9031 Chapter 31 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


I slipped on my high-tops (no socks), and crept down the stairs. I was being careful to keep it slow. It was pretty dark, and the wooden house can creak real loud at night after the house has a chance to settle down. I wanted to be careful not to wake anyone. Or even worse, trip over my own feet, or something else and break a bone. Especially the one leading the way at the front of my jeans. Damn morning boners. I should have peed up stairs to get rid of it, but I’ll hit the bathroom at the base of the second floor across from Tasha’s room. I walked inside and carefully shut the door and stood at the toilet.

Then I played the old game of patiently waiting for it to subside enough so that you don’t pee all over the wall. But finally, I said to myself, “Fuck this!” and flipped open the door to the shower and let loose with a very comforting spray. I watched the neon yellow stream fly thru the air and hit the tile wall, then cascade down to the floor and drain below. I wondered what it was about morning pisses. Why are they always yellow? I mean when I piss during the day, it’s usually clear, but yellow piss seems to be the standard in the morning or after I take my vitamins. How odd. Well, at least it was done, so I wiped my now soft dick on the hand towel (sure it will dry before someone uses it later in the day), and made my way to the front door.

I hit my code to disengage the alarm on the front door (yes, my mom and dad had separate alarm codes for me, Sash, and Tash, saying it was for our safety in case they ever need to track us.) Why not just have a computer chip implanted under our skin? What the fuck? On further reflection, I better not ever bring that up, or they may take me up on that.

I stepped out onto the rocky entryway and carefully shut the door behind me, so as not to make any noise. I walked out and down the stairs to the driveway and around the corner of the house. The only thing I could hear was the stream of water gurgling into the pool as it passed through the filter. I was still too far from the creek that passed through our yard or the lake to hear the peaceful sounds of water passing through or of waves gently patting the rocky beach.

I quietly snuck up to the window where the light was seeping through the front of the guest house, and took a peek inside. As luck would have it, it wasn’t Sequoia, but his mother. It appeared she was doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and around the sink. She must have a little bit of Sequoia in her, because she had a feeling she was being watched. So she snapped her head around to see me peeping through the window. I didn’t even try to duck or hide as it would have just been useless. She cocked her head with a puzzled look on her face, but then waved to me and made her way to the door.

I stepped back and to the left to greet her, hoping she wouldn’t be mad at me or think I was a pervert and watching her. Well, I’m thirteen, so she must know I’m a pervert by default, we all are. But I still wasn’t watching her. Well, technically I was, but not for the wrong reason. Or if you are a pervert, then the wrong reason would be the right reason….right?

Oh well, whatever, she opened the door and said, “Hello Nika, what are you doing up so early?”

Nika: “Hi Golden Fawn, I’m sorry if I scared you.”

Golden Fawn: “It’s OK Nika, you didn’t scare me.”

Nika: “I wasn’t staring at you, it’s just that I woke up early and saw your light on from my balcony.”

Golden Fawn: “It’s OK Nika, you’re welcome here anytime. Would you like to come in? Can I fix you something to eat?”

Nika: “Maybe for just a minute, but I’m not really hungry yet. Thank you though.”

I stepped inside and it smelled wonderful. She must have been cooking really early this morning. So maybe Sequoia was up?

Golden Fawn: “Didn’t sleep well Nika?”

Nika: “Just kinda having weird dreams again I guess.”

Golden Fawn: “Ahh, Sequoia said something about that. And that you two had a nice visit. But he didn’t go into detail about what it was about. He’s very fond of you Nika!”

Nika: “I’m very fond of him too ma’am. And yes, we did. Have a nice talk I mean. I value him very much. He’s much more than a friend, he’s more like a brother. And by the way, something smells really good in here.”

Golden Fawn: “Haha, I just finished cooking tamales, fresh corn and flour tortillas, and carnitas. Are you sure I can’t fix you something to eat Nika?”

Nika: “No, no thanks Golden Fawn, but by any chance is Sequoia up? I really need to talk to him for just a minute.” Just at that very moment I saw the vision again and squinted my eye’s as if in pain. Feeling confused again as to who was in trouble and needed help. But again, I felt strongly that Cody was OK.

