated.”

Nika: “I, I, I don’t know sequoia. It all happened so fast, and so slow at the same time. It’s like Cody was peeing and everything came along at normal speed, but then I had the feeling, and thought about what happened next, and waited for the sound. The snap. Then things slowed down, like slow motion.”

Sequoia: “Yes, and it was that hesitation, waiting on the snap that would have cost your friend his life.”

Nika: “What do you mean Sequoia, Cody’s fine, I pushed him outta the way.”

Sequoia: “You pushed him out of the way Nika, because I interfered.”

Nika: “But how?”

Sequoia: “In two ways Nika. First, it was my voice you heard in your head while you were sitting there waiting for the snap. And second, it was I who pushed you so that you could get to Cody in time.”

Nika: “But you, you weren’t there Sequoia, you weren’t there…..you weren’t!”

Sequoia: “Wasn’t I Nika.”

Nika: “No, it cant be. I remember, I, I did hear your voice Sequoia, after I had my premonition. I heard you talking to me. Telling me to get up and run to Cody.”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, now think. What happened next? What do you remember next?”

Nika: “Then, then I, I, I felt two hands in the middle of my back Sequoia…….. right in the middle of my back. They pushed me forward real hard Sequoia!”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, this is true.”

Nika: “Oh my God, You were there Sequoia……but, but how?”

Sequoia: “It was not easy Nika, And I suffered for it all that night and today. My headaches and nose bleeds, they scared Sasha pretty bad at first, but I told him it was because of the weather.”

Nika: “And you said something about maybe paying a price for your interference, what does that mean?”

Sequoia: “It means Nikita, that if you have a gift and recognize it, you have two choices. To either develop it, and gain an understanding of it. Or, leave it be. Walk away from it and leave it alone. It is not a toy.”

Nika: “Sooo, what’s with the price you would pay? I mean saving Cody was good, right?”

Sequoia: “Yes, but saving Cody was your revelation, not mine. It was your intuition, and decision. And I interfered.”

Nika: “But it was a good thing Sequoia, it was.”

Sequoia: “That was not my call Nika. You were given the choice to make that call, and there was a reason for that. Not me. It was only out of my love and feelings for you both that I interfered, and it may be nothing, but I shall pay a price down the road for meddling in anothers affairs.”

Nika: “I don’t think anyone will fault you for what you did Sequoia, I think you’ll be fine.”

Sequoia: “Maybe Nika, but you don’t know enough yet to understand the unwritten rules and repercussions of interfering in events that do not concern you.”

Nika: “I guess not, if all it involves is pushing someone out of the way of a tree limb.”

Sequoia: “Oh Nika. It goes far beyond a tree branch.”

Nika: “How so?”

Sequoia: “It’s the ability to alter the future Nika.”

Nika: “WHAT! Are you well Sequoia?”

Just then Sequoia grabbed me by the neck with his hand and squeezed. As I struggled to breathe, he threw me backward over his leg and onto the ground on my back. He pinned me down and put his face to mine. He looked very angry and I looked into his eyes. I could almost see flames, as I felt completely under his physical and mental control. “You are not taking this seriously Nika. Listen to me very, very, carefully.”

Nika: “yessss”, I whispered silently, as best as I could as I struggled for breathe.

Sequoia: “What if it wasn’t Cody who you saved? What if that had been the man who shot President Kennedy a month before he was assassinated? And he was meant to die, so that the president had lived Nika. Little you would have changed the course of history. And what if Cody was meant to die? And he doesn’t? He will grow up, and possibly take a scholarship to college that was meant for someone else, marry someone meant for someone else, possibly rise to a position of power and make decisions that will effect the world as a whole. If so, then it was you Nika who made that occur. I hope for your sake if you are willing to take that chance, your changes make the world a better place. Otherwise you will have a lot to answer for in your next life my friend.”

Nika: “I understand Sequoia, I understand. I didn’t…”

Sequoia: “You didn’t think. I know Nika. You have a good heart, and you have a gift. Now start to use your mind as well, and realize the repercussions of your actions. And use your heart, mind, and gift all together. Then if you make a mistake, at least it was well thought out. You won’t always have much time, like in the tree house with Cody, so choose wisely. I will not be there to speak to you next time.”

I was scared and crying a little as Sequoia helped me up from the ground and dusted off my back, picking pine needles and dirt out of my hair. Then he sat me down gently, took a seat next to me, put his arms around me and nuzzled my neck. Gently kissing me there and saying, “I love you like a brother, just as I do all of your family Nika, but you are very special to me. We share a bond, and I am here to help you.”

Nika: “Then take away the pain Sequoia, I feel like I have a demon after me. You said something about the shadow world?”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, that’s what my people call it. I sense you have had a visitor, tell me about it.”

Nika: “I’m scared Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “I know Nika. I can feel your fear, you reek of it. You said it’s very disturbing? I can’t imagine what you have at this age that could evoke a visit from the other side. Your heart is too pure. You will need to tell me about it. Do not be afraid Nika, I am here, and nothing will harm you in my presence.”

Nika: “It, it was a dream I had before I woke up…..with Cody in the tree house. Kinda a gay dream Sequoia. It was so tempting and scary at the same time. I felt like it was a ghost or spirit or something. Like I was being tested.”

Sequoia: “I’m not sure why you would have this type of dream. I mean the type of love that you and Cody have and share is very beautiful, and even celebrated by my people over the centuries. Gays were special in Native American culture. There has to be more to it than that Nika. What aren’t you telling me?”

Nika: “There was more to it Sequoia, there was. I don’t know how to tell you? I don’t wanna say it.”

Sequoia: “If you want closure, and to be at peace Nika, then you need to open up and tell me everything.”

Nika: “It wasn’t exactly about Cody Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “Then who Nika…..it’s ok, I feel I already know.”

Nika: “I wouldn’t give in Sequoia, I wouldn’t hurt him.”

Sequoia: “It was Sasha, wasn’t it Nika?”

I was shaking and crying at the same time as Sequoia strengthened his grasp on me and shushed me, telling me to remain calm and explain my visitor.

3 Responses to “9020 Chapter 20 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. extremeadven Says:

    this story is getting better with each chapter.

  2. carlitos Says:

    You do have a talent for developing a story line and a plot. Your work keeps
    people’s interest on several levels.
    I don’t know (of course) how much of what you write is real, and how much is invention.
    But, if Sequoia is mostly real, then he is quite a scary character, to have his ‘gifts’ and such mental awareness and power at his young age. Very interesting.
    Again, you do have quite a talent.
    You definitely should become a writer.

  3. Anon Says:

    Wow Cody! I know I’m very late to the party. Like years late! But thanks for leaving this amazing story up. A long time ago some friends told me to read this, but I was already reading Tristan’s story and then I just forgot to look at this one. To be honest, I don’t think I was supposed to read this yet. I am reading it now. A little older and a little smarter. This is just what I need right now. Nika! It’s really hard not to love him. I wish I had met somebody as smart or sweet as he is. Sequoia! I get tingles when he speaks. Last year I found some books my friends mom has by a guy names Carlos Constenada (sp) and Sequoia feels like that kind of energy. I read a lot of the Carlos books, but they got kind of spooky, so I had to stop. I could go on and on about out of body, dreams etc…Anyway, you have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing it…even if I’m four years late or something…and even if you never see this comment.

    DJ (David)

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