9144 Book II Chapter 144 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

Then the last to open their gift was Tash, who delicately opened the little wooden box and lifted out a two shot Derringer. She gave it an odd look and then looked up to Buck as he said, “There Ya Be Pocahontas! Keep That There In Your Petticoat, And If That Stud-Breedin Son Of Mine Gets Too Frisky With Ya, Then You Know Right Where To Aim…..Both Of Them For Good Measure!”

Everyone again laughed, as Mom, Dad, Sasha and Buck began to climb into the cab. But just before he could, he Looked over at us and said, “Holy Cornbread, I Almost Forgot! For The Rest Of Y’all, So’s Ya Don’t Feel Left Out, I Figured I Could At Least Do Something For Y’all. So When We Leave, Garrett And Tasha Will Tend To The Horse Trailer. I Brought Four Horses Up For You Bunch Of Rowdy’s To Take Turns Riding While We’re Gone!”

Then he Looked at Jace and the Twins, who stopped by earlier this morning, and said, “Guess This’ll Make Up For Missing Out On Thunderclap (the Bull) The Last Time Y’all Were Down!”

Travis and Wesley laughed, as did the rest of us, and even Jace smiled, knowing it was all in fun. Then they started up the Navigator, and sped down the driveway.

Garrett grabbed me, Sequoia, Cody, and Blake, and told Tash to take the rest of the Posse inside and get them dressed in some clothes suitable for Horseback Riding.

She did as he asked, and we followed Garrett to the trailer and unloaded the horses and brought them over to a rail by the carport and tied them off.

Garrett told the rest of us to go get ready, and he’d water, saddle, and prep the horses for riding.

We did as we were told, with Cody, Sequoia, and I running up to our rooms and grabbing some jeans and sweatshirts from our drawers. We also slipped into our hiking boots and before we knew it, were ready for the wild frontier.

We walked together down the stairs and into the living room holding hands, and everyone was sitting in the couches, chairs, or beanbags. But when we entered, everyone began with wolf-whistles, shouts, screams, and moaning, with half the Posse holding their fists out and jerking them up and down, as if to simulate wanking. To say I felt humiliated, wasn’t even close.

I turned beat-red, and turned around and walked back into the kitchen, with Sequoia and Cody close behind.

I heard Garrett yell, OK, that’s enough you guys, now head outside and get used to the horses being around you. And remember, always pat their asses before you walk around behind them, so that they’ll know you are there. We don’t want anyone getting kicked in the balls, or worse, the head. Your all ugly enough without losing your teeth!

Then Garrett told Jace, “Hey Jace, kill the Plasma on your way out.”

Jace picked up the remote, looking clumsily at all of the buttons, not being sure exactly which ones to press, saying to Garrett, “How do I turn this thing off, Garrett?”

But before Garrett could answer, Tanner yelled at him, “Try just looking at it Jace, it always works on me!”

Jace, snapping his head quickly in Tanner’s direction, “Fuck You Tanner!”

Garrett, walking over to Jace, and taking the remote from him, “Here, I’ll do it myself,” as he turned off the unit, and said, “I hope you two don’t start up again today!”

Once inside the kitchen, I kicked the dishwasher and slapped some napkins, a container of toothpicks, and a roll of paper towels off the counter and onto the floor. As I was as pissed off as I was frustrated. Cody was just cleaning up what I had thrown on the ground, and Sequoia was gently rubbing my shoulder, saying, “OK, now I see what you mean!”

I nodded my head, and Cody came over and turned to embrace me, and kissed me on the lips. Then said to me, “You’d a laughed too if it were someone else Nika, it’s really no big deal. They all jack off, and even in groups sometimes……you know that. We’re the Posse after all, nobody cares!”

I replied, “I know Cody, but she does it all the time, humiliates me. Why can’t once, just something happen to her, at her expense? Where I get to laugh, or find her in a compromising situation…..I can’t believe she told everyone?”

Sequoia leaned in and kissed my forehead, and said, “Who’s to say she did Traveler? I mean, we came into your bedroom from the tub to see what was happening, so it coulda been one of the others? I know I didn’t say anything.”

Cody popped in with, “And neither did I!”

Sequoia, “And Sasha is gone at the Hospital.”

Cody, with a wicked smile, “Hummmm, and who does that leave?”

My one word reply, along with the others, all on cue, “Barbie!”

Cody and Sequoia began to laugh, and I did too, finally giving way to the fact that it was actually kinda funny.

Then I said to my two confidants, “Even if it was Tanner, who cares? That’s just Tanner being Tanner, and it’s a guy thing, so who cares? But she’s my sister and has no right to keep ribbing me about Cody, my sex life, or even wanking!”

Cody, “Well, there’s not a lot we can do about it Nika.”

Sequoia, with a wicked smile, “Or maybe not, Cody!”

Cody looked intrigued, and said, “What do you mean by that Sequoia?”

My eyes sprung to life as I questioned him, “Yah Sequoia, what he said?”

