9092 Chapter 92 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


We sat at Northern Regional as the Nurses and Orderly’s scurried about back and forth, taking us one and two at a time to an examination room to be checked over. The scene was a little chaotic and the pace was brisk as you could feel the adrenaline and tell that the staff was geared up for the type of traffic and hype that comes along with a natural disaster. Every once in a while a firefighter or two would be brought in for smoke inhalation or some sort of injury ranging from broken bones to cuts or gashes from anything from a tree branch to a chainsaw clearing brush away.

Thank God no serious injuries or burns, but none the less it was a busy little regional Hospital. You could tell the excitement in the air and that the staff had a case of the nerves and was not used to this tempo. After all, this was not South Lake General or the larger Hospitals in Reno. I sat there awaiting my turn and couldn’t help but think back about the events of the day, and seeing Barney again, and the fact that he was there to save us.

Maybe it was just karma for befriending him in the first place, or maybe it was deeper than that, and that it got me to thinking that maybe you come across and meet the people in your life for a reason, and therefore it’s very, very, important to make the most of every opportunity you have when you come across someone new.

To make a good impression of yourself and make the most of the opportunity and not pass it off as insignificant, because just like the case with Barney Buckins, you just never know what may become of that initial encounter? Like with him being there to save our lives, just like today!

I also thought of Nurse Lincoln, and every time I saw a large Nurse walk by, I couldn’t help but take a second look in the hopes it might be her. And then there’s Larry and Jason, whom I met for the first time today, and I have to say that we all instantly hit it off with them. I mean how could we not? Call it the Florence Nightingale affect or whatever you want, but we were all hurting, exhausted, dehydrated, and some even sick to our stomachs. But they both treated our ailments and tended to our needs as best as they could, with both displaying gentle and caring dispositions, and genuine caring and a tender, emotional love that you just don’t see in most thirteen year olds today.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, and that is in addition to Sequoia and myself (along with the rest of the posse now). We cemented our friendship with Barney, and we also made three very important new friends with Eddie and the boys.

I just felt it a shame that they were only out here on a vacation visiting Jason’s father, and have to go back home soon. But none the less, at least they’ll be able to come back and visit Eddie again from time to time. And we were able to exchange e-mails and cell numbers with them so that we can keep in touch from time to time.

Of course it was all the more touching for Cody, Tanner, and myself, as unlike the others, it was very apparent to us three that Larry and Jason were much more than just average friends. Just as it was apparent to the two of them that we three were not only just friends, but something more than that.

And neither Larry or Jason seemed to mind, or treat us any differently than the others. In fact, they accepted us with open hearts and you could just tell they were not only much more tolerant than most other kids their age, but had hearts that were open to anyone who needed help.

But with that said, I looked around the room where we were all sitting, minus just Sequoia who was taken immediately to see a Dr. due to his broken limb, despite his reluctance and hardheadedness. Insisting that he was fine and we go along ahead of him. But I have to say we were a motley looking group that looked more like a group of underage Chimney Sweeps than a group of teen and preteen boys.

About this time, as I and the others continued drinking the fluids that the Nurses brought out to us, another Nurse came out and escorted Boo Boo, Otter, and Meadow out of the room and towards another for a Doctors examination. Then an Orderly came in with his arms full of Hospital Gowns, and we were instructed to remove all of our dark, dirty, and somewhat damp clothing and change into the gowns.We did so without question, and stuffed all the stinky clothes into a couple of large green garbage bags that he had left behind.

Well, I sighed and took another sip of the lime flavored electrolyte beverage that we all kept receiving, and thought about how we survived another ordeal and close call. I also thought how touching it was when we had approached the turn-off to our house as Barney was driving us home.

And that when I instructed him to slow down, so that he wouldn’t miss our road, he questioned me as to whether or not I was sure that he drop us off at home. And how, before I could answer, both Larry and Jason shouted “No,” and for Barney to keep driving, and both boys insisted that we be taken to the Hospital immediately so as we can all be checked out. And that Sequoia can have his arm wrapped in a permanent cast, so as not to delay his medical treatment.

Not only were they cute, and had great personalities, but they were both very compassionate as well. As I sat there I thought it a shame that they lived so far away, because they would have both been perfect additions to the posse.

