9076 Chapter 76 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”


I went back to sleep with a happy and content Tanner on my one side, and a wheezing and slobbering Cody on my other. I must say it was quite a happy and warm cocoon that I felt myself in, and drifting back off to sleep was most tranquil and comfortable.

Bout an hour and a half later, somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00am, I awoke to the sound of knocking on the door to our bedroom. I still had my two cuddle-buddies on both sides of me, both using my chest as a pillow, on opposite sides. Cody had stopped drooling, and I could feel each of their legs draped over both of mine.

All I could think of without looking under the sheets, was the word pretzel. I could also feel soft, downy pubes against my hips, along with two stiff little members pushed into my upper thighs as well. Well, one kinda little, and the other not quite so much. And whats more, the one on Cody’s side of the bed was even a little “leaky.”

I again heard the knock on the door, so I yelled, “Yah, who is it?” as loud as I could muster, not being able to breath in as much breath as I would have wanted to, what with two heads on my chest.

I heard, “It’s me Nika, can I come in?” as Tanner began to stir a little and mouth, “What the fuck man? Be quiet.”

I had instantly recognized Garrett’s voice, so I yelled, “Are you alone?” again as Tanner mumbled, “Shut the fuck up doofus,” having never opened his eyes.

Garrett: “Yah, I’m alone Nika.”

Nika: “Sure, it’s ok Garrett.”

The door opened, and Garrett entered in a pair of Levi jeans, and a plaid flannel shirt. Along with the boots, he actually looked more like a lumberjack than a cowboy. “Timberrrr Garrett!”

Garrett, as he entered the room, glancing down at me and my pubescent entourage, with a puzzled but amused look on his face, “What, what are you talking about Nika?”

Nika: “Ahh nothing Garrett, just making an observation is all.”

Garrett: “You guys look awfully comfortable Nika, maybe too comfortable in fact.”

Nika: “Oh, well it’s not what you think Garrett.”

Garrett: “It’s none of my business Nika, but I hope your not taking this whole coming-out thing a little too far.”

Nika: “We’re just sleeping Garrett, nothing more.”

Garrett: “Sooo, then your all not nude under there then?”

Nika: “Uhhh, well, no, not really, no. But it’s still not what you think.”

Garrett: “Like I said, it’s none of my business, but is Tanner, ummm, you know…

Nika: “Gay! Gay Garrett, it’s ok, you can say it. You won’t turn to stone, or a pillar of salt just by saying it.”

Garrett: “Ok, so Tanner’s gay too then?”

Nika: “No, not at all. I mean I guess he could be, but I doubt it. He’s just sleeping, and I took off his wet clothes before we went to sleep last night.”

Garrett: “Ok, I guess that makes sense.”

I felt like shit by lying to someone that I love so much, and have looked up to for soo long, but I had no real choice in the matter. I mean I think “The Powers that be” would be willing to forgive me for one little white’lie. After all, I made a promise to Barbie that his secret was safe with me, and I’ve already come close on two occasions of letting the cat outta the bag with Sasha. I mean, the way things are going, his secret is bound to be compromised sooner or later, but at least I can do my best to see it’s not by me…..and not right now. So, I said, “So what’s up Big-B?”

Garrett, as he came over and sat at the corner of the bed, “Just came up here to wake you guys up, and let you know pop has breakfast started. We should be ready to eat in about twenty to thirty minutes. Hope you’re all hungry?”

Nika: “Fuck yah we’re hungry, at least I am. Me and Badnews missed the steaks and potato’s last night.”

Garrett: “Well, good thing then, cause Buck’s all fired up and motivated to throw quite a breakfast together this morning.”

Nika: “One of his kitchen sink throw-downs….huh?”

Garrett: “Oh yah, just make sure you guys got your snack on when you come downstairs.”

Nika: “Epic, I can already small the bacon from up here.”

Garrett: “Yah, and he’s got the rest of the steaks from last night on the grill too.”

Nika: “Alright then Garrett. I’ll rile these guys up and we’ll take a quick shower and be right down.”

Garrett: “Great, get going then.”

I waited there, as we sat looking at each other for an awkward twenty or thirty seconds. Then I coughed a little, kinda making the “clearing your throat” sound. Garrett looked at me kinda puzzled, and made a gesture with his hands out to the side, like saying, “What?”

I lifted the covers just a tad bit and looked under them at me, Tanner, and Cody, then laid them back down. Garrett got a look of surprise and embarrassment on his face as he quickly understood what I was trying very subtly to explain to him, as he said, “Opps, yah! Sorry Nika, my bad. I’ll be going then, and see you guys downstairs later,” as he quickly got up and made his way towards the door, turning red as he went.

I said laughingly, “Thanks Gar, didn’t think you’d wanna see three boned-up kids get out a bed all at once.”

Garrett: “Yah, just wasn’t thinking Nika. But I got a few chores left to do, so we’ll see yah at the table in a few.”

In all honesty, Garrett has seen both me and Cody nude quite a few times over the years. And he and Tash also walked in on us in my room the other day at me and Sequoia’s surprise party, as we were just “gettin busy.” But he hadn’t seen Tanner that way yet. And even though Tanner could care less, and walk through a mall stark naked, I somehow felt this was different.

