9021 Chapter 21 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

Nika: “It was just before dawn. I woke to Sasha in the tree house, he was naked and hard. We had pulled the ladder up, so there was no way for him to have gotten up there. I quickly motioned him under the blankets with me because it was freezing outside. But when he got under the blankets with me, I could sense a sexual appetite that was overwhelming. He was coaxing me to take in his scent and smell, and he was rubbing his boner against me and kissing my face and lips. I got sooo aroused Sequoia. Then he started to grind up against me, as I did him. I was like lost in an incredible sexual lust that wasn’t like anything I ever experienced before Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “Did it speak Nika?”

Nika: “Yes, it kept saying to let him do the thinking for both of us, and it’s what I want. And to breathe in his smell and to keep pumping and not to stop. And to quit trying to do what’s right, and to live for the moment, and enjoy what he’s offering. And that he could make Cody stay asleep and that I loved his body and he would satisfy both our needs. Also that he could feel my desires, my urgency, and my needs. He wanted me to cum in him”

Sequoia: “This is important. Did you Nika? I need you to be completely honest.”

Nika: “No Sequoia. I mean I wanted to bad at first. But then when I got to thinking about it and what was happening, I knew something was wrong.”

Sequoia: “Then you stopped. What did you say, and did IT go away peacefully?”

Nika: “Yes, I said, “I can pass this up, and I will. Get off of me, NOW! Get off. It’s my job to protect you, not sleep with you. This is not how or who you are. And that’s what I will do. Protect you. Go away, whoever you are! I know what we have and it’s honest and beautiful and real Sash. Go back to where you came from and leave me be. I won’t be fooled by my feelings, and I see through who you are and what you are trying to do right now. Get off my beanbag, I’m a big brother, not a user. The real Sash is my life, and I love him. This will not pass. Stop this now, and let me be. Cody is this part of my life, and not you, whoever you are.”

Sequoia: “Very Good, what did IT say to that Nika?”

Nika: “Something like, “”Ahhh Nika, you’re a fool, and made a big mistake, I’ll be back and I won’t go away for long. But have it your way for now. You will give in to me sooner or later.”

Sequoia: “How did you reply to IT Nika?”

Nika: “I said something like, “No, I won’t. And don’t count on that happening again poser. I know Sash is my brother and I know better than what you’re doing. You won’t return, and I’ll wake up later knowing I did whats right for us. Be gone, NOW.”

Sequoia: “Perfect Nika. You are sure you told it that it will not return, and be gone now?”

Nika: “Yes, I’m sure Sequoia, Why? Was it a bad dream or something Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, only worse….. a demon, your demon!”

Nika: “Oh Fuck Sequoia. How do I get rid of it? How do I stop it from coming back?”

Sequoia: “You already did Nika. You already did my brother!”

Nika: “What, How?”

Sequoia: “You have discussed what and who you are with Sasha….haven’t you Nika? And your feelings for Cody?”

Nika: “You mean being gay or bi Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika.”

Nika: “Yes, I did. In my bedroom yesterday. He took it kinda hard at first, me being that way and all.”

Sequoia: “Did you two discuss at all how you felt about each other Nika?”

Nika: “Uhh, yah. I think so.”

Sequoia: “Think real hard Nika, this is important. What did you discuss?”

Nika: “Let me think. Sash asked me if that’s how I was, and I liked guys, why I never tried anything with him. And wasn’t he cute enough, or wasn’t I attracted to him. At least something like that.”

Sequoia: “And what did you tell him Nika?”

Nika: “I told him not to worry, that he’s very beautiful, and that if he wasn’t my brother, I probably would be on him, or something like that. But that he’s my little brother, and it’s my job to love and protect him. And besides that, he isn’t like me and Cody.”

Sequoia: “Good Nika, perfect, in fact.”

Nika: “Are you sure it was a demon Sequoia?”

“Sequoia: “Did you look closely at it when you started “coming to your senses” Nika?”

Nika: “Uhhh, yes, yes I did.”

Sequoia: “Look hard into your mind and tell me what you saw Nika.”

Nika: “I, I saw…. ohhh Sequoia, it was terrible!”

Sequoia: “What was looking back at you Nika? Tell me what you saw staring back at you?”

Nika: “It was Sasha. I, I saw black eyes Sequoia. Oh God, it was terrible!”

Sequoia: “Are you sure Nika?”

Nika: “Yes, I think so. I’m scarred, and it hurts Sequoia.”

Sequoia: “Yes, I know it hurts, but look closer Nika, look real close.”

Nika: “Hold me Sequoia!”

Sequoia: “I am holding you Nika, don’t fear my friend, I am here.”

Nika: “OHH Sequoia, OHH WOW Sequoia!!”

Sequoia: “Tell me, Tell me now, what did you see Nika……tell me NOW Nika!”

Nika: “It, it wasn’t Sasha Sequoia, IT, IT WAS ME! … It was Me looking back at myself. Oh Sequoia, what have I done?”

Sequoia: “Shhh, shhh, it’s ok Nika. It’s ok friend. You passed the test, you did fine. In fact better than fine, you did perfect. Be still Nika, and breath.”

Nika: “How, what was it Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “It was a demon Nika, your demon.”

Nika: “But why? Why me?”

