9028 Chapter 28 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Cody: “Maybe I should just go home Nika, I’m not really feeling like going out anyway.”

Nika: “No way, I’m spending the day with you one way or the other, so if you’re going home, then I’m going with you.”

Cody: “Really, you mean that twinner?”

Nika: “Hell yes, I mean it Cody”, and with that, I kissed my boyfriend square on the lips…..fuck anyone who might see.

Cody jumped back a little looking around and said “Whoa cowboy, lets not get carried away yet, I need to catch my breath before I get anymore surprises. And come on, lets hit the boat, but I’m kinda nervous Nika.”

Nika: “It’s OK, Cody, they’re all your best friends out there, and they love you. We talked about this, and you knew our secret isn’t gonna last forever……right?”

Cody: “Yah, I guess so, but if it last a little longer, so be it.”

Just then Trav and Wesley whizzed by on their bikes, making their way to the end of the dock. Then they stopped and walked back towards us. “Hey Nika, Cody, whats up guys?

Nika: “Just talking some things over Wes.”

Wesley: “Is it about us coming with you guys?”

“No Wes, I told Blake it was OK for you two to come along, and sorry about the Coke machine and bucket the other night Travis.”

Wesley: “Kool, thanks Nika, I’m glad you said that. And yah, we spoke to Blake, and we both know we had some payback coming. And it woulda been OK if it wasn’t for the tutoring bomb, that caught us both by surprise.”

Nika: “Oh yah, Mr. Weiner huh. Well Trav, it wasn’t aimed at you. I had no idea Mr. Weiner was coming to the BBQ, he never comes. And I didn’t know that my mom and your mom were gonna get to talking and shit.”

Travis: “I know, it was just shitty timing all together, and fucked up a really kool BBQ. But fuck it, we still wanna body slam you once for the bucket shit, but other than that, peace?”

I could tell they were still a little peeved about the bucket, but were sincere about the payback they had coming and the tutoring, so I said peace, and bumped fists with both Travis and Wesley.

Travis: “What about you Cody, is it kool?”

Cody: “Yah you guys, its always kool Travis, Wesley”, and he bumped fists with both as well.

Nika: “OK then, let’s get the fuck outta Dodge and hit the water guys!”

Wesley: “I hear that Nika….lets go.”

I made my way to the end of the dock and said, “Jace, everything loaded and are we ready to go?”

Jace: “Everything’s battened down Cap’n, lets hit it up.”

With that said we all piled in the boat, and began shifting around finding a preferable seat, and I fired up the motor. I gave it about a quarter throttle, and we cleared the buoy field and out into deep water. At that point I looked over at my left where Blake was sitting with his feet up and asked, “you wanna take over Blake?”

He said, “Yah, let’s swap places.”

Now, I am a great boater, as my father let both me and Sasha drive with him from the time we were nine or ten. But there’s a couple reasons I let Blake drive. One is because they (his family)can’t afford a boat and he really likes it. The second is that he’s a better driver than I am, and can see better over the dash (fucking growth spurt…hurry up damnit). And third (opps, guess there are more than a couple) Blake looks 16 or so, so we get less scrutiny if he’s driving from the sheriff and Coast Guard (yes, the lake borders both California and Nevada, so it is a interstate waterway, so it has to have a Coast Guard presence). With that said, we swapped places, and Blake took command.

We made our way over to Emerald Cove and turned off the motor, and let the boat drift as we pulled off the floor panels and retrieved a couple wake boards. We had me and Sasha’s Slingshot, and Hyperlite that me, Sash, the twins, and Reiley use. And my dad’s Gator that’s a little bigger and used by Blake, Cody, and K.C. We grabbed the rope and connected it to the tower and threw that and the handle out into the water as Blake started the motor and moved forward a little to take up the slack in the line. Meanwhile we grabbed all the wetsuits outta the side compartments. “OK, who’s going first?”

I looked over at Reiley who was silent and had a very serious look on his face. I could tell he was troubled about something, and I got goosebumps all over my arms and legs as the little hairs stood up. I felt a confrontation coming on. Reiley is the thinker of our group with better grades than even Cody the whiz kid, and he’s also the defender.

He’s started a lot of shit over the years. But whereas with Jace and the twins who were usually the tormentors, Reiley was the one who would not let a wrong go unpunished and was always defending those who could not, or would not, defend themselves. If Blake was the Sheriff and executioner, than Reiley was the judge, defender, and prosecutor. “Hang on guys.”

Blake: “What’s up Reiley, are we goin or not?”

reiley: “Yah we are, but since we have the motor turned off, and we’re out in the middle of the lake and no one can run away, I wanna bring something up and get it settled….OK Blake?”

Blake: “Yah, OK Reiles. Your one of our posse, so if you have an issue, you have the right to bring it up for topic or debate…..what is it?”

Reiley: “OK, but first, I don’t wanna see anyone get mad and defensive. And I wanna point out that Sasha and the twins are here, and we usually keep posse matters private.”

Blake: “Yah Reiley, good point. But I just spoke to Nika on the pier about Sash, the twins, and Sequoia all joining the posse anyway since their coming of age. And I was gonna bring it up for a vote next time we have a meeting anyway. So if no one has a objection then we’ll just add that to the agenda and settle it all right now since you brought it up Reiley.”

Sash: “fuck yea!”

Twins: “Awesome!”

