9036 Chapter 36 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Meanwhile Cody and Sasha had been talking and crying for about an hour now. Both had been changed into hospital skirts that were the only thin material hiding their naked bodies from the others in the hospital. They began to talk between them of dreams that they had during the night and all through the morning. Both at home, on the way to the hospital, and at the hospital itself. And that they had talked to Nika and Sequoia in those dreams and that they were being asked to do something.

It was foggy and they were still under the influence of the drugs. But the dreams seemed so realistic, and that it was eerie how their dreams seemed to be so closely related to one another. They knew it was more than coincidence and they needed to talk more and try to figure out what those dreams meant. Sasha kept seeing a leather neck chain in his dream, and Cody kept hearing, “we two as one” in his head. Then, as they had peaked each others interest, the two mothers came in to check on their boys.

They both became very emotionally when they entered the room. Both mothers ran to embrace their two boys. There was a long, tear filled hug before they separated themselves. They asked their children if they were hungry and if they would like anything to eat. Both shook their head no, that they did not. Then they asked if there was anything else and the boys both said yes, that they wanted to know what was going on.

Being more emotionally stable, and with less of a burden to bare, Marsha told Nadia that she’ll take it from there. She then explained to both of them the basic facts of what had transpired while they were in their sleep.

Marsha: “Cody, Sasha, Sequoia was killed early this morning, and nothing can change that now. It’s just what it is. Before you two get emotional on me again, you have to understand that your brother Nika is still alive Sasha. Do you hear me Cody, your best friend is still alive!”

Both boys nodded as they sobbed. “Now, I’m not going to lie to you. He’s been in emergency surgery for over four hours now, and it can go either way. But he is alive. Now both of you have to look at that as a positive, and cling to that. He needs all our support right now, and bad thoughts aren’t going to help him. So we’ll all mourn for Sequoia later, but for now we have to back Nika and support him all we can. Do you both understand?”

Both boys nodded their heads as they clung to one another with Sasha nestled in Cody’s lap, with Cody’s arms wrapped firmly around the younger boy.

Nadia and Marsha both gave their little troopers a kiss and asked if they needed anything. Sasha replied, “yes, I’d like it if me and Cody could take a walk in a little while?”

Nadia: “That’s fine Sasha. Cody, you’ll have to remember Sasha is very week and still receiving fluids, so you’ll have to push the IV tower and wheel it beside him. And don’t you boys go to far, OK?”

Yes ma’am. Thank you.”

As Nadia and Marsha walked back to the private room, Nadia asked Marsha, “Should we have told them about how Nika’s going to be mentally challenged even if he doe’s make it out of the operation?”

I don’t think so Nadia. I mean, baby steps. Let them deal with one thing at a time. I mean, why give them that emotional spark of something to hang on to and then immediately take it away or take it back. Let them have a piece of hope to hang onto for now. Because I don’t think this thing is over and I’m praying for the best.”

Yes, I can see that I guess.”

As they walked past the hospital entrance and towards their private room, they heard their names called out as Ben and Sara and their three boys (Blake and the twins) came walking briskly towards them.

Ben: “Nadia, Marsha, What’s going on, any new developments? Any good news?”

They exchanged hugs and greeted the family of five including Blake and the twins. And led them back to their private room. There, the two families spoke, exchanging the usually pleasantries and Niklas updated them on Nika.

Meanwhile Cody helped Sasha up and led him out to the hall in their hospital gowns while Cody pushed Sash’s IV tower along the path towards the garden. The boys held hands and stopped every so often to embrace one another. Blake and the twins went for a walk as well, still unable to comprehend what had occurred so quickly since last seeing their friends. And what the fuck was Nika doing up so early in the morning chasing Sequoia? To them, at their age, it all seemed unreal. Unnatural, and not sure wheather to cry, be angry, or just what to do.

About that time, Jace and his parents showed up as well. Jace left the room to go for a walk and find his friends. He ran into Sasha and Cody walking through the garden and quickly approached them both and gave them both a big hug.

Jace: “He guys, how are you feeling?”

Cody: “Ok I guess Jace….considering.”

Jace: “Well, everyone’s coming down as soon as they can to be with you and your families.”

Sasha, sounding a little perked up by that: “Is Tanner here yet?”

Cody: “Haha, I haven’t seen any security guards running around, or altercations yet, so I doubt it Sash.”

Jace: “No Sash, just me, Blake, and the twins so far.”

Sasha: “Common Cody, Tanner’s not that bad.”

Cody: “I didn’t say he was Sash. Just high strung maybe. I was surprised he didn’t cause any trouble at the BBQ?”

Sasha: “He went home sick remember. That’s why Sequoia spent the night instead.”

Cody: “I was wondering what happened to him.”

Jace: “Well, let’s keep walking.”

Sasha: “I gotta piss like a fuckin river you guys!”

Meanwhile back at the room, Dr. Hart came into the parents room full of Nika and Sequoia’s friends, and their parents and said to Nadia and Niklas that they needed to talk. And would they like to talk in private. Both parents woke up Tasha and Abagail and looked at each other and all their friends,. Then said “No, were all in this together” as everyone held hands and knelt down beside one another and bowed their heads. Niklas said, “Go ahead Dr. We’re ready, what’s the verdict?

