9141 Book II Chapter 141 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

He jumped back up and shouted, “Hey, why’d you do that Chandler…..what gives?”

Sequoia walked over to the two of them, and looked at Chandler, who had a solemn, worried look upon his face. Then he turned to look at Sasha, and said, “Because he cannot leave this room Sash!”

Sasha didn’t believe Sequoia and said, “He can’t?”

Sequoia, “No Snowflake, he cannot.”

Sasha, rejecting, or challenging Sequoia’s wisdom, “Then how did he get all our stuff up here Sequoia?”

Sequoia said, “Not in human form Sasha, not in human form.”

Sasha, looking to Chandler, “Is he right Chandler, is this true?”

Chandler simply looked down to the floor, then slowly nodded his head, twice.

Sasha, “Then just meet me up there Chandler, and then I’ll touch you there and turn you back again?”

Chandler just shook his head “no” a couple more times, and Sequoia said, “I’m sorry Sash, I know you have made a wonderful new friend, but that will not work. He cannot leave this room Snowflake……..this is his home!!!”

Sasha stood in front of Chandler with his hands on the wee tykes shoulders looking hard into his eyes, looking for his feelings and mental state on the topic of his isolation to this room. I saw his chest beginning to heave hard in and out, and knew my baby brother was beginning to feel emotionally attached towards this wayward phantom.

As Sasha has always been, and will always be a child of conscious, with a built in drive to aid those who hurt. And he will always take it upon himself to go out of his way to assist those in need, regardless of whether he knows them or not, not to mention even liking them in the first place.

I think Chandler felt he was being pitied and just dropped his head to the floor and began to cry again. Sash recognized this, and immediately shouted, “No Chandler,” as he grabbed the boy in a bear hug as he himself began to cry as well, and said softly to him, “It’s not like that at all, I, I, I jus….I jus love you is all, and I wanna help you. Please don’t cry, I promise to come see you every day, and spend time with you…..I really, really promise!”

Sequoia and I both looked at one another, and knew deep down that Sasha meant what he was saying, while also aware that all of our lives have changed in a dramatic fashion. We knew that our actions and activities in regards to little Chandler were bound to raise some suspicion, and that it would only be a matter of time before we raise enough suspicions from the others on our clandestine missions of mercy (for lack of a better term), to the Phantom Room.

I knew we weren’t talking about a sizable chunk of time allotted to befriend Chandler, but there were three of us now that knew of his existence, and that alone is enough to raise the suspicion of the others, at those times when they would happen to be looking for us while we were in our new friends presence.

And furthermore, finding all of us present in this room repeatedly, is bound to raise some eyebrows and stir some questions? Sequoia just said to me, “I know Nika, I know.”

And I replied, “I think first thing we’ll need to ask him Sequoia, is can anybody see him in physical form when Sasha makes contact with him, or is it only us?”

Sequoia, “I’m way ahead of you Traveler, but we also need to set some ground rules in regards to seeing him too Nika.”

I squinted and said back to Sequoia, “Like what do you mean?”

He said to me, “Well, like always make sure the room is locked upon us entering, so as no one can come in and surprise us, and get a glimpse of Chandler,”

Nika, “What else Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “We’ll need to drill Sasha on the dos and don’ts on what to, and what not to do when he visits Chandler.”

Nika, “Like how Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “For instance, if anyone every does barge in, or Sash hears someone coming, and the door was left open or unlocked, then he must know to immediately let go of him, so as no one can see him in physical form.”

Nika, “Right Sequoia!”

Sequoia, “Also we must keep our voices down, so no one from the outside can hear us conversing, so as not to raise any suspicion. And remember Nika, we cannot communicate verbally with Chandler without Sasha here, so he is the only conduit towards Chandler.”

Nika, “Yah, yah Sequoia, that’s right. So we need to come up with an alternate way of communicating with him when Sash isn’t around……right Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Yes, right Nika,” as Sequoia turned towards Sasha and Chandler as they hugged and sobbed together, “Hey Chandler?”

Chandler looked up at Sequoia through his red, wet eyes, “Yes Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Can you read Chandler?”

Chandler kinda giggled a little, lightning up he and Sash’s spirits just a bit, saying, “Hahaha, yah I can read, do you think that we didn’t have schools back then. I even know my rithmatic pretty keen!”

Sequoia, “OK, yah, I’m sorry Chandler, guess I wasn’t thinking.”

Chandler, “Guess not, I just told you a little while ago that me and Trevor read the sports page every morning, and here I thought you were the smart one of the family?”

