9139 Book II Chapter 139 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

We all laughed a little, and I took the opportunity to solve another mystery, as I said to both of them, “He Sash, where did you and Chandler find Mom and Dad’s Rubiks Cube, they’ve been looking for it for ages.”

Sasha said, “I don’t know Nika, he just had it. I assume that one of them left it up here one day.” Then he turned to what we assumed was Chandler, and said, “Hey Chandler, where did you find this?” Then after a pause, he said, “Ohh, kool, I’ll check.”

Sasha said, “He said he found it with all the other things Nika.”

Nika, “What other things Sash? Where are they, show me now!”

Sequoia sensed that I was anxious, and maybe a little too aggressive, as he stepped behind me and laid his hand upon my shoulder, squeezing it, “Whoaa, steady there Nika.”

Nika, “Yeah, I know, I know Sequoia!”

Sasha shouted at me, “Yeah Nika, stop, you’re making him cry…..he’s scarred. I’m not gonna show you unless your nice!”

I felt bad, and told Sasha, “OK, OK Sash, tell him I’m sorry then.”

Sasha, looking upset, “Why don’t you tell him yourself big brother. And why are you two ignoring him and only talking to me?”

Sequoia squeezed my shoulder harder, as if signaling me to speak-up, so I did, saying, to where Sasha was looking while talking to Chandler, “I’m really sorry Chandler, I’m not mad, and I didn’t mean to sound harsh. I hope you’ll forgive me?”

After a pause, Sasha smiled, and then said to Chandler, “Yeah, it’s all good,” Then turned to me and said, “Yeah, he likes you a lot Nika, he was just scarred you didn’t like him, or wanted him to go away,” then he turned to the desk, and pulled open the big, right side bottom drawer. His back was to us for a few seconds, before he jumped up and shouted, “Wow, Holy Shit, I think we hit the Lotto you guys!”

Sequoia and I both rushed over to peer down next to Sasha and gaze into the open drawer, as Sash was lifting his missing I-pod out. Our eye’s were as big as saucers, as the drawer was filled with dozens and dozens of items, some I hadn’t seen since I was five or six years old!

Sasha was right about the jackpot, and I was reliving stages and recollections of my life that were brought on by the items inside the drawer that I was seeing, and the year or years that they represented in my memories.

Sequoia said, “Kool.” as he reached in and grabbed the necklace with the snake rattle on it that he had at the Hospital. It was quite puzzling actually, but there were opened and unopened packages of candy and bubblegum that went missing off of my or Sash’s nightstand over the years, that we just assumed that the other had taken.

There were Blakes keys that I grabbed and pocketed, along with my fuzzy-wuzzy stuffed animal that vanished when I was about seven. There were money, coins of all types, along with bills, some of Mom’s jewelry, Dad’s missing Rolex, one of Tash’s tampons (unused and still wrapped thank God), some of me and Sash’s prized baseball cards. A game cartridge or two for our X-box, even a can of tuna and a jar of cocktail olives for dad’s Martini’s! The list went on and on, with maybe fifty or so odd items, but no gift from Mr. Weiner in the plain brown paper.

I sighed and looked emotional, and Sasha said to me, “Whats wrong big brother, this is a goldmine?”

I replied, “Just was hoping to find the gift Mr. Weiner gave me when we got back from the hospital is all.”

Sasha turned his head real fast, obviously towards Chandler, as if being spoken to, and then back to me, and said, “Try the top drawer Nika!”

I leaned back up, and slowly pulled the top drawer open, as he suggested I do. And low and behold there was my gift, along with a dozen or two dozen other items long since forgotten. I felt two tears drip down my face, one on each cheek, as Sequoia gripped me from behind in a warm embrace, and Sasha did the same from the front.

