9057 Chapter 57 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”


Everybody settled in on the patio as me and Blake began carrying out trays of burgers, sausages, buns, and cheese. Tash and Garrett offered us some beers, but most of us passed (imagine that) except for Blake and KC. The rest of us were sucking on soda’s or Gatorade and eating potato chips, nuts, and various “fun size” candy bars. Not to get sidetracked, but that’s just one of those things that “make you say hmmmmmm?” I mean, I’ve always loved candy, and Halloween, and candy bars. And from a kids point of view, wouldn’t you think that a “fun size” candy bar would be one that weighed like a pound or two? Not a bite or two? But whatever, that’s just how my mind works, or malfunctions…..not really sure which.

We all sat down and settled into our patio chairs or railing, and Blake began to throw some of the meat on the BBQ. I told Tasha what we were discussing, and that her and Garrett were welcome to stay, but to please not comment on anything, so that no one is swayed by what they had to say. She said that she understood, and that she just hopes that if we do give the kid a thumbs down, that we don’t shun him or not hang-out with him anymore. I replied that she knows each and every one of us better than that, and we wouldn’t outright reject anybody.

With that said, she bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Well you guys, I know in my heart you’ll all do what’s right for everyone. So Garrett and I will go in the kitchen. We’re making a garden salad and potato salad to go with the burgers and sausages for dinner. That should give you guys a little more privacy.”

The sun was now down and it was dusk. It was still warm out with a nice breeze and it could be labeled as the perfect summer night on the lake. The little waves were patting the shore with a swish, swish, sound. And there was the ever slightest of breezes. I looked out at the water as I snacked on my chips, and could hear and see the motor boats go by. There must have been a gathering at the marina, because there were an unusually large amount of wooden boats, like old Chris-Crafts and the like. And there were Sasha’s geese and ducks as well, gently swimming by in opposite directions.

Sasha spotted them and grabbed a bag of the burger buns as he started to run from the table in the direction of the lake. Travis and Wesley both grabbed him by the back of his tank-top and yanked him back. He turned and shouted “what the fuck you guys?”

KC: “Aren’t you forgetting something Sasha?”

Sasha: “What?”

Blake: “We’re in the middle of a meeting Sash.”

I added in, “Yah Sash, and what are we supposed to eat the burgers with if you start throwing the buns in the lake?”

Sasha: “Oh yah, sorry.”

Everyone kinda just looked at each other smiling and shaking their heads, as if to say, “what a dunce.” Just the way it is inside all the different groups when the youngest or most naive member does something stupid. You know, it’s the same amongst all kids. A way for the older or more mature members to make an example out of the “puppy.”

And that’s what Sasha was in our group, the puppy. He was, or is, naive beyond his age. It’s just the way he see’s the world and looks at life. To him there is no danger anywhere and everyone is your friend. Not a bad way to see things really, and I hope that innocence that saturates him sticks to him for a long as possible. The longer he can remain a kid and see things through the eye’s of a child, the better. Cause soon enough, in everyone’s life, something happens or comes along to “open their eye’s,” and take away that magic perception that all kids are blessed with up to a certain point. I just hope when it happens, it leaves enough behind to keep him so loving, so that he’ll remain carefree, with that personality that you would think belonged to one of Santa’s Elves.

Well, as we all sat there, I looked around and could feel the trepidation in each and every one of us, all the way down to the last boy. I could sense the uneasiness, and that no one really wanted to be the first one to speak. I think we all felt we had a decision to make, and truthfully, no one with a right mind really likes confrontation or change. And we all knew that we were about to open up a can of worms, Pandora’s box, let the Genie outta the bottle, and about a dozen other old cliches that would describe the coming conversation to a tee.

So as usual, when faced with an awkward situation, the usual took place.

Blake: “Alright guys, what the fuck? Were all sitting here acting like we’re making a decision about sacrificing one of us a human offering. It’s just a little vote, or affirmation on a scared eleven year old. So can’t we come to some sort of compromise or agreement?”

