9129 Book II Chapter 129 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”


He laughed at that, hell, we both did. Then he hugged me, and it felt just oh so Damn good, doing it. Then he looked at me again, and said, “So no more tears Nika? And only positive thoughts about me from here on out now…ok?”

I said, “I promise I’ll try Sasha, but you know I love you, and we can’t always control how we feel as kids, as brothers, or when we break down….can we Sasha?”

Sasha, “No Nika, we can’t, but we can try big brother……and you will try, won’t you Nika?”

I sniffed again, and wiped my nose, while nodding my head yes. Sash smiled at me, and said, “Good, and remember Nika, a very wise man once said, “The longer you look into the pit of despair, the longer it looks back into you!”

I thought about what he had just said, and how it really, really related to me over the last few days, and I said, “Guess I need to start looking away from the pit then, huh Sash?”

Sasha, “I think it would be best for both of us if you did big brother. I think I need what you have inside yourself to be free from harm. So that you can help me when I really need you to big brother…..at which time when I call upon you to, that is!!!”


I just continued looking back into perhaps the most beautiful set of eyes on the planet, still in awe of this Earthly Angel and gift from Heaven, and wondered what I had done so important, so good in a previous lifetime to have deserved him? To be outright blessed with him and have within him a ever-loving and caring sibling with a bond so deep and so strong, that it cannot ever be weakened, let alone broken.

Even if the end of days comes for one of us, and the other is left to walk the earth alone, I am most sure that there will still remain a spiritual connection that will cross our worlds and our reality!

After thinking to myself, I said, breaking the ice, “That Thing With The Pit Sash, That Was A Brilliant Saying! Who do you think you are anyway, Sequoia?”


Sash, “Well, you know I’ve been spending an awful lot of time with him, and some of it does rub-off on me. After-all, am I now one of the Four Horseman….along with you, Cody, and Sequoia?”

I just stated the obvious, “Indeed you are my child….Indeed you are!”

Sash: “Then you shouldn’t be surprised at me accumulating knowledge at this rate, just like you and Cody. After-all, you told me that this would begin to happen, and that Sequoia has a lot to teach us all…..didn’t you Nika?”

I said, “In fact I did……you bet I did, Nostradamus!”

We both laid there among each others company, soaking up what I can only describe as “Earthly enlightenment,” or “concentrated life-force” from one anothers purity, or energy if you will. Most likely made up from some type of true and sincere love and dedication towards one another, brought about by a lifetime of watching each others back, and the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for one another.

And enjoying the time we had left together, until the inevitable occurred, as time caught up with us both, as Garrett and Tash waltzed into my room and rousted us from our happy reunion.

Tasha spoke, and told us that we needed to go, and to get dressed and meet them downstairs, so that we could make our way to town to pick out dinner, and get back at a decent hour so as we could maybe watch a movie together before bedtime, and whatever inevitability that tomorrow may bring.

She didn’t exactly use those same words, but the sentiment she conveyed spelled the same conclusion.

We both jumped out from under my covers, in our birthday suits, happy, alive, and full of life. Laughing, cheering, and excited now as to what may happen to us all.

Garrett laughed at “our flash,” as Tash just shook her head again, and said something under her breath, as she looked down and away, and turned towards the door.

Sash and I both laughed too, and began to pull shorts, shirts, and socks on, as Tash said…..something?

Sash, “What was that Tasha?”

Garrett looked at us laughing, and said, “Something about boys again you guys, and your mom and dad should have had more sisters in this family!”

We didn’t really care, per se, as we felt we had both overcome a “bout with despair,” that we were both facing, albeit for completely different reasons. So once dressed, we went into our bathroom, washed our faces, sharing a face-cloth.

We ran downstairs to meet up with sis, Garrett, Tanner, and Jace, for our journey into town, for some much coveted, not-so-fast food to bring back to our Posse people for a great nosh-fest and probably a movie, along with a little more swimming and a hot-tub if we’re lucky.

After we piled in the SUV. Jace, always playing the jester, said, “Hey, we got some money for the food this time Tash?”

We all snickered, but kept it on the down-low, as Tasha was in no mood. After pulling out onto the highway, Tanner said, “Hey you guys, I’m thirsty, pull up alongside the General Store Tash, I need a soda or something, My mouth tastes like chlorine!”

Jace: “You sure it’s not SPERMMMMM, you mean it tastes like Tanner?”

I said, “Jeez Jace, what the fuck?”

Sasha: “Damn it Jace, we’re going to get dinner, can you lay off ruining everyone’s appetite?”

Tasha: “That’s it Garrett, after Tanner gets out of the store, you’re driving. I’m putting in my I-pod, and not listening to another word from any of you the rest of the trip there and back!”

Tanner: “Good going Jace, you’re such an asshole!”

Garrett: “Ok, you heard her guys, Tanner, go get your drink.”

Tash did as Tanner had asked and pulled over, knowing it was better to quench everyone’s thirst, snack, or whatever, then continue driving into town with everyone bitching because we’re all hungry or thirsty.

Sash said to Tanner, “Hey, I’m coming too Barbie.”

Once in front of the General Store, Garrett said, “You’re right Sasha, the “never leave Tanner alone” rule is real.” Then he told everyone to give Sasha and Tanner everyone’s drink or snack request, and handed them a twenty, so that they could go in and get the refreshments. Everyone capitulated, and off went the two toe-heads to grab the refreshments.

