9135 Book II Chapter 135 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

And the reason that Sasha was delaying his response to Tanners question, was not because he wanted to get the answer just right for Tanner, but because he wanted to get the answer just right for EVERYONE present at that moment.

He simply wanted to put the Genie back into the bottle and end this dialogue for good. Or at least for the time being…..as to which time Mom and Dad and Dr. Hart can sit him down and give he himself the bottom line as to whether he stays put, and we love each other and enjoy one anothers company for many moons to come (OK, one for Sequoia). Or, we simply make the most of the limited time that our families lil Angel has left with us!

Much like the little trooper that Sash is, and what makes me more proud of him than of myself, he sniffed the gooey leakage back up into his nose, pulled his face back a little from Tanner’s, so that they can talk eye to eye, took a deep breath, and replied, “I guess so Tanner, but no more or no less than you, or any of the rest of you here. After all, you don’t buy into life Tanner, we only rent it. So the question isn’t “whether or not my friend,” the question for all of us…….is when???”

The silence in the cab continued, and hung over our heads like a guillotine, as if everyone was awaiting their own murder trial from an imaginary jury that was in the process of releasing the verdict. And as everyone sat, reflecting on what Sasha had just said, there was a unanimous, yet silent majority that understood he had just rendered a verbal moratorium on the issue….for the time being anyway.

So without much delay, Tasha and Garrett turned back around, as Garrett said to everyone present, “Well, I guess that’s that….at least for now,” as he turned the key to start up the vehicle once again.

I, on the other hand, unbuckled my seat belt and jumped into the knot-like tangle that was my baby brother and Tanner the Terrible, to join in the heart-felt avalanche of emotions, and help form a “emotional love triangle,” for lack of a better description.

We sniffed and cried and reassured one another as Garrett turned the wagon-train back west towards Fort Twinner.

We, all three, asked forgiveness from one another, granted forgiveness to each other, and conveyed our love, dedication, loyalty, and genuine admiration for one another. All the while our three compadres in the back seat with us, looked on, gaining a better understanding of our family and our close friendship.

After dropping-off Saul and Amir, and their greasy doggie-bag, it didn’t take long after for us to reach the outpost that we call home. And it appeared as we made our way through the big wooden double doors of Von Heflin Manor, that the sounds emanating from the living room made it quite clear that the swim-fun in the back yard had ended for now. And just like tween and teen boys, the anticipation of food had overcome the need for play.

And the rumbling tummies forced a mass exodus from the pool, to put ones self in a better position to ponce on the smorgasbord immediately upon our arrival home.

A movie was going on the plasma when we entered the room, and the boys had all staked out their spots, complete with TV trays erected, and the coffee tables filled with paper plates, napkins, and condiments of all types. Not to mention an ice chest filled with bottled water, and soda’s of all types as well.

Soon as we broke the plain of the living room entryway, each carrying an arms full of bagged-up greasy treats, and were spotted, first by Reiley, who immediately shouted, “NOSH-TIME!”

We were set upon by the hungry mob like a flock of Locus on a Kansas wheat field. It was the “Bums Rush Banquet” for sure. Even my Splendid, adorable Cody was there to dine with us this particular evening.

We dropped the food onto the largest of the coffee tables in the middle of the living room, and everyone circled like a pack of wolves around a freshly fallen Elk. I couldn’t help but think it resembled some of the scenes in Blake and the twins favorite show, The Walking Dead!

Tasha didn’t even seem to be too annoyed by it, as if maybe, just maybe somehow the emotional release that we all experienced in regards to Sash in the Navigator on the way home, somehow took the edge off a lot of our mutual feelings and worries.

She even commented as everyone’s shoulders were banging into one another, at the heart of the fast-food sacrifice, “Well, at least they had the decency to take showers and change back into their clothes.”

I said back to her, as if the only one paying attention to what she had said, “As opposed to just coming in with wet board shorts and flopping down….you mean?”

Tasha, “Yah, instead of doing it the way you wild animals usually do it.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little, as she had us pegged pretty spot on. And from what it appeared, there was no shortage of what food was provided, and everyone appeared to get what they wanted. Tasha said to Garrett, once they had filled their paper plates with what they craved, “Common honey, lets get some peace and quiet and go and eat in the kitchen?”

