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October 21, 2009

Thank you for visiting “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. I hope you enjoy this tender coming of age story between two very compassionate, and loyal best friends and “Twinners.” Set alongside a pristine mountain lake in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, this unique and sensitive exploration into the lives of these two soul-mates is a fascinating and touching experience for one and all. It is sure to bring you laughter and tears, and bring you back to a time you may fondly recall, when your own heart was filled with first love and self discovery. Enjoy the roller coaster ride that examines the early tween lives, and budding sexuality of two boys, and their adventures alongside their mountain lake. And experience with them, the glowing feelings and tender moments as they discover awakenings within themselves. And, what it is, that is so special about, “Twinergy and the Boys of Clear Lake!”

To the right you will see the chapters under “pages” listing, beginning with 9001. I hope you enjoy.———————————>

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Happy Trails with the Posse in Chapter 149!

October 20, 2009

simply nika!

simply tanner!

Southlake/ClearLake fire near the river/bridge by the Orphanage!

Boo Boo (currently) & Shadow (now)!

Boo Boo (when younger) & Shadow (as a kit)!

Nika and Blake

Nika and Blake catching crawdads!

Looks like they got one!

Scary Tree


Max and his Pine Cone!

Sequoia’s bear friend dining out!

A happy return of, “A Rentboy Named…..,” along with T.S.!

January 20, 2015

Ola Readers,

Just an FYI that, “A Rentboy Named…..,” has made its Grand Return under, “All In A Row (The Boys of Sunset)!” Please stop by and give it a read (or re-read in many cases), and maybe drop T.S. a pleasant comment……Story Link is provided below!

Sunset Blvd 1960's



Update: Chapter 2 just submitted! New story readers! Porter & Benji have company, in, “What makes Tanner Tick?” Click the link below to whisk you away to another adventure!!!

November 22, 2014


Tanner Tucker!


Last days at Fallen Leaf & Snow Bunny Benji!!!

January 16, 2014

Hi Gang,

These are my two other stories, with updates coming soon. Just click on the links to transport you to your next adventure!!!

Porter Piper!

Porter Piper!

Last days at Fallen Leaf =



Snow Bunny Benji =


Chapter 149 basking at Velma Lake!

January 16, 2014
Booboo @Velma Lake!

Booboo @Velma Lake!

Saul @ Velma Lake

Saul @ Velma Lake!

Hurray “A Rent-Boy Named…” Readers, some good news finaly!!!

September 26, 2012

Ola Tristan fans,

Just an fyi that you can now once again read A Rent-Boy named…” up to Chpt 159 (I believe) at:

I don’t know what that means as far as Tristan writing more chapters, or continuing the story there, or at another site (I haven’t heard back from him in a while), but at least it’s something! as all of you, I only hope for the best, and hope he begins writing again… well all!

peAce~0ut, cody!

Chapter 141 is up & Chapter 142 will premier this weekend!

September 7, 2012

Hi everyone,

The much anticipated Chapter 131 is up (as is Chpt’s 136 & 137 at this post time). I am feeling revived as is Twinergy, after a refreshing Summer.  I have come home for the summer beginning in June, with the intention of continuing with Twinergy, and kyking it with the Posse and having an epic summer of fun. Unfortunately, the latter took the reins, and except for some notes and partial Chapters, Twinergy got sidetracked. Although I do feel renewed and full of life again, soo new Chapters are on the way within the week! I regret if I let anyone down, and took to long a break, but I did foreshadow this in the previous posts that this past acclimation year would be lean, and that Twinergy would pick up again later. Thank you for all of you out there that still have an interest, and decide to pick up where we left off. And for any who may be disillusioned, I can only say that when I do actually have the time, and start to pen new chapters, I only, and always give it my best. As I never cut corners when it comes to Twinergy and the good times and lives that it represents (including my own)! So please sit back, be patient, and a big dose of Twinergy is on the horizon! 

With much Luv,


simply sasha!

Back to doing what comes natural……Twinergy!