Well, it’s not really fair, but we could have a little fun at her expense…..that is if you want to of course?”

I said back to him, “Hell yesss, how?”

Sequoia, with a smile that I’d only seen the day of the water-fight when he used his “gift” to bombard our foes into submission, motioned us to the kitchen door leading to the living room. He slowly slid it open a couple inches, with we three, our heads all atop one another, peering out to see who was there.

It was just Tash with Garrett, and Tanner and Jace arguing about something again. Upon looking closer, we saw Blake as well in the corner. The others must have gone outside like Garrett had asked.

They were all talking about where to ride, and that Garrett would bring out one group at a time. Then he said to Tasha that they should head upstairs in a few minutes, and change.

Cody said to Sequoia, “What now Chief?”

Sequoia replied, “That’s up to Nika, here? It’s his call, and there’s no turning back if I do this!”

I said to Longhair, “Yah Sequoia, Chargeeeeee!”

He said, “Both barrels Nika, or just one?”

I thought about it a few seconds, and said, “Ummmm, I guess just one. After all I do love her!”

Then Sequoia held out his oh so smooth red-brown arm towards Tash’s direction, and made a fist. Then, he closed his eyes and flicked all of his fingers forward as if flicking water off of them, or casting a spell. And at that very moment, Tasha jumped in her seat and let out a primal scream that would wake the dead.

Tasha, “Ughhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhh Uhhh Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyyy!”

Then she leaned back into her seat and began breathing heavily. Garrett had jumped up in a panic, and Blake, Jace, and Tanner all ran to her feeling she was in pain, and wondering what to do?

I grabbed Sequoia by his long hair and yanked him backwards hard onto the tile kitchen floor, and shouted at him, “What the fuck are you doing to her Sequoia, I didn’t wanna hurt her!!!”

I turned to see Cody still looking out the kitchen door smiling and giggling. I said to him, “Are you sadistic Cody, hurting people isn’t funny!”

Cody said, while still peering forward, “Ohhh trust me Nika, she isn’t hurting!”

Meanwhile I looked at Sequoia and said, “What, what does he mean she isn’t hurting? What did you do to her Sequoia?”

Just then we heard Cody say, “Wow, look at that wet-spot!”

I looked at Sequoia sitting there on the floor giggling, and said, “What am I missing?”

And again, Sequoia flicked his fingers out towards the door, at Tasha, and again Tash lurched up off the couch and screamed, “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhh Uhhh Ohhhhhh! AUGHHAHAHAHAHAHA, UGHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MA GOD, JEEZ!!!”

Then she settled into the couch again with Garrett standing over her, fanning her face with a newspaper, saying, “What Baby, What’s The Matter?”

Tasha looked exhausted, and embarrassed and said quietly, “Must be cramps is all.”

Garrett, “Are you sure sweety?”

Meanwhile Blake, Tanner, and Jace where all standing around Garrett and Tasha, asking if they should call 911? I saw that Tash had wet her shorts a little, and I was still worried about her safety.

And when I turned my head to look down at Cody and Sequoia, they were in stitches, rolling around on the kitchen floor, all balled up and hanging onto one another. I said, OK, what gives you guys, and what are you doing to her Sequoia?”

Cody jumped up off the floor and whispered into my ear. I jumped back from him, and let it play out in my mind before getting a giant smile on my face. Then Sequoia looked up at me and said, “Get it now Traveler?”

I began to laugh and said, “Yah Sequoia, I get it! Turning the tables from this morning, huh Longhair?”

Sequoia, “And then some, that is what you wanted……right?”

Nika, “Fuckin-A, you bet it is. But Sequoia?”

Sequoia, “Yah Nika, what is it?”

Nika, “Both barrels Sequoia!”

We all gathered around the kitchen door again, and Sequoia closed his eyes again, making two fists this time, and then, BAM!!!”

Tasha Jumped a foot off the couch and let out a howl that one would think came from Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman, “Ughhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhh Uhhh Ohhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH,” short pause for breath, “Ughhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhh Uhhh Ohhhhhh OH GODDDD OH GODDDDD, OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH, UGHHHHHHHHH, OH NO OH NO, UGHHHHHAHHHHHHHH AHHHAHHHAAHHH YESSSSSS YESSSSS YESSSS, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Then she slid off the couch onto the floor, as we three were in the kitchen beside ourselves, laughing on the tile floor uncontrollably. Tasha was now laying on the living room carpet panting for air, with a glazed over look in her eye’s, just smiling and spreading her legs back and forth, as if to air-out, with the crotch area soaked through and through.

We got back up, and peeked out, as Garrett was just standing over her shaking his head, with Tanner snickering, trying to keep it to himself, but obviously having figured it out.

Blake and Jace both looked at Tanner and asked, “What’s so funny?”

Tanner leaned forward to them and began whispering, with Garrett shouting, “No Tanner, Don’t!”

But it was obviously too late to be undone, as both Jace and Blake fell to the floor in laughter. Tanner eventually joined them, as Garrett said, “Common hun, lets get you up to your room baby,” as he pulled her up, still with a dreamy expression on her face.

