9059 Chapter 59 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”

I awoke this morning kinda early and laid in my bed with Cody still asleep by my side. I was still a little “fuzzy” from the night before, and it felt good just to lay there and kinda drift in and out with my thoughts. It took me a few minutes to gather how Cody and I got up here, and I began to occasionally laugh out loud as some of the evenings antics came to pass before my eyes.

I was beginning to piece it all together. After we had dinner last night, it was to say the least amusing. I remember after informing Tanner that he was being taken into the Pride, that we all began to eat and joke. The mood was one of acceptance and laughter. The food was delicious, if maybe too much. But nothing like feast over famine I say. We all ate our burgers, sausages, potato salad and chatted about what lies ahead for us.

I saw Tasha and Garrett acting like love-birds and feeding each other food, and I ponied up the courage to ask if she and Garrett were “back together,” at which they both blushed immensely. The whole group laughed and pointed fingers at them as they sat there an even brighter shade of red. Laughing along with us, and unsure of what to say or where they were at in their relationship. But one thing was clear to all of us. And that is if they were not officially together, they were certainly back to their old routine. And it felt good. Like he was there for me again as well.

I felt kinda like I did when I awoke in the hospital and saw Sequoia was back again. I felt like I was blessed somehow, and that things just kept getting better and better. I only hoped this luck would hold out. Than I thought, maybe it wasn’t just luck. Maybe it’s true what they say about karma, and “what comes around goes around.” And maybe I was just due, or overdue. Maybe all my years of being the “good guy” and always doing whats right, and putting other peoples feelings and well being above my own, was paying off? And I also thought that even though that’s not why I did it, maybe it was just someone finally telling me, “hey you. Yah you Nika. Take these gifts which I present you, and enjoy them all you can.”

Then I thought maybe it couldn’t be this good just by my own offerings and good deeds. But maybe, when I think about it, my good fortune by late has something to do with all of us. Like multiplication. I surrounded myself with good people (ok, some of them being a bit odd as well). And maybe because of that, all of our rewards and “good fortune” has been pooled together, and enjoyed by all of us. Cody being a good egg, and Sequoia with his overwhelming love and sacrifice. And Reiley with his courage and impartiality. And Blake for his guidance and leadership. KC for his patience and carefree personality. And Jace and Tanner for their……..ummm, ummmmm? Damn, and here I was on a role. I’ll get back to Jace and Tanner another time.

Anyway, I looked over next to me and there was my companion. He was ohh sooo peaceful looking laying there fast asleep. With a gentle snore barley audible over the wind, blowing pine branches against the side of the house outside the walls of my bedroom. And it wasn’t quite a snore, but more so a wheeze than anything else. What a peaceful picture my boyfriend was, laying there sound asleep under my covers with me. Maybe not to anyone else seeing as he had a booger hanging half way out of one of his nostrils, and his mouth, braces and all was half open drooling all over my pillow. But what the hell, as they say, one persons trash is another persons treasure…..or something like that.

Weird, but he’s been doing that for years….drooling I mean. Maybe that’s why whenever he spent the night, I mean all through our childhood, mom always set extra pillow cases on my dresser. Of course once puberty hit, I continued to blow through pillow cases at the same rate….albeit for a completely different reason! Haha, blow through, what a perfect choice of words. And back to Cody, I always thought once he gets rid of his braces, he’ll stop the drooling, but maybe not. I thought for sure that’s what causes it.

I leaned over to look close at his face and the perfectly smooth skin on his cheeks and the soft little fuzz. Then, just as I was leaning over to give him a kiss, I jumped back as I saw a mound move under the covers next to him, and heard someone say, “What the fuck?”

I jumped up out of bed and to my surprise I was naked. My heart was beating like crazy and I was breathing hard. I slipped on some tight-white underwear that were on the floor at my feet and walked around to the other side of the bed. I approached the bed and reached down to pull back the covers to reveal the face of whomever crashed our slumber party. I pealed back the blankets, and the face that was revealed belonged to none other than…….a pair of feet? What the fuck is going on. I pulled the blanket down further to reveal the front of a pair of legs. But a very familiar pair of legs covered with soft blonde hairs. Upon looking further up, it was a naked someone too, as the “package” was all to familiar as well. Complete with morning-wood. So I went to the foot of the bed and pulled the blanket up and said, “How did you get in here Tanner?”

