9106 Chapter 106 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!”

I was happy when he said what he said, and felt that Sequoia for all intents and purposes knew how and when to treat me with kid gloves, and when to give me a good firm kick in the ass. So I nodded my head in agreement, taking the compliment, and not wanting to prolong the conversation to sound arrogant. So I threw my arm around his shoulder in a sort of side by side, standing, one armed headlock, and steered him toward the kitchen. Only saying, “Let’s go rustle-up you some vittles there Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Hahaha, you sounded like Buck there Nika…you Dork!”

I replied, “Was doin my dangdest to right there, Sequoia. Seeing as how you weren’t at the orphanage during our last visit, just prior to the fire, and rescuing you guys. You missed out on a wild time fer sure!”

Sequoia: “Yah, I bet I did. I heard bits and pieces from listening to everyone’s conversations since you guys rescued us. It didn’t sound like most of it was believable though? I’m sure they were exaggerating most of it?”

Sequoia had peeked my interest with that last statement, so I inquired, “Just where did you hear this and what did you hear Sequoia?”

Sequoia: “Like at the Hospital and since then. I haven’t been able to piece it all together yet, and was gonna have you fill me in when the time was right. But as much as I can recall, something about everyone smoking pot and getting wasted in the garage with a buzzing fly, a third degree munchy alert, Tanner pissing himself, naked wrestling with Tanner and Cody, a beach-fight that Jace and Tanner started, a red-headed Giant with a broken arm, a large Wombat looking kid with zits, sitting in jail, Jace deflowered by a bull named Thunderclap, you streaking through the house with a blue and purple erection, Blake becoming a Fireman, Tanner dry-humping someone, Buck thinking I’m Apache, and oh yah….just what is Mt. Saint Helen’s, and what the hell is a Thunder-Queef?”

I couldn’t help but laugh again, and cringe at the same time. Looking back, we really, really have been through some pretty wild scene’s in such a short amount of time. And it made me shake my head thinking he knew all this just from overhearing it from the Posse. Do they keep any secrets? Is anything sacred to those idiots?

I defiantly didn’t look forward to expanding on the hallway streak, or the dry-hump episodes, but knew he’d finally figure it all out anyway, just as he always does. So I said, “I guess you’ll need to talk to some of the others as well Sequoia. Cause I’m at a loss regarding Blake as a Fireman, Mt. Saint Helen’s, and whatever the fuck a Thunder-Queef is? But I know what a queef is, so it must be something that either Jace or Tanner came up with? However I can probably fill you in on some of the other stuff.”

Sequoia: “So a lot of that was real then?”

Nika: “Well, they do say that fact is stranger than fiction….right?”

Sequoia: “I guess when it’s concerning the Posse, anythings possible Nika.”

Nika: “By the way Sequoia, it’s kinda weird, but what’s up with Boo-boo and that skunk?”

Sequoia: “Just two souls that comfort one another Nika….that’s all.”

Nika: “It’s just weird having a skunk hanging around the house is all.”

Sequoia: “She’s just an animal. like any other. Why, don’t you like her?”

Nika: “After we got up the hill at the orphanage during the fire, and all Sasha had to carry was Shadow, and the rest of us were out of breath, noo! But now, I guess it’s ok.”

Sequoia: “What changed your mind Nika?”

Nika: “I heard Sasha yell today when he went in his room to lay down.”

Sequoia: “Yah, sooo?”

Nika: “Well, he yelled cause he jumped on his bed and Shadow had taken a shit on his mattress!”

Sequoia: “Ahhhh, that’s really, really nice Nika. You really do have a lot to learn you know?”

Nika: “Yah, I guess so Sequoia, but it felt nice after his smugness after having to hike up that hill.”

Sequoia: “Alright Nika, if you say so. But Shadow has a purpose, as we all do. So just accept it.”

Nika: “I do Sequoia. Like I said, I’ve kinda taken a liking to her.”

Sequoia: “Good, cause there’s a reason for her being here, and she has a part to play. She pacifies Boo-boo and his hurt. And without her, he has no reminder to who he is and who he loved.”