Sequoia said to me, “Well there’s your cue Nika, don’t miss it! I’ll go around the other way and go upstairs so as not to be seen, I don’t wanna take any blame for this!”

Cody said back to him, “Blame? Holy shit Sequoia, she’ll probably kick Tanner out of your room and move in with you now!”

I laughed (or continued to laugh) as Cody and I ran into the living room, while I yelled, “What’s Wrong Garrett? We Heard Someone Screaming Out Here…..is everyone alright?”

Garrett, “Nothing to worry about Nika, Tasha just has some cramps is all.”

Jace, “Cramps my ass!”

Tasha, in a dream-like state, “Ummm, nice cramps!”

Garrett, “Shut up Jace!”

Tanner, “Don’t yah know you’re supposed ta take that thing out when your finished with it Tash……. so the batteries don’t go dead?”

Tasha, still in a dream-like state, “Ummm, batteries!”

Garrett, “You shut up too Tanner!”

Cody took a long hard look at Tasha’s wet shorts and crotch, smiled, and shouted, “Holy Cream-pie Batman, who want’s Cool Whip on their desert!”

Just then, Tash snapped out of it, and her facial expression went from one of ecstasy to one of shock. She immediately looked embarrassed, and grabbed Garrett, saying, “Quick, let’s get upstairs!”

I said, “Holy shit Garrett, wipe her legs off when you get her to her room, her shorts are soaked!”

Garrett, “Yah Nika, I will.”

Blake, “Damn, now that’s some “When Harry Met Sally” action for sure!”

Tanner blurted back, “Don’t you mean some “When Hairy-Thing Met Sally” action Blake?”

Tasha, “Shut the hell up Tanner, you guys aren’t funny!”

Tanner, “Not tryin ta be, Tasha, but hell, you’ve dripped more onto the floor than me and Sasha did when we got outta the bathtub this morning!”

Nika, “Yah Tash, and that’s really saying something after wiping up the floors all the way back to Sequoia and Tanner’s room. And I saw how many wet towels you dropped into my hamper when you were done!”

Tasha just gave us all a dirty look and said, “Not a word about this to anyone Nika, not anyone! And that goes for the rest of you as well!”

All I could say back to her was, “You mean like me and my bedroom this morning, sis?”

15 Responses to “9144 Book II Chapter 144 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Stef Says:

    Poor Tash, but it was funny Cody – guess Sequoia knew how to work the remote control!!!!!
    Regards Stef.

  2. Fudo Says:

    Ah ah ah ah Wow! Too funny! … Hilarious, Cody. Sequoia is a God! I did not think it went that far … he is my new idol!

  3. Gareth Says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Tasha – YOU GOT SERVED! 😛

    Great chapter Cody, and thanks also for starting the two new spin-off stories!

  4. Richard Says:

    Wow, nice chapters Cody. I thought you wasn’t writing any. The place i check to see if you wrote wasn’t saying you was. I woke up last night and couldn’t sleep so i went to read some the older ones and i seen there was a lot new chapters. I left off at 132 so that was 12 new ones. You write really well too Cody. I like Chandler and he is friends with Sequoia, Sash and Nika now. I think Cody going to be surprised when he finally meets him too. I hope they can help Chandler get to his family too.

    I am like everyone else. I hope what is wrong with Sash isn’t something really bad. I hope that he will be able to get well from what ever it is. Thank You for all the new chapters. I think it is funny what Sequoia was doing to Tasha too. I think she needs that for catching Nika all the time. Richard.

    • codyboarder Says:

      Yahhhhhhh a Richard sighting,

      good to finally hear from you EB! im not sure why, but my sight doesn’t show updates on a lot of other linked sites…..go figure? i too like Chandler, and of course its always best to have Sequoia on your side. and im sure the Cody-Chandler meeting will be good, along with the reuniting with his family, if that can be pulled off. and yah, Tash got it good from Sequoia, but really had it coming! thanks for commenting, and glad u r back energizer bunny!

      peAce~0ut, cody!

      • Gareth Says:

        Also for your info Cody:

        I’m signed up to be notified of new postings on the site, but am yet to receive any – I get the comment notifications without issue, but not the main site/chapter updates.

        Could be a WordPress glitch, so I’ll unsubscribe tonight and re-subscribe again tomorrow. 🙂

      • codyboarder Says:

        thanks Gareth,

        but your not the first person to say that. i’ll have to inquire with WordPress what is going on?

        ttys, ~cody!

  5. Eric Smith Says:

    Cody you have an evil sense of humor, never stop using it lol. Just the thought of those boys laughing at Tash’s expense got me howling as well, excellent! I also love the 2 new spin offs, can’t wait to see how they develop. All my best to you, and thanks again for the joy you have given me. Eric

    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks Eric,

      yah, i guess i just figured it was time for Nika to have a little payback! and i appreciate your comments about the two new Clear Lake Capers stories as well.


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