9029 Chapter 29 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


I was shocked. My biggest fear was Travis and Wesley and how they would react. For the first time in my life, I was truly and sincerely proud of both of them for showing compassion and maturity that I was almost sure they didn’t possess. I thought for sure that they would side with Jace, just like always and it could have broken the posse apart, even though I thought Cody’s preference was already a forgone conclusion in everyone’s mind. But I felt confident that Cody had weathered the storm.

Cody: “Whats wrong Jace, isn’t it going the way you wanted? Are you mad you didn’t get to start a big fight and watch all the shit go down? Are you gonna let it go now that you know that everybody isn’t gonna buy into hate?”

Jace: “It’s not about hate Cody. It’s about knowing who you really are. I didn’t want to start a fight. It’s just that if we’re all best friends, fer real, best friends, then shouldn’t we know who each other really is? That’s all I’m saying, that’s all I wanted, not to crucify you Cody. Can’t anyone else understand that?”

KC: “I’ve been pretty quiet up till now, but I wanna say something.”

Reiley: “Yah, go ahead KC”

KC: “I see what you’re saying Jace, but you’re making it a demand on you terms, on your time frame, and that’s just wrong. I don’t know and don’t care what Cody is. But it’s up to him to tell us when and if he’s ready. Not because we put him on trial and demand it. And if he chooses to do that, then good for him. And if he doesn’t, then that’s fine too. It won’t make one bit of difference as to how I feel about him, or whether or not I choose to shower or swim naked with him. It just doesn’t matter, Jace.”

Sash: “Yah Jace.”

Blake: “You heard it Jace.”

Reiley: “There yah go Jace. Now can we move on.”

I looked closely at Jace, and he looked like a whipped dog, Sulking in the back of the boat. Like his team was a huge favorite to win by a large margin, but instead got whipped by a landslide. And me, I looked at the togetherness of all of us, and felt like we were all growing up. No bad words, no name calling, and no fighting. Then Jace spoke, “Yah, I guess so Reils, I guess so.”

Nika: “Is there something you want to say to Cody first Jace?”

Jace: “Yah.”

Cody: “It’s OK, he doesn’t have to.”

Jace: “No, I want to. I don’t wanna leave things like this.”

Jace just sat there for a minute or so, and you could have heard a pin drop. Then, he took a deep breath and looked over at Cody, “I, I’m not sure how to do this Cody. I can’t remember ever apologizing to anyone for anything. But I’m sorry if I hurt you, that was not what I meant to do. I just truly thought that it was my right to know, if we are all that close. I was wrong, and I still hope you’ll be my friend.”

I waited a minute and Cody still hadn’t responded, and I could see everyone looking at him as if something was wrong, and then I felt him squeeze my hand real hard and heard him whimpering. So I turned my head real fast, and saw Cody had his face turned down in his other hand and he was crying hard while trying to muffle it, and tears were dripping between his fingers and onto his lap. Then no longer able to control himself he took and deep breath and sniffle and let loose, breaking down outright.

Jace: “Cody, I said I was sorry, and I meant it. Please stop crying.”

I put Cody’s hand in my right hand, passing it off from my left, so I could put my left arm around his shoulder and pull his head towards mine, so that our heads were together and I could whisper and talk to him. I squeezed his hand real hard, and said, “It’s OK Cody, Jace didn’t mean anything by it, and he apologized. Everything’s fine, its OK. You amongst your friends buddy, all is good. I’m here and you’re gonna be fine.”

Cody continued to sob for another couple minutes as everyone else just looked down, occasionally saying what they thought were constructive things like, “It’s OK, Cody, we understand”, and “We’re here for you Cody, and the back breaker by Jace, “I know better now Cody, I won’t bring it up again. Everything’s OK.”

When Cody heard that, something happened in his head, and he too another deep breath, as I wiped his nose with a towel. Then, his voice trembling and with tears still running down his face, he said,”No, everything’s not OK Jace.”

He took a few more breaths and breathed in again, then speaking and crying at the same time, he repeated, “everything’s not OK.”

Jace: “I said I was sorry Cody, and I meant it.”

Cody: “That’s not it Jace. You were right. You were right all along, and I’m a coward. I was jus to scared to tell all of you.”

I felt paralyzed at this. I was shocked. I felt happy that he was going to do it, and at the same time scared for him because he didn’t have to. I felt it would better for him if he had time to think about it and do it in another setting to where he didn’t feel forced. I mean, I did finally want him to come clean, just as I did, but thought we could do it piece meal, a little at a time. So I finally spoke. “No Cody, you don’t havta say anything else. Just let it go for now. This isn’t the time or place.”

Cody: “Ahhh, yes it is Nika. Yah, it is. Why go through this again? I just want it to end Nika….I want it ALL to end.”

I understood what he was saying and could feel in his mind that he was “defragmenting” so to speak, and dropping a giant weight off his shoulders. That he just wanted the pain and sadness to go away, and felt an opportunity had presented itself and he didn’t want to let it pass and risk never being able to build up the courage again. I squeezed his hand again, and whispered in his ear, “then let’s do it Cody, go for it. I’m right beside you boyfriend.”

Cody: “Thanks Nika, I love you.”

Nika: “I love you too Cody. He has something to say you guys.”

Almost simultaneously, everyone else said, “OK”, or “Go for it Cody”, or “That’s cool Cody.”

