9026 Chapter 26 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Nika: “Hey you guys, lets hit the kitchen and nosh on some food. Then hit the pier, we’re gonna do some boarding this morning.”

Sasha: “Ahh kool!”

Jace: “Oh fuk-yah!”

I waited for Sash and Jace to hit the bathroom, change, and whatever else they might need to do in there. Then we grabbed some towels and a change of clothes. Jace had to borrow stuff from me and Sash so he didn’t have to go home. He can fit into either mine and Sash’s shorts since all three of us are about the same waist size.

We ran down the stairs yelling and pushing on one another much like untamed horses coming out of the gate at a track, acting every bit like three kids on summer vacation. We made it to the kitchen, and looked around for what looked good. Sash went to the pantry for the cherry pop-tarts, always a on-the-run favorite, when Jace popped in, “Hey, what’s in here you guys?”

I looked over at the table and there was a big pink paper pastry box. I popped it open and there was about two dozen fresh donuts, “Wicked, way to go mom!”

Sasha threw the pop-tarts back in the pantry and we all began grabbing a couple donuts each. I also made my way to the freezer and grabbed a box of frozen calzones. “Hey, anyone want a calzone to go with their donuts?”

Sasha: “Yah, I do.”

Jace: “Sure, I want one.”

I threw all four of them into the microwave sensing a hungry stray nearby, and sent Sasha to the garage to grab an ice chest. “Fill it with bottled water and sodas. Oh, and ice too, dork!”

Sasha: “Duhhhh Nika.”

Nika: “And Jace, grab a couple of those grocery bags, and throw some more donuts in there, bags of chips, cookies and nuts. Fuck dawg, jus look in the pantry and see what looks good for snacks and toss it in. I’m gonna step out in the backyard for a sec and call Cody.”

I hit speed-dial for the twinner and let the phone ring. Cody was home and just laying on the couch in the living room with Abby watching TV. I relayed the plan to him, and he said he’d meet us at the dock and to bring him along a calzone as well. There were four in the box, and I heated up the whole box, so is was twinergy again at it’s best (considering I never mentioned calzone to him during our conversation).

I came back inside and the microwave was beeping and Sash and Jace had assembled everything in a smooth, orderly, military manner….which shocked the shit outta me seeing as those two couldn’t find their assholes with a bloodhound and a compass. I grabbed the boat keys off the key-tree on the kitchen counter and we made our way to the front door with all our hands full.

We slammed the door shut behind us, and thew everything we had in a utility cart we used to taxi things back and forth from the house to the lake. In a sense, it was a little red wagon on steroids with inflatable tires and a handle to pull it by. It was just big enough for all the shit we had to transfer down to the boat, and we were on our way.

We got to the boathouse and I grabbed the keys. I opened the door and walked in. I went to the lake side of the house, and opened the two big doors to give access to the lake, and instructed Sash to wheel the cart out to the end of the pier to load into the boat. No sign of the posse yet.

I lowered our Beastly Bayliner into the water with the electronic winch, and started the motor. Luckily, dad had someone from the boat works come over a couple weeks before and charge the battery and perform the annual maintenance. And whoever serviced the boat, had taken it out for a test run, and took it by the marina to top the fuel tank off. Which saved me from having to use mom and dad’s plastic today. It was no where near the red empty line I left it at in October, the last time we used it before the weather started turning cold.

Jace: “He Nika, you need me to do anything else?”

Nika: “Yah, I’m gonna pull it out, so shut the doors behind me.”

Jace: “Got it.”

I pulled the boat carefully out into the lake, clearing the boathouse behind me. The smell of the exhaust and the fresh lake water hit my nostrils, and signaled summer was here. I yelled for Jace to jump in off the wooden planks, and to sit up front so he could buffer the boat from the end of the pier so it didn’t hit the dock. Wow, I couldn’t help but notice how well he has been developing the last year. His skin was soo white, and his hair so white/blond, the way mine and Sasha’s gets by the end of the summer, and it was only June.