But things kept progressing, and before I could reflect much more on my new friends, another Nurse came in and called for me and Reiley to follow her to another examining room where we were to be cleaned up with a sponge bath and simultaneously examined, and probably stuck with an IV as well. I immediately protested and objected on the grounds that Sasha and Tanner be taken before any of the rest of us, as they were younger, and it was only right that they be tended to first. Like most Nurses she brushed off what I had said. But only after Reiley refused her demand, did she finally realize how serious we were, and capitulated to our demands, saying, “Oh, why not, we’re going to be treating all of you sooner or later anyway!” Once again, the mother-hen that is Reiley, would see to it that things were done the same way he always had seen to it, protect the young or weak before the others.

So there again we sat awaiting our turn for a sponge-bath, and examination. A Doctor did come in a short time later, and explained that they could not reach my parents, as they had taken a two or three day mini-vacation out of town to celebrate their eighteen year wedding anniversary.

And that they were able to contact Golden Fawn, who was in the process of making her way down in the van to pick us all up. I was a little concerned about mom and dad at that point and knew for sure they had to have seen the fire on TV, and were probably worried sick. I only hoped that they didn’t cut their vacation short and try to make it back up the mountain from San Francisco. Because there’s no way that the Highway Patrol would be allowing them to get through till they have some sense of containment on the fire.

The good news was that the Doctor did tell us all, at Blake’s inquiry, that the engine companies and aircraft were getting the upper hand, and that they for the most part had the fire stopped dead in it’s tracks, right about at the summit where Barney and his crew picked us up.

And where as it may be a stalemate for the moment, the deadlock was beginning to tilt in the favor of the Firefighters. And now, unless the winds shifted again for the worse, it was only a matter of time before they get close to containment and shut it down completely!

I began to get lost in my thoughts again when the same Nurse as before came back in the room, and I became aware of her presence when the door slammed shut behind her. As I looked up at her, she looked back down at me, glaring. She was a very large, intimidating looking woman with a stern pale face. And before I could say anything, she said, “You, and him (pointing to Reiley), and I don’t want no argument, and no funny business!

There was no sense in arguing this time, cause she had her mind made up. And besides, there was no use in it. Because she did take Sasha and Tanner first, which had been my whole objective in the first place. So, I looked at Reiley, who was looking back at me, and we both shrugged our shoulders and jumped off the tables and followed along behind her. As I walked past, she was a rather large lady, and towered over me. She had quite an intimidating form, and cold, hard demeanor. I swallowed hard as I glanced up at her, and Reiley and I scampered by.

But she could sense our uneasiness and as we shuffled past her, looking up, she winked her eye at us and smiled. We both felt at ease and returned the smile as we all walked down the hall.

We passed a couple of Doctors on the way to our treatment room, and I could pick up that they were arguing over some ex-rays they had clipped to a light-board. They seemed to have a difference of opinion on the subject matter as one of them told the other, “It was obviously just sprained, because there is no apparent break!”

Then the other responded, “But look at the wrist, there is bone mass and evidence of a break that did heal at one time or another. And the boy came in with a very primitive, but none the less a very effective splint! And what about the torn skin where a bone pierced it?”

Doctor #1: “Well, I don’t know what to tell you then, cause it’s not broken now!”

Doctor #2: “Well, obviously, that’s why I released him.”

Reiley and I doubled over in laughter as we looked up at the two Doctors as we passed by, knowing instinctively as to just who and what they were talking about on our way by. The Doctors both looked at us as we passed when one of them addressed us and said, “And what’s so funny young man?”

I looked at Reiley, and then back up at him and replied, “Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. Or him out for that matter. Many before you two have tried, and you’ll just give yourself a headache!”

As they continued to look at each other, the second said to the first, “Don’t pay any attention to those two little ragamuffins, from their appearance they’ve been through the fire. And are probably dehydrated and have no idea what they’re talking about.”

We (Reiley and I) both heard them and laughed even harder. We passed the waiting room and sure enough Sequoia was sitting there in a gown with Golden Fawn. They both jumped up and walked over to the three of us. The Nurse let us stop and converse with them for a minute or two, but not before she looked down at Sequoia and said, “Where’s your cast boy?”