Tanner: “I don’t know…..you did, told me to last night after we all showered. Said we’ve gone through most of your cloths and underwear, so just to hit the bed “commando style.” We were all still wasted.”

What did Cody say?”

Tanner: “That’s right, I think the wrestling was his idea. Said something about me sleeping in here the last couple nights anyway, so why change things up now.”

Nika: “We didn’t, you know, like do…..”

Tanner: “Haha, you mean you, Cody, and Me? Haha, No, I couldn’t be that lucky!”

Nika: “So it was just sleep then?”

Yah Nika, It was just sleep. Like Tanner said, “WE” couldn’t be so lucky!” Coming from Cody as he leaned up onto his butt and turned towards us both, pulling his arm across his face wiping the drool away from his mouth. Then he pinched his nose with his fingers dislodging the free-agent booger away. “We did get pretty boned up wrestling around on top of the covers before we passed out though.”

Tanner: “Yah we did.”

Nika: “That doesn’t bother you, does it Cody?”

Cody: “Nah, besides we already talked about Tanner and how we thought about him…..remember?”

Tanner: “Whoa, no shit? You guys did?”

Nika: “Cody! Not in front of him.”

Cody: “What the fuck does it matter Nika? He’s gay! And besides, you said he could sleep with us. And go naked.”

Tanner: “So what did you guys say about me?”

Nika: “Yah, but it was all innocent Cody.”

Cody: “Except for some wrestling and bumping of our you know what?”

Tanner: “Common guys, what did you say?”

Nika: “That we wanted to bang you like a trash-can-lid Tanner!”

Cody: “Haha, trash can lid….kool.”

Nika: “Yah Tanner, I’m joking. Just that we both think your cute. And that you are like us, but alone. I mean you have the Posse now. But me and Cody have a relationship now that were boyfriends. And you, well, you don’t have anyone physically. So if it’s something like last night, then we don’t mind, cause your like we are.”

Tanner: “Kool, but what do you mean?”

Cody: “He means, that you won’t see us naked and wrestling with the rest of the Posse, like we do with you. And before we knew you were gay we admitted to each other that your hot, and that we both imagined doing “it” with you.”

Tanner: “No shit?”

Nika: “Yah Tanner, till you find someone, we’ll help you all we can, even physically to a point without crossing the line. We just can’t let it damage our relationship with one another.”

Tanner: “Thanks guys. Last night meant soo much to me. I felt like I have allies and I’m part of something socially. Now, with what you said about us all being the same and kinda taking me in, I feel like I’m not alone as far as my private life either.”

Cody: “No problem Tanner, are you still a little cloudy bout last night Nika?”

Nika: “Yah, I remember some of it now. We all went in the kitchen with Tasha and Garrett and ate everything that wasn’t nailed down before we went back to the garage for round two.”

Tanner: “Yah, I got major dry mouth.”

Nika: “You know my little fridge is right there Barbie.”

Tanner: “I think I’m still buzzed. So between that, and how thirsty I am, I’m just gonna let that one slip past Nika.”

Nika: “Sorry Tanner, old habits are hard to break.”

Tanner: “It’s ok. I guess with what all you and Cody have done for me. And the fact that we’re all in the same boat, I guess you two can get away with that. As long as It’s just you two and it’s not around the others.”

Cody: “Can you hand me a water too Tanner?”

Nika: “Make that three Tanner……I mean Barbie.”

Tanner: “Hey, not back-to-back Nika!”

Nika: “Yah, ok.”

We finished our water and Cody and Tanner asked the time as I pointed to my digital alarm clock that displayed 7:03am. Tanner turned around in bed so as his head was on the pillows like everyone else. Then Cody said, “Fuck, I’m still tired. Can we sleep for another hour or two Nika?”

Tanner replied, “Fuck yah, whirled pea’s man!”

I said, “Yah, I’m still out of it too. Let’s crash for at least another hour.”

Tanner: “Or two?”

Cody: “Yah, two sounds better to me.”

We all laid back down and I could hear everyone’s breathing become more shallow as they both nodded back off. I on the other hand was memory challenged at the moment and focused on what took place after we ate yesterday.

Now back to last night. And when, and how the hell we got up here. Yah, that’s it. Once we finished eating and doing dishes and cleaning up, Tasha and Garrett said they would be in the garage. I asked what was up and Tasha made the smoking gesture with here two fingers to her lips like she was taking a drag. Trav and Wes said, “kool, hope your not holding out. Can we join you?”