Golden Fawn had noticed my reaction and said, “I’m sorry Nika, but Sequoia’s not here. Are you OK?”

Nika: “Um, not really. What do you mean not here?”

Golden Fawn: “You know, not here, he’s gone.”

Nika: “Is he on a trip? Did he go out of town or something?”

Golden Fawn: “No sweetheart, he took the food into town for farmers market today. That’s why I’m up cooking so early. The extra money comes in handy.”

Nika: “Farmers Market?”

Golden Fawn: “Yes Nika, I was going myself but Sequoia could see I was tired and said he’d prefer he went because of the foggy weather. He could get there and back faster than me. It’s only three or four miles and he has his I-pod……so it’ll go fast.”

For the first time, I became conscious of something very cold in my jeans pocket. I asked, “Farmers Market? Where? Where’s it at Golden Fawn?”

Golden Fawn: “It’s on the edge of town, just before you get there. I’ve seen your mom there before.”

Nika: “Oh My God, you mean along Hwy 89?”

Golden Fawn: “Yes, by the dam where the river begins.”

For some reason, I reached into my pocket to see what was so cold, and to my surprise, I pulled out an old Indian head penny. And that’s when it hit me, as I thought back to that day with Sequoia and remembered the conversation that he’d willed me to forget until the time was right. I felt a rush of blood go to my head and I started feeling sick because I suddenly remembered him slipping something into my pocket after our walk through the woods. And now I knew exactly what it was, it was that penny. “Oh My GOD, it’s not Cody……it’s Sequoia!”

Golden Fawn: “What’s Sequoia… What’s wrong Nika. Are you sure you’re OK?”

I turned around and ran past the front door slamming it open and taking off across the yard as she was speaking to me making her way to the open door. “NO, I’m not OK, not at all OK!”

Golden Fawn: “Where are you going?”

As I was running I turned my head and yelled back “Just wake up my parents and tell them to get down there right now. You too! It’s an emergency!”

I could feel the adrenaline pulse through my blood and was running faster than I ever had before. I cut through the forest along the same path I knew Sequoia would be taking. I leapt over every boulder and log that blocked my path as if I was on cruise control and had a course plotted in. My every step was perfect. I felt like a mountain buck that knew the path and had the agility to navigate it at full speed. I was at full gallop and was somehow able to see my way, even in the dim light.

The sun had not yet come up. It was only about 4:30 or 4:40 in the morning. I covered a half mile in almost no time at all, but I was beginning to feel the sweat bead on my forehead and drip down my face. I was breathing hard, but not at all out of breath. I felt a determination, an urgency. I felt that there wasn’t a track star alive that could catch me right then. If a mountain lion was in hot pursuit of my ass right then, he was going home hungry, because there was no catching me.

As I ran, my thought processes began sifting through information. I tried working out scenarios and solutions in my mind. First, was I over-reacting and was this all paranoia? Well, it didn’t matter, because danger had already seeped into my head. So I saw the threat as real until proven otherwise.

Secondly, I owed it to Sequoia to be there for him for a change. For once, someone had to put Sequoia’s safety and well-being ahead of his own, and that thought made me feel good and reinforced my vigor towards reaching him and finding him safe.

I was more than halfway there when something began to happen that made it clear that there were forces at work, and it was not just my imagination. Everything went quiet and I could hear myself breathe. Time slowed down and I could feel my reasoning and thought processes better than I ever had before. It was like that morning in the tree house when I saved Cody, only more intense. I was becoming more experienced and gifted. It was if I was tuned into not only nature, but I instantly felt what Sequoia was telling me about “my gift”.

I had a better understanding now of what it was and how to use it. It was as much mental as it was physical, and I could tell my brain was reacting like it had never done before. I began seeing things in places beyond where I was at. I could see Sequoia in my mind walking alongside the road, and knew exactly where he was. And I could see the tractor trailer again some distance behind. I was close, real close, and getting closer with each and every step.

I closed my eyes and continued to run at full speed as my feet knew where to plant themselves missing every rock and pine cone along my path. I had a feeling I was about to make a big difference in someone’s life for the positive and knew whatever I was called on to do, I was going to be successful. As I approached the highway I could sense the truck approaching and at the same time see Sequoia crossing the highway along a slow curve about a half mile from his destination. The stretch was still a wooded area some distance to any structures, but that he could see them in the distance.