Sequoia relied, “Well, I guess it wasn’t as bad as it first appeared.” As Sequoia held up his arm and twisted it all around giving us a all a good view of his smooth, brown-red arm.

Nurse: “Strange, I could have sworn when I took you first due to your condition, that the skin was torn with signs of dried blood from a compound fracture?”

Sequoia: “Nah, it was probably just dirt and ash that was caked on there from the fire.”

Nurse: “Hummm, I’m usually more careful than that. Maybe I’m just getting old?”

Reiley, trying to console the Nurse: “Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all thought the same as you Ma’am.”

She just had an inquisitive look on her face as Golden Fawn said to Reiley and I, “Are you boys OK Nika? I got down here as fast as I could!”

I responded, “Yes Golden Fawn, but have you heard from mom and dad? Are they alright?”

Golden Fawn: “Yes Nika, they’re staying put in the Bay Area. They know they can’t get back up the hill right now. Buck had called and let me know that you guys were alright and on your way back up the hill. But when you didn’t show up and we found out the gate to South Lake was blocked off, I began to worry. So I had no choice but to inform Nadia and Niklas.”

Nika: “What did they say?” 

“The Highway Patrol put a BOLO (be on the lookout) for all of you, but to no avail. All they found was Garrett’s truck abandoned at the gate, and your families SUV along the side of the Hwy in South Lake burned and destroyed.”

Nika: “We’re they worried?”

“They feared the worse till they discovered it had been abandoned and no bodies were inside. We were all worried sick. But when the Hospital here called us to let us know you were here safe. And that you were all accounted for and being treated, with only one significant injury to Sequoia here, we knew all was well. I called all your parents and let them know what was up.”

Nika: “Thank you soo much Golden Fawn.”

Golden Fawn: “Nika, Tanner’s with you….isn’t he?”

Before I could answer, the Nurse looked at me and Reiley again, giving us both another wink. And replied to Golden Fawn, “Yes he is, these two made sure he went ahead of them and he’s being treated as we speak.”

Nika: “Yah Golden Fawn, why do you ask?”

Golden Fawn: “Well, I know he gets on your guy’s nerves sometimes. But his father and mother called from Hawaii for your parents. They couldn’t reach them on their cell phone. I explained they were in San Francisco for their Anniversary.”

Nika: “Are they checking in on him. Worried about him or something?”

Golden Fawn: “They were checking in on him. But it was odd, they didn’t seem to be very worried about his safety or condition. They were calling to let us know that they had gotten word from neighbors that there house had burned down.”

Reiley: “Whoaaa, no shit?”

Golden Fawn: “Yes Reiley, shit!”

Nika: “That sucks big-time! So what’s he gonna do now?”

Golden Fawn: “Well, his parents were calling to place their three boys with friends and neighbors for the time being. It may be quite a few months or maybe even more for their insurance to kick in and for and rebuilding to begin.”

Nika: “Aren’t they coming right back Golden Fawn?”

Golden Fawn: “No Nika. From the impression I got they planned on extending their vacation and placing the kids with friends and relatives.”

Reiley: “Hahaha! Sooo, I have a feeling that means you’ve got a house guest for quite a while longer Nika!”

Nika: “For real Golden Fawn….is Reiley right?”

Golden Fawn: “I’m afraid so Nika. You’re parents said that was fine if you guys are ok with it? How do you feel about that?”

Nika: “I’m sure Sasha’s gonna be happy. And I guess it’s ok with me too.”

Golden Fawn: “How about Tanner, do you think he’s gonna take it hard Nika?”

Reiley: “Yah…..right!”

Golden Fawn: “What’s does Reiley mean by that?”

Nika: “His house burned to the ground, his brother Duncan, his brother Dakota both living elsewhere, and he being placed with us for months or maybe even a year or more?”

Golden Fawn: “Yes, will he be traumatized you think Nika?”

Nika: “Hahahaha, not one little bit Golden Fawn!”

Golden Fawn: “It’s not a funny situation Nika……you should be a little more respectful to Tanners situation and feelings. That’s not like you.”

Reiley: “Trust me Golden Fawn, he is. Tanner will be just fine, you’ll have to just take our word on it.”

