9027 Chapter 27 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Cody, walking up to the scene, sensing some tension, but having no idea it involved him, “Hi everyone. It’s beautiful today…huh? I woulda been here sooner, but I was watching the end of High School Musical with Abby and my mom. We made cookies.”

Jace: “Haha…Holy Fuck!”

Blake: “JACE!”

Jace: “OK…haha.”

Cody: “What’s wrong, did I miss something, everyone?”

I said, “No, not at all Cody, everything’s kool. How are you doing this morning? Are you ready to wake?”

Cody: “Uh, yah, I think so.”

I looked at Cody, and could see he was kinda looking down at the dock, and knew something was wrong, but wasn’t quite sure what. Other than it involved him in a way that was embarrassing, or not constructive. The others could see this as well. I looked around me to take stock and could see that Sasha was still staying a few yards away from everything still embarrassed by what happened earlier and sensing danger from the current conversation.

Jace was in the boat making some last minute arrangements knowing he’d stirred the pot, and that everyone has had enough of his mouth. Blake was silent and pissed-off at Jace, and made some small-talk with Cody. KC and Reiley took Cody over to the edge of the dock to just change the subject and tell him how much they liked his new board shorts. I was feeling ashamed of myself and I went to Blake, like I always do when things get sketchy.

Nika: “Hey Blake, who was on the phone?”

Blake: “It was Wesley and Travis, they wanted to know what we were doing. After staying home all day yesterday, mom and dad let them off the hook today.”

Nika: “Oh, did you tell them were going out on the boat?”

Blake: “Yah.”

Nika: “Did they want to come?”

Blake: “I think so Nika, but they still aren’t happy about Friday night at the BBQ, so I didn’t ask them. I can tell they’re on the fence about still being mad at you and Cody. But on the other hand, they don’t know how you two feel about them.”

Nika: “Fuck that Blake, it’s always been rocky with those two…..and probably always will be.”

Blake: “Yah, I didn’t think you wanted them around right now, so I didn’t invite them.”

Nika: “That’s not what I meant Blake. I meant that I accept that their always gonna be shit disturbers and that’s how it is. Call them back, we can squeeze two more in.”

Blake: “Are you sure Nika, you don’t mind?”

Nika: “It’s a big boat, I don’t mind. What better way to bury the hatchet and kick off the summer? I think with the twins, Sasha, and Sequoia coming of age, it’s time to expand the six-pack anyway.”

Blake: “You mean increase the posse to the ten-pack now?”

Nika: “Yah, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve been meaning to bring it up for a while now. But you’re the sheriff Blake, what do you think?”

Blake: “I think it’s a great idea, let’s bring it up to the other four later when Sash and the twins aren’t around. So we can have a consensus. Speaking of which, I’m gonna call and invite them….if you’re still OK with it.”

Nika: “Yah, I hate stand-offs and hard feelings. If they’re kool, then so are me and Cody.”

Blake: “OK, kool. Tell the others it’s gonna be a few more minutes.”

Nika: “You Blake, I need to go talk to Cody.”

Blake: “Sure Nika, I understand.”

I made my way half way or so down the pier where Cody was standing. He was looking down at the water, wondering why he was being picked on and feeling like he was being singled out. I walked up and put my hand on his shoulder to say “hi twinner.”

He didn’t reply and I hadn’t startled him, but he probably sensed I was coming anyway. I was gonna hug him, but held back `cause all the others were around and close by. I didn’t think the timing was good, and didn’t want to do anything that the others could see, adding to Cody’s discomfort and embarrassment. And I didn’t want my own feelings hurt as well, by them adding me to the equation.

But then a funny thing happened in a flash. I thought ta hell with it, they see us hug all the time anyway, and nothing has happened to change that. I was being much too conservative in my feelings and defense of Cody. I wasn’t going to idly stand by when someone talked about him that way again, and I wasn’t going to be scared.

This boy was the one that I loved. He’s my twinner and the other half of “The Twinners,” and I will put my life and feelings behind his from now on. I will love him like he loves me, and will not let anyone dim the brightness of his love and happiness. I said “com’er Twinner” and spun him around and wrapped my arms around him and held him as tight to me as I could.

He said “Don’t Nika, you don’t have to. Whoever’s saying things over there might see.”

Nika: “Yah, FUCK EM anyway. Let `em see. Let `em all see….I love you.”

I then took another step and kissed him on the neck and cheek before grasping him in my arms again. It was a brave step, and if it wasn’t for my promise to Sasha, I feel it may have been square on the lips.

Cody began to tremble and cry a little bit, and said, “Why Nika, they’re all my friends. Why are they all talking bad about me?”

