9148 Book II Chapter 148 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

I said, “I mean don’t tell anyone Tanner, what the fuck do you think I mean?”

Tanner smiled back at me, and said, “Alright Nika, but under one condition……alright?”

I sighed and said, “Well, do I have a choice?”

Tanner just shook his head, “No,” and I said, “OK, what is it Tanner?”

Tanner leaned in towards me to whisper something near my ear. Upon hearing his condition, I screeched, “YOU WANT WHAT, TANNER?”

He smiled at me wickedly and replied, “Alright then, at least half…..OK Nika!”

I looked at Sequoia, who for once looked confused, and Cody looked at me just as confused, and I looked at Tanner as I was confused, and I figured he had just lost his mind?

I said, “Alrighty then, here,” and in front of all four of us, I reached my hand out to his mouth, and let his mouth and tongue go to work on it!

Sequoia sat there and said, “Oh Ma God Tanner……….You’re One In A Million Buddy,” as Cody just turned back away from me, clutched his belly, and began to laugh as loud and as hard as I had ever heard him laugh before.

Then, Sequoia said to me, “What kind of deal is that Nika?”

I replied, “Blackmail Sequoia, he said it was either this, or he gets to take it directly from the source!”

After Tanner finished his afternoon feeding, nursing on my hand and subsequent digits that is, removing the excess of Cody’s tadpole tapioca, I grabbed Cody’s Bota-Bag and rinsed the remainder of my boyfriends baby borscht (seeing as I am half Russian), and Tanners spermy saliva off of myself.

I have to admit though that every time I think I have Tanner pegged, he somehow comes up with a new way to impress me. Or, ummm maybe impress isn’t exactly the optimum way of describing exactly how or what I feel about him. But anyone who has followed us boys thus far, I’m sure has a pretty good idea of what I am talking about. Seeing as he somehow has a way of endearing himself to even those who don’t like him, and has an equally good way of worming himself inside everyone’s physchy and heart without even trying.

It’s quit hard to say or put a finger on, but this little wayward orphan seems to have a addictive personality. That combined with his adorable tweener-twink looks and angelic face, with that long blond silky hair makes even the most dire of skeptics just melt in his hands, regardless of how obnoxious he is at the moment!

I did take the opportunity to guzzle down a few large mouthfuls of water though, as I threw the Bota-Bag to Tanner who had a surprised look upon his face, while saying to him, “Trust me Barbie, wash that shit down, or you’ll be swallowing and coughing up the trail for the next half hour……those swimmers have a way of sticking around for quite a while!”

Tanner smiled and replied, “Sounds like you’re one to know…….huh Nika?”

I just nodded my head and said, “Uhh huh!”

Cody and Sequoia continued to smile and laugh at our exchange, before Sequoia shouted at us, “Alright you sperm-burpers, you think now that you’re through doing a Walking Dead on Cody’s nuts, that we can get a trot on and catch up with the others?”

Tanner, being the quintessential Tanner, just laughed and replied, “Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, Geronimo!”

Sequoia of course responded by saying. “Forgive me if I don’t take your word for it Bad News, but if and when I go there, I think I’d prefer a more fishy after-taste!”

Tanner, “Whatever gets you off Sequoia, but I have my own preferences. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not gonna replace a double bacon cheeseburger and onion rings from Troutburger, but it does have it’s merits. Of course the take-out service is always gonna be better then Troutburger, as I’m sure it’s much more fun placing the order and picking it up with Nika or Cody here, than the other……..but to each his own.”

Sequoia, “Once again, I’ll just have to take your word for it Tanner,” then looking to me and Cody, “So what have you two created Nika, are you guys his new take-out for Salamander Stew?”

We three just chuckled again as I replied, “No Sequoia, at least not yet, but we did have a little arrangement for a while till TNT (Tanner Nathanial Tucker) here latched onto Snowflake for his daily feedings!”

Sequoia, “Forget I asked you guys, it was rhetorical anyway!”

We then proceeded to trot up the trial at a brisk pace intended to catch-up with the rest of our Posse-patrons, as Tanner continued to annoy everyone by relentlessly smacking his lips and making a sucking and swallowing sound with his mouth, as if he was still swallowing. Sequoia finally turned his head back to him and said, “Jeez Tanner, what’s with the noises? You sound like you’re blowing someone!”

Tanner, annoyed, “I can’t help it, my mouth’s all sticky!”

Cody, “Well, you wanted the protein-shake Tanner, what did you expect?”

Tanner, “Not this, Sasha’s isn’t like this!”

Sequoia, “That’s because of his age Tanner, it’s just not the same.”