I remember everyone went quiet and began to look around and stare at one another wondering if this was acceptable and if they even wanted to partake. I looked at Cody and he just nodded his head like if to say, “Sure, why not, let’s try it.”

Garrett looked at Tasha and said, “They’re your brothers and it’s your house. Don’t look at me.”

Tasha said, “I don’t care if you don’t.” Then they both looked at us.

We didn’t know what to do, and somehow it always came down to Blake when the Posse was caught off guard or unsure of what to do. So looking just like it had been rehearsed, simultaneously and on queue, every one of us looked at Blake, as if to say, “what do we do now big guy?”

Blake looked at Tash and Garrett, who both held up their hands to their sides, signaling that they didn’t care either way. Then he said to them, and I guess us as well, “I guess it wouldn’t kill us.” As he looked to his VP for some type of response, positive or negative, as he was in uncharted waters. Reiley replied, “when in Rome,” as he and Blake got up and headed for the garage with Tasha and Garrett, as the rest of us followed along behind.

We had gotten to the garage and shut the door from the kitchen. Then Tasha cracked the main garage door a little just about to the height of the bumpers on the vehicles, saying, “for ventilation guys.”

Garrett reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes. I said, “when did you start smoking Garrett?”

He replied, “I don’t Nika, I just keep a box to keep a few of these in for disguise,” as he pulled out a joint.

Tasha, “There’s like a dozen of us Garrett, better take two out to start with.”

Garrett: “Yah, ok, here,” as he passed one to Tash.”

Tasha: “Ok you guys, raise your hand up if you’ve done this before.”

Travis and Wesleys hand immediately shot up with an added look of pride on their face, as did Blake and Jace’s. Tasha said to them, “Alright you guys, Garrett and I will take a hit and pass it on to one of you, and you guys can show the others what to do, and not to take to much in. I’d rather Nika and Sash learn from one of you, than me.”

Garrett took a lighter out of his pocket and lit one up and handed it to Tasha, and then lit up the other and handed it to Trav. Tasha took a hit and handed it to Jace, who did the same. The rest of us just watched what they were doing, and then onto Blake and Wesley. The room began to get a little smokey, and I watched as it got to Cody, and was fascinated when he hit it, and held his breath like the others. Another barrier broken in our journey to adulthood, and another right of passage descending upon us. He handed it to me, and it felt a little wet and sticky. I looked at it for a second, and Jace said, “Common Nika, are you gonna do it, or just stare at it all night?”

I looked over at him and then back down at my fingers, and said, “Fuck it, if you can do it Cody, then so can I.”

I put it to my lips and breathed in, not feeling too much. Then my chest felt like it increased in size from the inside and my throat felt full. So I stopped and snorted a little as I felt like I was about to start coughing, but somehow avoided it as I knew I broke off my inhale just in time.

I passed the joint to my right, and as it was taken from me, I looked down, and to my surprise, it was Sasha. I was now confused as to what to do. I somehow figured that Trav and Wes are about his age, and they’ve done it lots of times. And he’s gonna try it soon anyway. But at the same time, I felt that it was gonna somehow eat away at me and bug me if I let this occur. So I made a decision, and although it may not have been a very earth shattering decision, it would provide me some sort of crutch when I thought about my mentor-ship, and rearing of my younger brother.

Just like Tash said earlier that she’d rather we (Sash & I) learn it from the others than from her, I felt the same way about Sasha. So I grabbed it back from him and handed it to Reiley instead, as Sasha said, “What the fuck Nika. I’m a posse member too and if Travis, Wesley, and Tanner can do it, then so can I.”

6 Responses to “9059 Chapter 59 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Dawngreeter Says:

    Cool. God, been there…. This chapter kinda reminds me of Jim Stafford’s song”Bits and Peices”. Do I remember the first time I got stoned? Yeah. And the second, third… after that, too mant to count. Thanks for a little trip down memory lane, Cody.

  2. bigct Says:

    Nice piece, I like the mostly non verbal work you do.., seems almost introspective. Keep em coming dude.


  3. wade Says:

    Grate chapter Cody. I can remember my first high. Not a good time. Thanks Cody. Hop your Turkey day was grate.

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