9032 Chapter 32 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


It was only 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning when a terrified thirteen year old woke from his bed in a horrific panic. He sat up screaming at the top of his lungs. His sister Abby came storming through his bedroom door jumping into his bed clutching onto him and holding him tight. She gently stroked his hair speaking loudly into his ear, “stop Cody, please stop. What is wrong baby brother, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Was it a bad dream?”

As he sat there covered in sweat and urine he yelled as loud as he could while hysterically crying, “THEIR DEAD! THEIR BOTH DEAD!”

Abby: “Who’s dead Cody, who died? You just had a nightmare little brother.”

Just then their mother, father, and little sister came bursting through the door inquiring what was the matter. Abby looked up at all three of them still clutching onto her baby brother. He was showing no signs of letting up or calming down, as she shook her head at her parents signaling them she had no idea what was going on. Their father asked, “Cody, what is the matter son?” immediately after his mom added, “we can’t help you if we don’t know whats wrong Honey”!

After a few seconds their son looked up at them and said in a low whispering voice shaking with emotion, “Their both dead!’

The adults and the both girls all had puzzled looks on their faces wondering what was going on while at the same time reassuring their vulnerable, shaken sibling that no one was hurt and that everything was fine. Just then the phone rang as all four of their heads turned simultaneously to Codys nightstand, alarmed at a call coming so early in the morning. Meanwhile Cody didn’t move a muscle. He just sat clinched to his loving, caring sister and shouted, “Go ahead and answer it! Get it over with!”

The father (Jordan) looked around in a very surreal way and cautiously walked over to the nightstand where he picked up the phone and answered, “Sommers residence, may I help you?”

He listened attentively for a minute or so while the rest of the room anxiously stared at him wondering what was happening. Then he replied back into the receiver, “Yes Niklas, I understand. I’ll get the kids dressed and we’ll be in Reno withing an hour. Is there anything you need or we can bring down with us? Uh huh, uh huh, I understand. We’ll stop on the way and pick them up. Yes, Cheyenne too. No, not a problem at all Niklas. And Niklas, I’m very, very sorry. Just hang in there and we’ll be down shortly.”

Marsha: “What is it Jordan, what’s happened?”

Jordan: “There’s been an accident Marsha. Abby, get Princess dressed and get Cody cleaned up and changed into some dry clothes. Come on out in the hall with me hun, I’ll explain.”

Cody: “Their all dead, that’s what happened!” And with that Cody passed out in his sisters arms.

Marsha: “Abagail, get your brother into the shower and cool him off. Then get him dressed like your father told you to.”

Abby: “Is anyone going to tell me what’s going on?”

Jordan: “Trisha, go to your room and get dressed now. And Abby, Just do as we ask.”

Abby: “I need to know dad.”

Jordan watched as Trisha walked out of the room looking as if she was very scarred. Then said to his daughter Abby, “Nika and Sequoia have been involved in an accident. We need to get down to Childrens Hospital in Reno immediately. And we’ll be picking up Tasha, Sash, and Cheyenne (Sequoia’s little sister) on the way.”

Abby: “Are they gonna be ok dad?”

Jordan: “We’ll talk about that later Abagail, just do what your mother told you for now.”

Abby: “No, are they ok? Anwser me!”

He walked over to his oldest daughter and put his hand on her shoulder and said while looking her in the eyes, “No, I don’t think so, not this time hon. Lets just think good thoughts and we’ll know more when we get there.”

Abby: “Oh God dad, Tasha, Cheyenne, and Sasha are probably going crazy right now!”

Jordan: “That’s why we need to stay calm and get over to their house as soon a possible. Their home alone and Niklas elected not to phone them. They don’t know what happened yet. We need to get over there as fast as we can and get them down to Reno. If the worst has happened, and I fear it has, then they need to be there to say goodbye to their brothers.”

Abby: “Is it that bad dad?”

Jordan: “Yah Abby, it’s that bad. Do you need me to carry Cody into the shower for you?”

As she began to cry: “No, he’s not that big yet, I can manage.”

Jordan: “Ok, then let’s get our game faces on. Niklas and Nadia’s family need us now more than ever.”

Abby: “So they don’t know whats happened dad?”

Jordan: “You mean Tasha, Cheyenne, and Sash?”

Abby: “Yes.”

Jordan: “No, not yet. Niklas asked that we just pick them up and say as little as possible until we get them to Reno. They were asleep when they left. They just woke Maria, the house keeper to watch over things and left right away as Golden Fawn instructed them to do. She’s with them as well.”

Abby: “And what about Sequoia dad?”

Her father simply shook his head and quietly said, “No. I’m sorry Abby.”

Abby took Cody into the bathroom, stripping off his clothes and getting him into the shower, while wiping the tears from her face. She was actually recalling a conversation she had recently with Tasha about Sequoia, and how they would both love to “teach him the ropes” in a couple years. Now she felt guilt and remorse for her lustful thoughts for the “beyond beautiful” tween boy. Meanwhile a block or so away, another sister had her hands full and was in a panic of her own.

Tasha: “SASHA, What is it? Your scaring the shit outta me, are you awake? Whats wrong Sash, what is it?”

At that moment, the house keeper (a late twenties Latino woman a little on the pudgy side) ran into the room and asked, “What is it, what’s wrong?”

Tasha: “I don’t know Maria, he woke me up screaming like he’s in pain. His eyes are open, but it’s like there’s nobody home. Why isn’t Nika in here? Maria, get my mom and dad quick!”

Maria: “There not here Natasha.”

Tasha: “What do you mean there not here? Where the fuck are they?”

