9022 Chapter 22 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Sequoia: “I didn’t do anything but enlighten and explain Nika, you did it. You faced it down. And as far as being demon free? Yes, for now. Till the next one appears.”

Nika: “Oh shit, they’ll be more?”

Sequoia: “In your lifetime, oh yes Nika. As will all of us. None as bad as this though, I feel.”

Nika: “Thanks Sequoia, your better at dreams than even Blake. I love you Longhair!”

Sequoia: “I love you as well Nika. Now let’s go for a walk before we have to go home! It wont be dark for quite a while.”

We walked through the forest for what seemed like hours, spying on the wildlife, of which I had never been so close to before. But they seemed curious, or not afraid with Sequoia so close to me. He had a way with animals just as he had with people, and understood them very well. He could walk right up and touch them at will, whereas they would not let me or anyone else even close.

We enjoyed talking and reminiscing about our younger years and grades, and our first meetings. Time flew by as we laughed, cried, and brought up past events and friends. Friends who, some still around, and others who are long since moved away to attend other schools in other towns, and near forgotten.

When we made it back to the house it was dusk, and I gave Sequoia another hug. He smelled and felt sooo very good. His brown/red oh so smooth skin, and waist long black hair and very odd emerald green eyes. He may have been the very most beautiful human being I have ever laid my eyes on. And to think he was about a year or year and a half younger than me. But seemed to have the knowledge of the ages, and the patience and love of a saint.

And just as I turned to walk away Sequoia grabbed the back of my shirt at the neck by the collar and pulled me back turning me around in the process. Before I could say anything he had his face to mine, forehead to forehead, chin to chin. We were looking directly into one anothers eyes as he put three fingers from his right hand to my temple as I somehow felt paralyzed. I saw our lifetimes reflect in his eyes.

He said “with this we shall become blood brothers and our souls joined as one. Remember me always along your pathway of life and forget me not…..I have cherished my time with you and your family Nika, but mostly you. Take this part of me with you to help ease the pain at my passing. It’s been quite a ride my true friend, and I shall miss you most!”

He let go of my temple, as he slipped something into my jeans pocket, and I stepped back a little. My mind was taking in more than it could handle. I stuttered for a moment, before regaining my composure. “Wha, what was that Sequoia and where are you goi…”

Before I could finish, he said “forget this moment for now. You shall rediscover it in the very near future as we two fade to one.”

Then, he waved his hand in front of my face and my vision, thoughts, and recollection went blank, as everything faded to black. “Do not fear at my passing Nika, your heart will always be true, and hold me there eternally.”

I came to sitting on my butt on the ground at the sliding door in my back yard, and opened my eyes to see Sequoia kneeling next to me running his hand thru my hair saying “wake up Nika, there you are. So somebody is home in there after all….huh friend?”

I responded, “Yah, what happened?”

Sequoia: “You just blanked out a second Nika. You’ve had a very long couple days and have been through a lot. You’re just exhausted. Just get a shower, some food, and a good nights sleep and you’ll be fine”

Nika: “Yah Sequoia, I am hella tired. I’m gonna go upstairs and shower, then get some food. Thanks again for today.”

Sequoia: “No need for thanks, that’s what brothers do. But you are very welcome. Just one thing Nika.”

Nika: “Sure Sequoia, anything, just name it.”

Sequoia: “I hate to even bring it up, but if anything were to ever happen to me, you and your family….you will always keep an eye on my Mother and little sister?”

Nika: “Haha, you don’t even havta ask that Sequoia, that will always be the way it is. You are our family Sequoia!”

I saw Sequoia smile, but for some reason it was a sad smile just the same, and then he turned away as a single tear fell down from his eye. He walked away, saying in a shaky voice, “It was worth it Nika….and I would do it again. Remember I love you and Cody both, and that it was very much worth it…..and nothing can ever change that!”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but just the same I said “Thanks Sequoia, and we love you too.”

I was hella tired, and in dire need of a real shower, with soap and shampoo. Not just a towel and water bath or a dip in the pool. Sequoia and I had spent hours wandering around the forest talking and making sense of life and love. And he was right, I was exhausted and I was starting to feel hungry again having exerted so much physical and mental energy.

I made my way upstairs into my room and towards me and Sasha’s bathroom, striping along the way and kicking open the door. I reached into the shower and set the water lever just where i wanted it for that perfect warm/hot temperature, and brushed my teeth and pee’d while it warmed up. Then I stepped inside my spacious double-headed shower. My tile-glass rectangle enclosure that offered me so much peace and therapy over the years. I enjoyed letting the steamy water cascade over my bushy blonde hair and down my body to the tile below, then I began to scrub myself clean.

I was in there for a good half hour to forty five minutes unwinding and relaxing. Just as I was finishing washing and rinsing my hair and was about to get out to dry off, I heard the door from my or Sasha’s bedroom into our bathroom creak open.

Usually it was the door from Sash’s room as he is accustomed to coming in while I’m showering. To take a leak, shit, brush his teeth, or just to comb and brush out my hair if he hears me taking a shower. As that is what we usually do for one another. Hell, sometimes he even jumps in with me, as I do with him if I hear the water running. One of our favorite past times since we were little is bathing or showering together.