At that moment, I broke out of the woods and I could see him not too far in the distance up ahead. At the same time I could actually hear the semi off in the distance behind me.

My high tops continued their desperate pummeling of the highway eating up valuable chunks of pavement with each leap. But would I be in time to make a difference if I was indeed to make one? Or was an incident even destined to happen? Or was Sequoia aware of what was happening and able to circumnavigate it himself?

I was yelling his name at the top of my lungs but he couldn’t hear me. I’m sure he probably had his I-pod going and was oblivious to my shouts. With him, you never knew if he was listening to music, nature sounds like rain, or whale song.

In any case, I was damn close and had almost caught him. As I glanced behind me, I could see a reflection. Glowing lights from around the blind curve. I knew the semi was close and so might be the outcome. I was now within mere seconds of Sequoia and I heard the thundering horns for the semi signaling that the driver had indeed broken the curve and spotted a young boy in the street. I was sooo damn close to him, and the time of decision had come.

Was I to make a leap and get him out of the way? Or was I destined to just watch as the incident unfolded before my eyes, a split second too late? I was indeed inside a bubble, at one with my gift. I surveyed the situation and measured up the distances one last time. And then made my choice.

The moment of reckoning had arrived, and the past and the future had met each other at the crossroads. The incident had unfolded, and what was, became what is. Lives were changed and futures altered. But love will never truly be lost. Sequoia saw to that the last time he and I had spoken.

The truck driver hit his brakes, locking up his big rig as it skidded across the highway. The boy felt no pain. The precious, ever-giving life-force left his body in an instant. Just as his body had left his sneakers, coming to rest on the forest floor some forty or so yards ahead. The truck that had fractured this innocent child’s skull and shattered his neck and spine, jack-knifed and came to rest halfway off the road and into a gulch at the edge of the highway.

The broken body of the boy lay amongst a pile of pine cones and branches up ahead of the scene along the side of the road. An innocent blood-stained face of a gifted child who was now out of pain and free from the bonds of humanity. A small wooden cross stands there now with fresh flowers left occasionally by passer-byes who want to give remembrance to him. A memorial, if you will.

Freshly made food created by a loving mother was scattered all across the road along with broken dishes and utensils. Another boy, one who was also loving and caring and on a mission of mercy, was also lying unconscious alongside the road, having hit his head hard on the concrete after leaping forward. Not dead, but not completely alive either.

For one loving caring boy, his magical journey through life had ended, and he was now on his way to the next journey, the one on the other side. And as for the other boy, it was just the beginning of another journey. One, if even possible, to find his way back to his friends and family, and out of the coma he fought to stay in. Behind the safe blanket he did not want to be released from. After all, he finds it dark and comforting, where no one can hurt him. And above all, he will not have to face the loss of someone so close to him. Someone whom he loved and idolized.

The trucker, shaken and bruised, but overall unscathed, radioed for help from the authorities in a shaky voice filled with emotion. Not so much adrenalin, but regret, remorse, and massive guilt. After all, as tragic as the scene is, he too is an unsuspecting victim. Not being at fault of any wrong doing, and having broken no laws, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He faces having to go through life accepting the fact that he had taken an innocent life, and it hit him very hard.

He could only break down and cry over the broken child laid out beneath him. He looked down into the beautiful open eyes of the sweet boy with such an angelic face, before pulling a blanket over the limp body. He still had tears rolling down his face thinking of his two young sons at home, safe in their beds. And what some poor parents will have to go through. And not in an unselfish way, that it won’t be his wife receiving the early morning call to come down and identify the remains.

He forced himself to go into his cab and set up cones and flares to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard ahead. The two lane highway was going to be closed for some time. The large man’s chest continued to heave and he remained very emotional, when he noticed out of the corner of his eye another body alongside the road. As he got closer, it was another boy, one that he had not previously noticed. He walked up to the boy, mouthing in a low voice to himself, “Please dear God, not another one.”