Reiley: “You mean can’t all of us cave in and say what the fuck! Why not let Tanner have all the fun, and do as he want’s, while we pay the bill? Isn’t that what you mean Blake?”

Blake: “That’s not what I said Reiley!”

Reiley: “But that’s what it comes down to…..isn’t it Blake?”

Cody: “What do you have against him Reiley?”

Reiley: “I don’t have anything against him Cody. I just don’t want to be put on the spot the next four or five years having to pony up for his offenses! I’m not a bodyguard, and I don’t wanna become one. Especially to someone that’ll take it for granted or abuse it. At some point he hasta pay up for his behavior.”

Nika: “Maybe he does pay up Reiley, maybe he pays up more than the rest of you know.”

KC: “What do you mean by that Nika?”

Nika: “Nothing you guys, never mind. Forget I even said it.”

Reiley: “No Nika, if you have something to say, or know something, than you need to speak. You know you can’t withhold information when we’re having a vote like this. It’s not allowed.”

Blake: “Yah Nika, you need to come clean.”

Nika: “I can’t Blake, I just can’t! You just need to accept that.”

KC: “Your putting your feelings for Tanner above your feelings for us Nika? Above the Posse? That’s pretty fucked up!”

Nika: “That’s not what I’m doing KC!”

Blake: “Then you need to explain better than what your doing Nika.”

Nika: “You know I’d never do anything to hurt anybody Blake. But what your asking of me, is something that’s forcing me to make a decision that either way I chose, I’ll be hurting someone.”

Reiley: “Did you make a promise Nika?”

Nika: “Reiley?”

Reiley: “I think I understand, and it’s ok. It must be something important and hurtful, so I understand. I trust your judgment, but there’s gotta be something that you can help us along with?”

Blake: “Yah Nika. Don’t betray anyone, that’s not what we’re asking. But can you at least push the envelope a little and give us something to cling on to. Something to give us some insight as to why this means so much to you?”

Travis, sitting on the railing next to Wesley: “Yah Nika. We both love Tanner, but we also understand where Reils and KC are coming from. If we do this, than it gives Tanner the ability to write as many blank checks that he want’s with his mouth, that the rest of us will to have to cash with our asses.”

Reiley: “Thanks Travis, I honestly do like the kid for the most part. But I’m just glad someone else here see’s more to this decision than, “hey, he hangs around with us and he’s funny, so he’s in.” If I’m gonna take a beating, than there better be a better reason than, “It’s just how Tanner is.”

Blake: “I think everyone down to the last one of us know that Reiley.”

Reiley: “Do they Blake? Jace and Cody voted awfully quickly, did they really weigh what this entails?”

Blake: “I think they did Reiley.”

Reiley: “How can we be sure of that Blake?”

Cody: “Because like Nika, maybe we know more about what’s at stake than the rest of you.”

KC: “This is getting us nowhere guys!”

Blake: “NIKA, Something. Please Anything?”

Nika: “Shit!”

Reiley: “I’m not a monster Nika. And I’m not asking you to betray anybody. I just believe deep down in my heart that just as you want to protect Tanner, I want to protect all of you. That’s why I’m making this difficult. It’s not out of shunning Tanner, or that I’m scarred to get my hands dirty. I just, no, we all just need to take it slow so that we know what the long term affects are going to be.”

KC: “He’s right Blake. Nika?”

Reiley: “Hell, you know once I’m convinced, and if we vote him in Nika. That I’ll stick to him for life….don’t you?”

Nika: “Yah Reiley, that’s what I’m counting on.”

Blake: “Nika?”

Nika: “Alright guys. Alright, you said Tanner has to eventually “pay-up” for his behavior Reiley?”

Reiley: “Yah, and you said that maybe he does more than we know?”