Tanner retrieved a bottled water to relieve his case of slime-mouth, as we continued up the trail to catch-up to the others.

The day was uber-beautiful, and it was still early. I couldn’t get over how everything felt so fresh and new, and the smell in the air was a brilliant mixture of pine, horses, and watery mist from the streams and waterfalls that we passed as we moved along.

And as a bonus, we all got to see everyone’s personalities shine, as we all showed off our humor and charisma by capping on one another, telling stories, or just commenting and replying to one anothers dialogue.

I don’t remember the Posse every getting along better, or having more fun, and just wishing that the “perfect day” would never end.

We trotted along at a leisurely pace, taking in the sights, and enjoying being so close to the ones that we loved. And not just close as in us all being together, but close as in riding double as well.

And it wasn’t just a gay/bi type of thing as only a few of us are. But it was more a closeness as just about everyone was paired off with whom they were closest too. That is except for Otter and Boo Boo maybe, having been paired with Saul and Amir. But seeing as Saul and Amir being only child’s, and Otter and Boo Boo being orphans, just maybe this might be the beginnings of some sort of relationship that would lead to some kind of connection, a bond that would give a measure of peace and a degree of stability into all four of their lonely lives.

I of course am only speculating, but all long term relationships and friendships begin as a seed-corn in it’s infancy, that eventually grows and blooms into the beautiful delicate flower that is a soul-mate. And of course it is only wishful thinking on my part, and a hope on my part for their happiness, but who’s to say something beautiful cannot grace them and happen to lessen their isolation in this world, and give them all a big and little brother to lean on when times are trying?

After an hour or two of rough riding, navigating up the dirt filled rocky slopes, dodging fly’s, the hot sun that was ever-increasingly baking us like a loaf of bread inside an oven, along with tree branches that were constantly trying to whack us in the face, not to mention the dirt and dust that was beginning to stick to our sweaty, bare arms and legs, we made it to the first of the upper lakes.

Everyone began to hee and haw once we turned the bend, and the crystal clear lake came into view. It was breathtaking, and due to it still being early summer, there didn’t appear to be but a few backpackers in sight around the lakes shores.

I heard Blake shout, “Granite Lake……..fuckin awesome!”

Then I heard Garrett shout back, “Eagle Lake Blake, I think Granite lake is just West of us……..but I may be wrong?”

I took the opportunity to butt in and shouted, “Yah, it’s Eagle Lake you guys, Sash and I camped here in Cub Scouts a couple years ago.”

I heard a voice from Reiley and KC’s mount shout, “Well, whatever lake it is, can we stop here and maybe go for and swim and rest up a little? Or at least just stretch our legs a bit?”

Everyone began talking and agreeing that would be a good idea, and all looked to Garrett and Sequoia to get their reactions. Sequoia looked to Garrett and shrugged, relating to him that he really didn’t care one way or the other whether we did or didn’t.

Garrett just nodded his head yes, and said, “Yah, we can stop here and stretch, and maybe wash up a little.”

Reiley rode up to Garrett as everyone else began dismounting, and asked, “Can we stay a while and take a swim here Garrett?”

Garrett smiled, and said, “I don’t think anyone planned on swimming Reiley, or it being this hot. Did you even bring your board shorts?”

Reiley, “No, I didn’t, and doubt anyone else did either.”

Garrett shouted, “Hey You Guys,” as everyone looked up to him, “Any Of You Bring Your Board Shorts?”

After everyone looked at one another, only Saul, Amir, Cody, and Wesley shouted that they did. So Garrett laughed and yelled, “Well Then, It’s Either Shorts Or Skins, And It Looks Like The Skins Win……….OK, Everybody Goes Naked!

Of course everybody’s reaction was different, most notably based on that individuals personality being the catalyst for their response. But with the exception of KC, Boo Boo (the youngest), and Jace, everyone was not only OK with the idea, but genuinely quite excited.

I noticed some of our friends beginning to shuck their shirts and start in on their shorts when Garrett shouted, “Hey Hey, Not Here You Guys, There’s Some People About. We’re Just Stopping For A Break And To Maybe Splash Our Faces. We Have Two More Lakes Up Ahead, And Can Stop At One Of Them For A Swim, I’m Sure At Least One Will Be Vacant.”

Everyone protested or pouted a little, but understood as we all dismounted and gathered on the shore to soak our feet and indeed splash some water on our faces and grab a snack or drink of cool water.

Garrett noticed Tanner cupping some water in his hands and taking a drink, before he ran up to him and slapped his hands away from his mouth. Tanner of course being Tanner got pissed off and shouted, “What the fuck Garrett, you said we should try and save the bottled water?”