We all sorta laughed as we could see that Sequoia was embarrassed and shone up, something that doesn’t happen all to often. Sequoia, through his own smile, replied back to the little brain-stormer, “Well we we’re just thinking about the times we need to communicate with you when Sash isn’t around. You think we might leave a notebook or diary up here that we can right in…..would that be alright?”

Chandler looked towards Sasha, then back to Sequoia, and then proceeded to nod his head up and down.

Sequoia continued, saying, “What I mean Chandler, is can you reply? You know, write down responses if we leave a pen or pencil along with the book?”

Chandler laughed again, feeling as if Sequoia was talking to a five year old, yet not feeling insulted in any way, “Maybe you should leave a crayon? Haha, yes, I think I could manage to chicken-scratch something for you!”

We all laughed again, as Sequoia just whispered to me, “Jeez, did I really sound that condescending?”

At which I replied, “Yah, kinda Sequoia. Remember, he is almost eleven, Longhair. And besides, I know it’s because of “when” he is from, and not his age. I’m sure kids back then had basic education, and just maybe in some ways may be even smarter than us.”

Sequoia, “Once again Nika, touche’!”

Chandler, “Yah Nika, we even know how to milk a cow and mow a lawn!”

Sasha, “Haha, wow Chandler, you’re a little smart ass when you wanna be, I bet you’d love my best friend, Tanner. Maybe you can meet him sometime?”

Sequoia and I shouting, both at the same time, “NOOOOO!!!”

Sasha, “Well it was just an idea you guys.”

Just then, we all heard a voice outside the door passing on by, saying to themselves, “Where in the hell is he, we need to get going pretty soon?”

We all held our breaths, as Sequoia said, “It’s Tasha…….that’s our cue you guys, We need to break up this love-fest and get moving Sash.”

Sasha looked a bit nervous, and you could tell it lit a fire under his ass, as he looked at Chandler, and said, “I love you little brother,” and then leaned forward and kissed him softly on the cheek.

Chandler smiled, blushing a little, and just before Sasha let go of him, I said “I’ll be bringing that notebook up here later and put it in the top desk drawer, OK Chandler?”

Chandler smiled, as Sasha released him from his grip. But before he could do so completely, Chandler grabbed back a hold of Sasha hard, and said very loudly, with very much bottled-up emotion, “You Guys Really Are Gonna Come Back And See Me……Aren’t You? You’re Not Gonna Ditch Me…..Are you? Promise Me That You Won’t Ditch Me, Promise Me!”

Sequoia and I both stepped towards the two of them, and simultaneously wrapped our arms around the two younger boys, as I said, “We promise you Chandler that we will never do that to you. And what’s more, we are not finished helping you either!”

After a couple minutes of silent embrace, Sequoia spoke up and said, “We really, really, do have to go now you guys, but I promise Chandler, we will be back.”

Chandler just nodded his head, and said, “Can I ask a favor of you guys before you go?”

Sasha said, “Yes, of course you can Chandler, you can ask us anything.”

Chandler smiled and said, “Well, then could ya possibly maybe bring me up the sports page in the mornings?”

I chuckled and replied, “Um, with a dozen boys around here and living here off and on Chandler, it’s a pretty hot ticket in the morning. But what if I were to bring it up every afternoon or evening?”

Chandler, with a big smile on his face, “Sure Nika, that would be swell!”

After splitting apart, we headed to the door to the hallway. I cautiously opened it slightly, and carefully poked my head out to look in both directions to see if the coast was clear. Seeing, hearing, and sensing no one about, I reached behind me and motioned Sequoia and Sash to follow me out.

We made a right turn to head down the end of the hall, and towards the stairs to the third floor. Once ascended to our “loft,” I smacked Sash on the ass and said, “Go get showered and dressed to kill, little man.”

He said, “Ouchhh,” then smiled at me, and said, “Gonna get ya back for that big brother!”

Sequoia was smiling at our exchange, and said, “I really, really do envy you two, Nika.”

I couldn’t help but say, “Yah, he is a goldmine……isn’t he Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Very much so Nika, and it’s best you remember that……no matter what way the wind blows, Traveler.”

I couldn’t help but understand what Sequoia said, and the meaning behind it. I also couldn’t help but wonder what visions Sequoia has seen, and just how much he already knew regarding our Snowflake?

I did know for a fact however that he has not been as “positive” in his attitude and pep-talks regarding Sasha, as he may have been in the past……in regards to being good news that is.

