9039 Chapter 39 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

Meanwhile the nurse at the desk looked at the computer and said, “son, your big brother is upstairs on the third floor in intensive care. He’s under the care of Doctors Hudson and Hart.”

Can I see him now?”

“Oh no child, he’s still in a coma. I’m sorry. I know what room your family’s in. If one of the Doctors comes by, I’ll send them in to see you. How does that sound?”

Thank you ma’am.”

I need to make my rounds now.”

The nurse grabbed a computer notepad and made her way around the counter and off down the aisle. That leaves only one left. The one with the social worker. Sasha edged closer to burglarize their conversation.

Nurse: “Yes, it really is sad. First being an orphan and now losing his life. And he’s such a beautiful boy.”

Social Worker: “I know. Well, I have the court order that the judge signed. We just need to find Dr. Hart so we can serve the paper and he can take the boy off life support. What a shame, but at least he will be out of pain.”

I guess that’s the best way to look at the whole thing.”

Sasha just about shit a brick when he heard that, and made his way over to the room before looking around to see he wasn’t being watched, and then slipped inside. He then went over and slipped around the curtain and touched Cody on the shoulder. Cody let out a scream like he was being grabbed by the dead and jumped about 3 feet in the air. Before getting a red face and looking at Sasha quite angrily saying, “What The Fuck are you trying to do, give me a fuckin heart attack dip-shit!”

Sasha couldn’t help but smile and said, “Sorry dude, I thought you heard me. We need to hurry up. That lady out there has a court order. Their going to turn off this kids life support any time now. Did you find anything? And by the way, Nika’s on the third floor.”

Ok, good, you found him. And no I haven’t found anything. Just what are we looking for Sash?”

I don’t know, what was it Nika told us in his visit last night, look and find the crescent moon, and Sequoia will return real soon!”

Oh fuck Sash, it can’t be that easy, can it?”

What Cody, what are you talking about?”

Cody: “Sequoia’s what, you’ve seen him naked before haven’t you Sash?”

“Yah, so? Your not getting morbid on me, are you Cody?”

“No you fuckin idiot, and that’s not funny.”

I wasn’t trying to be funny. What does Sequoia being naked have to do with anything?”

Because, on the left side of his pelvic bone on his pubic area.”

And your point is?”

He had a purple birth mark Sash!”

Yah, he did, in the shape of a crescent moon. Holy fuck! I know they look alike, but what are the chances this kid has one? A billion to one?”

Yah, if that. But that has to be what Nika was talking about. If he does, this kid has to be Sequoia. That’s how Nika’s going to prove it to us.”

Well, here goes nothing Cody!”

Sasha, pulled back the sheet and grabbed the bottom of the boys hospital gown and began to lift it up. He pulled it up exposing the unconscious boys testicles and penis, and then he paused. “Are you ready for this Cody?”

Yah, do it!”

Sasha inched the fabric up a few more inches, and there coming into view was a bright purple birthmark in the shape of, yes, you guessed it, a crescent moon!”

That’s it Sasha, this is Sequoia. But what now?”

Well, lets regroup. Pull his gown down and put his sheet back in place. We figured out the purple moon and found the necklace. And we now know Nika meant their possessions in his riddle. We found Sequoia’s, so now we need to find out what Cody had.”

And how are we going to do that?

“Nurse Lincoln will help us. Lets ask her. But first let’s go back to the meeting room and check in with our parents.”

Yah, but we better hurry before they shut this kid down.”

The two youths made it back to the room and their worried mothers both dolled out hugs and kisses and sat them down and explained about Nika’s condition. They both sat there and pretended to be surprised and excited and acted as if they knew nothing since yesterday morning. Other family members and friends also made their way to the room, arriving by taxi and car from the various hotels and casinos where they spent the night. The boys then said they were thirsty and were going to go to the cafeteria to get a soda. Once out of the room they darted off to the front desk in search of nurse Lincoln. They made it there and a young redheaded nurse walked up to the counter and said, “what can I do for two such handsome young men?”

Sasha, trying to look half embarrassed and half flattered replied, “May we speak to nurse Lincoln?”

Sure cutie, you said her name is Lincoln right?”

Yes Miss.”

Then I’ll page her for you.”

With that said the nurse picked up the mic and said, “Nurse Lincoln to the front desk. Nurse Lincoln to the front desk please,” as it echoed throughout the whole hospital. Then Sasha said, “Cody, what in the fuck are we gonna ask her for? We don’t even know what where looking for.”

Just relax Sash, I have an idea about what we’re looking for.”

Yah, are you gonna let me in on it?”

Yah, what have we kept seeing in our dreams and visions?”

Sequoia’s necklace.”

Yas, which we’ve found. And what else?”

A Penny Cody, a Penny! We keep seeing a penny. A really old one!”

Yup, so just let me talk. You’ll know what to say and do when the time is right.”

Just then burly ol Nurse Lincoln walked up and said, “OK boys, what is it I can do for you?” Then she recognized them from the hospital gowns inside the Indian boy Shawnee’s room from the day before. “Oh it’s you two, your all better I see?”

Cody: “Yes ma’am, and thank you. We have a favor to ask you ma’am.”

Well what is it son, speak up?”

“Well, my friend is here, and he’s hurt real bad. He may not make it. And you see, he had a good luck charm when he was brought in. I’m sure it’s amongst his belongings. I was wondering if you could retrieve it for us?”

Well, I don’t know boys. That would be against Hospital Policy. I’m sorry.”

Please ma’am, it’s really important to us. We need all the luck we can get.”

Well, whats your relation to him again?”

Just then Sasha, who was shielded behind Cody turned his back and did the eye rub thing with his fists again causing red watery eyes.

Well, you see he’s my best friend. But more importantly it’s for his baby brother Sasha.”

Cody stood aside and revealed Sasha standing there with tears running down his face. The nurse cocked her head sideways and said, “Oh my child, and quickly walked around the side of the counter and took Sasha in her arms pressing the side of his head against her large breasts. “Well, now-now dear. I guess one little exception isn’t going to make a world of difference, as she released Sasha and made her way back behind the counter. Then she asked Cody, “What did you say his name was boy?”

Nikita Nicoli Von Heflin, ma’am.”

She looked up the name in the computer and a sad look was shown on her face as she read the boys condition to herself. Then she looked at Sasha again and winced and shook her head. She then said “you boy’s stay here and I’ll be right back.” She disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a bag of bloody clothes in one hand and she was holding something in her other hand. She walked up to the two boys and said, “This is all the poor child had on him.” She opened her fist and there beside a piece of bubble gum was a early 1900’s Indian head penny.

Cody: “That’s it ma’am, that’s Nika and Sasha’s good luck charm.”

Then she walked around the counter, placed it in Sasha’s hand and closed his hand around it. Holding his hand at the same time. Then she leaned forward, kissing him on the forehead and said, “I hope it brings you the results and happiness you’re looking for child.”

She walked away after that, shaking her head as if she felt sorry for Sasha, knowing full well of Nika’s condition, and then she was gone.

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