I, being a scout, of course knew what was up, and told Tanner, “It’s for your own good Tanner!”

Tanner replied, “How so Nika?”

Garrett put his hand on Tanners shoulder and said, “Ever hear of Giardia Tanner?”

Tanner, “Yah, it’s a chocolate made in San Francisco…….so what?”

Everyone laughed, as Garrett explained, “No Tanner, that’s Ghiradelli, Giardia is an intestinal parasite that……”

Jace interrupting, “Yah, just like you Tanner!”

Garrett, continuing, “Shut the hell up Jace. It’s an intestinal parasite that lives in water. It’s like this Tanner, bear or other animal shits in water upstream, water travels down stream to lake, stupid blond boy drinks water, then suffers intestinal cramps and shits all over saddle for remainder of hike……got it buddy,” as he ruffled Tanner’s silky blond locks showing him a warm type of brotherly affection.

Tanner, “You forgot, blond boy bitch’s and complains rest of trip making everyone else miserable, Garrett!”

Garrett, “That one goes without saying Tanner,” as he ruffled his hair again.

Tanner just can’t get enough, as the emotion that showed on his face changed to that of genuine love as he threw himself into Garrett and wrapped his arms around him. No one payed it no mind, as one thing that we all never made fun of, or commented on, was when we became emotional. Even Garrett didn’t flinch, as he just wrapped Barbie in a warm embrace, and kissed the top of his head.

Once the quick embrace ended, Garrett said, “OK Tanner, so no drinking from the lake or stream without using the pump……alright?’

Tanner nodded before removing his shoes and socks and ran out a couple feet into the water with everyone else. Garrett meanwhile, shouted, “Hey you guys, what are the next two lakes called, and how far?”

I walked up to him and said, “Velma Lake is next, about three miles up, and then Fontanillis Lake about another mile up from there.”

Garrett said, “OK good, that’s where we’ll set up day camp and swim.”

We all stayed beside the lake and washed the dirt and dust off of our bare arms and legs, and everyone stuffed their shirts into their backpacks or saddle bags, as boys being boys on hot days we opted for the bare chested feel. My sweet and gentle Cody produced a bottle of sunscreen from his mount, and proceeded from boy to boy spurting a dollop into each of their hands, while also taking the opportunity to get their back, to which no one objected.

I noticed a tent in his shorts, and just maybe a moment to long, lingering when it came to doing Tanner and Sequoia, having genuine physical attraction for both of them. Hell, he even had a little wet spot working, that he was unaware of from pre-cum oozing out, all the while having already released a load into my hand just an hour or so before. Wow, how lucky for me I thought, to have a boyfriend as passionate and easily aroused as Cody?

I thought for sure that once we make it to our target lake and strip for our swim, just maybe I might take the opportunity to drag him into the woods, and find a tree to hide behind, and get that drink that Tanner deprived me of earlier…….and right from the source no less?

Cody finished his sunscreen tour with me, and as he was doing my back I reached my hand behind me and pinched the tip of his hard knob with my thumb and fingers, catching him by surprise. He immediately let out a yelp, and said, “What the hell did you do that for Nika?”

I said, “Enjoying yourself……huh Cody?’

He said, “Yah, can you blame me Nika?”

I said, “No, but it’s pretty obvious to everyone, as it’s sticking out and sporting a wet sport dork.”

He laughed, and said, “Well, so what, everyone knows now who and what I am. And besides, tell me you wouldn’t be if it were you Nika?’

I just said, “Yah, I’m sure I would, in fact I did the day we took the boat out and dusted the prop, when I was doing Jace’s back……so there!”

As Cody finished my back, he said, “Well, I do know one way to get rid of this,” looking down at his tent-pole.

I said, “And what’s that Cody, we don’t have time to wank or blow you here?”

He said, “Waist deep cold water Nika,” as he turned his back to me and walked out into the lake, up to his belly button.



twinergy Christmas boy!

41 Responses to “9148 Book II Chapter 148 of: “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!””

  1. Seth Says:

    Merry Christmas Cody! Hope u and the posse have a blessed one my friend

  2. Gareth Says:

    Great! Now I have to re-read the entire story again to find out when Tanner sampled Sasha’s milk-swimmers! lol

    Great chapter Cody…

    Luv n Hugz for Christmas


  3. Icy Says:

    Hey Cody,

    Over the past three weeks I’ve caught up to this wonderful story. I honestly never read anything before now that has made me go through such an emotional rollercoaster. It’s to the point where even when I was not reading the story, my mind would be preoccupied with it. I absolutely love the characters, and I can’t even count the amount of goosebumps that I experienced over these weeks.