I wiped my eyes and peered down on the dusty old desk, and there before my eyes, as if watching someone drawing on a blackboard, the words, “I’m Sorry,” began to appear….once again painted by those precious little fingers. I coughed a little as I nodded my head with a half-laugh and half-cry, while Sequoia reached out past Sasha and wiped the words away with his hand.

I was so chocked up, and emotional, I just wanted to scoop this little boy up in my arms and hug him till the end of the century. How could I be mad at him with all we have, and he, seemingly with nothing?

I understood why Sequoia wiped the words away, so as Sash didn’t see them. I’m sure Sequoia didn’t want Sash to catch on, but I also felt it was too late for that. Just then Sasha looked up at me and Sequoia and said, “You guys, how did all this stuff get up here, if Chandler here didn’t take it?”

Before I could speak, Sequoia took hold of Sasha’s arm and said, “Sash, truth be told, Chandler’s here a lot more than you’re aware. And even though he took these things without asking, he didn’t take them home with him. Over the years more and more things piled up, and we know Chandler didn’t mean anything bad by it.”

Sasha, “He’s crying again you guys.”

I said, “Don’t cry Chandler, a lot of these things you can keep. There’s just a few special things, like this gift here, the keys, Dad’s Rolex, and Sasha’s I-pod that we have to take back. And no one blames you either little buddy.”

Then the weirdest of things happened. I saw a tear drip down Sash’s face, as he held out his arms and moved forward, as if to hug Chandler. Sequoia and I both immediately looked at each other and drew a deep breath, knowing that all to well the jig was about to be up when Sasha comes up with arms full of air.

But low and behold, Sash appeared to actually grab hold of a physical object, as a pale white human form appeared, and what appeared to be an electrical charge zipped and zapped around that form, and then an actual boy appeared, about nine or ten years old with short dark hair. He too was crying as his tear stained cheeks glowed red, with his hair ruffled.

He was about and inch or two smaller than Sasha, with about the same body form. He looked up at me and Sequoia, with Sasha still clinging to him, and we could both see the relief and happiness in his face, as he smiled at us.

And in an Angelic little voice, he said, “I’m so, so sorry for taking your things. My Mommy and Daddy taught me better than that, and I know it was wrong. Especially your unopened gift Nikita, but it’d just been sooo long since anyone gave me anything. I promise I won’t do it again if you would just please let me stay?”

He began crying again, and sniffing back the tears, while again saying, “Please don’t make me go away.”

Sequoia and I tried speaking simultaneously, which caused us both to pause, as I took the floor and said, “You can stay here as long as you’d like Chandler. And we all forgive you, and what’s more we all love you.” And with that I took the opportunity to ask him, “But please tell us, why are you here Chandler, and where are your parents?”

I could see him pause for a moment, as if lost in thought. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was trying to remember the details of his life. Or even more so the details of his death….maybe?

At the same time, I saw Sequoia approach Sasha and whisper something in his ear. I couldn’t make out exactly what it was, but I made out enough that it was some sort of instruction to Sash to hold his embrace with Chandler for as long as he could, and not to let go of him until we tell him to, or Chandler gets scarred and pulls away. If that’s the case, don’t imprison him, and let him detach, so as not to frighten him.”

As Chandler was thinking, I said to him gently, “Sasha is my little brother, and we hug a lot too Chandler. And well, he really, really likes you, and doesn’t have a younger brother. Is it OK if he keeps hugging you, little guy?”

Chandler, beginning to smile again, “Ohhh yes, please do. I don’t remember the last time someone hugged me…..or even who it was? I suppose it was my mom or dad. Or maybe my brother?”

This caught Sequoia’s attention, and he looked surprised, and said to Chandler, “You have a brother Chandler?”

To which Chandler nodded and replied, “Oh yes. We are very close.”

Sequoia then said, “Is he older or younger than you Chandler?”

Chandler, tried to concentrate on the question at hand and after thinking for a minute or so, said, “He is a little older I think…..NO, We Are Twins!”

We were all a little startled at him becoming a little emotional and raising his voice a bit, having had a revelation.