Somehow, all three of us being snuggled together the way we were. And all three of us with the morning boy-curse sticking straight up or out, as well, was just more than the visual picture I wanted Garrett to see this particular morning, or at this particular time maybe.

But just the same, he left, and I stretched out and yawned, just like all boys do when they not only wake up in the morning, but when they have laid around as long as they are allowed to, or allow themselves to. I guess it’s that time when you finally muster up the courage to get motivated and get outta bed….even though you know that you’d rather not.

For that matter, if there was a way to get breakfast in bed, and a plasma just like in my room at home, I may have never moved. And throw in the fact that I have my lifetime love on one side, and maybe the worlds most beautiful boy on the other, then all I would need is a bedpan and a maid, and I may not want to move from this position for a few days.

Well, actually that’s not true, cause just now looking at Cody and Tanner, and stroking Tanners gentle blonde locks, and the feel under the covers of Cody’s warm fuzzy legs, I could actually think of a few other positions I might consider. But be that as it may, I already have enough morning wood sticking up, so lets just clear my head (no, not that one), and get motivated.

I leaned forward to sit up, and both Tanner and Cody’s heads slipped off my chest and onto the pillow. So that they were just inches apart, face to face, and lips to lips. And at the same time, they both were reaching out with their arms still on me, trying to pull me back down under the covers and into the bed with them. They were both half to three quarters still asleep, but you could tell they were also both comfortable and content with the comfort of the situation. And did not want to surrender it or me under any circumstances. But I fought through both of them, and slid my right leg over Tanner’s body. As he is smaller and easier to cross over, and then planted my foot on the cold hard wood floor, as I pushed off the bed with the other, escaping both of their grasps.

I turned to see Cody pull his arms back under the covers, with his eyes never opening. But as for Tanner, his eye’s cracked open ever so slightly, as he looked up at me unfocused to see what was happening. But then at that exact moment you could see he was at a crossroads as weather to wake up further and speak, or just let it be, and go back to sleep.

That point when his conscious and subconscious are at the finish line neck and neck, seeing which one would win out. But his subconscious took the gold medal, as he closed his eye’s again, and just like Cody, pulled the covers back up over himself.

He didn’t allow his conscious thoughts of where I was going to get the better of him, waking him further and prompting him to ask the question, “Hey Nika, where you going?”

It was obvious I wasn’t going to get either of them up right at this moment. So I stood there, and looked down at both of them, and had some sort of realization, as I was both stunned, and aroused to see what was taking place before my eye’s. With me removing myself from our “cocoon,” the other two were feeling around the warmth where I had been between them, trying to find my body and the warmth that was no longer there. It’s as if someone had stolen their teddy bear, so they were unconscious, but instinctively searching and feeling around for that warm mass to latch onto.

And with that/me missing, I could see that they were able to make contact under the covers with each others arms and hands. And as soon as that contact was made, I saw them both, as if nature was just taking over, latch on and pull each other towards the other. So as they were now connected in a warm embrace, as they both found a natural position that worked mutually. They snuggled together in a possum-ball that, by the looks of it, would be virtually impossible to separate them from. You could try with a crow-bar, but you wouldn’t stand a chance.

And while I was watching this, my mind was racing. I felt instantly warm, even with the cold morning air, and my feet on the chilly hardwood floors. And when I looked down in front of me, the floors weren’t the only thing sporting “hard-wood.” I was stiff as a sheet of marble, and as hard as I have ever remembered. And whats more, it was throbbing and jerking back and forth. I was in fact aroused so much by the natural, gentle scene that just took place before my eye’s, that it actually hurt, and I felt a discomfort and pain. And all the while, I needed to pee like crazy.

Trying to get hold of my senses (in place of something else that I had serious thoughts about getting hold of), I broke my stare, and shook my head to clear my thoughts. I determined that the proper course of action in this instance was to get dressed and get to the bathroom as quickly as possible.

So not seeing my clothes in plain site, probably cause they could have been right in front of me, but I was so distracted that I would have missed them anyway, even had they been pink neon and flashing. So I decided to just get the hell out of there and make a mad dash toward the bathroom, seeing as I would have undressed to shower once I got in there anyway.

I cracked open the door to the hall, and peeked my head out to take survey. I look down towards the stairs, and nothing. So I turned the other way towards the rooms at the end, and the bathroom, and again, nothing. So I quickly stepped a few feet to the right, and grabbed one of the shower towels off the dresser that was left there earlier for us.

Then I darted out, up the hall towards the bathroom with my glowing red pencil pointing the way. It was rather reminiscent of Rudolph leading Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve. I got about half way there, and as luck would have it, or in this particular case, wouldn’t have it, low and behold who walks out of one of the bedrooms halting me in my tracks……..Tasha and Jace!

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  1. Raron Says:

    great chapter nice save there with tanner
    so glad i decided to check one last time before i went to bed
    keep up the great work. loving the story and can’t wait to see what happens next

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    Good work Chap…, that was another good’un.


  4. seth Says:

    Cant wait to see what happeans next

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