9023 Chapter 23 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Tasha: “Well, from the looks of you Nika, and I got the full and current view today, you’re as cute as ever. And at least average downstairs compared to other boys your age. So you have nothing to be shy or embarrassed about little brother. In fact Nika, your lean stomach, chest, and legs are as sweet as your face. Float me your allowance this week, and maybe I’ll have one of my friends come in and replace your pillow for a little while….haha!”

Nika: “You’re doing it again Tasha…..Shut-uuuup please. Besides, I see how they look at me. It’s me who they’d be paying beotchhh!”

Tasha: “Haha, listen to the little pimp-boy, gonna start servicing all my friends…huh?”

Nika: “They wish I would. I know they’re a bunch of Cock-Hoesss just like you Tash…hahaha!”

Tasha: “Ohhh, you little fucker….take that!”

Nika: “OWWW, watch the hair sis, shit.”

Tasha: “Yah, ok. But really, you should start dating Nik, your coming up on fourteen.”

Nika: “I know, I know, and I’ve made out and done some stuff at parties, the beach, and the bbqs.”

Tasha: “I mean someone steady Nika.”

Nika: “Well, I’ve kinda found someone, and we’re……umm, never mind”

Tasha: “What, you just said you hadn’t Nika. That’s great, who is it?”

Nika: “Nothing Tash, just drop it.”

Tasha: “No way baby bro, I wanna know who the special girl is that landed the Nika-nator.”

Nika: “No one Tash, just leave it alone….please.”

Tasha: “Ohh, come on Nika, you can tell me, we usta be soo close and talk about everything, up until last year. We’ve kinda drifted a little since I broke up with Garrett. Are you still mad at me?”

Nika: “No.”

Tasha: “Then let’s go back to our old routine. A big sister is suppose to be a resource and help when her little brother comes of age. Don’t be taking that away from me Nika.”

Nika: “It’s just complicated is all Tash, and I’m not ready to go into to it just yet. You’ll understand later. At least I hope you will.”

Tasha: “What’s not to understand Nika. Your a normal thirteen-year-old who’s become sexually active and has all the raging hormones and desires that come along with puberty. The difference is that you have a leg up on the rest of the competition, cause you’re a full-on hottie. You obviously take after me.”

Nika: “Haha, oh yah, that’s it Tash….haha!”

Tasha: “Well anyways, I’m here when you need me dorkboy.”

Nika: “Thanks sis, and by the way, look who’s talking. Where is your boyfriend, and why’d ya havta dump Garrett? He was hella kool!”

Tasha: “Yah, guess I am a hypocrite. You know why we broke up Nika?”

Nika: “Duhh, I don’t know why? He was perfect!”

Tasha: “Fer you or fer me lil bro?”

Nika: “For me, who cares bout you Tash. He always brought me over things and brought me back food when you guys went to eat. He took me for rides in his jeep and to his high school football games. He even said he was gonna teach me to be a quarterback like him.”

Tasha: “Just didn’t work out Nika.”

Nika: “Yah, but why, he was perfect for you sis. He’s an all-American football player and is soo popular.”

Tasha: “Listen to me Nika. None of that matters even a little bit. It’s how you feel inside, you know, what makes you happy when what you feel in your heart is right. You’ll come to understand that as you get a little older….I promise.”

Nika: “All right Tash, but I miss him. He was kool, and we were friends.”

Tasha: “I know it hurts sometimes little brother. I mean when someone close to you brings someone into the family and they become close. Then when its over, its not just them who breaks up, but everyone else that got close to them feels the pain as well. And he was very fond of you too Nika. He asked about you when we called it off. And I told him he was free to contact you and continue to call you and take you places.”

Nika: “Then what happened Tasha, why doesn’t he ever call me or return my calls?”

Tasha: “I don’t know Nika, I just don’t think he can.”

Nika: “Why, is it something I did?”

Tasha: “No Nikita, No. Not at all, don’t ever think that. Sometimes it’s just too hard and too hurtful. It’s like prolonging the pain and never getting any closure and moving on with your life. I think it would be to hard on him to come over here and at the same time move forward. Does that make any sense Nik?”

Nika: “Yah, I kinda see what you mean. But you broke up with him. I mean, did he do something wrong?”

Tasha: “No, we had a lot of fun, but just wanted different things is all. He wanted me and just me, and my family too of course. He loved us being at his families house or mine, and just being with me, and our family’s. He was very romantic, and liked being a homebody and just cuddling and watching movies or going out on dates. You know how many times we all sat in the living room watching movies by the fireplace eating popcorn….that is when you two weren’t throwing it at each other and wrestling?”

Nika: “Haha, yah, sounds terrible Tasha. I mean what girl would want that….right?”

Tasha: “Funny Nika. But that’s not the only thing I want.”

Nika: “Then what?”

Tasha: “My friends doofus, he was starting to resent them being around. And his friends felt the same way `cause he kinda started blowing them off. He just got too possessive and didn’t want to share me Nika. I put up with it to a point, but these are my Jr and Sr years in high school, and probably the most important, and I’m not gonna spend them all with one person. It might sound selfish to you Nika, but I wanna go places and see things and have some fun. And if he can’t allow me time for those things too, then I hadta cut him loose.”

