9035 Chapter 35 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


The white SUV carrying Cody, his family, and that of Nika and Sequoia’s family made it to the hospital and parked in the temporary parking in the front. By now Cody had woken but was in a daze as if he was half asleep.

All four doors had flown open and everyone spilled out except Sasha who was still curled up in a ball on the seat sucking on his thumb. Mr. Sommers gently scooped him up, pj’s and all and carried him to the hospitals entrance. As the worried mob made their way to the desk they heard a voice shout out, “Jordan. Marsha!”

They turned around to be greeted by Nadia, Nika’s mom, who was still sitting in the waiting room with her husband and Golden Fawn. Immediately Tasha ran to her father breaking down and hugging onto him as hard as she could. He closed his arms around her and comforted her as best as he could.

At the same time, Nadia ran to Jordan who was holding Sasha in his arms and she took the boy from him and held him close, gently rocking him back and forth and kissing his cheek. It was classic family that hasn’t changed for centuries. The mother and young son clinging to one another and the daughter running to the warm, strong, comforting arms of her father.

Nadia: “Thank you so much for picking up the kids and coming down guys.”

Jordan: “It’s the least we can do under the circumstances Nadia.”

Marsha: “Is there any news as to the boys conditions Niklas?”

That seemed to be a lightning rod as everyone grew tense at the anticipation of the answer.

Niklas: “Everyone might want to sit down for this.”

Both family’s returned to the couches and chairs in the waiting room and Niklas spoke, “I wish I had better news everyone, but here it is. Sequoia is no longer with us. He was killed at the scene with a fractured skull and numerous fractures to his neck and spine.”

There was a sense of loss in that air that was most foul. It reeked. Everyone began to break down as even Jordan and Marsha began to sob. Cody just looked on as if watching a movie on a blank screen. And as for Sasha, he may as well have been under anesthesia, because he was in another world. Then as the tension mounted, Tasha said to her father, “What about Nika dad? Where is he, and is he alive?”

Niklas: “Yes hon, for the moment he is alive. And he needs our thoughts and prayers right now sweetheart.”

Jordan: “How bad is it Niklas?”

Niklas: “He’s undergoing brain surgery as we speak. He has a fractured skull and they need to cut into it to relieve the pressure.”

Jordan: “He’s a strong boy Niklas and he has a strong will. Any idea on how long it will be.”

Niklas: “He only went in an hour ago if that, so it may be a long morning. So everyone better get comfortable and hope for the best.”

Just then Dr. Semoni walked up to the group and said, “How are you guys holding up” to Niklas and Nadia.

Nadia: “As well as can be expected under the circumstances. “Any word on Nikita Dr?”

Dr. Semoni: “No ma’am, it may be hours before we know anything. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?”

Nadia: “Actually there is Dr. This is my youngest son Sasha, that I’m holding. My daughter Tasha here said he’s been vomiting since this morning and seems to be in some kind of emotionally induced trauma of some sort. Is there any way you can look at him and get him into a room?”

Dr. Semoni: “Yes of course. We may need to get him on an IV to replace the fluids he’s lost. Were, um, I mean, are he and Nikita close?”

Tasha: “Like Siamese twins Dr. and by the way, he’s wet himself a few times as well.”

Dr. Semoni: “Then he’s probably in shock, and we need to get him into a room and sedated. What about this one, he doesn’t look to good either,” pointing to Cody.

Marsha: “This is our son Cody, and he and Nika have been best friends most of their lives. He’s been pretty much in the same condition as Sasha all morning.”

Dr. Semoni: “I think we’ll need a room for two then. Would you mind if we take a look at him and get him into bed ma’am?”

Marsha: “No, please see to it that he’s safe and comfortable Dr.”

Dr. Semoni walked away and had a nurse come back out with a stretcher for Sasha and a wheel chair for Cody. They were immediately whisked off and into an elevator to be taken to a room to be examined, sedated, and put to bed. The nurse asked the two sets of parents to come with her as there was the matter of paperwork to be taken care of. Nadia said to Niklas, “why don’t you let me and Marsha take care of that Nik, and you and Jordan can stay here with Abby, Tasha, and Trish.”

Meanwhile, from the time they reached the hospital, Cheyenne walked right up to her mother Golden Fawn, sat on the seat beside her and held her hand. Sensing the moment was right, Golden Fawn said, “excuse us a few minutes everyone. Were going to take a walk in the garden so I can talk with Cheyenne.”

Everyone knew what was in store for little Cheyenne who was looked after by Sequoia most of her young life while their mom worked. So they knew it would be an emotional walk that she faced.”

Niklas touched Jordan on the shoulder and said, “Can we speak privately a minute Jordan?”

Jordan nodded his head and said, “Abby, would you please keep Tasha company and keep an eye on Trisha? We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Abby: “Sure dad.”

Jordan: “I guess there’s more to the story Niklas?”

Niklas: “I’m afraid so old friend. Nikita only has a 25% or so chance of surviving the surgery Jordy. And if he is lucky enough to survive, he may be in a vegetative state, or have severe brain damage. Nadia and I are of course hoping for the best, but we have to also face the truth.”

Jordan: “I’m soo sorry Nik. What can I do to help?”