    Please, keep writing. You’re doing it so damn well. And I’ll be checking for new episodes, always.

    And lastly, have a wonderful Christmas! And thank you for the absolute thrill that is Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake.

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi Icy,

      thank you for the comment, and there will always be more Twinergy to come. I took a short breather to be with the fam and friends over Christmas and New Years, and am now back to school. i will try to post more this weekend if time permits!


  4. Bill Says:

    Happy New Year to you, Cody, and to all Twinergy readers! I don’t comment much but love the Clear Lake Boys. Hope everyone is well and the New Year brings much success to all. Anyone heard from Tristan? Hope all is well with him too. If anyone here is in communication with him, please send him my best as well. Thanks to all.

    • codyboarder Says:

      hi Bill,

      and thanks, i hope you had a Happy New Year as well. I haven’t heard from “T” in about a couple months, but will pass on your hello when we do speak again. be well and ttyl!

      peAce, ~cody!

  5. Richard Says:

    Oh Yeah, I forgot Tanner is like Sasha;s best friend and they have sleep together a lot to. I forgot all about that. I like The Walking Dead too. Very good series on TV. I think that’s what you was talking about right? I think Tanner might have some good parts in the story soon too. I know get my head out the gutter right? Richard

  6. kingofmacedon Says:

    Ok brace yourself cause I have 148 chapters worth of comments. I really like your story an the plot is beautifully arranged and managed. I beg you not to drop the story and to countinue it for a long time cause you have made the beginning of the new year wonderful for me. Heck I had a test today but I stayed up till 3:00 in the mornin reading this.( don’t worry, I got a 98). I hope you are doing well in your personal life and wish you happy new year. Trust me when I say that I understand family troubles. When I was younger my dad always wanted to teach me math and other things do I could have a good future. That sounds peachy but he had a short fuse and if I didn’t get it he would start yellin and I would end up crying. I had a turbulent start in my life and I have no idea why but I guess it was emotional cause of my dad yelling at me everyday. Whenever I would start crying he would yell at me for crying then would try to teach me again and I wouldn’t be able to get it cause I was still sorta crying and he would yell even more and sometimes hit me. I usually cried myself to sleep at nights. Today I feel emotionally detached from my family. My dad regrets how he treated me but I still feel detached. Whenever I see my sis (7yrs old) playing my dad or something it feels wierd and unusual to me. I guess what I am trying to say is that I never had such a close group of friends like the posse. I never thought something like the posse could exist. Today i rarely show emotion with my parents. I avoid mushy gooshy stuff. I just havnt grown into this new type of environment without yelling and stuff and never will. Now my life is a little straighter though the last few months have been pretty bad I like staying positive and it’s a new year and have my life ahead of me. Now I am just rambling on. What I am trying to say is that your story is making up for stuff that would have made my life easier when I was younger. I just want to clarify that I know my life is better then Tanners and I know my dad just didn’t understand then and was just trying to help deep down but I just think its too late to change what happened and I have just accepted that I can’t be as close to my family as I could be. Hell it’s akward saying I love you to em now. Keep the good work on these stories. You have no idea how much stress they take off me. Oh and there is this other story I was reading that was really good a few months ago but for reasons unknown stopped writing the story despite how good it was. It was about how some kids (most gay) survive an alien invasion that kills most of the planet and I really suggest you read it. You might be able to countinue it if you want. It’s a really good story. I’ll find it and put a link on another comment.

    Happy new year and I hope things go well for you – Zach

  7. kingofmacedon Says:

    I am really happy you have kept with this story and I hope you stay with it for a long time. I hope you had a great Christmas and new years. I read a story a few months ago that was REALLY GOOD. Unfortunately he stopped writing for some reason (please don’t do that to us) and left us at a MASSIVE cliff hanger (and your fans think yours are bad LOL). It’s about a group of kids mostly boys but some girls(most of the boys are gay) who are the few survivors of an alien invasion. It’s a really good thriller with love, alot of ‘fun time’ if you know what I mean 😉 and action. I really suggest it and maybe if you want you could countinue the story. Here’s a link to all the chapters: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/young-friends/apocalypse/
    I swear to you that it’s a great story about friends, love, loyalty, and just an all around good read. Keep em coming! – Zach

  8. Stef Says:

    Cody can’t believe how quickly time has flown by – some how I missed this chapter until now, but I do hope you had a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
    Thanks for a very relaxing chapter, it’s nice to know even the posse enjoy peaceful harmony now and again.
    Regards Stef.

  9. WILL:I:AM Says:


  10. stickypants Says:

    Well I finally got all caught up again! I almost get tired of saying how awesome of a writer you are, but let’s face it; we all know how much you love hearing it! And I like saying it too. So there.