Fearing the worst, he knelt down beside the child and placed his hand on the boy’s chest. He felt it move. He felt a pulse. Weak, but none the less it was there. “By God,” he thought, “this boy’s alive.” He quickly got on his radio and alerted the authorities again. There was a second boy, only this one was still alive.

Not being a busy stretch of highway that early in the morning, only a few cars began to back up as the Highway Patrol and the local Sheriff’s deputies began to arrive on the scene. Within a few more minutes the rigs and paramedics from the local fire station a few miles up the highway began to arrive and they immediately tended to the comatose child. And throughout the early morning hours the coroner, more emergency vehicles, a crane, and heavy duty semi tow truck also arrived.

Amongst all the confusion, an SUV pulled up alongside the road and three anxious, terrified parents got out and ran to the police tape cording off the area. All three in a panic with visions of their precious child’s short life and all the joy these two angels on earth have brought to them, their family, and their community. They knew the loss of either of the children would be a shock to Clear Lake as a whole.

And at the same time, both sets of parents were also thinking of the same thing: “I hope it’s not my boy.” They knew it was a selfish thought, knowing full well that if it wasn’t their child, then it was surely the other’s. They would feel loss either way, but the guilt of those thoughts would have to wait. Because right now, the price of being generous and hoping the best for the other was too high a price to pay. It was a fight for their family going on inside their minds. A fight for their child’s life. All three thinking, “Please don’t let it be Nika/Sequoia!”

Nika’s father explained who they were and then all three were escorted to two stretchers, one destined to the morgue via a coroner’s van, and the other with a boy hooked up to an IV with paramedics hovering over him, preparing him first for the ambulance journey to the airport, then to a medevac helicopter transport to the roof of the Children’s Hospital in Reno. Then to the Emergency Room where a team of specialists were already washing up and preparing for the lucky boy’s arrival.

And I only say lucky, because for the other, every laugh, every tear, every emotion, and every adventure that he has experienced in his short life, had come to a tragic end. He will never be a part of his friend’s or family’s lives again, he will never again take part in the good times that would surely come. He will never get to experience and enjoy the bright future that awaited him. He will live now only in their memories. And the pain that those who love him will feel will be felt deeply, and the pain will be excruciating for months, even years to come.

The parents arrived at the stretchers with a Sheriff’s escort, and the blanket was pulled back revealing the beautiful face of the unlucky child, his eyes empty and lifeless. All three parents instantly began to cry, as the two women became hysterical, both dropping to their knees, clinched in a hug. The man just put his hand to his forehead and looked up at the morning sky as dawn was breaking. This was to be just the beginning of an extremely tragic, gripping, and emotional summer for them, their community, and for the rest of, the Boys of Clear Lake.

7 Responses to “9031 Chapter 31 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. extremeadven Says:

    all i can say is wow. You got me crying. What a powerful chapter.

  2. Ansset Says:

    Oh man, I never saw that coming. I was so hoping that Nika would have made it in time. It was like time slowed down as I was reading that chapter. /me cries

  3. fb Says:

    Woah! Bad times. Going from such a high on the boat, to such a low on the road. And the writing gets better and better.


  4. Jamie Says:

    This is so sad. I don’t think I want to read any more.

  5. Keen Says:

    Well. That there’s a contrast and a half. 😥

  6. Hermes Says:

    One of the hardest things for a writer to write is the death of a beloved character. However it’s reality. Accidents happen and unfortunately to some of the best and sweetest people. This chapter was so powerfully written, it is difficult for me to think that anyone who read it ended it with dry eyes. I know I didn’t.

    Cody will have a long road ahead of him. Not only due to his injuries, but to self-doubt and second guessing himself. Hopefully he’ll heed the message implanted in his mind and get past it. Sequoia, I’m sure will make certain of it.

    Thanks Cody for this chapter.

  7. Bill Says:

    Wow. Cody, you are a powerful writer. I do not emote easily. While I didn’t openly do so, upon reading this, the incident tugged intensely at me and I was filled with a tremendous sense of loss and sorrow. One I haven’t experienced since the loss of my mother, four years ago. Sequoia was such a tender, gentle, sensitive soul. Sometimes very, very bad things happen to very good people. I’ve heard it said that maybe God felt He needed this person more than we did.

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