Sasha and Tanner walked into the general store to get a soda, ice cream, or whatever else everyone wanted that evening. Once inside Tanner spotted the two Sasquatch Sisters (twins no less). One working the register at the counter, and the other stocking a shelf by the door.

They walked by, and Tanner tapped Sash on the shoulder with his hand, and moved his eyes to his left, signaling Sash covertly to look in that direction to see who was over there. At the same time the burly woman (Bulla) noticed the two boys scoot past her, and immediately snapped her fingers at her sister (Helga) at the counter, and pointed towards the two blond-sters.

Sasha became a little nervous and agitated and said to Tanner, “Ahhh fuck, why do they have to be working tonight dammit?”

Tanner replied, “Fuck, no doubt….and both of them together no less!”

Sash: “Let’s just play it cool Bad News, maybe they’ll let bygones be bygones?”

The boys grabbed a hand basket and collected their culinary objects of desire, and began to make their way to the register counter.

And when they went up to the counter to pay, Sasha said discretely, “Tanner, is that her, the one who dumped on you last time and doesn’t like you and Nika.”

Tanner, “How the fuck do I know Sash, I can’t tell them apart. Can you tell one Wooly Mammoth from another?”

Sash, “No, I guess not. Just look down and don’t make eye contact, maybe we can sneak past unnoticed?”

Tanner, “I doubt it Sash, because her sister is at the door, and after the scene with them last time, I doubt we can get past the both of them!”

Sash, “Maybe not, but we didn’t start it last time, and we’re not gonna start anything this time either. So let’s take the High-road, and be gentlemen….OK?”

Tanner, “Yah, fine with me. And I’m really not in the mood to cause any grief right now, or a scene…..especially with Tasha close to going on the warpath again” (one for both Buck and Sequoia there)!

Sasha, “Good, then we agree, and we play nice?”

Tanner, “Yah Sash, but what if they start in on us again?”

Sasha, “Then we do what the Posse’s always done, Barbie!”

Tanner, “Weee, band together, and Fuck-em Up……No mercy?”

Sasha, “Haha, the strong shall survive Tanner. And make it so uncomfortable for them, that they won’t feel it’s worth it next time to start anything.”

Tanner, “Yah, besides, no one else likes them anyway, and they’re rude to everyone! Do you remember what started it last time anyway Sash?”

Sash, “Yah, they asked if you and Nika were twins, and when you told her he was your big brother, she said, “He looked like one of the Lollypop Guild” from The Wizard of Oz!”

Tanner, “Yah, and that we all looked like nice girls, and that our moms had beautiful daughters.”

Sash, “OK, but like we talked about though Tanner. Maybe they won’t recognize us, and let it pass. Besides, we don’t want any trouble, they’re all waiting for us outside.”

Sash and Tanner got into line, and placed their items upon the counter. And once to the front of the line, the lady behind the counter asked what they had? Then said, “Ohh, its the smart-ass pretty boys!”

Tanner, looking up, realizing their cover had been blown, “We jus wanna pay and go…OK Ma’am?”

Helga, “Ahhh, how sweet, maybe if you had some brothers to protect you girls, then you wouldn’t be such weaklings?”

Sash, “Like he asked Ma’am, can we just pay and go?”

Helga, “It’s may!”

Tanner, “Huh, what is?”

Helga, “It’s may. May you pay and go, not can. Not only do you local urchin, white-trash kids look like girls, but you’re uneducated as well!”

Some of the people in line behind the boys began to talk amongst themselves, and whisper why the checker was discriminating against and verbally brutalizing the two children?

Sasha remained calm, but he could tell by the way Tanner was turning his head away, with his face turning red, that he was about to BLOW!

Helga finished scanning and bagging the last of the items on the conveyor, and placed them inside a plastic bag, as Sasha handed her the twenty that Garrett or Tash had handed him just a few short minutes before. She snatched it forcefully from his hand, and slammed his change back down onto the counter, not wanting to hand it to him, or make contact with him in any way!

Tanner, for all he’s worth, and with all said and done, put up perhaps the most courageous, well disciplined, courage under fire, and show of patience of his young life! But like any Dam during a storm, if you fill it too full for too long, it’s gonna BLOW!

5 Responses to “9129 Book II Chapter 129 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Andy W Says:

    Another great chapter.

    Just wondering if there’ll ever be a decent photo of Cody any time soon? One shot of his back from the other side of the lake just doesn’t cut it.

  2. George Thoele Says:

    Great chapter Cody. Niki and Sasha do have a very, very deep brotherly connection. I think Tasha needs some attitude adjustments. If she can not tolerate her brothers and their friends then she will never be a good parent IF she ever gets married and has kids.
    Lets just hope Sasha and Tanner can get out of the store without the roof blowing off. Love this story Cody and will be back for the next chapter.


    • codyboarder Says:

      hey george,

      indeed they do. as far as tash goes, she jus needs an occasional break, it can’t be easy being a girl amongst a dozen or so boys. and yes, i do see her and Garrett getting wed someday. as far as sash, and tanner, i may just post that tonite or in the AM? be well!

      peAce, ~cody!

  3. Stef Says:

    Cody I’m busting to see if Tanner can hold it long enough to get out of there, but the vibe seems to be building more towards an eruption? Glad to be able to go strait to the next chapter to find out.
    Great read.
    Regards Stef.

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