9038 Chapter 38 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


The boys retrieved their gowns and tied each other off in back so they weren’t bare assed when the nurse came in, which she did about ten minutes after Cody left for the bathroom. She told them that Dr. Semoni felt they could be released this morning after breakfast since they had both been sufficiently rehydrate, and in much better spirits. The boys told her how hungry they were and she said that was a very good sign. So she had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast, and a fruit cup brought in for them, along with orange juice and milk. They both dove in after mentioning the only thing missing was of course, Bacon!

It only took five minutes to obliterate what was put in front of them, at which time they noticed that someone, perhaps a nurse, had brought in two bags containing their clothes, while they had been busy eating. The mystery deliverer took the pile of cloths in each bag and placed them on their beds. Then a nurse came in and explained to them that their family’s had rented a couple hotel rooms at one of the local casino’s last night. But that their fathers had spent the night in the private waiting room in case they needed them or there was any new developments regarding Nika. Also that their mothers, who had taken the other kids to the hotel to eat and get some sleep last night. Both moms had arrived back at the hospital so that they could relieve their husbands, who could now go to the hotel rooms to get some sleep themselves.

The two boys then went into the bathroom, and together hoped in the shower to clean up before they got out and toweled off. Cody kept staring at Sasha the whole time, and Sasha kept seeing it out of the corner of his eye and couldn’t stop giggling and laughing at Cody. Cody finally apologized and told Sasha that he couldn’t help it. And Sasha replied that it was ok, to look all he wants. So that maybe he’ll get over it since they were going to be around each other for many more years to come. They both laughed and walked naked back into the room to put on their clothes. Once in the room both boys pulled on their boxers and shorts and then their tank tops. They sat on the edge of the bed together as they both pulled on their socks and then their high tops and tied the laces. “Kool, looks like we’re outta here Cody.”

Yah, I can’t wait to see our family and friends. I feel soo much better than yesterday.”

No shit, me too.”

Remember our talk Cody, we need to start putting pieces together and figure out what Sequoia and Nika need us to do.”

“Yah Sash, part of my dream last night was Sequoia came to me while I was fishing on the bank of the Truckee river. He said to me “Cody, I have set a series of events in motion so that this wouldn’t happen, and Nika could rescue me if I survived my battle within the shadow world. But I didn’t plan on Nika doing what he did, and now Nika isn’t here to rectify the situation the way I had planned on him doing. I have since set up another chain of events to bring peace and stability to us all, but it is a long shot. And it’s up to you and Sasha to bring Nika back now. I shall miss you all, and I hope peace and happiness find you Cody. And that you and Nika and Sasha all live long and peaceful lives. Be well my true friend!”

Sasha: “Cody, Nika came to me while I was watching a sunset on his balcony last night in my dream. He said “Sasha, I knew I would find you here watching our sunsets. You must listen and trust me now little brother. First thing is, Sequoia had sacrificed himself to save me. And my inner voice told me he had made a deal with the shadow world so that Cody and I would be left alone and not interfered with. I could not allow him to do that, so I sacrificed myself to save him. But at the last second, something went wrong. By doing what I did, I interfered with whatever he was planning to save me. Now we have been contacting each other from the other side in the same manner I am doing with you right now. We are both working on a plan, but cannot communicate effectively or make it come about, seeing as he is in the world of shadows and I am incapacitated. So we have worked out a desperate plan that is up to you and Cody to pull off. We have given both of you what you need and as much information as we are allowed to aide you in your journey. It is up to you two to use your brains and determination to resolve this situation. From what I understood of our spotty communication Sash, is that Sequoia is contacting Cody right now in the same manner I’m contacting you.”

“You only have till tomorrow afternoon to achieve success or we will be lost to you both, our family, and friends forever. I will not survive in my state much longer, and Sequoia will also parish if you two do not act now, and act fast. Find out where I am in the hospital. And as for Sequoia, as to his whereabouts, I can only tell you “if you both look to the crescent moon, Sequoia will return real soon.” That will show you both the truth and the way, and remove any doubt. We will both leave this world together on our next journey at the same time if you should fail. And if you do, I want you to feel no blame. I love you both more than anything. Take comfort that I will have my brother Sequoia by my side for guidance as he will have me. And when you feel down, in the case the worst shall happen, take comfort on my balcony at sunset my little Sasha and I will always be there with you. It’s our time and our space, and we will always be together there like I had taught you. And remember my words that I spoke that evening with my arms wrapped around you, awaiting the green flash, “No matter how bad the pain and hurt gets Sash, no matter how bad your day was, tomorrow’s another day! Goodbye oh love of my life. I hope to see you again soon, but if that’s not the way it is to be, then I will be waiting for you many, many years from now when your journey is complete. I promise I will be there to greet you at which time your road comes to an end.”

Sasha, that means we only have four or five hours or Nika dies and Sequoia is lost for good!”

Then we better get started Cody, but where the fuck do we begin? I’m clueless.”

Lets start with what we know Sash. The riddle Nika left said to seek out and covet what they possessed. What if it’s not Twinergy that he was speaking of, what if it was their clothes or something they had with them?”

Yah, maybe, but what would they have had?”

That’s what we have to find out Sash.”

And Cody, I need to take another look at the Indian boy in the room yesterday. Something about him just doesn’t add up. I smell Sequoia’s at work somehow, the resemblance is just to great.”

Ok, lets grab our sweatshirts and get over there.”

Just then, Sasha grabbed the two sweatshirts off the bed and threw one to Cody. As he did, something that was laying between them flew out from between them and onto the floor, escaping Sasha’s view. “Common Cody, lets hurry!”

Wait Sash, what was that?”

Was what Cody, what are you talking about?”

I’m sure I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye fly out and under the bed when you threw me my sweatshirt.”

I don’t know, hang on, I’ll look.”

Sasha knelt down and reached out under the bed and felt around till his hand touched something. He grabbed onto it and stood up and opened his hand with Cody Standing right beside him. “Wow!”

Sash, I don’t believe it even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes.”

How did it get here”?

It has to be Sequoia. This looks as if it were his handy-work.”

There they both stood, mouths open and eye’s bugged out. And there dangling from Sasha’s fingers was a leather neck chain with a snake rattle hanging from it. “Quick, lets get over to Shawnee’s room Sash. Isn’t that what Nurse Lincoln called him?”

Yah, Shawnee.”

The boys made it over to the nurses station and hung out there as the morning shift was reporting for duty and it was beginning to get busy. They looked over at the room, at each other, and around the lobby. Both communicating with each other via twinergy, trying to figure out how to slip inside the room without being spotted. Just then the Native American boys social worker approached the desk and began talking to one of the two nurses. Sasha communicated to Cody his plan. He looked at Cody and motioned towards the remaining nurse with his eyes, and then moved his eye’s over to the boys room as Cody smiled and nodded. Then Sash rubbed his eyes real hard with his fists till they became red and watery and walked up to the remaining nurse. He asked in his best scarred little boys voice, “Ma’am, where do they have my big brother?”

She immediately looked down at the little boy and cocked her head to one side and said, “Ahh, don’t cry little guy, I’ll help you find him. What’s his name?”

It’s Nikita Nicoli Von Heflin ma’am.”

Let me find that for you, you little cutie-patutie!”

Cody with his back to the wall next to the boys room just smiled, and seeing as both nurses were pre-occupied, he pulled the door open, and slipped inside. He walked over to the curtains and slipped through the crease.

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