Nika: “They’re not Cody.”

Cody: “But someone was, what did they say? I was just happy, and just got here. I didn’t do anything wrong, did I Nika?”

Nika: “No, no you didn’t Codes. It wasn’t everybody, it was just Jace. And all the others stuck up for you, and they all love you. Even Jace….he just has a funny way of showing it.”

Cody: “You did too, didn’t you Nika?”

I felt embarrassed, and paused for a second or two which Cody could sense, then I remembered my talk with Sequoia about pausing, and spoke, “Yes, I did Cody, but not at first, and not as fast as I should have. I admit Cody, I was scared, and I shoulda said something faster, but I was caught off guard and I was a coward Cody. But I promise with all of my heart, I will never delay again.”

Cody: “It’s OK, Nika, as long as you did, it’s OK. What was he saying?”

Nika: “Who cares Cody, do you really want to go there?”

Cody: “Yah, I wanna know what my friends think about me.”

Nika: “He was talking about you being gay, and the way you look at me. And just stuff like that.”

Cody: “But it was just him Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, but Cody, ughh?”

Cody: “Yah, What Nika?”

Nika: “Just, you wanna talk about this later?”

Cody: “No, tell me now.”

Nika: “First, I love you…OK?”

Cody: “Yah, OK. What is it?”

Nika: “Well, just that they all think that Cody, or suspect it anyway.”

Cody: “All of them Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, All of them.”

Cody was crying and released me from the hug as Blake walked up. “Hey you two, is it OK to talk, or you guys need another minute?”

Nika: “Cody and I are gonna walk down to the end of the pier and talk for a couple minutes Blake, what’s up?”

Blake: “Just that Trav and Wes will be about five minutes. So I’ll go back to the boat and let the rest of them know. Take all the time you need. And I’m sorry Cody. I stopped it as soon as I got back and knew what was going on.”

Cody: “Thanks Blake, it’s OK. I guess I better get used to it….huh?”

Blake: “Just hang tough Cody, you’re probably the best of all of us, and I personally think you and Nika make a damn fine couple. No need to respond, we can talk about that later…OK?”

Cody’s eye’s just about bugged out of his head as Blake gave him a little punch on the arm and then grabbed Cody’s shoulder and pulled his head forward and whispered something in Cody’s ear, before winking at him and turning around to walk away. I looked down the pier and the rest of the guys were standing at the end staring at the three of us kinda stupified, wondering what was going on.

Cody was still kinda in awe of the exchange, and stunned by this new revelation about his reputation. I said “Are you OK?”

Cody: “Yah, I guess, I thought I was just going wake-boarding with my best friends, what’s going on Nika. I’m confused.”

Nika: “We only have a few minutes before the twins get here Cody, but we can hold things up if you need to talk, or I can just let Blake take the boat out, he usually drives anyway.”

Cody: “No, its OK, I need to man-up a little anyway I guess, so just tell me real quick what’s going on?”

Nika: “No, you don’t need to “man-up” Cody, I love you just the way you are, and nobody’s gonna change that and you don’t need to change for anyone….OK?”

Cody: “OK Nika, thanks.”

Nika: “It’s just that, well, everyone has thought you were gay for a long time now.”

Cody: “Everyone? Who’s everyone?”

Nika: “Oh Cody.”

Cody: “No, it’s OK, tell me, who?”

Nika: “OK, everyone at the end of the dock, the twins, both our older sisters, Sequoia, and I think your parents.”

Cody: “But how Nika, and why?”

Nika: “I don’t know Cody, maybe the way you’re so soft spoken and compassionate, and care about everyone. And you’re so happy all the time. It’s not bad being all those things. But when you walk up talking about watching High School Musical and baking cookies with your mom right after you’re being discussed that way, it kinda rekindles things a little.”

Cody: “So do they think or know? And do they know about just me, or us? And what about Blake just now?

Nika: “OK, you want a head count, here it is. Yes, Blake knew about you, and since Friday afternoon, knows about us. Yah, I know it was before us happened, but I’ll explain later. Sequoia and Sasha both know about us, as does Tasha, and that’s it. Oh, `cept for your sister Abby who knows what websites you like and your screen-saver too. The rest know nothing about us, and “think” you are, but don’t know for sure. By the way, what did Blake whisper to you just then?”

Cody: “Wow, I guess a lot has been going on behind my back I didn’t know about ….huh? And Blake said if anyone gives me a bad time, to just let him know and he’ll stomp on `em for me!”

Nika: “Yah, go Blake. And Cody, I guess some stuff has been going on you weren’t aware of…..I’m sorry. But they all love you, and they all care about you.”

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