But it could have been the door through my room, which meant it would probably be Cody, Blake, Reiley, KC, or Jace. Or on a rare occasion one or both of the twins coming through my bedroom, and then our bathroom to get into Sash’s room. Usually to wake him up if his bedroom door is locked and they can’t get access through there. Either way, I was safe being naked since we all were accustomed to seeing each other like that anyway.

But this time I was taken a little by surprise. I was turning the water to the shower heads off, not paying attention to who it was fumbling around our bathroom with the toilet.

As I came out of the shower door towards the towel rack, I said. “You takin a shit Sash? And you gonna do my hair for me when you’re done lil buddy?”

Tasha: “Hey lil bro, unless Sasha started his menstrual cycle it’s not him. And why is it you two can’t learn to flush the toilet when you’re done peeing?”

Nika: “What the fuck Tasha? I’m taking a shower, I mean come on, can’t I have a little privacy?”

Tasha: “Relax Nika, I’m just dropping off a tampon, Abby’s in my bathroom.”

Nika: “Then why not just go in there? Isn’t she your best friend?”

Tasha: “Because she locked the door, and I couldn’t wait.”  

Tash looked at me smiling as she sat on the toilet while I blushed, turning away from her quickly towards the towel rack in a hurry to cover myself. “Fuck, can you at least say something next time so I can stay in the shower till your done? Or at least throw me a towel over the shower door so I can cover-up? I need some privacy.”

Tasha: “Ahhhh, you shy about your cute little butt baby bro, or that I gotta see da lil-dipper?”

Nika: “Fuck you Tash, It’s the big-dipper, bitch!”

Tasha: “Haha, I’ll admit, it has grown a little bit since last time I saw it. And relax Nika, It was just a couple years ago I was helping bathe you and dry you off…..remember?”

Nika: “Yah I remember, but that was before I was a man.”

Tasha: “Ohh, so you’re a man now Nikita? Excuse me, you still look like my kid brother to me.”

Nika: “Whatever Tash, just finish dumping your vampire stick in our toilet and get out.”

Tasha: “Hey, I’m just kidding Nika, and I’m almost done. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you….ok?”

Nika: “Yah, ok, all you hadta do was say “Hey little brother, I’m just using your bathroom a sec, and I’ll be right out.”

Tasha: “Ok Nika. Jeez, I get it. Will you relax now? And why can’t you guys learn to flush the toilet?”

Nika: “Cause, why waste water? Remember, yellow is mellow, but brown goes down.”

Tasha: “Ughhhh, boys!” As she finished and pulled her jeans up.

I began to relax and realized I had overreacted because of my embarrassment and being caught off guard, so I said, “Hope I didn’t embarrass you sis, being so big and hung and all. You know, I’m like so much more developed than you’re friends and boyfriends?”

Tasha: “Haha, oh yahhh Nika, I guess the sea monster that everyone talks about in Clear Lake is really just part of your anatomy…huh?”

Nika: “Haha, yup.”

Tasha: “Come here lil bro, its been a while since I’ve done your hair.”

I tightened the towel around my waist and sat down in the chair as Tasha came up behind me with a big white terrycloth towel and began the job of drying my hair. It felt good just sitting there and relaxing as she finished toweling me off and began the combing and brushing process to get the kinks out.

Tasha, sarcastically, “So Nika, are you still taking all your frustrations out on your pillow and staining pillow cases? Or have you found a little girlfriend to play with?”

Nika: “Shit Tasha, come on.”

Tasha: “Oh chill Nika, I’ve walked in on you how many times now? And that’s just your room, not to mention the time or two in the living room. Hummm, Is that why you were soo embarrassed a few minutes ago? Because that’s what you were doing in the shower when I walked in baby bro?”

Nika: “NO, I was just finishing rinsing my hair out, and give me a little space Tash, why are you always fucking with my head?”

Tasha: “That’s what big sisters do Nik, and besides when did you get so shy? Last time you didn’t even bother to stop, you kept right on pumping.”

Nika: “That’s `cause there was no way I could stop, you walked in just as I was almost there.”

Tasha: “Ahhh, your point of no return….huh? Sounded like it felt real good…haha!”

Nika: “Shut up, Tash!”

Tasha: “But what if it was mom or dad dork boy?”

Nika: “Mom and dad Knock before they come in our rooms Tash…..something you might try?”

Tasha: “Haha, no way. I think it’s cute the way your face gets all red. And you’re huffing and puffing with your little butt bouncing up and down. And the little moan and squeal you make just before and as you squirt your…..”

Nika: “FUCK Tasha, SHUT-UP, Just Shut-up…OK! Otherwise, just leave, I’ll brush my own hair.”

Tasha: “Ahh, sorry Nikita, I’m just having fun. You know I love you…..right?”

Nika: “Yah, I know, just try showing it by something other than humiliating me….OK?”

Tasha: “Ok, fair enough little brother. Soo, back to those little girls that are always after you, anyone of them special. Have you picked one out yet?”

Nika: “No. I’m not seeing anyone. Err, I mean I’m not dating any of them anyway.”

Tasha: “Really, I don’t know why Nika, are you saving up to be a priest or something? You get more flirts than the rest of your friends combined.”

Nika: “Just not ready yet I guess.”

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