Sequoia: “Because, you have a higher level of consciousness that most people, then or now Nika. You are very special, and you defeated a very worthy adversary.”

Nika: “Are you sure Sequoia, I mean that I defeated it, and it won’t come back?”

Sequoia: “Oh Yes, very sure Nika. At least not this one. However you will face many more demons in your lifetime, as will we all.”

Nika: “Please Sequoia, please explain what happened….and how?”

Sequoia: “Sure Nika. You love Sasha very much and are very protective over him. When you came out to him he inquired of you weather he was attractive and why you never did anything with him.”

Nika: “Yah, so why the demon then?”

Sequoia: “Demons are what my people call bad dreams, recurring nightmares. They are all forms of pain and torture. And for some, a wrong decision here and there and they will never go away. Some take on personalities all of their own, and some have the stink of the shadow world, as I suspect this may have.”

Nika: “Whats different about those Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Those Nika are the most dangerous of all. There are entities out there that cannot always be seen, believed, or explained. Which makes them all the more powerful. There’s an old saying in my culture that, “the Devils greatest trick, was convincing man that he doesn’t exist!”

Nika: “So how did this apply to me Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Well, your soul and your love for Sasha is so pure Nika, its like sugar or something sweet to a malevolent entity. When you spoke to Sasha about your love for him and admitted your attraction to him and that you passed on acting on that attraction for him…. for his sake. You were doing what was right by him, and what you felt right in your heart Nika.”

Nika: “Yah, that’s right Sequoia, I love him dearly. So what’s with the visitor or nightmare?”

Sequoia: “Because at the time, you flashed a doubt in your mind. You, for a split second, subconsciously questioned if the circumstances were right, whether or not you could restrain yourself from acting on your attraction and thoughts for Sasha. You, in your mind inadvertently left the question open as to whether or not you could pass on the urges you feel sometimes for your little brother.”

Nika: “I feel so ashamed Sequoia. I’m so disappointed in myself that those thoughts even exist. I don’t even think about them.”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, and that’s why you had the nightmare and probably the shadow visitor. It was eating away at you, and you felt guilt and a diminished self-worth. They feed on that kind of misery and find it sweet.”

Nika: “What do I do now Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Nothing Nika, you already have. Your gonna be fine Nika!”

Nika: “But how, why?”

Sequoia: “Because you passed the test, you stood up to the visitor, took its best shot, and vanquished it!”

Nika: “I did that?”


Nika: “I did that?….I DID THAT!”

Sequoia: “Yes Nika, you did that. You were very brave and showed self control and will power beyond your years.”

Nika: “So it won’t come back then Sequoia? I mean nightmare, entity, whatever?”

Sequoia: “No Nika, It knows it lost, and can never repeat the same conditions, or have surprise on its side again. And even more important, you have something you lacked before.”

Nika: “What’s that Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Knowledge and confidence Nika. You know now why this happened, why you feel this way, and that you know the right course of action…..for you anyway.”

Nika: “Shit Sequoia, that feels so good. I’m soo relived. I was hella scared. But if it wanted to win, then why not just get in my bed and start having sex with me before I became aware of its presence Sequoia? It may have been to late for me to know any better. It may have been all over and we both would have gotten off?”

Sequoia: “Because it could not Nika. It could not engage you unless you gave it permission.”

Nika: “Are you sure Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Did you invite it to sleep with you Nika?”

Nika: “Well, yes, kind of. I mean, I asked him to get under the covers with me cause it was freezing.”

Sequoia: “And how did it reply?”

Nika: “It said something about he was just hoping for me to ask him that.”

Sequoia: “Well, there you have it, and I know you were scared Nika. A persons first encounter with the Shadow World is always the most intense.”

Nika: “Yah sequoia, but what do I do about my feelings? About Sash anyway?”

Sequoia: “Nothing Nika, there’s nothing you can do.”

Nika: “What do you mean nothing, I have to do something. What if the dream comes back?”

Sequoia: “It won’t Nika. And you can’t do anything about your physical attractions, its impossible friend. And why would you want to anyway?”

Nika: “Cause he’s my lil brother Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “So what Nika, your missing the point. Sash’s cute, you can’t change the fact that he is and that you are gay….or bi. Neither can Cody, or any other guys out there that might think Sasha’s cute. The fact that he’s straight, he’s your brother, and therefore he’s off limits to you is your own unwritten rule. You chose that for the two of you based on your feelings and love for him. And when you questioned that, that’s when you were tested.”

Nika: “Ok, I think I understand. But Cody finds Sash attractive as well.”

Sequoia: “Yes, and so will hundreds, maybe thousands of others as well. And Cody is like you, he accepts Sasha’s orientation and realizes it’s hands-off.”

Nika: “Good Sequoia, then I’m demon-free. You did it.”

2 Responses to “9021 Chapter 21 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. carlitos Says:

    I can’t believe this kind of writing is coming from a 14-15 year old boy.
    This is deep psychological analyses which takes a lot of understanding about the
    working of the human mind. Where did you get this kind of perspective to
    compose this kind of writing?

  2. ATLCollgeGuy Says:

    As Carlitos said: very deep psychological understanding. I don’t know how old you are Cody, but great writing! Story is great so far!

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