9094 Chapter 94 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


Sasha looked up into my eyes to see if I was sincere, not wanting to be left out. So I smiled at him and nodded my head up and down to confirm what I had told him was true. He then looked to Sequoia who did the same thing. Once Sequoia confirmed our intentions with a nod, Sasha’s face lit up with a smile and he said, “Yah, sure Nika. I know you wouldn’t ditch me.”

I grabbed him and gave him a hug, and said, “Never Sash.”

Sasha whispered to me, “It’s not real bad is it Nika?”

I replied, “Nothing that Sequoia, Cody, and I can’t fix little man.”

Sasha: “Good, I love Tanner.”

I turned to Sequoia and Cody and we all approached Tanner and stood over him. He looked up at us and instinctively said, “What is it?”

I looked at Sequoia and he nodded to me and said, “Ok, I guess I’ll take this one.”

So I looked back at Tanner and said, “You got a few minutes to spare Tanner?”

Tanner: “Yah, I guess so.”

Sequoia: “Then common Tanner, what do ya say you take a walk with me and Nika?”

Tanner: “Yah. Sure, ok.”

I motioned for Cody to come along, but he said, “Nah, I think you two have this covered. I’ll stay behind with Sasha so he doesn’t feel left out. And besides, I don’t want Tanner feeling like he’s being ganged-up on.”

So Cody walked over to Sasha and patted him on the butt, as Sash turned around surprised and smiled, seeing as Cody was willing to stay behind and keep him company. Sash promptly handed Cody a coloring book and some crayons as Sequoia, Tanner, and I walked out into the courtyard of the building in our gowns.

We followed a cement path that took us through some pine trees and forest. We happened upon a bench and Sequoia and I sat down. I patted the middle of the bench between me and Sequoia, and Tanner cautiously sat down suspecting something was wrong but not knowing just what it was.

I was in the process of saying, “We have something we need to talk to you…”

When Tanner broke in and said, “What is it….what’s wrong?”

Sequoia looked at me and motioned me with his hand as if he was saying “be quiet Nika” or “sit down.” Then he took Tanners hand in his as he gently caressed it and said, “You really like visiting us up here in West Shore…..don’t you Tanner?”

Tanner looked back at Sequoia with his eye’s squinted and leering as if suspecting of being “set-up” for something. Then he replied very cautiously, “Yesss, soooo?”

Then I felt an energy within Sequoia, as if he “turned on” some type of twinergy. Or as if he had somehow become electrified. It was as if he was so advanced and evolved that he could turn it on and off at will. But none the less, I felt it and instinctively knew not to worry.

The whole time he continued to stroke Tanner’s hand, he never broke eye contact with him. He then said, “It’s just an observation Tanner, because we really, really like having you come and visit us.”

Tanner still looked skeptical and said, “Andddd?”

Sequoia: “And we really enjoy your company is all Tanner…..nothing more than that.”

Tanner: “And so you singled me out and brought me out here just to tell me that you like my company? Have I stayed too long or something, or worn out my welcome? Is that it?”

I jumped up and said, “No Tanner, That’s not it!”

Sequoia motioned me with his hand again to sit down and be still. Then he said to Tanner, “With what we’ve just been through Tanner, you really think we would dismiss you or cut you lose just like that?”

Tanner: “I don’t know…..it’s happened before.”

Sequoia: “Here, with us?”

Tanner: “No, but at home and with other friends.”

Sequoia: “So you’ve come to believe that is how you fit in then, and that we’ll act the same way towards you Tanner? You believe now that your path is already foretold with everyone you meet, and that whatever group you become part of will dismiss you and treat you the same way?”

Tanner: “I don’t know? I didn’t say that.”

Sequoia: “But it’s how your feeling right now….isn’t it Tanner?”

Tanner: “NOOO, I don’t care anymore anyway.”

Sequoia: “Yes, you do. I can feel everything you feel at this moment. Seclusion, shame, abandonment, exile, and insignificance.”

I looked at Tanner, and he was turning white and shaking. He began to break down and was trying as hard as he could to just hold it together and keep himself rational. He was practically hyperventilating as he broke eye contact with Sequoia and began shaking his head “no” as if to say he wasn’t affected by any of this.

Tears were slowly dripping down his face at this point and I felt in my heart that his whole life has been the same perverse soap-opera, over and over and over again. And that he has never had a group of friends or family to rely on.

I couldn’t stand to watch it any longer as I looked past Tanner to Sequoia and began to shake my head at him and said, “No more Sequoia, this is killing me. And look, it’s destroying him too.”

Sequoia motioned me with his hand again, but this time to move forward and clutch onto Tanner. I did so on one side as he did the same on the other. Sequoia grabbed Tanner by the back of the neck, and pulled Tanners face into his neck. That was all it took before Tanner broke down altogether and began to cry out and sob.

We both held tight for the next few minutes as Tanner got it all out of his system and soaked up all the love and acceptance that Sequoia and I were pouring out to him. As he began to regain his composure a little, Tanner mouthed, “What now. What do you want me to do now?”

Sequoia stunned Tanner by saying, “Would you like to move up here and move in with us Tanner?”

Tanner stopped breathing and pulled back to re-establish eye contact with Sequoia, and squinted his eye’s again and said, “What did you just say?”

Sequoia smiled at Tanner and repeated, “Why don’t you come up here for good and move in Tanner?”

Tanner just sat there shaking his head, trying to think, and get a handle as to what exactly was happening. Then he said to Sequoia, “What are you talking about?”

Sequoia replied, “Listen to me now Tanner, and take in what I tell you as the foundation for your future. I want these next few minutes to frame and shape you’re life for the next few years, and for you to live these words I’m going to say to you as if it were law.”

Tanner looked at Sequoia in silence, and Sequoia had Tanners face and head held tightly with both of his hands. They were locked eye to eye, and Sequoia began to speak to him, “You will no longer feel uncomfortable or the lesser to me, Nika, or any of your brothers. You will for now on see yourself as only an equal. You will no longer think or compare any of us, all eleven of us, to your family or any of the other friends or groups you have been a part of or tried to be a part of in the past. You were brought into our group and accepted by us all as a whole, and that will never change. So there will never be a time we will separate you from the group or ask you to leave. Or tell you that you have worn out your welcome. You are one of us, and you have been chosen. You are welcome here, by us, always. You are liked and you are loved Tanner. And from this moment on, you will portray confidence and a sense of belonging, and wear that with pride whenever you walk amongst us. Do you understand me?”

Tanner just nodded his head and quietly mouthed “yes,” as Sequoia took his arm and wiped it across Tanners lips and chin that was leaking snot from his nose. Then Sequoia kissed him on the forehead and simply said, “Good, we love you Tanner!”

Tanner looked up at Sequoia and said, “But I don’t understand, is this why you two brought me out here away from the others?”

Sequoia: “Noo, but because of how you just reacted, it was one of many discussions that I was going to have with you in the not so distant future.”

One Response to “9094 Chapter 94 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I want to thank you for this story the excitment, sorrow, happiness, the growth you have evidently experienced personally. I am 60 years old and have one peice of advice to everyone, a person should never ever pass the opportunity to befriend someone and open your heart to others, yes it will be walked on occasionally but so rewarding overall. I want to thank you for the enjoyment I have derived from this story a whole gammet of emotiond from Joy to being estatic to crying.
    Great job,

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