Garrett agreed, but not before I jumped in and asked them both, “What about Fawn, Cheyenne, and Meadow? Not to mention Mom and Dad?”

Tasha said, “Meadow has been invited to a dinner date with Fawn and Cheyenne, and Mom and Dad needed a break and went into South Shore for a elegant dinner, and then play in the Casino’s for a few hours before heading home.”

I said, “That’s good, Meadow needs a little alone time with her own kind (meaning a little girl her own age, a Mother, and fellow Native Americans).” Tasha nodded her head in agreement and then they left the room to the rest of us who continued to jockey for ketchup, mustard, and bleu cheese dressing.

In all, about the only time you can actually hear a movie or the TV when we are all together, is either when we are eating, or at the end of the nite, when everyone is too tired to talk or lob insults at one another. But it was fun eating in out tribal cave-boy mentality, and sharing another meal with each other.

I grabbed one of my two personal favorite beverages out of the ice chest, a can of grape soda, and popped the top and began slurping it down. The carbonation got to be too much on my throat and tummy about half way threw my initial chug (more than half the can).

So I immediately stopped and paused for a few seconds before an eruption of grapey-gas flowed up my esophagus, and I let out a belch for the ages while simultaneously mouthing the words “Blake Is A Fuckin Pig!”

Just a random, spur of the moment thing, having noticed grease, mayo, and ketchup smeared all over his face. Everyone paused and then began laughing and carrying on even more, and the silence from eating was once again replaced by insults and commotion.

This was even more evident as Blake flipped me the finger and threw some french fries at me. And we could even hear Tash shout from the kitchen, “Hey, That Was Really Sick Nika!”

Of course, this was the catalyst to sending everyone in a mad free-for-all to the cooler whereas everyone began grabbing sodas and slamming them down, and vocal-burping their own insults at one another. Jace saying to everyone, “The secret, is to shake it up…” At which time Sasha shook his can up and popped it open, spraying everyone around the table.

Tanner, “Sash, you fuckin retard, not now!”

Sasha, not understanding what he did wrong, “But Jace said…..”

But, before Sash could continue, Jace interupted him, saying, “You didn’t let me finish pee-wee! After you drink it, you shake it up, like this!” As he began to jump up and down several times, sloshing the carbonated beverage around in his belly, before letting out a tremendous burp-sentence, “Sasha Is A Dumbass!!!” To which everyone began laughing, as more and more burps and insults began filling the night air.

About that time, we heard a loud “THUD,” as Tasha once again had all she can stomach (no pun intended), and yelled, “Heathens!” Before slamming the sliding wooden kitchen door to the living room shut. That of course only egged us on, and gave us more incentive to behave crudely.

This and the noshing continued for about another fifteen or twenty minutes as everyone began to slow-down a bit as you could see the distending belly’s underneath the shirts or jerseys of the contestants.

About then, just like always, when the pack feeds together, we began to hear the creakings and rumblings of each others digestive tracts, and the usual sounds of mostly loud farts began to fill the room (one of Tash’s least favorite times). With this many of us, its was at very frequent intervals of only about fifteen or twenty seconds between someones eruption….sometimes simultaneously.

Even Otter and Boo Boo were contributing their fair share. So with the high and low pitched ripplings breaking the living room silence, not to mention what it was doing to the air quality, we were confronted with the reality that we could no longer stand or stomach the eco-system with which we had created. Cody got up, and waved his hand in front of his face, and said, “Whoaaa, Damn Nika, what the fuck do we do now?”

I was getting pretty grossed-out myself, and told him to open the sliding glass doors to the back yard, and slide the windows open as well. Then I went to the wall and turned the ceiling fans on in reverse so as to suck the air (for lack of a better description) up, instead of blowing it back down upon us. At that very moment, I became an avid foe of the Death Penalty, and felt under no circumstance that the “Gas Chamber” should ever be considered.

That seemed to do the trick though, it took a few minutes, but none the less, it did the trick. Of course now everyone was beginning to scatter to various bathrooms around the house to “drop wolf bait,” which is the term we use as our favorite slang for taking a dump.

I had a fleeting thought as to now understanding why Tasha is so revolted and repulsed at us sometimes, but just let it go, as I began looking for the remote to turn the volume up on the movie. I had no luck, and asked to everyone and no one in particular all at the same time, where it was?