Reiley: “OK, I’m fine with that Blake, anyone object to voting on them now, after I air my issues? Or them being here for my issue?”

Blake: “looks like no hands, so no objections. Besides, If we’re gonna include them, then they’ll know what’s going on, and no need to catch them up. Trial by fire I like to say. Reiley, what’s on your mind?”

Reiley: “OK, first, I didn’t much like the shit you were talking about Cody today Jace, neither did K.C. Nika, Blake, or anyone else that I can see. I think it was abusive and over the top, and I want it to stop now…or else we’ll do something about it.”

Jace: “I was just fucking around Reiley, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Reiley: “Yah, maybe, but it was abusive and hurtful. And it useta be behind his back, but now it’s even when he’s around. And I think its outta hand, so it needs to stop now.”

I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I was hoping this wasn’t the issue Reiley was gonna bring up, but my inner voice had told me it was, so I wasn’t all that surprised. I would be happy and content if it just went away, but I figured now was as good a time as any to start clearing the air. And besides, there was nowhere to run or hide. I did look over at Cody and could see him fidgeting and read a thought that he wished he had just returned home after the incident on the dock. Wishing he was not here right now. I could feel his turmoil and nervousness and it was twice that of mine.

So under the watchful eye of everyone in the boat, I stood up, walked over to Cody, and sat down beside him. If I had learned anything from my past mistakes, it was that I wasn’t going to allow him to go through this alone, we were going to face it together. I reached down and held his hand, taking it in mine. He looked over at me a little alarmed and kinda motioned me to let go, that it was OK. But I shook my head no, and held on. I could see and feel a look of inner peace in him as he sighed, and now knew when push came to shove, I would not leave his side in the event of controversy or an incident.

I could feel it was a fear deep inside him that scared him more than anything. As to whether I would stand up for him, and our love, or turn tail and run. I looked over at him eye to eye, both of us smiling, hand in hand. Knowing, but not caring that there were obvious glances our way, further questioning Cody’s sexuality.

Jace: “Well what the fuck. Everyone thinks so, and talks about it. If that’s the case, then why doesn’t he just come clean or say he isn’t. If he’s one of us, then I wanna know who and what he is. I mean if I’m skinny dipping or changing in front of him, than I deserve to know….right?”

Blake: “This isn’t the Army, Jace. We don’t have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.” Glancing at Jace, then over to Cody, “I for one don’t care what you are Cody, only who you are, and I already know that. You’re my friend for life.”

Sasha: “Why are you being so mean Jace? You’re being a dick.”

Jace: “I’m not being mean Sash, I jus think we should know, is he or not?”

I had to say something and took a shot, “Why does it matter Jace? I mean what’s it to you, everybody’s personal life is their own business. Can’t you just acknowledge he’s your friend and leave it at that, or do you have to make it an issue and embarrass my best friend?”

Jace: “Well, aren’t you interested Nika, I mean you two sleep over at each others and take showers together and stuff all the time. Aren’t you curious what he’s thinking. Why won’t he just answer the question?”

Nika: “Because I don’t care Jace. It’s not an issue to me. He’s my best friend. Always has been, and always will be. So if it’s not an issue to me, than why is it to you?”

I felt Cody getting restless and becoming angry that he was being talked about as if he wasn’t even there. Then I felt him squeeze my hand real hard and speak, “Why aren’t you talking to me Jace? Why are you talking to everyone else behind my back? And bring this before everyone. Do you do it to make yourself feel better? If you wanted to know, and have been talking shit about me all this time, then why didn’t you just ask me one of the times we were alone together, hanging out? If I was really your friend, you wouldn’t have waited till Reiley felt he had to say something and put a stop to it. Till it became a public debate. Is this the way you operate and treat all your friends Jace?”

Jace: “It’s not like that Cody.”

Cody: “It isn’t, then why now? Didn’t you have anyone else to pick on today? I didn’t even know all of you felt that way about me till Nika told me on the dock a little while ago. I wish I hadn’t even come. This goes way past the ordinary shit that you conjure up for fun Jace. This is fucked up.”

Jace: “Listen Cody. I’m sorry I talked behind your back. I thought it was just funny, but now I can see maybe it was cruel. But as personal as we all are with one another, in showers, skinny dipping, and other stuff, isn’t it my right to know what you’re all about? Doesn’t anyone else hear what I’m saying and agree? Come on Trav, Wes, tell them how you feel. Tell him you wanna know!”

Travis: “Sorry Jace, I may have made jokes sometimes when we were together, but I’d never say anything to Cody to hurt him. And I guess I don’t care what he does. It’s not my business if he doesn’t want it to be.”

Jace: “That’s how both of you feel then?”

Travis: “That’s how I feel, Wesley can speak for himself.”

Jace: “Well Wes?”

Wesley: “I think Trav summed it up for both of us.”

Jace: “Well, fuck it then. If everyone wants to stick their heads in a hole, then do whatever the fuck you want!”

2 Responses to “9028 Chapter 28 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Mike Says:

    This was one of my favorite chapters!! It just made me happy reading it and seeing the whole group stand up and say it didn’t matter! I wish I had a group of friends like this when I was younger.

  2. Hermes Says:

    Jace MAY turn out to be a problem… then again, maybe not. He’d still have Blake to deal with and probably the twins too! I felt really good that all their friends took the attitude they did. If more kids today took that attitude, we might see less suicides. Way to go Cody! GREAT Chapter.

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