We were even more shocked when he looked down and away a little bit, and said in a sorrowful voice, while looking back up to Sequoia, with a confused look on his face, “I died here….didn’t I?”

Sasha’s body jerked, as he looked up at Sequoia with a pale face and said, “What does he mean he died here Sequoia?”

Chandler began to cry again, as Sash held him even tighter, and Sequoia, ignoring Sasha’s question, said, “Was it in this room Chandler? Then a little louder, “Chandler, was it in this room?”

I grabbed Sequoia’s arm, and said to him, “Sequoia no, let him be for now. Can’t you see he’s gone through enough for one day?”

Sasha repeated his question, even louder. At which Sequoia, ignoring both of us now, said, “I don’t know when or if we’ll get another chance Nika!”

Sasha, was still visibly shaken. And it slowly started to come to him. First, us asking if he could see Chandler? Then the fact that when we spoke to Chandler, we didn’t know where he was standing. Once he finally figured it out, he asked, “You mean he’s dead you guys….is he a ghost then?”

Sequoia then shouted to Sasha, “Be quiet Sasha, don’t scare him away!”

Sash, on the verge of a breakdown just whispered, “Alright Sequoia.”

Then Sequoia loudly said, “Chandler!”

That snapped Chandler back to attention, as he said lightly, “I’mmm, I’mm not sure. Maybe, but it was somewhere here, or on this estate.”

Sequoia, “Chandler, what year is it buddy?”

Chandler paused again, as if in deep thought, then a sparkle returned to his eye’s and a smile returned to his face, as he said, “1959!”

I said, “What are you doing Sequoia! Can’t we just let him be?”

Sequoia said, “No Nika, we need to get as much background from him as we can if were going to save him.” Then he said to Chandler, “And what’s your birthday Chandler?”

Chandler thought again for a second, and then smiled, and giggled out, October 29th, 1948. That’s our birthday!”

Sequoia then turned to me and said, “Yup, that makes him ten years old Nika.”

Then Sequoia had a revelation, as he said, “Oh My God, Nika!!!”

I’ve never seen Sequoia with that expression on his face, so I was very alarmed, and said, “What is it Sequoia?”

Sequoia just shook his head and said, “It Can’t Be, It Just Can’t Be Nika?”

Chandler, “Sasha’s a good huger, just like my brother.”

Sequoia said, to no one in particular, “It can’t be that easy….can it?”

Then he looked at Chandler again and said, “Chandler, do you remember what you are doing here?”

Chandler said, “Umm, yes, we’re here on a summer vacation. My dad is moving us here because he got a job. We’re gonna find a big house to live in and school starts in September.”

Then Chandler got a funny look on his face and said, “Wait, where am I and who are you again?”

Sequoia said, “We’re your friends and we live here now Chandler.”

At that, Chandler began to reflect, trying to recall suppressed memories. Then he softly spoke, “It’s not 1959 anymore….is it?”

I said softly back to him, “No buddy, it isn’t. This is our home.”

Chandler said, “But I don’t think this was a house when we were here, I think it was a Lodge or an Inn where we rented a room while we looked for a place to live…..this room in fact.”

Sequoia, was starting to breath harder, and I could tell he was surging with adrenaline, asking Chandler, “Do you remember how you died Chandler?”

The question appeared to terribly upset Chandler. Who shouted, “NO And I Don’t Wanna Talk About That!”

I said, “Enough is enough Sequoia, leave him Be!”

Sequoia, “No Nika,” then he said to Chandler, “Chandler, if you want to see your family again, then answer my question…..How Did You Die?”

Chandler stopped to think, before starting to cry again, saying only, “Please noo, it hurtssss!”

Sasha held him all the tighter and said, “Go on, tell him Chandler, it’s alright, he’s here to help you!”

Chandler, “Are you sure Sasha?”