He was at the front of the boat bent over kneeling on the seat pads awaiting arrival at the end of the peir to grab the dock, and his ass was sticking out and boy was it tight and hot looking. I was almost blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the soft blond hairs dusting his arms and legs. Fuck, my dick was stiff and there was nothing I could do about it `cept put on a tank-top that hung down past my waist to cover the evidence. Luckily for me, he was in front of me with his back to me. (Thus the butt-shot in the first place).

Sasha: “Hey Jace, throw me the rope.”

Sasha: “Yah, here.”

Sash caught the rope and between the three of us, me steering, and Jace and Sasha grabbing the dock and rope, we were able to pull the boat up alongside the pier and tie it off.

Nika: “Fuck Jace, we’ve only been out here ten minutes or so, and you’re already getting color. Maybe you should put a shirt on, we brought you one.”

Jace: “Fuck that, it feels good, and I’m sick of burning.”

Nika: “Sash, throw me the SPF 45 in the bag.”

Sasha: “The Hawaiian tropic?”

Nika: “No, the Banana Boat, I like the smell better.”

Jace: “Fuck Nika, whats does it matter? Your applying sunscreen on me, not making a fuckin desert.”

Nika: “Yah, whatever.”

Sash threw me the sunscreen and I began squirting some in my hands as Jace backed up to me. I applied it to his bare back. I ran my fingers all along his back. Up the sides, and back down along his forearms with the soft downy hairs. Then around the front to his chest, and over his now hard little red nipples. Fuck, he’s usually so obnoxious, I never really admitted or acknowledged how fit and hot he was….shoulder length straight blond hair and all.

Jace: “Shit Nika, I coulda got my chest dude.”

I was hard as hell now, and I felt a little precum ooze out the tip of my dick onto my shorts, so I was thankful that I’d put my tank top on. My breathing started getting a little heavy and I felt warm in my face, as it became a little red and a bead of sweat appeared on my forehead. Jace turned around, and looked at me staring at his bare chest in a trance.

Jace: “What’s with you, are you OK? You face is kinda red and your sweating.”

Nika: “Uhhh, yah, yah I’m fine. Want me to get your legs too Jace?”

Jace: “Huh? What the fuck Nika. No man, I can get my own legs. Fuck, you’re getting as weird as Cody dude. Maybe you need to get laid or something.”

Nika: “What? Huh?”

Jace: “I said your your getting as fucking weird as Cody gets sometimes. Are you turning fag on me too Nika…haha?” Letting out a little laugh.

Nika: “Ummm, no, no, I’m just a little thirsty, I’ll grab a bottle of water.”

I walked to the cooler to grab a bottle of water as Jace started loading the boat. I regained my composure and took a deep breath. I replayed in my head what Jace said, and it pissed me off what he had said about Cody. But there again, he was right. I had been acting a little weird, and except for the twins, Jace is the last person I should be that reckless and careless around.

I don’t think he’s an outright gay-hater, but he definitely buys into stereotypes and doesn’t cut them much slack. I knew from our past make-out sessions with girls, and surfing for porn on the internet, that he didn’t suspect anything. He was just messin with me, seeing my strange reactions to greasing him up. So he’d chalk it up to coincidence…this time.

Sasha: “Hey Nika, grab me a water too.”

Nika: “Yah, sure Sash.” as he approached me at the ice chest with Jace still over in the boat loading and arranging things.

Sasha: “What the fuck are you doing Nika. I saw all that. Please don’t get that way in front of our friends. Especially the twins and Jace.”

Nika: “Sorry Sash, I’m soo embarrassed you saw that. Do you think Jace suspects anything?” (Just getting a second opinion).

Sasha: “No, he just figures it was something else, and used it for a chance to cap on you….typical Jace. But you promised me you wouldn’t do weird shit like that and embarrass me Nika. For now on I’ll put the fucking sunscreen on our friends!”