Nika: “I understand that Sequoia, and she’s most welcome here.”

Sequoia: “I know you do, so let’s forget it then.”

Nika: “Common, let’s go get you some food, and eat Sequoia. Fawn and the girls have made an excellent dinner, and we’re having a beautiful, peaceful gathering in the main dining hall. And Cody’s saving me ice cream too.”

Sequoia: “You got it buddy, I can eat a horse….of course something no Apache would ever think of doing, you know?”

I laughed and we went happily joking and laughing through the house, merrily along, with our arms around one anothers shoulders, towards the heartfelt, happy gathering in the main dining hall. Of course, as loud as we were both being, laughing and joking along the way. We were unable to hear the yelling, joking, and laughing on the other side of the kitchen door leading into the room.

So I pushed the large swinging door open, just as Sequoia ducked for cover, as a large bowl of ice cream covered with hot fudge and peanuts, went sailing over Sequoia’s head. Only to crash against one of the kitchen cabinets and then onto the marble floor.

We both looked in front of us, only to see a scene reminiscent of the brawl at the beach that Sequoia had missed. I said, “Ohh Fuck Sequoia, Blake and Jace again?”

Sequoia: “Ummm, no, not this time. I can’t see through the shit-pile very well, they’re all balled up, but it looks like Travis and Wesley this time!”

As we looked at each other, I yelled, “Well let’s get in there and try and separate them then!”

We both ran to the side of the table the ruckus (a bone for Buck) was taking place on, as Fawn, Cheyenne, Meadow, Otter, and Boo-boo were all standing up against the wall, with confused and fearful expressions on their faces. You could tell right off, it wasn’t behavior that some of them were used to seeing, and it scared them.

Meadow and Cheyenne were crying, and Fawn had a sour, disgusted look on her face, as if her perfect party had been crashed. Sequoia and I on the other hand, just considered it second nature, and all it did was make us recall one of the many knock-down, drag-outs between Blake, Jace, and the twins in the tree-house, or at the lake.

Sequoia and I quickly approached the shit-ball of entangled bodies on the floor and began helping Reiley and KC start pulling bodies off of one another. Sequoia began yelling at KC, “What’s happening and what brought all this about?”

KC yelled back, over the cursing that everyone was yelling, “Travis and Wesley got into a fight at the table!”

Reiley just nodded his head at me, as if agreeing with KC. I yelled at Reiley, “Then why is Jace beating on Blake, Reiley?” As Jace, Blake, Travis, and Wesley were all in the center of the ball throwing punches and pulling at one another and screaming insults.

Reiley screamed back to me, over the top of the others, “I don’t know Nika….there’s no reason for it?”

Sequoia looked at me as we both thought the same thing at the same time, and each grabbed one of Jace’s arms and pulled him off of Blake. Blake jumped up angrily and lunged forward, taking a wild swing, but missing Jace, who we had a tight grip on.

Blake drew back to reload, when KC grabbed him from behind, wrapping both his arms around the chest of the larger boy. Blake was bucking and screaming as if he was a wild stallion, who was being broken, trying his best to throw KC off. But KC would have none of it. Between he being the second strongest of the Posse, and working out often, and Blake being winded and out of breathe, he eventually wore Blake down till he was plumb tuckered out (how ya like that one Buck)!.

Meanwhile Reiley was just trying to separate Travis and Wesley with out much success. Sequoia yelled at Jace and Blake, “What the hell started all this and why are you two fighting?”

Jace just shook his head as if to say, “Ummm, I’m not really sure?”

Blake, upon catching his breathe, looked up and screamed at Jace, “What The Fuck Are You Hitting On Me For Jace….You ASSHOLE??? I was trying to separate my brothers and break them apart!!!” With one last lunge toward Jace, that KC halted, holding Blake firmly in place!

Jace just shook his head again, as if at a loss for words, before saying to Blake, “So was I, at first…..Sorry Blake. Travis and Wesley fighting just got my adrenaline up, and I just went on auto-pilot I guess. I mean, it’s just the way it’s always been over the years, and I wasn’t thinking. It just seemed natural to join in and hit you!”