Sasha was crying and sniffling, but said, “Yes, I promise it will be alright!”

Chandler looked up at Sequoia and said, “I drownded!” Just the way a little boy who was emotionally upset would speak.

Sequoia, “Was it in the pool, or the bathtub Chandler?”

Chandler, squeezing onto Sasha, on the verge of hurting him, his face contorted, reliving the pain, trying to recollect, “I Drowned……I Drowned In The Lake!!”

Sequoia, “You didn’t know how to swim Chandler?”

Chandler, “NO, No I Didn’t! My brother was supposed to be watching me, cause he knew how to swim, in case I fell in, but I hadn’t alearned yet! But, but, he got distracted and started doing something else. I, I, I Cried Out For Him When I Was Going Under, But, But He Never Came Back for me!”

Then his little voice became solemn and soft and said quietly, “I fell off the dock trying to touch the water. And my cowboy boots filled with water, and I sunk to the bottom. The next thing I knew my Mommy, Daddy, and Brother where standing over me, and I woke up in this room!”

Sequoia, “Do you remember the date Chandler?”

Chandler, “Yes, it’s July 3rd…….why?”

Sequoia, “Are you sure Chandler, this is important!”

Chandler, “Yes, we read the sports page every morning for the Dodgers score…..they’re our favorite. They beat the St Louis Cardinals yesterday 4-0 (believing it is 1959 again). I think there gonna win the World Series this year!”

I said, “Really, that’s great buddy.” Wanting to sooth his nerves and help keep him calm.

Chandler, “My brother likes Don Drysdale, But I like Sandy Koufax.”

Sequoia, “OH MY GOD NIKA!!!”

Nika, “What is it Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Quick Nika, come with me…..now! Sasha, don’t let Chandler outta your sight….Got It?”

Sasha, looking confused, shouting, “But, But, Where Are You And Nika Going Sequoia?” As we were running out the door, Sequoia replied, “The Graveyard Sasha!”

Sequoia and I jumped on our bikes, but not before Sequoia grabbed a bottle of Arrowhead water, threw it to me, and said, “Stick this in your backpack Nika!” Then we peddled off to the Cemetery.

It only took us about five or ten minutes to arrive. Once there I said to Sequoia, “What are we looking for Longhair,” then pointing to the building, I said, “The office is over there Sequoia!”

At which he said, “If I’m correct Traveler, a friends family.”

Nika, “What friend, Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “No Time For That Now Nika, It’s Twinergy Time. Then he closed his eyes and scanned the yard. Which after a short vision, he pointed up towards a lonesome tree on the hillside, and said, “It’s up there Nika, in the old section that’s filled up!”

I said, “What is Sequoia?”

He replied, “You’ll see if my hunch is correct Nika…..You’ll See!”

We ran up the hill, and there were three older looking head stones. Sequoia took off his shirt and said, “Give me the bottled water Nika….now!”

I did as he asked, and he knelt down in front of the oldest of the three headstones. He opened the bottled water and poured some on the face of the dirty headstone and wiped at it with his shirt.

And there before our very eyes was the name, Chandler Oliver *&%^%, Born October 29, 1948, Deceased July 3, 1959. Beloved son and brother,

Sequoia, “Here it is Nika!”

I said, “So, what about it Sequoia, it’s just Chandlers headstone Longhair?”

Sequoia said, “Yes, but did you look at the last name Nika?”

I took a closer look, and then dropped to my knees, and shouted, “NO SEQUOIA, IT CAN’T BE!!!”

Sequoia said, “I knew it Nika, that’s what I’ve been saying up in his room, that it just can’t be!”

As he was saying this, he was pouring water on, and wiping off the dirty faces of the other two headstones. One read, Trevor Aaron *&%^%, Born October 29, 1948, Deceased August 25, 1990, Beloved Son and Brother. Captain USN  Killed in Action

I just gasped aloud, still on my knees, as the last Headstone read Margarie Louise *&%^%, Born, November 11, 1929, Deceased June 22, 1992. Beloved Wife and Mother.

