9085 Chapter 85 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”


Nika: “I know Cody, I’m sorry! But I saw what you were thinking, and I don’t want you to do that!”

Cody, as he petted my back while I shook, “I know Nika, just as I wouldn’t want you too. But Nika, if it were reversed, you would do the same thing….wouldn’t you?”

I wiped my tears as I lifted my head and looked up into his eye’s and said, “Yeah, you know I would Cody.”

Cody: “Then don’t preach to me what I should and shouldn’t do Nika. Your own thoughts are as guilty as mine. Now lets get back to the situation at hand, find Sequoia, and get the hell out of here!”

Nika: “Yah, yah. Common, lets get everyone gathered and get a game plan together.”

Just as Cody, Sasha, and I rounded the tree towards the group, Garrett and Blake were gathering everyone together by the SUV’s. As we approached, Garrett said, “Nika, get your asses over here and don’t wander away from the group again without a reason. And without telling the rest of us where you’re going!”

We all nodded our heads as we formed a circle with the rest of the gang. Garrett said, “Ok you guys, the way I see it, is Sequoia would have used his survival instincts to find a safe a place as any to hold up in to avoid the fire, but wouldn’t stray to far from here so as not to be rescued. He knew we were coming for him.”

Blake: “But where Garrett, he could of headed off in any direction?”

Tasha: “Why don’t we split up and look for him?”

Jace: “Yah, let’s split up into teams and everybody can head in four different directions. Like north, south, east, and west. Great idea Tash, !”

Tasha: “Thanks Jace, what do you think Garrett?”

Garrett: “Nah, nah I dont like it,” as he was looking off in the distance concerned, shaking his head.

Jace: “Why not, it gives us the best chance at finding him Garrett!”

Blake: “No! He’s right Jace, instead of having one lost kid, we’re liable to have a half dozen. We aren’t firefighters, or search and rescue. We have no equipment or fire retardant clothing or suites!”

Garrett: “Thanks Blake. And further more, we have no maps, no communications devices to contact each other. With all the phones out, our cell phones are useless. We don’t even have a compass, and its hard enough to recognize one tree form another as landmarks, especially when the smoke whips up. Lets face it, whatever we do, we need to do it together and stay together.”

Tanner: “Then lets stay together, but lets do it quickly. We can start walking the perimeter of the building and travel in circles reaching outward like a big spiral. That way we’re bound to come across trails and clear areas.”

Garrett: “That’s one way Tanner. Any other suggestions?”

Travis: “Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but that’s a shitty plan and it’s gonna take a hell of a long time, and time is not what we have a lot of. Plus, we could easily miss a lot of area where they could be!”

Tanner: “Well if you got a better idea cro-magnon twin, then spit it out!”

Travis: “Fuck you Tanner, we just need a better idea is all? Are you saying I’m stupid?”

Tanner: “No, I’m saying for a Neanderthal, you’re brilliant. Just like inventing the wheel was remarkable for your stone-age wisdom. But being the rest of us are further along the evolutionary ladder, then we should be able to come up with something better than you two primates!”

Wesley: “What the fuck did I do Tanner? And your sniping isn’t helping any of us, or Sequoia?”

Travis: “Yah, so just chill-out a little, Sparky!”

Tanner: “Don’t call me Sparky Travis, or I’ll…..”

Nika: “Ok you guys, stop it! Remember why we’re here, and stop talking smack! I think I have a plan.”

Garrett: “Ok, let’s hear it then Nika?”

Nika: “Alright, as I said when we first got here, I know Sequoia’s still alive, and not in immediate danger.”

Sasha, as he continued rubbing his arm as if it were hurting him, “Yah, but you also said he was hurting Nika.”

Nika: “Yes, he is, but it’s not life-threatening!”

Jace: “Are you sure Nika…..how do you know that for sure?”

Blake: “Twinergy Jace, if Nika say’s it, then it must be real.”

Jace: “Then if Nika knows that, then why can’t Nika find Sequoia, Blake?”

Blake: “I don’t know Jace, it’s not my gift.”

Cody: “Maybe he can Jace,” then turning his attention to me, “You found him the morning of the accident Nika, can’t you do it again?”

Nika: “But that was proceeded by dreams that happened over a longer period of time. I had no clue that this was going to happen Cody.”

Jace: “But you said he was hurting Nika, so where is he hurting?”

Nika: “I’m not sure Jace, but it’s not to far from here.”

Sasha: “Well then think Nika….at least try.”