Nika: “Now, I understand sis. But what’s he doing now?”

Tasha: “He’s dating a girl from Cedar Falls High a couple towns over. We bump into each other sometimes at parties and stuff, and we’re still friends. And he still asks about you, what you’re doing, and if you’re ok.”

Nika: “That’s soo kool. It makes me feel good inside. Tell him I said hi next time you see him, and that I miss him.”

Tasha: “He already knows that Nika, but I will.”

Nika: “So the girl he’s dating, is she cute?”

Tasha: “Of course, he doesn’t date ugly girls.”

Nika: “Kool, I guess he got what he wanted then?”

Tasha: “Not exactly, she’s a cheerleader, and now he’s in the same fix he was with me. She’s very social and active with her friends.”

Nika: “How stupid. Why would he make the same mistake Tash?”

Tasha: “People just do Nika….they do it all the time, repeating their mistakes. Listen up little brother, the best advice I can give you when you begin dating and your search is this: Identify what you like, find that person, and make it work. If you do that, you’ll find happiness and not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I use to think it was just girls that would describe the perfect guy, usually one right in front of their noses, and then jump into a relationship with some trouble making, lazy, loser. But I’ve learned it’s guys too who make the same mistakes.”

Nika: “Ok sis, but I think I’ve identified who makes me happy and made my choice.”

Tasha: “Yah, and may I ask her name?”

Nika: “Yah umm, well, ya see, it’s kinda comp-”

Tasha: “Come on dork, spit it out. I won’t dump on you if I don’t like her.”

Nika: “Or him?”

Tasha: “Huh Nika?”

Nika: “Her name’s Cody.”

Tasha: “Ughhh, shut up Nika, you little dork!”

Nika: “No, I mean it Tash, it’s Cody.”

Tasha: “Whatever Nika. If you’re not gonna be serious then I’m gonna leave.”

Nika: “LISTEN up sis, I am being serious.”

Tasha: “Fer real Nika, your not shitting me? You and Cody?”

Nika: “Haha, yah.”

Tasha: “When, how?”

Nika: “Just recently, haha, I don’t know how, it just is.”

As she finished my hair, “Fuck, that’s soo krazy little brother. No way.”

Nika: “Thanks for my hair sis.”

Tasha: “You’re welcome baby brother. Phew! I’m gonna sit down a second. You better not be fucking with me Nikita.”

Nika: “I’m not Tash. It’s a really long strange story, but it is what it is.”

Tasha: “You mean all this time you’ve been wiping out pillows and pillow cases, it hasn’t been a girl that you’ve been masturbating to, it’s been your best friend?”

Nika: “No, that’s the weird thing, it has been girls, it has been lots of girls, since I was like eleven and started jackin-off. Its just been him that’s been creeping into my mind since last year, and it’s just been the last month or so that I put it all together.”

Tasha: “Wow, I have a gay little brother. I always kinda knew about Cody, but you? Are you sure he hasn’t put you up to this or brainwashed you Nika? Are you sure you’re not confusing loyalty and friendship with love? I mean it’s not at all unheard of for boys your age to experiment with sex and have physical relations with one another. It’s because you guys are so sexually pent up, confused, and in need of physical attention and release. I see how needy you get sometimes Nika, and understand how painful it is for you to be so stiff and hard all the time….and have blue balls. I was there to wash and dry you off, dress you, and tuck you back into bed the night you came into my room crying after your first wet dream.”

Nika: “I know what you’re trying to say Tash, and you’re right. I know guys mess around, but this is different.”

Tasha: “Are you sure Nika? I want you to be sure. Choosing a gay lifestyle can be very difficult and make your life that much harder. I don’t want you together with Cody because of a lack of options.”

Nika: “don’t know about picking out a gay lifestyle and all that Tasha. I mean, I haven’t thought that far ahead, and I don’t think I’m gay. But probably bi. I mean, I wanna have a wife and babies someday and raise kids. Or maybe a husband and raise kids. I haven’t thought that far ahead. But I know right now at this time in my life, I love Cody and not just as a friend and brother anymore.”

Tasha: “Maybe we should talk about this more little brother. I mean, you sound like you may be a little confused. Maybe we should think about getting you counseling?”

Nika: “Fuck that Tasha, I’m not telling you shit anymore. Fuck you!”

Tasha: “Stop Nikita, get back here, right now.”

Nika: “What, why? You said you wanted to be close again, we had a nice talk. And then you talk that counseling shit?”

Tasha: “It’s just cause I love you and don’t want you making a mistake with Cody.”

Nika: “Ohh, like you made with Garrett?”

Tasha: “I didn’t make a mistake with Garrett Nika, and I don’t regret any of the time we spent together. It was a great learning experience and we both took away more from it and are better people than when it started.”

Nika: “And the same it true for me and Cody. I experienced feelings and emotions last night that I never dreamed were possible with anyone. And if it turns out to be a mistake, then what the fuck, so be it. I’ll still have become a better person for loving him and experiencing what we have. And any of the doubts I had before this conversation, speaking with you put them to rest. And for that I thank you.”

Tasha: “How did I put any doubts to rest, and do I now get the blame if things go south?”

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