Niklas: “Well, if we have to spend extended time at the hospital with Nika, can Tash and Sasha stay with you and your family? I think it would be unhealthy for them to stay in our big old house by themselves.”

Jordan: “Of course they can. And I think it would be healthy for Sasha to be around Cody and vice-versa.”

Niklas: “I was thinking the same thing. Just as Tasha and Abby are best friends, and Tasha will need Abby if things go south with Nika.”

Jordan: “What about Golden Fawn and Cheyenne?”

Niklas: “I’ve talked it over with Nadia, and we’re moving them into the main house after all this is over. They are after all a big part of our family and we all feel that way. Plus they have suffered a tremendous loss. It’s something we should have done a long time ago, but she’s so proud and want’s to pay her own way. But this time we won’t take no for an answer.”

Jordan: “Good thinking Niklas. They all have tremendous hearts, and I personally will truly miss Sequoia. He may have had the kindest heart I have ever known.”

Niklas: “Very true Jordan, very true indeed.”

Jordan: “So it’s a done deal then?”

Niklas: “Yes, Nadia’s going to have a talk with Golden Fawn after she and Marsha finish the paperwork, and as Nadia and I take turns running back and forth to and from the hospital, the other will be helping them get moved in and transitioned. Plus with Sasha and Tash over at your place, we’ll be able to keep each other company. And I’ll tell you another thing. The days of Golden Fawn working her fingers to the bone, are over! Whether she likes it or not.”

The men returned to the waiting room only to discover everyone was gone. Then a nurse walked up and explained to them that Dr. Hart and Dr. Semoni had arranged a separate “grieving” room for them to wait in that allowed them some privacy from the main waiting room.

They arrived at the new room to find the girls curled up on the couches with blankets over them, and Trisha being spooned by her loving older sister Abby with her arms wrapped around her. Cheyenne and her mom followed along a short time later with Cheyenne looking as if she took the news quite a bit better than expected. Just the same, Tasha walked up to her, picked her up, and said, “I’m very sorry about Sequoia, Cheyenne. We all love him very much.”

At which Cheyenne replied, “Don’t be sorry Tasha, Sequoia knows how to take care of himself. Sequoia knows everything. He’s just fine. My big brother can do anything. Just wait, you’ll see!”

Tasha gave her an odd smile before putting her down and sitting back down herself. It was at least an hour before the mothers got back from completing the paperwork as you could see they were both still trying to insert insurance cards and id’s in their wallets, as they were walking back into the room.

Everyone was napping when they walked back into the room and they remained quiet as to let everyone rest. It was late morning by now and Nika had been in surgery for several hours. A few minutes later cell phones began to go off. First Abby’s, then Tasha’s, and then the parents. Apparently news had spread when the authorities released that name of the fatality victim to the news media, since the mother (Golden Fawn) had been notified. Now all the families in Clear Lake that knew Sequoia and his family were anxious and worried to find out the identity of the other boy. The one undergoing emergency surgery on his skull, exceeding three hours now.

Tasha: “Hello, this is Tash.”  After a Pause:  “Hello Blake, We’re at Childrens hospital in Reno. I don’t want to say anything else right now. It’s probably better you have Ben and Sara call my mom and dad.”‘ After another pause: “Ok, thanks Blake.”

Nadia: “Was that Blake, Tash?”

Tasha: “Yes, I told him to have his mom and dad call you or dad. Is that OK mom?”

Nadia: “That’s fine sweetheart. I think it’d be best if you and Abby turn your cell phones off now girls. We’ll answer the calls as they come in.”

Marsha: “Good idea Nadia, turn your phone off Abby.”

Abby: “Yes mom.”

That seemed to be the routine the rest of the morning and into afternoon. The parents used the caller ID on the phones to selectively talk to whom they felt they needed to, and the nurses and Dr. Semoni continued to bring them word from the Operating Room that there was no word yet. But they did inform them that Sasha had received several IV’s and was responding well to the drugs they gave him.

Cody was also feeling a little better and the two boys were now talking to one another from their beds in the room they shared, holding hands, and crying. At one point, Cody stood up, walked over to Sasha, picked him up, and carried him over to lay him down on his own bed. Then he laid beside him and spooned up and wrapped his arms around him, just as Nika would have done.

The mothers decided to pay them a visit, as Dr. Semoni cautioned them on what not to tell them till Dr. Hudson gave them the lowdown on what was to become of Nika. Blakes parents were able to get in touch with Niklas and Nadia and they said it was all over the local news. That Sequoia’s name was released and that the other boy was in emergency surgery.

They were on their way down with the twins and Blake. Who of course against his parents wishes, immediately informed the rest of the posse (or ten pac….minus one now). So many anxious kids and their parents were now descending upon Children’s hospital like a plague of locust. And as Dr. Semoni once more entered the private room to advise the parents, and much to there dislike, so was the News Media. Staked outside at every exit.

One Response to “9035 Chapter 35 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. carlitos Says:

    Wow, Cody! This is such extraordinary writing.
    You really have one hellavu talent, my good man.
    This is truely gut-wrenching stuff.
    I don’t know how much of it is true and how much is invention.
    But, as anyone else, I hope it is only invention. No one would
    want such a horrible thing to happen to young kids. But, I guess
    we know that it does happen, probably most every day.
    Truely hard to read and become emotionally involved.
    You are really a talented author, dude.

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