Cody: Jace was right. You all were right. Maybe I shoulda said something before this, but I didn’t wanna cause trouble and didn’t wanna change things between us all and not have you all as friends. I was a coward and I’m sorry. I’m gay, and I hope you all still accept me and things don’t change.

I looked around, and Blake, along with his twin brothers were both dripping tears from their eyes, as was Sasha. Both K.C. and Reiley were choking back the tears, but they were visibly moved. And the funniest thing happened I may have ever seen. Everyone at once moved to the middle of the boat, to form a group hug with the warmth and love that you rarely seen in this world. Especially amongst teenage boys. Looking at it closely though, the biggest surprise to me was that Jace himself was choked up, and the two devil children as I had called them so often, were actually crying. Who knew that there was a heart in there somewhere behind the scales?

We stayed like that for a few minutes before Blake said, “Oh shit, does this mean Cody can’t shower or swim naked with us anymore?”

That pretty much brought the curtains down, as everyone including Cody, and Jace began to laugh out of control. Then Jace said “No, it doesn’t mean that at all Blake, he can shower and swim with me any time. Love you Cody.”

Cody: “Love you to Jace.”

I figured that was my cue, and was about to tell everyone that they have nothing to worry about, as Cody was spoken for. And by doing so, to get everything out for both of us. But then I looked at what was going on, and figured after what Cody did today, my brave Cody, it would be a cakewalk for me. So why steal his thunder. This was a lot for everyone to take in for one day, so our relationship and the rest can wait for another day. I looked up to get some air, and said, “HOLY SHIT BLAKE!”

Blake: “Oh Fuck Nika, get outta the way, everyone get outta the way!”

In all the talking and emotion, we all overlooked the fact that we were drifting in a very large, very expensive Ski-boat, that was about to hit the rocks on the shore. Blake leaped into the drivers seat and fired up the motor and hit the throttle, when we heard the most God-awful noise since we last visited a dentists chair on cavity day. It was the prop against the rocks. We did manage to did get away from the rocks and the shoreline and back out to deep water before Blake shut down the motor again.

Nika: “Fuck Blake, that was close.”

Blake: “Yah Nika, too close. I think we dusted the prop.”

Cody: “See what You did Jace?”

Jace: “But, well, I, I didn’t mean ta…”

Cody: “Hahaha, jus messin Jace, haha.”

Jace: “Oh Cody you fucker….guess I had that coming.”

Cody: “Yah, you did…haha.”

Nika: “Good one Cody. I’m probably gonna havta to replace it…huh Blake?”

Blake: “Yah Nika, I felt a vibration, so it’s gonna havta be eventually replaced. The sooner the better, vibrations aren’t good.”

Nika: “Fuck, that sucks.”

Blake: “No it doesn’t, we got off lucky it was just the propeller. We’ll all chip in, just like a posse does, and it’ll be easy.”

Nika: “Oh yah Blake, and speaking of which, do we have four newbies to chip in as well?”

Blake: “Oh yah, good call Nika.”

Blake let out a loud whistle and said “listen up everyone, on Sasha joining the posse, Yea or Nea?”

The group let out a “YEA!” In unison!

Blake: “OK, on Travis joining us, Yea or Nea?”


Blake: “Kool, On Wesley, Yea or Nea?”


Blake: “There yah have it Nika….unanimous”

Nika: “Not quite Blake, You’re one shy.”

Blake: “Opps, you’re right, my bad, our local Witch Doctor. Sequoia everyone, Yea or Nea?


Blake: “There you go Nika, ten of us now. Congratulations guys, you’re in!”

And thus, the six-pak, or now the ten-pak, our posse, “was fruitful and multiplied” so to speak, despite one of us being gay. Well, maybe two, but that’s my story for another day!

6 Responses to “9029 Chapter 29 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. TP Says:

    Cody, I have no idea if this a true story, but if it is, the 6-pack is an extremely lucky group of boys. The fact that they can accept a member as gay, and still shower and skinny dip with him truly amazes me. I have good friends, but nothing like this. I struggle constantly thinking about what they would say or do if I came out. And I’m sure it would be nothing like the 6-pack. This group is very rare.

    • codyboarder Says:

      your very welcome tp. i think it just goes to prove anythings possible. im glad your enjoying it. and I just guesss im blessed and very lucky to have always had really, really, good friends.

    • Rick Says:

      I “came out” to a handful of people I worked with during my long-haul days, and their response was: “That’s nice, I’m from Minnasota!). I figured out about that time (unfortunately 30+ years after “the boys”) that I wasn’t going to change or edit who I was. I was tired of living a lie. If they couldn’t accept me for who I was, then they weren’t really my friends to begin with and they could all go to hell. I don’t “come out” per say to friends or co-workers now, but if they ask, I tell them the truth (usually with both barrels!) The nice thing is people nowadays (usually the end of the baby-boomers and younger) are more accepting than they were “30+ years ago”.

  2. extremeadven Says:

    awesome chapter. keep up the good work

  3. Redhawk Says:

    I wish I had been so brave in my youth to come out to all of my friends. I waited until my early to mid 20’s to say anything to my good friends about being Bi. It’s a good feeling to know your friends are all supportive when you are struggling with such challenging information. Life is definitely a battle of resilience. Good for you Cody!

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