Blake said, “It’s right here,” as he looked down at the end table off to his right, before saying, “That’s fuckin weird, I swear to God it was just here a minute or two ago.”

I replied, “Yah, I saw you use it just a minute ago Blake.”

Blake, “This is one spooky house Nika, I never did find my keys.”

Sash, “Or my I-pod and Sequoia’s snake rattle necklace!”

And without holding back, I said, “Or my welcome home gift from Mr. Weiner! But I’m gonna put an end to this real soon….maybe even tonight!”

Blake, “And how you gonna do that Nika?”

Nika, “Trust me, I think I know what’s going on, and have a way!”

Just then several of the Posse and some of our underlings (aka: Boo Boo, and Otter), began strolling back into the living room, asking what we were gonna do now?

Reiley, being the mother hen, said, “Probably go back to the pool and hot tub just like we planned. But not before we chill-out in here for another fifteen or twenty to relax and digest first.”

Boo Boo, laying on his back on a bean-bag with Shadow on his chest, “What can we do in between though?”

Unfortunately, boys being boys (or Jungen sind Jungen as pop would say), Jace popped in with “How about an undie-pool….five dollar buy in?”

OK, OK, this is another one of those moments, that half the Posse began to scream and yell, “OHH, Fuck Yah…..I’m In!”

And the other half, just slunk down in the seats, and said, “Ahhhh man, do we havta?”

And of course, not wanting to be a puss, or labeled a “Prude, everyone eventually capitulated, and gave way to popular demand.

I said, “OK, fuck it then you guys, but lets make it a two dollar buy in, cause some of us don’t have too much money, (referring again to Boo Boo and Otter).

So with that, everyone threw their two dollars into a bowl on the table, and began to skin their shorts and underwear right there in the middle of the living room, laughing and giggling along the way.

And then turned their boxers or briefs inside out, examining the back. Then proceeded to show them to the rest of the room. Jace, after surveying everyone elses skives,  jumped up real fast and yelled loudly, “Yah, I think I got a winner this time.” As he held them up and slowly waved them left to right showing everyone the stain in the back. It was pretty big, and the rest of us looked indeed defeated.

Jace went for the cash, but not before Blake shouted, “Hold-up there Jace,” as he flipped his boxers inside out to display the “Mother of all Skid-marks,” just as Tasha (with her head down) and Garrett entered the room, with Tash asking, “So any of you guys want desert?” As she looked up to see us all standing buck naked in the living room with our underwear in our hands!

Tasha, turning pale as a ghost (no, not the one I’ll be confronting in the next chapter), screaming, “What The Fuck Are You Guys Doing Nika???”

I turned to her nonchalantly and said, “Playing a game of Skidmark Roulette Tash, what the fuck does it look like we’re doing?”

Of course Tanner, getting a good view of Blake’s display, shouted, “Damn Blake, those drawers got more skid-marks than a getaway car!”

KC, “Lovely Tanner!”

At which time Jace nodded, conceding defeat, only saying, “Yup, he got us again!”

When Tasha yelled, “Oh My God, I think I’m Gonna Be Sick!!!” Putting her hand over her mouth as if to vomit.

To which Garrett said, “It’s not a big deal hun, we usta do it all the time in the locker room after football practice….that’s what kept me in lunch money through middle school!”

Oh course she just looked at him, shook her head, and dashed outta there and up the stairs towards her room, while Blake grabbed the cash from the bowl, and stuffed it into his pockets, while shouting at me, “Where you going in such a hurry Nika?”

I turned my head on my way out the door towards the stairs, and replied, “Treasure Hunting Blake!”

8 Responses to “9135 Book II Chapter 135 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Tom Says:

    Good – getting there!!
    Want any editing yet?


  2. Gavin Gaile Says:

    And once again you did it, Cody. Thansk for making my day! 😀

    I can’t wait to read about Chandler again. He is one of my favorite characters of the story, along with Sequoia.


  3. Gareth Says:

    Good to see the episode in the car hasn’t changed Tanner, but I am beginning to feel sorry to Tash, having to put up with all that tween energy! And my congratulations to Sasha for spraying everyone with soda!

  4. Stef Says:

    Cody a very entertaining chapter – gosh at that age I was way to embarrased to let any one see skid marks on my undies.
    Regards Stef.

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