Nika: “I know Sash, I know. I’m sorry, I shoulda jacked off to Cody in the bathroom this morning before we left. I didn’t get a chance to do it last night.”

Sasha: “AHHHH, I don’t wanna hear this, Lalalalalalalalalalala.” He took the water and walked away looking like he was turning red and as embarrassed as a eleven-and-a-half-year-old boy could be. With his fingers in his ears Lalala’ing to himself. I said to myself, “that was really, really stupid Nika. I need to be more careful.”

Just about then, I glanced up and saw Blake, K.C. and Reiley walking up the pier. Which I thought was perfect timing. It should distract all three of us, and get our minds back on something else. Any diversion was welcome at that point.

Nika: “Hey, where have you guys been, we were getting ready to leave without you.”

Blake: “Yah right Nika, we jus watched you from the top of the hill pull the boat out, and Jace is still loading it up.”

Nika: “OK, got me.”

Blake: “And why is little douche-bag walking around with his fingers in his ears mumbling to himself?”

Nika: “Umm, I don’t know, `cause he’s eleven? To much sugar probably, we had donuts this morning.”

Blake: “Oh Fuck, I love donuts.”

Nika: “Yah Blake, we know. There’s some in one of those bags.”

Blake: “Ahh kool, thanks.”

Nika: “Didn’t you guys eat?”

Blake: “Yah, but like Pippin said in Lord of the Rings, haven’t you ever heard of second breakfast?”

Nika: “You are a man among men Blake.”

Blake: “Well thank you, chocolate buttermilk please.”

Nika: “Yah, but you can get it yourself fool.”

Blake: “Awesome, did you bring enough for the nerd-herd too?”

Reliey: “Fuck you Blake!”

KC: “Bite-me Blake…..you dick-head!”

Blake: “Hahaha.”

The gang hit the paper bag with the the donuts like Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and within a minute the only sounds at the end of the dock were mouths and lips smacking. Jace was just about done loading the boat and KC said, “Hey, are we ready to go yet?”

Nika: “Just about, were waiting on Cody.”

KC: “Oh kool, I thought we were one short.”

Nika: “He’s on his way, just texted me he’s at my house, so it should be another minute or two.”

Jace: “Maybe he stopped by your room to sniff a pair of your underwear Nika….haha.”

Nika: “Yah, whatever Jace.”

Jace: “You never know with him Nika.”

Nika: “Common Jace, just let it go, leave him be.”

Jace: “I’m just saying what everyone else thinks anyway Nika.”

Nika: “Alright Jace, just shut the fuck up…OK?”

Reiley: “Yah Jace, that’s not kool. Why are you always on his case anyway?”

Jace: “I’m just sayin that Nika should be careful and maybe not get changed or undress around him anymore.”

KC: “Hey, Nika asked you to let it go Jace. So let it go…OK?”

Jace: “Yah, alright. But you all know what I’m talking about.”

Blake: “What are you talking about Jace?”

Reiley: “Where have you been Blake?”

Blake: “Half way down the dock on my cell. I was talking to Wesley.”

Reiley: “Jace was talking shit about Cody…..again.”

Blake: “Why, what did he do?”

Jace: “Just about his little problem Blake.”

Blake: “And what problem is that Jace?”

I saw Cody at the end of the dock, and walking towards us. He was still some forty feet or so away, looking cute, happy, and trusting as always, and I wanted this to stop now.

Jace: “You know Blake, being “Heterosexually-Challenged”…haha.”

I had to do something. I was angry and embarrassed as well. I was letting my boyfriend down right now by hiding, but at the same time scared of escalating the issue in case it exploded and Cody came out, forcing me to do the same, “Everyone just SHUT-UP, shut-up right now, he’s almost here!”

Blake: “You heard him, not another word Jace…..not one!”

Jace: “You guys are no fun, I was just messin.”

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