19 Responses to “9092 Chapter 92 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Horn Says:

    Yes, Tanner will be just fine, because this is exactly what he needs to improve his life. Funny how disasters sometimes bring up something good as well.
    The same can be told about Nika’s meeting with Larry an Jason. But I wonder one thing, are Barney and Eddie just friends or something more? Guess I must wait to find out.
    Anyway, it’s good to see they are all alright and in Tanner’s case it may be even turn for best. I just hope we’ĺl see more from these orphanage kids, because I started to like them and they sure deserve good home as well. Not to mention Sasha will be destroyed if he will not be able to see Shadow again XD
    Anyway, good chapter Cody. I only hope we will not wait so long for the next one.

  2. tim Says:

    I was missing your story but am glad you didn’t rush. I was well worth the wait. A great job as allways.

  3. carlitos Says:

    Greetings Cody,

    I finally caught up with your story. I couldn’t stop, once I got started.
    What a talent you have, as many have stated all along here.
    I am waiting, as all of us, for the next chapter to materialize from your creative mind.
    I do hope you are keeping up with your studies as you try to write the next chapter of Twinergy.
    Most sincerely,

  4. georget67 Says:

    Cody you are still one of the best. This is awesome and all the boys are ok. A couple things in this chapter gives fule for future chapters. This could end up being a very long story, and, for me, that would be grand. I intend to follow it to the end, no matter how long it is.
    You have a great mind so keep going.


  5. Stef Says:

    Cody a great relaxing chapter after all the tension of the bushfire. As Horn mentioned Tanner is going to be one happy boy. Can’t wait to see how that unfolds.
    A wonderful full read as always.
    Regards Stef

  6. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    Nice that the posse are finally able to relax a little after all the drama!
    I hope you and yours are well.

    Best wishes

  7. Papi Says:

    The story is great! I can’t wait to read the next chapter. The only thing I have a problem with is “Who would extend there vacation plans when they hear there house burned down?”Come on! Positively everything else is plausibly believable but no mater how bad a parent you are you have to realize your sense of duty if not your spouse. But, that’s just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for listening

    • codyboarder Says:

      hey papi,

      and thanks. the upcoming chapters will shed a little light on what motivates tanners parents, and why. thanks for reading, and the anwsers are posted in chpts 93 thru 95.

  8. A Says:

    Great chapter 🙂 I am kinda worried about Sascha at this point tho..

    Looking forward to the continuation! 🙂

    • Rick Says:


      Why are you worried about Sasha? Just curious. And I have to agree with Papi about Tanner’s parents. Is there some kind of underlying reason for them to extend their holiday? As one of the other readers pointed out, each chapter answers some questions, but raises yet another set. I guess that’s one way to keep use coming back, that and the “cliff-hangers”!

      • codyboarder Says:

        hey rick,
        and yes, chpts 93 thru 95 explain whats behind the thinking of tanners parents. as for sasha, he has some things to go thru and others to work out. thx for commenting.

        peAce, ~cody!

      • A Says:

        There’s been a bunch of hints that Sasha ain’t doing too well – at the hospital and when they were escaping.

  9. JJ Says:

    OMG Cody, I think the link from your site to my site is broken. I just happened to come here tonight and I see that you got 4 chapters I haven’t read yet. Sorry.

    Yea Tanner going to be really happy now I think to. Sequoia is so magical. I wish I had his powers. That be so cool. Ok to the next one. Got 3 more to read. Hugs JJ

  10. Redhawk Says:

    I am and continue to be emotionally touched by all that I am reading. I started reading your story, yesterday, Feb 1, 2012. I am so convinced, you need to try and get this published in book format! Good writing style, grammar could stand to be proofread, but very good content Cody. Highly impressed!

    • codyboarder Says:


      and thank you very much Redhawk. i regret this late reply (seven months), but my site (login acct) went down, and has just today been recovered with the help of a very helpful wordpress techie. i really appreciate your comments, and it is appreciated. i am home at the moment after a great summer away from school, and more twinergy is coming soon. be well and thks again friend!

      peAce~0ut, cody!

      • Redhawk Says:

        I am excited to know that you are going to continue the saga of Twinergy! I saw the message from earlier. So glad you are back to it. Enjoy your time in school again. Looking forward to much more from you Cody. 🙂

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