Dr. Hart said, “ Dr. Hudson is still mopping up, but after several instances where Nikita lost his pulse, and we began to lose him, somehow he was able to hang on. It was as if someone or something very powerful was willing him through it. Nika is not out of the woods by any means, but he survived the five plus hour surgery better than we had hoped for.”

With that said, the whole room went into an emotional outburst and it was a jubilee. Niklas hugged everyone and Nadia broke down and cried again. The noise and excitement woke up Trisha and Cheyenne. And Golden Fawn may have been the most relieved of all, knowing it was only because Nika went to save Sequoia that he was hurt.

Back to the garden: Sasha had to piss extremely bad. The three boys walked up to the desk and Jace asked the nurse where Sasha could relieve himself. The nurse pointed to some doors across the hall, and said there was a bathroom in each of those Hospital patients rooms, as the public restroom was a bit further, and she didn’t want the struggling preteen to have to wait. She asked if he would like her to come along to help? But Sash said, while blushing and looking away, a little red in the face, that he had his friends with him and that it was ok. The boys walked Sash over as he opened one of the doors and walked in to do his business.

After several minutes Blake, Travis, and Wesley who were also unaware of Nika’s new progress ran up to the two boys (Cody and Jace) having spotted them across the hospital corridor. They all exchange hugs and talked about the loss of Sequoia and the hope and prayers they have for their friend Nika.

They spoke for three or four minutes and then Cody said, “there’s something wrong you guys.”

Blake said, “Yah, I’ll say Cody.”

Cody: “No, not the accident Blake.”

Blake: “What is it Cody?”

Cody: “Sasha, he’s been in their for five or ten minutes. He just went in to pee. Somethings wrong I tell you.”

Blake: “Ok, if there is, we’ll fix that right now Cody. Ain’t nothing bad happening to Sasha, not today. Not if I can help it!”

Blake grasped the door handle and pulled open the door with tremendous force, and out flew Sasha who had just grabbed the handle on the inside of the room, as Blake had ripped the door open. Sasha flew forward with his IV tower in tow, and was caught by Trav and Wes before he could fall. At the same time, Jace lunged forward and grabbed Sash’s IV tower before it spun away on its wheels and ripped the IV out of Sasha’s arm.

Sasha was ghost white and shaking as if he’d seen an apparition. Blake took hold of his arms on either side of him holding him up in front of him and said. “I’m sorry Sasha, I didn’t mean to scare you, we were worried about you is all. Are you ok?”

Sasha just shook and stared at Blake. Cody said, “Oh no, did he go into shock again?”

Blake said, “I don’t know, lets get him back to your room.”

As they started to drag Sasha away, he said “NO”! And stayed where he was, still ghost white and shaking.

Cody: “What is it Sasha, what’s wrong, are you alright?”

Sasha Just looked up at them and pointed to the door and said, “Sequoia!”

Blake looked down at the younger boy and shook his head before saying, “That’s not funny Sash, Sequoia’s dead.”

Cody replied, “Look at him Blake, he’s not trying to be funny, he’s terrified.”

Blake with his hands clinched and his face turning red said, “we’ll see about that!” and he opened the door as they all made there way through the door and into the room.

They walked into the room and there was a bed on the right side of the room that was empty. On the left side there was another bed but with curtains surrounding it blocking everyone’s view, along with the door to the bathroom. All six boys slowly approached the curtains as Blake reached up with hands shaking and threw open the drapes.

All six boys stood there with their mouths wide open as if they were watching a horror movie. Sasha was no longer the only boy turned white. They all looked down, as Blake said, “No, it can’t be. It’s impossible!”

Sasha looked up at the rest of the others and said, “See, I told you so.”

Blake said, “No, its not. This boys alive, and he’s only seven or eight years old.”

Jace: “Maybe so Blake, but Sash and I are Sequoia’s age and in his grade. We went to school with him every day for years, and I’m telling you right now, he may be only seven or eight, but he’s Sequoia at seven or eight.”

Just then all six boys jumped out of their skin as a very loud and deep voice bellowed out, “What are you boys doing in here?”

All six jumped a foot off the ground and let out a scream as they turned around and saw a heavy set African American Nurse looking at them from the door. She saw Sasha and Cody were in gowns and saw Sasha’s IV and said, “Oh, I’m sorry dears, I’m Nurse Lincoln. I didn’t mean to scare you boys. But this is a private room.”

Blake spoke up and said, “We think this is our friend Sequoia, who died this morning. But this boys alive.”

Nurse Lincoln looked confused at them, but aware of who Sequoia was after Golden Fawn had asked her about the body earlier that morning, before they discovered it had vanished (a fact the boys were unaware of). She walked over to the bed wondering indeed if this was the missing body.

She picked up the chart, and after looking at it a minute, said, “I’m sorry boys, but this boys name is Shawnee, and he’s from the Native American Orphanage up in South Clear Lake.”

Sasha, as the hairs were standing up on his arms and legs, said, “I’ve known Sequoia all my life, and have gone to school with him my whole life. And I’m telling you this is him three or four years ago!”

Nurse Lincoln: “I’m sorry sweetie. I understand your feelings and your loss, but this boys name is Shawnee, and he was bit by a rattle snake while on a backpacking trip. They weren’t able to carry him out and get him to the hospital in time. Even if he was your friend, he’s brain dead, and the only thing keeping him breathing is this machine he’s hooked up to.”

The boys looked at each other in total disbelief before the husky nurse escorted them back to Cody and Sash’s room, and then tucked them back into their beds, and re-sedated them.

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