Sequoia and I ran back down the hill, jumped back on our Bikes, and peddling back to our home. We ran up the stairs and busted into Chandlers room, with both boys laying on the bed, and Sasha spooning Chandler with his arms firmly wrapped around the sleeping boy, who was still holding a physical form. We were both gasping and out of air. Sash was startled when we busted in, also waking Chandler who jumped a little.

Sasha said, “Nika, Sequoia, would one of you please tell us what’s going on?”

Sequoia said, “Yes Sasha, but first, please open the box Nika….now?”

Nika, “Why Sequoia, can’t that wait……”

Sequoia, interrupting me, “No, open it now, Dammit!”

I was surprised, as I’ve never heard Sequoia curse before. So I did as he requested and approached the desk. Then I lifted the box in my hand to open it. This caused much anticipation and anxiety in Chandler, who was motioning for Sasha to stand up. They both stood up, clinging together, and approached the desk to observe.

And just when I was about to unwrap the package, Sequoia said to me (but was staring at Chandler while saying it), “Wait Nika! Chandler, do you think you might want to open this?” as Sequoia was taking the box wrapped in brown paper from my hands, and handing it over to Chandler.

Chandler just nodded his head, with Sequoia saying to me, “You don’t mind, do you Nika?”

Seeing how the events of the day were transpiring, I said, “No, I guess not.”

Sequoia saying to Chandler, as he had unwrapped the box and opened the lid, “There was a reason you took this Chandler, wasn’t there?”

Chandler, looked nervous and began to fidget, as he began to cry, as if being caught concealing a lie from us. He nodded his head yes, as he began crying harder, still being held firmly in Sasha’s clutches.

Sasha asked, “But why Chandler? It wasn’t just because you hadn’t been given anything in a long, long time….was it?”

Chandler just shook his head “No,” as he opened the small Jewel-case inside the box, revealing the item he so coveted.

Sasha said, “What is it you guys, and why is it so important?”

I looked inside the missing case that had held everyone’s fascination for so long, and was surprised by the contents. I looked up and said, “It’s just a ring Sequoia?”

Chandler snapped his head around when I said that, as if almost angry at me.

And Sequoia replied, “No, it’s not just a ring, Nika!”

I said, “Well what is it then Sequoia?”

Sequoia looked at it closely, and replied to me, “It’s a very special ring Nika, especially to Chandler. It’s a class ring from Annapolis Naval Academy!”

Sasha then spouted off, “And why is that so special Sequoia?”

Sequoia, chocked-up for the first time today, saying, “You better ask Chandler that, Sasha!”

Sasha looked at Chandler, wondering what the mystery was, and then asked him, “What’s so important about this ring Chandler?”

To which Chandler simply replied, “Because it was Trevor’s….that’s what’s so special about it!”

Sasha, with a confused look on his face, “Trevor….who is Trevor, Chandler?”

Looking very vulnerable, Chandler simply whispered to Sasha, “Trevor Weiner……my twin Brother!!!”

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Chandler…The Phantom Boy!

20 Responses to “9139 Book II Chapter 139 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. George Thoele Says:

    Cody, these two chapters are absolutely super awesome. Chandler and Sasha are a unique pair. I hope Chandler will be in the story for a while longer. Maybe he can be a help to Sasha and what ever his ailment is. The picture of Chandler is simply adorable.
    Thank you for this story Cody. I will definitely be back for the nrxt chapters.


    • codyboarder Says:

      you are very welcome George,

      and no need to worry, chandler will be around a bit more, and we’ll just see what becomes of sasha!

      ttys, ~cody!

  2. Gavin Gaile Says:

    Another two great chapters! I always had a feeling Chandler was Mr. Weiner’s son, but I was thrown off by his name (because it wasn’t Trevor). We never knew about the second boy. But what I don’t get is this. Mr. Weiner told Nika that his son Trevor had died. But it was Chandler. So what’s up with that? Are we going to learn more about that?