Maria: “They woke me up early this morning and said there was an emergency and left with Sequoia’s and Cheyenne’s mother.”

Tasha: “Left where? Where would they be going this early in the morning?”

Maria: “I don’t know dear. They said it was an emergency.”

Tasha: “Then find Nika. See if he fell asleep on the couch downstairs. Tell him I need him up here now. He’s the only one that can calm Sasha down when he’s like this.”

Maria: “I’m sorry Tasha, but Nika’s the reason they left.”

Tasha: “WHAT? Then get me some wet towels Maria, he’s vomiting all over the place! Calm down Sasha, calm down baby brother. Everything’s going to be ok. You just had a bad dream, and maybe a touch of the flu.”

Sasha: “Nooo, no Tash, their dead Tash. I know their dead!”

Tasha: “Shuuush little brother, shuuush, I’m here. Your big sis is here Sasha.”

Just then Maria came back with her arms full of towels both wet and dry. “Tasha, pull the sheets back and strip them off the bed.”

Tasha: “Ok, here we go. His pj’s are wet too Maria. They smell like piss, I’m gonna strip them off.”

Maria: “Alright Tasha. When you get them off, I’ll strip the bottom sheets and mattress pad off, and put some new ones on.”

Tasha: “Never mind that, just clean as much of the vomit off his chest and face as you can. I’ll carry him into Nika’s room and we’ll lay him down in there.”

Maria: “Ok, hang on, I’ll wipe his crotch off with a wet towel to get rid of the urine so we can get some new pj’s on him.”

Tasha: “Thanks Maria, I don’t know what the fuck is going on this morning, but when were done and we get him calmed down, I’ll call mom and dad.”

They both tended to Sash as he went on rambling and crying that “their dead and he wants to go with them,” and all sorts of other panicked speech that Tash thought was a dream or fever related.

They finished cleaning him up real good, and laid him down to sleep in Nika’s bed. Then Tasha took her cell phone from her pocket as Maria stroked Sasha’s forehead with a cool wet facecloth. Then just as Tasha began to dial, the land line in Nika and Sasha’s room rang. She walked over to the phone and picked it up, “Hello.”

She had a surprised look on her face and said, “Yes, this is Tash.”

“Tasha dear, this is Marsha.”

Tasha: “Yes Marsha, it’s kind of early. No one is here except me and Sasha, and he’s sick.”

Marsha: “I know dear. Listen, Jordan and I are on our way over. We’ll talk more when we get there.”

Tasha: “What is going on this morning Marsha?”

Marsha: “It’s better we talk in person dear. But please get dressed if your still in your nightgown, and see that Sasha is awake and dressed too.”

Tasha: “He’s sick as a dog Marsha.”

Marsha: “Just like Cody,” she said under her breath.”

Tasha: “What, what was that last part, I missed it.”

Marsha: “Nothing dear, just get him dressed as well. And you’ll need to get Cheyenne from the guest house too. We’re leaving as soon as we get there.”

Tasha: “Alright, I’ll see you when you get here.”

Tash threw the phone on the table and looked over at Maria while shaking her head.

Maria: “What is it Tasha?”

Tasha: “Change of plans Maria. I’m going down to my room to get changed. The Sommers are on the way over and were going on a trip.”

Maria: “Where to?”

Tasha: “I don’t know, but I assume to meet my parents.”

Maria: “Would you like me to get Sasha dressed?”

Tasha: “I guess that would be a good idea.” Then a concerned look crossed her face, “No, on second thought, just find the top that matches those pj bottoms and put those on and some warm socks. Then pack him a overnight bag with clothes, his tennies, and some undies. When you’re done with that go out to the guest house and wake up Cheyenne and get her dressed as well.”

Maria: “What about his toothbrush and toothpaste?”

Tasha: “Yes, good idea. As much as he threw-up, he’ll surely want to brush his teeth later. And Maria?”

Maria: Yes Natasha?”

Tasha: “Thank you so much for your help.”

Maria: “You’re very welcome dear.”

Tasha went to her bedroom and washed up as fast as she could before pulling on some jeans and boots. Then a shirt and sweatshirt just as there was a knock on the front door. The doorbell chimed simultaneously. Maria left Sasha unattended momentarily to let Mr. and Mrs. Sommers into the house while Abby watched her younger brother and sister outside in the big white SUV.

Tasha had heard the doorbell and ran back upstairs (from her second floor bedroom) to Nika’s room where Sasha was laying on his side in a fetal position sucking on his thumb. She threw off the sheet and picked him up. Then she grabbed his overnight bag before carrying him downstairs. She met Codys folks in the living room as she gently laid Sasha on the couch. Maria then walked through the door as well with Cheyenne holding her hand. Then she looked at the two of them and nervously asked, Ok, what the hell is going on?”

The two parents paused and looked at each other, as Maria looked on with her hands gently squeezing Cheyenne’s shoulders as the frightened young girl was standing in front of her. Maria was curious and concerned herself as to why she was woken so early to watch over the kids. Marsha looked at Jordan and said, “Hun, why don’t you carry Sasha out to the car, and I’ll talk to Tasha. You go with him too Cheyenne sweetie.”

Jordan picked Sasha and his overnight bag up and walked out of the living room towards the entryway and out to the car with Cheyenne tagging along right behind him. Just then Marsha turned around and spoke, “Sit down Tasha.”

Tasha: “I don’t need to sit down. Just tell me what’s going on.”

Marsha: “Ok Tasha, but remember we don’t have all the information and things can change fast.”

Tasha: “OK, so what is it? If anything has happened to Nikita then I have to know. Tell me!”

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