But for my part, I also didn’t want to read anything more into it then what was already there. And if he did have a Twinergy induced inkling of Sash’s future, then for my part, I did not want to know!

Just then, Sequoia broke my trance, probably seeing and reacting to my blank expression, as I once again had focused in on my baby brother, and pushed the rest of the world out of my thoughts. He said to me, “So what now Nika?”

I replied, “Same as Sash I guess Sequoia, I think I could use a shower and wash all the ghost-dust of of me, Longhair.”

Sequoia giggled and replied, “Yah, I think maybe I’ll head to our room and take that bath, it’s kind cold this morning.”

Nika, “Heck yah it is, and “our” room Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Yes Nika, Tanner and I. That’s where we shower and bathe. And I can’t go around smelling of burnt mesquite the rest of the day…..now can I?”

Nika, laughing, “Well, I don’t know Sequoia, I suppose Buck wouldn’t mind much…..would he? And I almost forgot about you and Tanner being bunk-mates?”

Sequoia laughed as well, imitating Buck’s voice, “Tarnation No, Greenhorn!”

I said, “Hot-damn Sequoia, that’s spot on. How did you manage to get his voice down so perfect?”

Sequoia, “I don’t know Nika, just practice I guess. Matter a fact, old gringo actually went shopping for me for clothes. And last time I went down there with Garrett to help him mend some fences, Buck gave me a leather Indian outfit, complete with moccasins and a headband with an eagle feather.”

Nika, “You’re kidding right?”

Sequoia, “Hahaha!”

Nika, “No Sequoia, tell me you are kidding……he’s not losing it, is he?”

Sequoia, “No to both Nika. I’m not kidding, and no, he’s not losing it, he just has a thing for me is all. And NOOO, not like that. if you were gonna ask.”

Nika, “Hahaha, no, I wasn’t Sequoia, I know Buck’s heart is made of gold. But tell me though, you didn’t actually wear them…..did you?”

Sequoia, “Well, Nika……I mean it was a gift, after all.”

Nika, “No, you didn’t, Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Ummm, yah, I did. Just before we went on our ritualistic horseback ride I changed into them……surprised the hell outta him too.”

I was snickering pretty hard by then, and asked, “Well, so how did you look in them Sequoia?”

Sequoia smiled, than said, “HOTTT as hell Nika, like I always look!”

We both cracked up as he turned to go into his room, and I turned to head into mine.

Once inside my spacious abode, I stripped down and threw my clothes on my bed, and stepped into me and Sash’s bathroom. I set the water temperature just right for what I’d describe as a brisk, semi-cold morning, about 94 degrees (the water that is).

I was just about to step inside the shower, when I leaped like a scarred cat about three feet off of the floor, after hearing a loud “SMACK,” and feeling a sharp pain and subsequent warm/hot sensation on my ass cheeks.

I turned about quickly to see who the face of my tormentor would be, and shouted, “Dammit Sequoia, what was that for? And what are you doing in our bathroom, I thought you were gonna take a bath?”

Sequoia, smiling wryly, as he looked down at my midsection, “It’s from Sasha, he asked I deliver it to you. Damn, I was right earlier!”

I looked at him puzzled, “That little bastard, and right about what Sequoia?”

Sequoia laughed and said, “About it being cold this morning,” as he pointed at my thingy.

I’m not sure what shade of red I was at the moment as I covered the lil Nika-nator with my hands, and said quietly, “You’re very funny Longhair. And again, what are you doing in here?”

Sequoia, “What do you think Nika? Why is the bathroom empty and who’s supposed to be in here showering right now….but isn’t, so that you can?”

I said, “Sasha!”

Sequoia responded, “Yes, brilliant Nika!”

Nika, “Then where the hell is he then?”

Sequoia said, “He’s in our bathroom with Tanner taking a bath.”

Nika, “Well, that makes sense I guess, they do seem to be getting along better as of late. Hey, you don’t suppose that he’s turned……”

3 Responses to “9141 Book II Chapter 141 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Gareth Says:

    Thanks Cody for another great chapter.

    Good to know Longhair can get things wrong – but we should remember, that despite his experiences, he’s still young, but at least brought some amusement for Chandler.

  2. Fudo Says:

    Another wonderful chapter Cody … I look forward to reading the next!

  3. Stef Says:

    Cody I really enjoyed that after so many years Chandler has found some freinds, also the great couple of touches of humour towards the end of another wonderful chapter.
    Regards Stef.

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