Blake: “You Fucking Complete Retard, If I Get A Black Eye, I’m Gonna Break Your Arm!”

Jace: “I’m really, really sorry Blake!”

Sequoia, seeing Reiley overworked and tiring, and having little affect on Travis and Wesley, looked towards Blake and KC and said, “You ok now Blake?”

Blake nodded his head, looking in the direction of Jace, adding, “No thanks to this fucking clown!”

Sequoia: “You sure Blake?”

Blake: “Yah, I’m fine.”

Sequoia then looked behind Blake at KC and nodded, as if signaling KC to release Blake and let him go. Sequoia added, “OK you two, give Reiley a hand and break those two up,” gesturing to Trav and Wes.

Blake and KC did just that, pulling Reiley off first, who’s efforts were heroic, heartfelt, and intense, but having little or no effect at all. KC grabbed Travis in the same method that he had his brother Blake a minute prior, while Blake put his arm around Wesley’s neck and getting him in a headlock, or sleeper hold.

The two struggled for a couple more minutes as they tired under Blake and KC’s restraint.

Meanwhile, Jace was standing between Sequoia and I as we both looked at him shaking our heads. I gave him an odd look and said, “What the fuck are you thinking sometimes Jace? What on earth were you doing?”

Sequoia was giving him an odd look as well, as Jace responded to both of us, “I really don’t know guys? As God as my witness, I was just acting on instinct and just reacted the way I always have in the past. Not thinking it wasn’t us against Blake, like it has always been over the years, when we got in a brawl!”

Sequoia, as I continued to shake my head at Jace. “Let it go Nika, it’s over now. Just let it go, it wasn’t premeditated, and sometimes old habits are hard to break.”

The three of us returned our attention to Blake who was holding Wesley, and KC who had a firm grip on Travis. They were still struggling and shouting at one another, as they were being held some four or five feet away from each other.

Sequoia walked up to the two of them, and put one of his hands on each of their chests, and said, “OK, enough of this. For now it’s over! And further embarrassing yourself, and your family is pointless!”

You could see that both Travis and Wesley immediately began to calm and think about what it was that Sequoia had said, and the wise way in which he stated it. I was thinking it was almost like he was using child psychology, when it occurred to me that he was.

It’s no secret that the twins, as well as Blake, are lower middle class or middle class at best. And are sometimes looked down on by some of the wealthier families in the neighborhood. And at times, you could see the hurt when it’s put in their face, and they realize it. Sequoia knew the only way to completely settle them down was by passively putting it up in their face without them realizing he was doing it. And the only reason he dared, or could get away with it, is because he and his family were even worse off.

So, you could see the twins calm and begin to reflect, as things began to settle back to normal. Not quite sure whether it was all in what Sequoia had said, the way he said it, his hands on their chests, over their hearts, “twinergy” to an extent, or a combination of all of the above? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

But all the same, the mayhem had subsided, and a cold peace was again at hand. Blake seized the opportunity at that moment to look across to where KC was still holding Travis, albeit a wee bit looser, and said to Trav, “What the Fuck were you two thinking Trav? We are guests in their home, and this is what you do? Even Tanner and Jace wouldn’t cross this line! What started it?”

Travis: “He’s been reaching over to my place setting all night pilfering what’s on my plate!”

Blake: “You mean you two started a brawl in someone elses home over food?” As Blake looked down at Wesley, who he had loosened up the sleeper hold on, so as he could talk, “The stupid Faggot was doing the same thing to me big brother, all I was doing was doing it back!”
What came next, was the journey that began us down another road that no one wanted to go down, or was ready to go down for that matter. And it was a most unfortunate ending to a most unpleasant incident. As Travis, still hot under the collar, and not thinking clearly. And for the first time in his life not looking out after his younger brother (even if by only 5 or 10 minutes), said, “You gonna call me a faggot Wesley? You want me to talk about your gay websites, and which one of us (The Posse) you have a crush on, in front of everybo……..!!!’