November 6, 2011

ola readers,

just want to drop ya all a line to say hello and let you know whats new…..kinda a “Report Card,” if you will. Something to say the least (cold chill up my spine) that I am quit used to, and will be for some years to come! Anyway, I have spent the last couple of days replying to comments on Twinergy Chapters, and as soon as I have more time, I will begin replying to overdue e-mails from you readers. I am back to writing Twinergy after a long hiatus, and have finished multiple chapters in the last week or more. I posted one late last night (127), and more are to come. To bring you up to speed, I stopped for a couple reasons. First was the way Tristan was treated over at “…a rent boy named.”  Then there is the fact I spent most of the summer looking for living arrangements on or near campus, then actually starting school again at a strange place. It took me time to get acclimated. I thought until very recently I was through with it for the time being…..and possibly forever? But some things happened recently to make me change my mind, and get motivated again! And those are: Well, first that i’ve had incredible support from you readers that is really mind-boggling. Followed next that writing is just in my blood and makes me happy. And lastly, is that i’ve started to get a handle on the transition between H.S. and University, and things are getting more and more manageable, and I’m finding more free time to do what I luv, as things get easier. Anyway, thank you soo much for your support, and I began posting the first (chpt 127) of many new chapters last night. Be well and ttyl!

peAce~0ut, cody!

Green-eyed Sequoia after the water-fight!

Twinergy luvs everyone!

October 27, 2011

Hi everyone,

And thanks for everything,  and I really really mean that! But I have to say that as much as we are a writing community, I cannot keep writing Twinergy at the pace I have been, and that all the readers/fans have come to expect. And it’s not because I don’t want to? I never thought of Twinergy as a sex story, but only a “luv” or “friendship” story, and that’s how I’ll always see it. I have school now to deal with which I have to put first, so I’ll just try and do what I need to do at school and move forward. I regret when I cannot do what brings me happiness at my leisure (which I’ve become accustomed to doing), but I have to focus on my education first. I hope someday that I can continue what I luv at a quicker pace, and put into detail the next one hundred or so chapters that I already have in my brain.  I’ll be at my campus in Berkeley on weekdays, and mostly at home at the lake on the weekends, so keep saying hi if you’d like. Thanks for everything up till now, and I will finish the story as I can! Miss you all!


Sasha-nator (not resting) stalking Reiley b4 town-trip 4 dinner!

Thursday June 9th. I am still perturbed about the whole Tristan thing over at Rent-boy. I was close to considering calling Twinergy quits as a sort of protest. But in the end I cannot punish my readers for others doings!

February 3, 2011

Ola Readers,

Due to some free time, making some adjustments to my school routine, and spring and summer coming on, I’ve been able to post several more Chapters of Twinergy in the last five or so days. Even have a few being edited as I write this, so several more beyond what has already been posted should appear in the coming week.  I haven’t had much feedback lately, so I don’t have a very accurate feel of the readers views on the storyline as to where it is heading, along with any other concerns or suggestions. That may be my fault due to the unorthodox way in which I post Chapters in bunches, then quiet periods where there’s no activity. But if you have any suggestions, concerns, or notice any errors, then please post a comment, or shoot me an e-mail! And again, thank you all for your patience. With Summer just around the corner, things will pick up at that point also. Thanks again, and be well.

peAce~0ut, cody!

The Nika-nator!


The CPS 3000!

Nika walking the plank!

Nika bushwhacked yet again after “walking the plank!”

Blake congratulates a victorious Nika after the ambush!


Sash & Tanner come to an understanding!!!

July 27, 2010




Twinergy’s Milestone as Chapter 100 Debuts!

March 14, 2010

***This One Hundredth Chapter is dedicated to all you readers who have stuck by me and “Twinergy” through thick and thin. Through all the distractions I’ve had, whether it be assignments/projects, or even family issues, and the rare opportunities I have taken just to be lazy and go to the pool or lake every now and again. There will be much more to come. And while some of the lingering questions, like about Sasha, or Mr. Weiners gift to Nika, may be answered? I assure each and every one of you that many others will take their place.

What’s more, there will be more story arcs to come, some happy and some not so much. But that’s what this story is meant to do, bring a feeling of emotions from one spectrum, all the way across the landscape to another.