    I’m really liking how this story is going. But you did make me a little jealous with the Peacemaker….I want one so bad. I wish I had a group as tight as the posse. Vicariously, I shall live.

    Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years! Here’s to another year FULL of new Twinergy chapters.



  11. Will Says:

    Hey! Is everything ok? I am checking every day to see if there is a new chappter posted but no luck for me so far. I hope you are ok. No sweat just checking.

  12. Dean Says:

    Hi Cody. Yet another excellent chapter. Thank yuo very much for all your dedication and hard work. I cannot wait for the next chapters 🙂

  13. Ryan-John Says:

    I have read your series up to this point and I am amazed you are a amazing author and paint the perfect picture. A seemingly endless mix of amazing emotions, cliffhangers, and fun experiences that would or could be something from someones past save for some of the supernatural things going on. I feel that if you delved into writing teen fiction obviously not erotica you could make some good cash. Just a thought I would love for you to email me so I can spitball you some ideas on stories I wish to write or if you have ideas you wish to bounce off me.


  14. papiangelo0131 Says:

    MORE! Please!

  15. benoni Says:

    When are more chapters coming? It’s been e months. The story is great.

  16. Michael Says:

    Can’t wait to see more, just keep ’em coming as you get time, your loyal following will always be checking for updates 🙂

  17. Seth Says:

    Hey Cody,

    Just stoping by to see how you are doing. Hope 2013 is treating you,your family and friends very well!



  18. dtm180 Says:

    I came across this story a little while ago and haven’t been able to stop reading it. Your writing truly grabs one by the mind and heart and yanks ya right in, Cody.

    As i have seen in earlier comments i also hope that Sash’s condition doesn’t prove to be fatal, and i also hope that the four horsemen can help Chandler and hopefully mr. weiner aswell in the process.

    I also read your 2 other stories over on nifty, and they are also really good.
    Just thinking out loud here but, is snow bunny benji set in the winter before this story began or the winter after this summer?

    All in all i would have to say that you are a gifted writer with the ability to keep your readers in suspense, on the tip of their chair.

    * dtm

    • codyboarder Says:

      thanks a bunch DTM,

      as I have said, I will try to pen more for Christmas. i haven’t really thought about Benji’s time line, so I’ll have to give that some thought. but i do thank you very much for your input.

      peAce, ~cody!

  19. Eric Smith Says:

    I hope everything is going well Cody, I keep reading the last few chapters to stay on top of the story. Hope to see more soon, your writing is awesome. All my best, Eric

  20. Seth Says:

    Hey Cody,

    Miss you man. Hope everything is going well for your summer. I check on the story every now and then for updates and stuff. I know eventually that we will get a update or new chapters but for now I just wanna make sure everything is going good with you.



  21. Wyatt Says:

    Hey Cody,
    I hope everything is OK with you seeing as we haven’t heard from you in ten months. We are all looking forward to new chapters and news of Sasha and the rest of the Posse.

    • codyboarder Says:

      thank you Wyatt,

      i’ll try to get some done for Christmas, but if not, summer 14′ for sure!


      • Wyatt Says:

        I hope your Christmas break allows you enough free time to get a chapter or two to whet our appetites and hold us over until Summer ’14. It is good to hear from you again.

      • codyboarder Says:

        thanks Wyatt,

        and you as well. i am going to make a serious push for more chapters in December….a sort of Christmas present to the readers. and as always Wyatt, thank you for you concern and input….lol!

        peAce, ~cody!

  22. Seth Says:

    Hey Cody,

    I just wanted too see how you are doing. I know we will be closing in on this year soon & I hope this year has been good to you & your loved ones. As always you can always hit my email up just to say hi!



  23. Paul Desforge Says:

    Will there be more of this story

    • codyboarder Says:

      yes Paul,

      when time permits there will be. i’m just knee deep in school schtick at the moment. this next summer i’ll churn out chapters on all three stories. perhaps even some of Christmas/Winter (politically correct) Break…..if Santa permits!

      peAce, ~cody!

  24. Michael Says:

    Have reread this story over the past day or so. Can’t wait to see further updates to it. Hope all is well Cody, and your loyal following is constantly checking 🙂

  25. WayneO Says:

    Cody, what’s up my friend ? Can we ever expect to have more (Twinergy) ?
    I am addicted now. Please give us more !

  26. WayneO Says:

    Cody, what’s up my friend ? Can we ever expect to have more (Twinergy) ?
    I am addicted now. Please give us more ! I won’t know what to do with all my spare time now.

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