Blake, at that very moment, infuriated! Yelling ear-piercing loud, “STOPPP, NOW! NOT ANOTHER WORD TRAVIS!! DON’T YOU DARE BRING OUT YOUR BROTHERS DIRTY LAUNDRY IN FRONT OF ANYONE OUTSIDE THE FAMILY!!! Interrupting Travis, who KC began to grip a little harder. While simultaneously, Blake felt his younger brother Wesley surrender, at hearing Travis’ words spoken aloud to everyone. As Wesley went limp in his big brothers arms, and broke down in tears.

14 Responses to “9106 Chapter 106 of: “Twinergy and the boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. A Says:

    Wow – amazing chapter(s)! good work! 🙂

  2. georget67 Says:

    This is definately an amazing chapter Cody. Really awesome. Anxiously awaiting more chapters.

  3. Tom Says:

    Hi Cody,

    I have just read through the whole story for the second time and enjoyed it just as much as the first. What I like about it is that it is a story with the odd reference to sexual activity, rather than a story of sexual activity with odd references to a story like many other such sites. It is also a good mix of fact and fiction.

    I cannot help but mentally place myself in the position of these lads when some trauma is under way – and feel for them, whilst trying to read through very wet eyes. Another thing which brings tears to my eyes is the sense of humour you bring into the hariest scenes, via the mouths of all the boys, not least Tanner.

    The only thing which breaks into my reading is your mis-spellings. I keep losing the thread in working out which word you actually meant – venerable instead of vulnerable is but one example which comes to mind – plus your use of full stops and capitals mid sentence. You also have a tendency to use a word twice in a sentence, one spelt correctly and the other wrong with a completely different meaning. That all aside, it is one helluva great yarn, and I am sure I will read it through yet again and enjoy it just as much. Roll on the next chapters.

  4. Michael Says:

    man great job

  5. jeff Says:

    Hey Cody-
    Great chapter. Mammoth last 6 or 8 paragraphs. The section about the boys feeling self-conscious based on their family’s financial status was awesome. And Wesley being outed by his brother – dang! Thanks, bro.

    peace and love-


  6. Richard Says:

    Cody i just wanted say that i really like this story a lot. I don’t care about the english police, it is still a good story and i know what you are saying. I am really sorry right now for the twins because they going have a lot questions come now. I think some might get mad i made a comment but I hope not. Thanks for letting me comment. Richard

  7. bigct Says:

    Interesting twist dude… looks like the next few chapters are going to be pretty intense. I almost can’t wait.


  8. Stef Says:

    Cody the pieces are starting to fall into place – I remember mention being made that one of the twins may be gay. What a nice dramatc way to drop the bomshell. Great chapter.
    Regards Stef.

  9. St Kilda Says:

    Hello Cody
    Unusually, I’m a couple of days behind with catching up on the new chapters, because of some new work commitments, but, as usual, they’ve been worth waiting for. Potential new story arcs everywhere – great stuff.

    Best wishes

  10. carlitos Says:

    Hello again Cody,
    wow, the tension is getting pretty thick around the house.
    Lost of sorting out to do in the next few days, I think.
    But, pretty realistic, as guys that age tend to go off on things before
    they think what they are doing.
    Great job, Cody.

  11. Rick Says:

    OK, now I’m confused!!! Sasha is now giving Tanner a “special” prostate exam, and Wesley is also gay and has a secret crush on one of the others (I’ll bet it’s Tanner)? Guess that’s what I guess for being away for so long!

    Keep them coming, Cody. I promise I’ll check in more often! And welcome home Richard!

  12. Doug Says:

    Oh, of course it is one of the twins. It seems at least one if not both is always gay. If he has a crush on Tanner, what happens to Sasha after all this. What an emotional roller coaster!
    Still Loving it!

  13. Steve Says:

    Hey Cody, yet another great set of chapters. Nice twist with Wes, can’t wait to see how it plays out. Great job so far, keep it up.
    PS: thought i’d mention, today marks 1 year since I started reading Twinergy back when it was on the other site.

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