And as far as all the “Cliffhangers” that some of you constantly remind me of? Well, it’s not planned, just a result of shorter chapters. I spoke to my friend Tristan when I began this blog, and we discussed the correct format for readers enjoyment. He had started his blog about a year and a half earlier, and decided on short chapters to keep the readers attention.

Whereas “Twinergy” was started on another “story” website, and my chapters were posted there by an “archivist” along with many others. And my chapters were four or five times longer than the chapters on this blog are. So there were in fact, almost, mini-stories that played out and were “resolved” by the end of the (very long) chapters. Thus eliminating the “Cliffhangers!”

But, after discussing it with Tristan, after I decided to create my own blog (Twinergy). I had to “break-up” the original 12 chapters into 44 smaller (and current) chapters (now 100 chapters)…..which leads to the cliffhangers. Because the ending for that story arc is not concluded like it is in the older, longer chapter format.

When this was done at the beginning of this blog (only about six months ago), I asked the readers if they wanted me to go back to the longggg chapter format, and post less often? Or stick with the shorter chapter format and post much more often? It was overwhelmingly decided by the readers to go with shorter chapters more often. And that they were happy to deal with the dreaded “Cliffhangers” that come along with the shorter chapters, because the story arc isn’t being completed in one giant chapter.

So I hope that explains what’s happening with the cliffhangers, and that I’m not a sadist, or tease. And that all you readers are Ok with it, and I haven’t lost any of you.

Thank you again for your friendship and support. And here’s looking forward to the next six months, and many, many more beyond that!

peAce, ~cody!

Sasha & Nika!

Tanner, Reiley, Nika, & Sasha (end, leaning over the post)!

Character Reference Page Added!

November 13, 2009

A Character Reference page has been added to help readers identify with the characters. Unlike Nika’s growth spurt, this page has arrived. Look for page 2001 under the page listings to the right.


“Journey of Love!”

October 26, 2009

Hi readers, and a good day or night to you all. I recently spoke to my “inspiration” as a writer. He wrote the “first coming of age” story that made an impact on me at an early age (I believe I was 12), and therefore gave me the desire to pick up writing myself. I asked about adding a link to his site and story on my blog, and he was willing.  His name is simply, “The Journeyman”, and his story is titled “Journey of love!” The link to his story is and if you look to the left under authors, look 9 or 10 down and click on “The Journeyman!” If your looking for a quality “coming of age” story to read while waiting for me or tristian to add a new chapter, then this is what I suggest. It may give you an idea how I came to be. If you like the story you are more than welcome to contact him at Thanks and be well. Cody!boy-cat-traveling

Please Visit: A Rent-Boy Named…” By Tristan Strangebrew! Website closed!

October 22, 2009
Tristan sent me a reply with a statement, and asked that I pass it along to all of his readers, so here it is:

Yes, I took RB down. Long story short… Some people who found the story decided that it is the cause of all evil in the world and have embarked on a crusade to vilify me. It’s gone to extremes I never imagined possible with accusations and slander to the point of absurdity. I decided to remove the story to see if that would calm things down. I don’t know at this point where things will end up, but I don’t want RB readers to become additional targets for these peoples insanity either. I appreciate all of the readers and the RB community and it’s with great sadness and anger that I had to disappoint so many good people. I hope that although I can’t go into detail about what’s going on, people will trust that I’m doing what I think is best for all.
Cheers Tristan
He also said it’s OK to contact him at if you’d like to pass on you’re thoughts and feelings?

This story by Tristan is very touching, and endearing as well. It’s set circa 1969 and 1970 and examines the lives of boys living on the strip in Hollywood. You won’t find a better read anywhere!

sunshine jim

Nika & Sashas Home!

October 22, 2009

Lakehome Sweet Lakehome!LakehomeLake Baikal, Siberia…Sasha’s Birthplace!



Nika’s backflip off his dock!Nika's FlipNika & Cody Rock-jumping!Nika & Cody JumpSasha’s Geese!Sasha's Geese!The Phantom Room!