Nika: “That’s right Reiley. Have you ever asked yourself why Tanner acts the way he does? Have you ever wondered why he lives twenty or so miles away, but spends almost every waking moment up here? Have you ever seen anyone hug him or hold him…..ever? Have you ever been to his house and seen how he lives? Have you, have any of you?”

Sasha: “Yah big-brother. That’s why Jace voted the way he did. And that’s why I’m voting that way too!”

Nika: “Thanks Sasha…..thanks so much buddy.”

Sasha: “It should mean something what I said and what I’m doing Reiley. You too KC. I’m by far the smallest one here. And I don’t know how to fight, and I’m afraid to fight. So I know in my stomach I’m scarred of what will happen in seventh grade. But I won’t turn my back on Tanner.”

Wesley: “Yah Reiley, you better count me and Travis in as well…..right Trav?”

Travis: “Yah, guys, why not. We’ve seen Tanner hide his feelings at home, and the way he try’s to act like he isn’t hurt when he’s thrown out of his own room cause his brother and his friends want to use his computer.”

Wesley: “Yah, weather you vote him in or not guys, we’ve been covering his ass for the last few years at school, so moving up to middle school isn’t gonna change anything.”

Blake, as he’s flipping burgers and dogs: “That’s seven guys, you and KC need to talk it over and make a decision Reiley.”  

Reiley: “So the fights don’t bother you and Travis, Wesley?”

Wesley: “Hell no Reiley, if anything there just a fringe benefit!”

Travis: “Yah Guys, sorry to say, but that’s part of our motivation, which believe me when I say our feelings for Tanner are sincere. But we’d be lying if we said that Tanner isn’t kind of a goldmine when it comes to dealing with people we don’t like!”

KC: “Lovely!”

Nika: “You coulda left that last part out you guys!”

Reiley: “Well I can’t say that makes me feel any better everyone.”

Just then, Garrett walked out from the sliding glass door, where he had been standing. Listening to the conversation for some time from behind the screen, “Hey guys.”

Blake: “Oh, hey Garrett. Can you give us a few more minutes, we’re almost done, and so are the burgers?”

Garrett: “No Blake, sorry, but I can’t.”

Nika: “This is a private meeting Garrett. Please just a few more minutes, please?”

Garrett: “Sorry Nika. I do respect your rules and your privacy guys. But sometimes you just have to step up and do what’s right. And you all need to hear me out, and listen to what I have to say.”


13 Responses to “9057 Chapter 57 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Anthony Says:

    Garrett + Dakota = ?

    Cliff hangers are becoming your specialty, Cody. I must say that I love the shorter chapters better because there is a new one every few days that keeps me coming back for more.

    -An Avid Reader Anthony

  2. Dawngreeter Says:

    Nice little cliff-hanger there Cody. Needless to say, I can’t wait for what Garrett has to say. It reminds me something I learned in human relations class in college. There are as many sides to a story as there are stars in the sky. I’ll have to wait, I guess. Cheers

  3. Robert Halladay Says:

    cody, cody, cody…………. enough w/ the damn cliffhangers, man the hell!!! lol 😀

  4. Rick Says:

    I was going to tell you to email me when the story was finished so I wouldn’t have to deal with “the damn cliffhanger”. But what fun would there be in that? Keep the story coming, my dear Cody, with or without “the damn cliffhangers”!!!

  5. Mike Says:

    Does this group really have it in them to “shun” someone?? I don’t think so. I know they will do right! In my experiences with friends similar to Tanner, they have a tendency to calm down a bit when they start to get what they are looking for: a bit of affection! Great chapter!

  6. Stef Says:

    Can’t wait – but I do love it – so I’ll just have to.
    Regards Stef.

  7. wade Says:

    Grate chapter Cody. Maybe Tanner will show a different side of his life after he sees how much the posse thinks of him. Thanks Cody.

  8. codyboarder Says:

    yah wade,

    as for me and my friends. whenever we’re troubled with something, it’s usually “healed” when the others adress it w/ concern and attention. i beleieve its the same way for everyone when somethings hurting them.


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