Nika: “I have been Sash, do you all think I haven’t been trying! I’m getting a headache I’ve been focusing soo hard!”

Garrett: “Well you said he’s hurt Nika, can you feel what kind of pain he’s been feeling? And is it from the fire….has he been burnt?”

Nika: “Let me try and think Garrett.”

Sasha, still rubbing his arm: “No, he’s not burnt you guys, it’s his arm!”

Jace: “How in theee hell do you know that Sasha?”

Blake: “Because he has it too Jace!”

Tanner: “Has what?”

The twins, simultaneously, “Twinergy!”

Nika: “Your sure Sasha?”

Sasha: “Yah Nika, I’m sure, I can feel it!”

Nika: “It’s not your arm that’s hurting then little brother, its Sequoia’s?”

Sash: “Yah Nika, it just took me a while to figure it out. It’s like some kind of a, I don’t know, ghost-pain or something. First it’s there, and then it it’s gone, and then back again, but worse.”

Nika: “It’s like the visions that came and went the morning of our accident.”

Blake: “Then he hasn’t been burnt by the fire yet, that’s good. You know for sure it’s only his arm and he’s not burnt too, Sash?”

Sasha: “Yah Blake. Or no, maybe not. I’m not sure, I can only feel his arm, its very painful. I don’t sense anything else is wrong with him. Like being burnt or hot or anything.”

Cody: “He’s actually cold Blake, real cold in fact.”

Sasha, very excited and yelling at Cody, “You feel something too Cody?”

Cody: “Yes, he’s very cold, and he’s holding someones hand.”

Blake: “Someone Cody, who?”

Cody: “I’m not sure, but someone’s as in plural, he’s holding hands with people on each side of him.”

Garrett: “Can you see where he is Cody?”

Cody: “No, just cold all over, and my legs are fucking freezing you guys!”

Jace: “It’s like a hundred fucking degrees with this fire Cody, what do you mean your freezing?”

Sasha: “Cody’s feeling what Sequoia’s feeling right now Jace, that’s why he’s freezing!”

Jace: “Then get him to see what Sequoia’s seeing right now Sash so we can find him and get the fuck outta here. It’s getting darker and hotter.”

Garrett: “He’s right, the fires getting closer you guys, and we’re running outta time! It’d help if he could see what Sequoia see’s, that’s the only way we’ll find him, is by seeing through his vision.”

Tanner: “Maybe Not!”

Blake: “What’s that Tanner, what’d you say?”

Tanner: “I said maybe not. I think I found him!”

Jace: “Oh I Gotta Fuckin Hear This, You Got That Vodoo Shit Too Tanner?”

Tanner: “Nah, I’m just not a stupid-fuck Jace!”

Blake: “Then speak-up then, where’s he at?”

Tanner: “The river, he’s at the river. It just makes sense!”

Blake: “You sure Tanner?”

Nika: “Yah, he’s sure, so am I now.”

Garrett: “It does make perfect sense you guys. Where else would you go to escape the fire.”

5 Responses to “9085 Chapter 85 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. billy Says:

    i thought he may be in a freezer, but the water also seems right. I like your story, I may be old but love to read about your storey.

  2. Raron Says:

    yet another amazing
    i loved how sasha rubbing his arm meant ssomething
    it didnt occur to me until i first read about him rubbing his arm in this chapter. very cleaver how you lead the reader to thinl that but question if it was true coz i really didnt want to say.
    the good news just seems to keep comming today first im going austria tomorrow, then we find out our horrrid teacher has been sacked after working at the school for 6 weeks, the we find out that JJ is doing alot better and then i come here not expecting to fin another chapter so quickly.
    i tried to say this earlier, back when the fire was just starting and they didnt know it was happening. but this story is amazing, it really takes your mind off things and stuff and makes you think about what is important.
    o btw i wanted to say the new picture on the homepage looks alot like i thought sequoia would look like but with differnt hair
    loved it this chapter was as genius as all of the other ones including the last one

  3. Alan Says:

    [as the room erupts in applause]
    Bravo!!! OMGosh, that sent chills up and down my spin, and letting Tanner go off was funny as heck.

    Tanner’s rant was a fitting, as I pretty much did the same to this guy at the gym… never mind.

    Wow… that was powerful…


  4. Stef Says:

    The river sounds like a great place to go for everyone.Tanner is not just a pretty face.I’m starting to get real excited [don’t happen as often as I wish].There is another chapter waiting for me, gotta dash.
    Regards Stef.

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