    You leave me with questions, Cody! Damn you for being such a good writer. No, wait. Bless you for being such a good writer! But damn you for the cliffhangers. But not really, because those are awesome, too. I don’t know anymore! I just want to read more, dammit..! Haha, but really, I still love the story. Even more so than before, and I didn’t think that was even possible.

    Keep on going!


    • codyboarder Says:

      hello gavin,

      mr weiner did tell nika of trevor. and about a son who died in some gulf war before nika was born (trevor). and his heartsick wife a little later.
      he never had (or has) the nerve to bring chandler up, because he feels guilt over chandlers death as he feels it is his fault (we’ll get to that in future chapters). chandlers death haunts him, while trevors death could not have been helped, so he’s at least at peace with it.
      that’s why he gave nika the ring, because he feels nika is the closest thing to a son he has left.

      thanks for the comments, and be well!


  3. Gareth Says:

    Ok, I think I need to apologise for my comment in ch 137.

    It was just another of your mile-high cliffhangers… I just hope there’s a soft landing!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Tom Says:

    At long last, some questions have answers, but Cody, would you PLEASE get someone to correct your spelling? I needn’t say it is a GREAT story but your spelling puts a rough edge on it.


    • codyboarder Says:

      couldn’t be helped Tom,

      i hadta cram to get these two chapters posted by halloween night (at 9:30 no less). i went back and re-edited the last couple days to add, tweek, and correct some things. but other then mis-spelling a couple of Chandlers words so he sounds like a little boy, i couldn’t find that many mistakes. hope you liked the chapters.

      be well till we speak again!


  5. Gareth Says:

    If you’d like an editor Cody, just ask 😉

  6. Tom Says:

    It was a great idea to have Halloween as a deadline, but you already know what I am prepared to do to help you. I’m just waiting on you.


    • codyboarder Says:


      forgive my denseness tom, school has my head spinning. what is that your speaking of?

      peAce, ~cody!

  7. Matt Says:

    Damn good chapters cody! I look forward to more!

  8. Michael W Says:

    Great two chapters, love this story, but sadly now I can’t wait for the next chapters. Hope they come soon. Keep up the great work!


  9. seth Says:

    This chapter sheds a lot of light on what was the mystery behind Mr Weiner’s gift to Nika. I like many of the other readers here have anticipated this. Thanks for such a great build up and for two great chapters cody. Hope all is well.

  10. Stef Says:

    Cody I can’t say that I saw this comming like some of the others, but this is certainly a huge peice of the puzzle that helped answer a major question. Another wonderful and touching chapter.
    Regards Stef.

  11. Kevin Says:

    I kept waiting for the cliffhanger, and saw a few places you really could have screwed us. I was really glad to see it kept going. Until the end, that is. God!

    Great chapter, Cody. Your ability to compose the words into life still impress me.

    Hope you’re well!



    • codyboarder Says:

      hi kevin,

      wow its nice to hear from the old crew…….at least there’s a few of us left out here in cyber-world that are still blogging. and thx much for the comment. i figured everyone deserved a break and some answers at long last. be well till we speak again!

      peAce~0ut, cody!

  12. Eric Smith Says:

    Cody, it was great to get your email, and I have been so lax in responding to the new chapters. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the way that the saga is going, even though you are soo deadly with the cliffhangers lol. This is hands down my favorite story out there, and I applaud you for keeping things so fresh, I kow it can’t be easy sometimes. Take care and hope that the holidays bring you loads of peace and happiness. All my best, and peace out, Eric

    • codyboarder Says:

      wow Eric,

      thank you soo much. but dealing with such a loveable group of friends, its really not as hard as it seems to keep things fresh. and for you my friend, have a happy and peaceful Holidays as well!

      peAce, ~cody!

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